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Majid Khan has been in U.S. custody since 2003. His name is Majid Khan. Born in Pakistan, he is a legal resident of the United States, having lived in Maryland and graduated from a Baltimore ...
by Meteor Blades
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We are in the second day of the fundraiser for my site ChaunceyDeVega.com. I would like to thank the folks who have donated so far. Their generosity is much appreciated. If you can, are able, and ...
by chaunceydevega
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Among other threats to his ex-wife, Anthony Douglas Elonis posted this on his Facebook wall: If I only knew then what I know now, I would have smothered your ass with a pillow, dumped your body ...
by Adam B
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So was this recent bit ...
by annieli
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There is mourning in Washington DC tonight as the police state apologists could not get a bill together that would continue the Patriot Act. As the clock was ticking down on the Senate Floor, ...
by Eternal Hope
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Samantha Elauf, denied a sales job at an ...
by Adam B
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Let me start off by apologizing in advance. I am not a professional writer and my grammar can tend to suck. (Figured I would head the Grammar Nazi's off at the pass.) :) This is my first Diary, but ...
by AlphaLop
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Don Siegelman, Alabama's only progressive governor in a very Red State also served the citizens of Alabama in the other three statewide offices: Secretary of State, Attorney General and Lt. Governor.
by wclint
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The amendments would have pulled the teeth out of the act, eliminating the few but important reforms that were in the Freedom Act. Those amendments got a big thumbs down from the Senate. The USA ...
by windsong01
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State Sen. Ernie Chambers finally won his 38-year battle to get Nebraska's death penalty repealed. With Wednesday's override vote in its one-house legislature, Nebraska ...
by Meteor Blades
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My heart goes out to the residents of the areas affected by tornadoes and flooding in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico. I have heard some heartbreaking stories of loss of lives and of destruction of ...
by JoanMar
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I have recently learned that climate change will be MUCH worse than previously thought: It is already affecting chocolate! That's right, the elixir that gives guys a fighting chance is already 25% ...
by elenacarlena
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So the former DHS/TSA heads get lucrative private sector jobs, the minimum wage workers cop stuff like tablets out of your bags, and the delays in approving agency heads and funding by an ...
by annieli
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Via Ars , this disturbing story: After researching the app and speaking with a trainer from Xora, Plaintiff and her co-workers asked whether Intermex would be monitoring their movements while off ...
by angryea
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Two months ago, France passed a law that requires the rooftops of new commercial buildings to be partially (at least) covered by solar panels or plants. The law, passed back in March, was a ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Many unjust verdicts across the years have exposed just how protected police misconduct is under the law. Four LAPD Police Officers were ...
by Shaun King
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You just never know when the next blasphemy drawing competition will provoke someone under surveillance, so one should be proactive just in case you don't have enough evidence, or a third " Precog "
by annieli
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This is a roundup of news related to Palestine with a particular focus on grassroots action and peaceful civil disobedience in the Occupied Territories and within the borders of Israel proper. We ...
by subir
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What are in-flight emergencies. A Wisconsin woman is looking for answers after she said Southwest Airlines refused to let her use her cellphone to make a call that ...
by annieli
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Huge factory-like dairies in Yakima, Washington, that confine tens of thousands of cows were applying millions of gallons of manure onto a few fields and calling it “fertilizer.” In fact, some ...
by Paul Bland for Public Justice
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