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On Tuesday, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor appeared on the Daily Show ...
by Jon Perr
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None are more conscious of the vital limits on judicial authority than are the Members of this Court, and none stand more in admiration of the Constitution's design to leave the ...
by GoldnI
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[APhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16668110/] : Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says federal judges are unqualified to make rulings affecting national security policy, ramping up ...
by Rob Cole
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Our Constitution's balance of power provisions have taken a huge hit under Bush: first is the amassing of unprecedented power by the executive ; the second is the reduction of the ...
by miriam
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There are few things that I've read recently, anywhere, that have haunted me more than this post from Naked Capitalism Publisher Yves Smith, from early Friday (republished, below): "[http://www....
by bobswern
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We've learned over the past couple of years, without hyperbole, that Wall Street all but literally runs our federal government's legislative branch (i.e.: "[http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/6/...
by bobswern
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Those who read dailykos.com regularly have doubtless noted that it serves as NPR radio news used to in the 1980s: with a greater or lesser lead time, its content forecasts the narratives that will ...
by slangist
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On the morning of July 23, 1999, ten years ago tomorrow, doors knocked all over the South Side of Tulia, a small town of 5,000 in West Texas. The people knocking at the doors were police officers ...
by ttujoe
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by PsiFighter37
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With a federal judicary already in crisis, a Mitt Romney presidency could spell the end of the federal judiciary as we know it. Written by Jessica Pieklo for RH Reality Check . This diary is cross-...
by RH Reality Check
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"Judicial activism" is in the eye of the beholder. Threatening judges is not. That explains why ...
by Jon Perr
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The Supreme Court was established by Article III of the Constitution , ...
by shpilk
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Perhaps the greatest legacy of George W. Bush and his administration will be that they reminded us, We The People, that it is our responsibility to be vigilant in demanding accountability, ...
by skralyx
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It could not be risky for public policy thought leaders, accomplished legal professionals, and/or well-regarded academics to join grassroots legal reform activists in exploring prospects of ...
by The Law Project
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A truly interesting and extensive piece appeared over at the MAINstream Coalition's blog today that discussed an ...
by alicescheshirecat
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by Barzileel
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As of today, when either chamber of Congress is controlled by the opposing party, the president's recess power ...
by murphthesurf3
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If nothing else, this self-proclaimed exposé of mine provides an occasion to recall the tremendous power that America’s judiciary undoubtedly wields. Moreover, “(t)hrough their formulations of ...
by The Law Project
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Cross-posted at Clark Community Network . According ...
by Hogfan
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How many times did we here Mr. Bush say in speeches or press statements that he did not want judges legislating from the bench? This question applies to all situations including campaigns and ...
by judithkratochvil
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