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With the NRA pushing stories of people using guns to protect their lives and homes in social media, we are seeing comments from the peanut gallery (or gunnut gallery?) on crime stories stating that "...
by DrillSgtK
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The recent story about the South Carolina man who was an avid Tea Partier before discovering the virtues of Obamacare has gotten me thinking about the old aphorism, "A conservative is a liberal who ...
by Kylopod
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I'll make you a deal,
by Hunter
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In the last six months, three NYPD officers have been killed using handguns obtained from ...
by Hunter
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Raw Story posting Prince on Saturday released “Baltimore,” the song he recorded in response to unrest in the city over the police custody death of Freddie Gray. The star shared the track, which ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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"[1] Everybody seems to be concerned with the greater good, say the last thing we need is guns in our neighborhoods. But when I weigh the good against the hoods wearing ‘em I think that if it’...
by AyDeeTheGreat
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[ Note for TomDispatch Readers: At the moment, as I’ve been regularly reminding all of you, in return for a $100 contribution to this site you can get a signed, personalized copy of Nick Turse’s ...
by TomDispatch
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Baltimore is burning, Katmandu collapsing but here in Michigan we got serious problems. Potholes. The situation is so desperate that our Governor is scurrying like a rat terrier chasing a ...
by Reasonable Doubt
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I keep getting emails from DailyKos encouraging me to write a diary. I started one, but got bogged down in details, so I've decided to recycle some old material as my first diary. As it happens, the ...
by jkozma
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