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Has anyone visited the comment section of an MSN news story, which involved police brutality of blacks, or just blacks? If you have, you probably noticed an ill feeling in your gut as you read the ...
by TheLovingThinkingFighter
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There are lies and there are big lies, and then are big piles of human excrement upon which perfume is sprayed in copious quantities to make them seem "pleasant"--but what is pleasant about a pile ...
by Alligator Ed
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Look, I don't know what we're supposed to do about our bullshit political system but it seems to me that it must start with facing up to the facts. Believing that this time, someone is actually ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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If nothing else, today's conservative movement may be the greatest talking point generator in American history. Judging by the conservative choir now singing in unison, the aftermath of the ...
by Jon Perr
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Students riot against the Vietnam War at the University of Minnesota, 1972. Link to video: http://on.fb.me/1IVHlMv This post is part of a series related to the documentary I am producing:
by Erik of Mpls
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by rebeccahendin
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In the United States, the colorline is a paradox. It is story of continuity and change. The colorline in the Age of Obama, and the post civil rights, era more broadly, are built upon a skeleton of ...
by chaunceydevega
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Fathers absent from families. Break down of the family structure. Young men growing up without male role models in their lives. You can watch or read or hear it everywhere, both from the right, ...
by jamielswa
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And so it begins. 6 officers indicted. The kindling has been lit and the embers are now in the wind. I wonder how far these beacons of light will spread? I wonder how many of us are willing to be ...
by Kyle Neven
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Ten years ago I published a study about race and incarceration in Baltimore, Maryland. I found that over half (52 percent) of the young African American men (aged 20 to 30) in Baltimore were under ...
by Eric Lotke
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When the media marginalized the nonviolence on the streets, it also blacked-out the expression of nonviolence as a radical call for justice and for systemic change.
by alyceejl
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cross-posted at MN Progressive project The Democratic Party of the my senate district recently started a book club with the intention of focusing on messaging and explaining Democratic values (no, ...
by ericf
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Did you ever notice... .. the pundits would have the poor, working, and middle classes support trade deals because they're (supposedly) for everyone's good, even if the benefits will only trickle ...
by Boolean
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