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Almost every day on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media, I see a conservative ranting away with how the Republican Party is the party of, ahem, “good Christian values” Often ...
by Jerry Nelson
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Brian Klawiter, proud bigot, Dieseltec business owner Brian Klawiter owns a diesel engine repair shop in Michigan called Dieseltec. Tuesday, on Dieseltec's Facebook page, he posted a ...
by FaithGardner
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Here on Daily Kos, this case was discussed before. Michigan business owner posts anti-gay Facebook rant. Commenters rip him to shreds It's nothing new under the sun, and it's not a novel issue ...
by ApostleOfCarlin
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"A Female shouldn't be president" says Cheryl Rochefort Rios of Dallas, Texas....because you know, the Bible tells us so....plus "the way men look at women".....just to drive her point home.... ...
by stuhunter2
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Social media has become a valuable tool for users to stay connected with not only their families and friends, but also their interests and passions. More importantly, and distressingly enough, it ...
by christopherjanb
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Is FACEBOOK the new Second Life? How many of us spend hours a day on Facebook, whether it is just interacting with friends and acquaintances or playing some Facebook games to immersing oneself in ...
by pjpw2320
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The best way to marry that Nigerian Prince and use Western Union for your dowry. Next step, photo speed-trap tickets via Twitter. A Brooklyn woman scored a judge’
by annieli
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