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Fox News' Shep Smith Gives Iraq Hawks A History Lesson, reminding Republicans who are demanding that President Obama reengage in the religious civil war in Iraq, that it was their own disastrous ...
by HoundDog
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It is a tour de force takedown of the neocon pundit extraordinarie John Podhoretz. Breathtaking its thoroughness, fully linked, Chait exposes Pohoretz for the mind numbing doofus he most ...
by brooklynbadboy
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by wilbur
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For months, the list of professional Leftists who have betrayed this President and the Democratic Party has grown. Last night, we first had to listen to this outburst from Rachel ...
by goinsouth
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by snookybeh
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I don't have much to offer this morning, so I'm just going to stick this here. I'm loath to mention John Podhoretz'...
by Sarahproudandtall
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by Lolligolli
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Like many of you, I'm not only a political junkie and a Daily Kos junkie but a big Twitter junkie as well. I love following hundreds of people and taking in their perspectives, particularly when it'...
by bluehen96
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Now that most people are willing to see Iraq as a failure and Rumsfeld is gone, maybe some columnists will follow? Sadly John Podhoretz is still living in denial, but at least he is funny. Funny ...
by allmost liberal european
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by nitpicker
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by The Fat Lady Sings
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In the wake of the Jamil Hussein cockup , I should have known better than to take a story pushed forward by the insaneosphere at face value. But ...
by dday
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I read NRO just to see what the other side is thinking, and I awoke today to this post from John Podhoretz: "Not a Parody [John Podhoretz] Maya Angelou publishes a eulogy in verse to Molly ...
by Barry in MIA
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by Steagle of Death Metal
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Mark Twain once said, "Figures don't lie, liar's figure." They also post on NRO, National Review Online. Rich Lowry, who never lets facts interfere with ideology, recently posted: "Frontrunner ...
by Barry in MIA
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