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Indulge me for a moment while I rattle off a list of titles. Recognize any of them? Guardians of the Galaxy Godzilla Lucy Divergent The Hunger Games: Mockingbird Transformers: The Age of ...
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Science fiction writer Jules Verne did not believe in impossible things. In each of his novels, he explained in loving detail how the marquee invention would work. Whether it was launching people ...
by James Wells
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*With pronouns, an apostrophe indicates a contraction.* This is not differential equations, people. If your poor brain is incapable of comprehending the meaning of the words "pronoun" and "...
by gzodik
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Well, that was fun, (he says as he looks at his last diary, and thinks it should go in the trash....), not. I'm no expert. Not by any means. Aileen kept pestering me to write something about, first ...
by nicolemaschke
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Hello, writers. Last week we talked about making time pass in a narrative. Now I’d like to talk about a related area, pacing. Pacing a story well means spending as little time as possible over ...
by SensibleShoes
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Hello, writers. One of the little tricks a writer has to learn is how to make time pass. In a story, that is. An author at a retreat I attended last year made a throwaway comment in conversation: “
by SensibleShoes
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Hello, writers. This afternoon I had the bright idea of glovelessly pulling up last year’s asparagus stalks, so I speak to you tonight with bandaged fingers. Which makes me want to be kind of brief.
by SensibleShoes
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When I was a senior in high school, at SAS, I went to tour colleges like just about every other young person in high school does. While I was in LA I went to a Karate demonstration. This was not a ...
by nicolemaschke
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