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For decades now whenever I see intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, homophobia or the like it's almost certainly coming from someone who claims to be a "good, God fearing Christian". From the haters ...
by Puddytat
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An Auburn, Nebr. woman has filed a case in Federal court in Omaha, seeking to have the court decide whether homosexuality is a sin. Really. More below the sinful orange taffeta.
by Village Vet
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I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I call myself that in order to distinguish myself from the dominant strain of North American Christianity. At the risk of sounding arrogant and judgmental, I am ...
by Bill Day
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I was scouting about Facebook, and chanced upon a link to an interesting article, entitled How Liberalism Violates All 10 Commandments . It was a fun read; witty and strangely urbane for a writer ...
by razajac
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The tenets of Christianity have changed countless times throughout history. The Bible has needed to have new translations in order to support popular beliefs of the day, often in an attempt to keep ...
by anb1972
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I have a friend who loves angels. She has angel statues all over the place. Now I'm not going to comment on whether that verges on idolatry - mainly because I don't care, but among all the other ...
by Intralumenal
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I didn't say that, sir. A little under a year ago, Preacher Bert M. Farias wrote a piece for Charisma Magazine titled "The Raw, Naked Truth About Homosexuality."
by Walter Einenkel
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I undertook a quick and dirty look into how often the word "fight" or some variation of the same occurred in the Qu'ran and the Bible. Do not leap to any conclusions but the numbers were 94 to nil: ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Much of the following article came from stophurtingamerica Guide for all Christian business owners who believe that the Bible is infallible and that we should not cherry-pick which laws to follow. ...
by christians4
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