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Pope Francis strikes again. Pope Francis, Pope of Popes, is once again making the news. This time for some incredibly ...
by Jen Hayden
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Celebration of Cedwyn Saturday May 23 1:00pm At The ...
by Onomastic
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President Carter, 90 years young, has had to return to the USA from election monitioring overseas because he is not feeling well. Let's all send prayers and positive vibrations to this man of Peace.
by howardpark
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Some years ago, when I was very new to Daily Kos, I wrote a Top Comments diary that remains one of the ones I feel best about. brillig ’...
by BeninSC
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and all your previously decided priorities get tossed out. Earlier this month my wife discovered a growth on the right rear leg of one of our three remaining rescued cats, Felicity, the shyest. She ...
by teacherken
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The following is from a dream I just had. So let's remember, I'm talking about perceptions that came to me in a dream. A dream, Okay?
by nicolemaschke
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Going to Kent on May 4th is always bittersweet. Yesterday was eerily reminiscent of May 4, 1970. The same lilac bushes blooming along Lilac Lane; the broad space of the Commons and the slope up to ...
by bobdevo
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Whatever you do, please take some action on Mother's Day to commemorate the original meaning of this day, we must put an to end the insanity of sacrificing our children to war! Honor the world's ...
by Damnit Janet
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Afghan government and Taliban officials have been talking in Qatar. Neither side now denies that this talking is going on. Afghan government officials and Taliban militants began two days of ...
by Garrett
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I'm heading to Kent State University this weekend. It amazes me that it was five years ago today, on the 40th anniversary, that I initially posted the first episode of this 19 part series (still ...
by lao hong han
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] I eagerly read Mathew Pulver’s work at Salon this morning on how Secretary Clinton can ameliorate the political damage inflicted by “neoliberal” free ...
by paradox
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So who appointed President Obama World Sheriff*? We did. • • • If you take every form of modern ...
by T P K
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August 9, 2014, Ferguson Missouri, black man shot by cop, left on ground, dead, ID: Michael Brown. Early morning April 12, 2015, 26-year-old Freddie Gray made eye contact with Baltimore police ...
by The Reasonable Voice
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