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Much of the focus on the Sunday Train is on electrification of transport, ranging from 2,000 mile hauls of electrified freight through to hopping on an e-bike to pick up some groceries. And spending ...
by BruceMcF
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You might be surprised how many adults there are across the Nation "who think global warming is happening?" (63%) Even the State with the lowest score to that Question (WV), had a Majority of 54% --
by jamess
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Readably larger .
by jamess
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Chalk this one up for some "good news" in the overwhelming task of slowing-down and reversing, the anticipated "worse effects" of Climate Change. Recent data show that the accelerated release of ...
by jamess
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Nature Geoscience just published a sobering look at likely deglaciation in Western Canada during the 21st century with continued carbon emissions. The research team led by Garry Clarke of the ...
by DWG
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They are celebrating over in Frackerville. They scored a peer-reviewed paper in a decent journal. According to industry astroturf Energy in Depth , this new paper will "discredit Duke methane papers."
by DWG
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Note: This is a new version of a March 8 diary I did for a Sunday Dawn Chorus. Please indulge a reprint here so that it can hit mid-week eyes who might not have seen a Sunday bird diary. We are ...
by Senor Unoball
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