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The day has finally arrived! Bernie Sanders has announced that he's running for president, to save the country and the Democratic party. He's a brave man with a big heart, a sharp mind and ...
by Dallasdoc
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Senator Bernie Sanders is a friend of mine. After all he wrote the foreword to my second book, Playing Bigger Than You Are . I have the utmost respect for Elizabeth Warren. But I also have a lot ...
by StewartAcuff
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Bernie Sanders Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent who describes himself as ...
by David Nir
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Latest poll isn't good for Rojo.
by Puddytat
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Founding Members of Hair Club for ...
by glb3
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by David Nir
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Tomorrow, Mike Huckabee is planning to announce his second Presidential run. Cillizza notes that his strength is that ...
by Eternal Hope
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Bernie Sanders's announcement that he was running for President, and the ensuing fulfillment of the potential for a lively Democratic primary after all, got me thinking about primary season in ...
by pierre9045
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Originally posted here The big news this week for political junkies, the kind that pay attention between elections and sometimes naively believe that progress is possible, is that Senator Bernie ...
by The Kraken1
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Hillary Clinton​ is dropping some not-so-subtle hints about the themes she will emphasize as policy priorities during the 2016 Presidential campaign. And progressives with their eye on domestic ...
by mykee
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Here are early reactions of would-be Republican presidential candidates to the announcement of Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Substantive? Not exactly. Echo chamber? Pretty much. Damaging to our ...
by elenacarlena
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In response to Hillary Clinton's announcement earlier today I formed a group called Kossacks for Hillary Clinton for President 2016. I want to invite you to become a charter member of our group ...
by miketalk
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Unfortunately, Senator Rand Paul's son, William, has been arrested for a DUI. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/rand-pauls-son-cited-dui-n346561 I say unfortunately, because at 24 y.o., ...
by FromRedtoBlue
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The Koch Brothers haven't made public their selection criteria for their favored Presidential candidate, but with the selection of Scott Walker a primary criterion becomes clear. Walker is the most ...
by GoBlue08
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One of the criticisms against Hillary, that often had the most legs, was how she hasn't really taken any definitive stances on important policy issues. Or any, apparently. Sure, a clever tweet now ...
by pierre9045
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I watched Marco Rubio deliver a very well-written speech yesterday, announcing his intention to run for President of The United States. Even the delivery of this speech was impressive. The only ...
by Leslie123
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For most of the past year, the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger was considered a done deal, and all the only question was in the details. Not any more :When it was announced a little more than a ...
by LunkHead
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Hillary Clinton will announce her run for the Presidency this Sunday from Brooklyn. She's expected to begin her campaign with a series of smaller events in early ...
by Billionaires for Wealthcare
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I never thought we'd get to use this again when Mitt Romney dropped out of the 2016 presidential race: Turns out we can, as long as we solve the problem of which 2016 ...
by ericf
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Are you capable of answering a simple yes or no question without whining about all sorts of extraneous qualifiers, caveats, and equivocations. I suspect most of you reading this will be incapable of ...
by PriceRip
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