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Today, the Columbia Journalism Review tells us that if you want to know about what L. Randall Wray, William Black's colleague at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, has just referred to as "...
by bobswern
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"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." - Mohandas Gandhi The global mega-banks may control our politicians, but they don't control the public. All around the world the recently ...
by gjohnsit
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Banks got bailed out. We got sold out. It's not the crime, it's the cover-up. "Everybody lied like crazy."
by joanneleon
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Robert Borosage has an interesting article up today on the upcoming Senate re-confirmation for Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve coming up on December 3, 2009. I have this 'sinking' feeling ...
by Badabing
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It all started when, this morning, JP Morgan tweeted this out: Tomorrow at 1pm ET $JPM Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee takes over @JPMorgan to answer your questions for 1 hour. Tweet your Q early using #...
by ericlewis0
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With the recent events of what appears to be an upcoming compromise of the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for those Americans who need it the least, and the outrage of the recommendations of the Cat ...
by Badabing
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Here are six new reasons to support #OccupyWallStreet and to protest against the one percent's bought-and-paid-for minions in Washington. A fresh batch of fail, almost all from just the past three ...
by bobswern
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The announcement that the nation's largest bank was pulling out of the student loan market has caused much speculation . The move is eerily reminiscent of the subprime shutdown that happened in ...
by gjohnsit
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Unfortunately, it is on super tankers owned by banks and speculators. Earlier this summer, as oil supplies from war-torn Libya dried up, the United States, UK, and other governments ...
by Zwoof
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You could have predicted it. I could have predicted it. Hell, even Sylvia Browne could have predicted it. Prediction is one thing; Kamala Harris, California's Attorney General is trying to do ...
by jpmassar
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Cross-posted from emptywheel . The ...
by emptywheel
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Just days after JP Morgan agreed to pay a $13 Billion fine for massive mortgage fraud, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, celebrated in the manner of royalty . Only days after he finally agreed to ...
by gjohnsit
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Wow, there sure as hell is a whole lot of wheeling and dealing going on behind our backs that we probably should be paying more attention to, such as the fact that the Federal Reserve (Wall Street's ...
by Badabing
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Nothing surprises me anymore, but this huge 'bombshell' that has been announced on very few news sites, (right before a major election day), takes the cake, it really does. This is D�j� vu,
by Badabing
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Yesterday, I diaried this story . A fellow ...
by That Korean Guy
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Video the First : Eighteen Princeton students, dressed in suits with resumes in hand, ...
by jpmassar
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Coca-Cola has accused aluminum warehouse operators Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan of squeezing end users by ...
by The Anomaly
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You really cannot make this shit up. I was literally catching flies with my mouth on the floor as I listened to William Daley on Meet the Press stating that it wasn’t the role of a politician, ...
by Badabing
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From The New York Times : Government authorities are planning to arrest two former JPMorgan Chase employees suspected of masking the size of a multibillion-dollar trading loss, a dramatic turn in a ...
by ericlewis0
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From The Huffington Post : JPMorgan Chase said Wednesday it's under federal criminal investigation over its sale of mortgage securities, potentially making the biggest U.S. bank by assets the first ...
by ericlewis0
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