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Read Meryl Streep’s introduction of Hillary Clinton during the recent 2012 Women in the World conference. Truly inspiring: Two years ago when Tina Brown and Diane von Furstenberg first ...
by BlankBeat
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Bernie Sanders has an Agenda for America . Bernie is not following in the wake of public opinion, which itself is following in the wake of social/human need. He is leading, because to people like ...
by Words In Action
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Glass ceiling? Some of us are still trying to earn a living wage. A setback for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner 's anti-
by Laura Clawson
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President Obama is conducting a series of town halls with women about the success of Obamacare as well as the need to create equal pay for equal work. He traveled to Charlotte, NC and took questions ...
by Eternal Hope
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Equal Pay Day falls on April 14th, marking just how far into the year a woman must work to earn as much as a man. Together with Lake Research Partners, VPC has been crunching the numbers to better ...
by PageGardnerDC
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Received this e-mail today from Rep. Tammy Duckworth's (D. IL) U.S. Senate campaign on behalf of herself and California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D. CA) and Rep. Donna Edwards' (D. MD) U.S. ...
by poopdogcomedy
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First things first. If a person is paid less solely based on race, religion or sex they should have their day in court and that company/employer should be shamed into oblivion. That said I need ...
by Angry Convert
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