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Ayn Rand is being failed by the American People. What would John Galt do? As Mark Kleiman notes , Republicans are waking up to the fact the Romney is losing. So it'
by Armando
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by SusanHu
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At an event in Iowa Monday, President Obama explained that venomous political rhetoric is nothing new in American history, noting "Lincoln -- they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk ...
by Jon Perr
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Powerline's unrecognized genius. What Makes Liberals Stupid? asks the guy who wrote : It must be ...
by Armando
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Dating back to at least the presidency of George H.W. Bush, conservative defenders of the Republican faith have turned to the " ...
by Jon Perr
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John Hinderaker at the Power Line blog is expressing some selective outrage over the alleged refusal of MSNBC ...
by KingOneEye
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by Colorado Luis
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----- cross-posted at my personal blog 43-Ideas-Per-Minute ----- "I've never seen a winter storm this bad" That's true in more ways than ...
by aironlater
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Across the right-wing blogosphere , red meat ...
by Jon Perr
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For over a generation, Republicans and their conservative amen corner have routinely brushed off charges of their own corruption and lawlessness by accusing their opponents of "
by Jon Perr
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Remember a few years back when Republicans were predicting they'd hold bicameral majorities for the next thirty years and some media boob with his head up his ass anointed Power Line as "Blog of the ...
by The Termite
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I just can't stay away from these people, they are funny and intelligent too! Today i will show you, if i may be so bold, another call for more violence. This time John Hinderaker gives ...
by allmost liberal european
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Co-Authored by Jesse Lava The drumbeat for war in Iran is getting louder, but opposition is coming from a seemingly unlikely source: the Cato Institute. This libertarian think tank generally sides ...
by RobertGreenwald
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by Jaxpagan
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This Wednesday is Veterans Day, and I hope you'll join me, Gold Star Mother Ruth Stonesifer, and Powerline blogger John Hinderaker for a conference call tonight at 8 pm Eastern/ 5 pm ...
by Joe Trippi
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by Jon Perr
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by jukeboxgrad
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Cross posted from here. Above: 1965 documentary by the John Birch Society alleging the US Civil Rights movement was a communist plot. Last month, prominent right-wing blogger John Hinderaker ...
by Daisy Cutter
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The bloggers over at Powerline, led in this case by the Koch-cozy John Hinderaker , are all in a tizzy this week after the New York Times reported ...
by KGrandia
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That President Obama had a very good week seems beyond dispute. His groundbreaking speech in Cairo Thursday was praised worldwide.
by Jon Perr
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