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Let's review, shall we? Republicans are starting to drift away at the edges of Presidential campaign. Vulnerable Republicans , in particular, are avoiding "The Stench". They don't need that boat ...
by Eclectablog
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John Huntsman, Sr Me, August 2012 : Harry Reid has a Republican source who has told him that Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes in 10 years. Who could he ...
by kos
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Via Der Spiegel on Twitter comes an ad apparently ...
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ok, so i'm at work and have a grant to write, so this will be short. and technically not a diary. But it made my head spin. Talk about the GOP eating their own. First they lose Specter, and now, ...
by UTvoter
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In an interview with The Huffington Post , former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman calls fellow Mormon Mitt Romney out for his silence on Richard "God's Gift or Rape" Mourdock and his secrecy ...
by Melquiades
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(Crossposted from The Field .) When, a day before the ...
by The Field
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One of the "startling revelations" in Double Down, the new Halpern-Heilmann political gossip and meaningless trivia book, is that the guy who told Harry Reid that Romney had not paid taxes for 10 ...
by Upper West
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by Something the Dog Said
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by Something the Dog Said
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Not me! But, uh, release the damn taxes. Despite all the circumstantial evidence , Jon Huntsman Sr.
by kos
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The Donald is scheduled to be the moderator for a Republican Presidential debate on December 27th in I. Jon Huntsman had previously declined to attend the NewsMax sponsered debate, and now Ron Paul ...
by jaybird1944
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by kos
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Not big news, but an item I found amusing... Former big-time Hillary fundraiser, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, is now a big financial backer for lame-ass/going-nowhere GOP presidential candidate,
by Bob Johnson
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Last night, Jon Stewart took a look at how Republicans aren't really satisfied with the ...
by BruinKid
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For those of you who enjoyed my previous diaries Dino Diary I ...
by cassandracarolina
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Earlier this month Tom Petty asked Michelle Bachmann to stop using "American Girl" as ...
by Entertained Organizer
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Mitt's Mission Impossible will be finding someone with human attributes, charismatic charm, swing-state connections, demographic and/or gender appeal, and the willingness to slip their head into an ...
by cassandracarolina
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In a daring move to destabilize the republican primaries Jon ...
by LaFeminista
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There is a logic behind Obama's decision to enlist reasonable Republicans in his administration and convert them to the Democratic Party. In some cases, the logic is easy to calculate. Keeping ...
by BooMan23
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I heard rumors about this earlier, but i guess this is really going to happen, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is going ...
by Ben P
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