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Cantor has a Plan -- It doesn't Include Us
I guess $2-3 Billion in Budget Savings is just "peanuts" if you're a Wall Street Journal editor, or the Majority Leader of the House too ...
jamess 07/01/2011 26 34 1 179
It is the Pace of Climate Change that is Unprecedented
Things Change. Even Climate. It's just that in the normal course of things, Climate has not Changed this fast before.
jamess 06/28/2011 23 35 - 134
Article I, Section 8 ... gives We the People the Right to ...
The Constitution of the United States -- Article I, Section 8 The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes , Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common ...
jamess 06/28/2011 54 51 3 144
Bernie Sanders asks for our Help
Dear Mr. President ...
jamess 06/27/2011 136 275 6 1154
Do the Opposite -- LOWER the Retirement Age!
If everything THEY say is wrong, like -- We MUST Raise the Retirement Age -- Then the opposite, must be Right! MAYBE, we actually need to -- LOWER the Retirement ...
jamess 06/26/2011 194 266 7 968
BraveNewFoundation Reply: to the Koch Brothers' campaign to kill Social Security
The Koch brothers' campaign to kill social security The rightwing industrialists ...
jamess 06/25/2011 8 22 3 122
Will another Tax Holiday on Overseas Profits, really Create Jobs at Home?
They're Back! The Corporate Lobbyists with the Corporate pleading: "Please, Please, Please, let us skip out on paying our 'fair share' again ... We'll create the Jobs this ...
jamess 06/25/2011 11 6 1 49
The Great Social Security Theft -- Borrowing from Workers to Pay for Tax Cuts
The Great Social Security Theft WTSP Channel 10 News -- Tampa Bay by Mike Deeson -- Jun 3, ...
jamess 06/24/2011 52 30 1 151
Welcome to Breaking News Era of Court TV
YOU -- you too, can be Judge, Jury, and Executioner. (if only in a voyeuristic sort of way) THANKS to the wonders of modern Technology and the lack of "Real News" Standards in the Big 3 Cable ...
jamess 06/24/2011 8 2 - 72
Why do Republicans think OUR Lifetime of Investments, are 'THEIRS' to Take away as They Please?
jamess 06/23/2011 248 316 7 1293
Imperialism -- it's just Capitalism on Steroids
im·pe·ri·al·ism 1: imperial government, authority, or system 2: the policy, practice, or advocacy of ...
jamess 06/22/2011 13 10 - 58
Should MERS get a Get-out-Jail-Free Card -- while MERS' victims just have to Get-Out?
Time for a MERS "Fix-It" Bill? American Bankruptcy Institute ...
jamess 06/22/2011 22 30 - 132
If it's NOT "reel news" -- the Gossip Media well, They just CAN'T be Bothered.
The faults of the "News" Media are many. But their Mob-treatment of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently -- followed by an equally stunning reversal of that same ...
jamess 06/20/2011 8 13 - 64
Citizens Divided
Citizens Divided? Yes, conceptionally speaking. The Corporate-kind "divided" from the Human-kind, that is. Separate and Not Equals . The way the founding Constitutional ...
jamess 06/19/2011 4 5 - 51
Citizens Divided
Citizens Divided? Yup. The Corporate-kind from the Human-kind, that is. Think Corporations have No Rights? -- Think again ...
jamess 06/18/2011 7 6 - 51
This is what Worker Dignity looks like ... from the woman who forged FDR's New Deal
"Out of our first century of national life we evolved the ethical principle that it was not right or just that an honest and industrious man should live and die in misery .
jamess 06/17/2011 18 41 1 134
Coupons, Coupons, Coupons -- Have THEY got a Fix for you!
Who doesn't like a Coupon? Deep Discounts for a little bit of Clipping, right? Well when it ...
jamess 06/17/2011 15 12 - 90
Thomas rules that If you Outsource your Lies, you're not Liable
Imagine you had the greatest Wall Street Scam, since CDO's and Credit Default Swaps -- and all you needed were some slick flyers, to get customers in the door. Now imagine, you "outsource" -- er,
jamess 06/17/2011 26 16 1 133
Selling Medicare Reform to the Public -- it all depends on the Presentation
First there's the humor-ironic take on the Topic ... Will Durst: The GOP death wish by Will Durst, KALWNews.org, ...
jamess 06/15/2011 17 16 1 86
Obama's Jobs Council makes some news ... sets some goals
Good for Obama’s jobs council, good for America? by ...
jamess 06/13/2011 39 27 2 178
What are the Ecological Benefits of ... Bacteria?
What are the Ecological Benefits of ... Bacteria? How does bacteria benefit the planet? answers....
jamess 06/12/2011 6 9 - 57
The makings of a Third-rate Country?
Imagine this was your home town, because sooner or later, events like these are likely in your neighborhood too: Demand for electricity skyrocketed as air-conditioners ...
jamess 06/11/2011 70 89 - 413
How the Koch Brothers' "Billionaire Caucus" target their Threats
If Billionaires were X-men, how would they carry out their plots and plans for world domination? I dunno, let's turn the Magnifying Glass on them for a while ...
jamess 06/10/2011 52 156 11 758
The National Debt Blame Game -- by the Numbers
GW Bush grew the National Debt by over $4 Trillion dollars -- and THAT was WITHOUT including the Debts incurred for things like Wars and Bailouts and Hurricane recovery.
jamess 06/09/2011 10 14 3 90
How big a slice did you get from the Bush Tax Cut pie?
Happy Birthday to the Bush Tax Cuts! Today they are 10 Years old . My, my, it seems like only yesterday, that the Bushies were promising us the world, if Congress ...
jamess 06/07/2011 22 17 - 85
Is 'Inshoring' about to become the New 'Offshoring'?
First, the long-standing problem: Offshoring. Middle class ...
jamess 06/07/2011 97 119 3 897
Who's to Blame for a Bad Economy? (according to CNN spin)
I was watching Tweedledee and Tweedledum on CNN this morning. (Candy Crowley and Ed Gillespie.) They went on and on blaming President Obama, for everything from 9% Unemployment rate ...
jamess 06/05/2011 25 10 - 118
Water, water, everywhere ...
My 'editor' gave me a tough assignment today, for my weekly Eco post: ...
jamess 06/05/2011 21 10 - 89
the long slow 'decline of journalism' dissolving into so many internet echo chambers
I just did a Google Search on the phrase "decline of journalism". The items I found right off the top, were interesting and disturbing, both at the same time. Still not quite sure what to make ...
jamess 06/04/2011 30 27 - 140
Andrew Breitbart explains his Antics as "Holding the Mainstream Media's feet to the fire"
I wonder how Breitbart will like it when the Magnifying Glass get pointed in his direction? Let's see, shall we? Maybe we can make his feet a little toasty ...
jamess 06/04/2011 12 37 1 245
Thomas also had checked a box marking 'No Spousal Income'
There was some News -- that has been 'Bigfooted' by Breitbart -- this week. News ...
jamess 06/03/2011 218 459 10 2249
Bill Moyers explains Journalism to Jon Stewart -- or the lack thereof
jamess 06/02/2011 12 53 2 291
Who says Republicans Don't know how to Recycle? Just look at their Jobs Plan
They know how to recycle the Myth -- that More Tax Cut to the Rich, will Create Jobs . They know how to recycle last year's 'Pledge', into a brand new 'Plan' ...
jamess 06/02/2011 13 10 - 37
CBO Confirms: GOP Budget Dismantles Medicare in order to 'Fix it'
Well that title is a bit of hyperbole -- but not by much. Here's the real title of this Govt Press Release: CBO Confirms :
jamess 05/31/2011 10 26 1 119
Biden on 21st Century Energy: "We either lead or we follow."
I happened upon this newsworthy event today. And then wondered WHY I haven't heard about this in "the News", up til now? And so after an few hours of research -- for your consumption and ...
jamess 05/30/2011 13 22 1 100
After the last tree is cut, the last barrel is burned ...
Left to its own devices what would the unrestrained Free Market ultimately 'create' ... What is its ultimate goal ? EcoEconomics in a ...
jamess 05/29/2011 57 86 3 382
There are some Terrible Costs that belong on the Budget Table, too.
The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes,
jamess 05/28/2011 6 15 - 97
Mitch McConnell draws his Medicare Line in the Sand -- Will Steny Hoyer respond in kind?
For ONCE, I'd love to see Democrats " get out in front of " an Issue. The Republicans have given us Talking Points, but will Dems be smart enough to use them?
jamess 05/27/2011 39 21 1 149
The scourge that is Voter Fraud -- that frightened Republicans really don't want you to know about
Quietly, without much fanfare, Republican Governors and State Legislatures are changing the face of the Voting Public, across America. Literally. If you want to Vote -- you better have one of ...
jamess 05/27/2011 20 30 1 178
How's that Free-Market 'Supply and Demand' impacting your daily Commute budget?
Sanders demands that commission curb oil speculation by Press Release -- May 26, 2011 ...
jamess 05/27/2011 19 10 1 99
Patriot Act likely to be extended -- without even a Debate
Shouldn't we stop and recap Where we've been -- and WHERE we're going? If Not Now -- then WHEN? ...
jamess 05/26/2011 15 16 - 58
Hey Eric! FEMA has a Hundred Million Dollar Payment DUE Bill for Virginia
Hey Eric Cantor! Since you are so keen on making Disaster Victims "pay for" any Assistance they might get from the Federal Govt -- Well FEMA has "crunched the numbers" under your new rules, and ...
jamess 05/25/2011 9 46 2 199
Paul Ryan blames NY Loss on Dems scaring Seniors
Paul Ryan is on Morning Joe, right now. He is blaming the upstate New York Replubican loss on the Democrats using Medicare to 'demigod the issue', and Scare Seniors into ...
jamess 05/25/2011 198 186 1 1329
Republicans -- Never met a Science Budget they wouldn't Cut
Today's cruel and heartless comments about the Tornado Victims in Joplin, from Eric Cantor left me stunned and amazed. It was So Outrageous -- even for them. Two diaries on the Rec List right ...
jamess 05/24/2011 22 21 - 72
Good to See: People NOT taking the GOP BS anymore
I think I sense a new trend developing. A trend where somehow, WE -- the sick and fed up people -- are finding the nerve to give the GOP a piece of our minds. Finally.
jamess 05/23/2011 41 49 - 283
Amazing Nature boosts its Ocean Carbon Capture as the Planet warms
How's that saying go ... "You can't stop Mother Nature" ... Well, you can't stop dedicated Scientists, either (assuming they got their funding).
jamess 05/22/2011 76 117 8 739
The NEW, "New Consevative Litmus Test"
Gotcha Reporter : Excuse me, presidential-hopeful , I have a few questions for you that 'your base' is dying to know. Hopeful : OK, but I ...
jamess 05/21/2011 6 5 - 79
The Patriot Act to escape unscathed from the Bin Laden dividend
So much for making the most of your Political Capital, from a hard fought victory. So much for fighting for what's right. So much for restoring the Constitution.
jamess 05/20/2011 19 20 - 65
The "New Conservative Litmus Test"
merriam-webster Definition of LITMUS TEST -- noun : a test in which a single factor (...
jamess 05/20/2011 8 13 - 95
The Ryan Plan will hurt Seniors NOW, not on some future date
Isn't it great to see Dems take the fight directly to the GOP and to point out the falsehoods of the Ryan Plan too? Dems To GOP :
jamess 05/19/2011 18 41 - 171
Eric Cantor tells Oil Speculators -- We got your Back
EXCLUSIVE: Eric Cantor Promises Oil Speculators That Republicans Will Block Financial Regulations By Lee Fang, ...
jamess 05/18/2011 11 14 - 74
National Academy of Sciences: Climate Change is Occurring
Extra, Extra, snooze all about it ... the Jury Verdict, of credible Scientists, is in. Even if, Responsible GOP Representatives, are out to Lunch ... as always. "
jamess 05/18/2011 22 29 - 168
Who's Social Engineering Who?
Can Social Programs like Medicare -- even BE Engineered? If Paul Ryan's Plan of " Vouchers for Seniors " is NOT "radically changing" Medicare -- What would such Change ...
jamess 05/17/2011 7 9 - 74
Paul Ryan declares Class War again, in his Bizarro World "Take Two"
Paul Ryan: Obama engaged in "class warfare" by Brian Montopoli -- cbsnews.com -- May 16, 2011 In a speech to ...
jamess 05/16/2011 35 48 - 301
Climate Change will soon trump Terrorism as a National Security threat
Just a brief shout out to Climate Change Deniers -- who'd rather prosecute Scientists , than look out their ...
jamess 05/16/2011 50 50 1 259
National Research Council concludes Climate Change is very Real and Requires Action
U.S. National Research Council: Climate Change Impacts " Call for Action by U.S. ...
jamess 05/15/2011 26 16 2 74
Under the Radar: Chamber Exec cites Libyan War rhetoric in defense of Dark Money Speech
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has quietly "declared war" on the U.S. President's ...
jamess 05/14/2011 10 13 - 54
The Chamber compares Disclosure "to War" -- vows "Not to Tolerate it"
If you've been following the ChamberLeaks story at all, this newly declared " War ...
jamess 05/13/2011 20 31 1 154
Oil's Well ... that ends Well ...
Fill up that Tank lately? Ouch! What Happened?
jamess 05/13/2011 6 11 - 65
Oil Execs haunted by their own words ...
Those Barons of Greed seemed mighty foolish today, arguing to keep their Oil Subsidies -- when their own words from 5 years ago -- said those Subsidies would NOT be needed, if ...
jamess 05/12/2011 9 19 1 110
Two-Word Labels ... an Alliteration Exercise
It's really disturbing to see the Sean Hannities of the world, acting like the Morality Police -- and holding Obama up to some standard, they would never apply to themselves. Or their cohorts:
jamess 05/11/2011 39 9 - 80
Obama: "They are trying to move the Goal Posts on us, one more time."
If you missed this today, well the President painted quite the picture. Kudos sir, for standing tough, on a tough issue, with cutting wit and humor too.
jamess 05/10/2011 142 261 1 2098
Political Kryptonite for the GOP?
"Why keep pushing something if it's political kryptonite and it's not going anywhere anyway? " said one GOP strategist, who asked not to be ...
jamess 05/09/2011 25 24 - 380
Reid Returns from China with American Jobs and a Dream
Senator Reid recently went to China with 9 other Senators. He returned with Jobs for Americans and a vision of where America needs to go ... where America needs to be ...
jamess 05/08/2011 47 59 - 386
Reluctant Environmentalist Frank Luntz, gives some sage Advice
When I first read this next blurb, I couldn't believe my eyes ...
jamess 05/08/2011 42 21 2 173
A Gas Tax by any other name, is still a Revenue-Enhancing Pain-at-the-Pump
I would suspect, energy-concerned folks, will be facing an Up-Hill struggle, on finding the right way to deliver THIS message ... Dems, you want to DO WHAT, now!?
jamess 05/07/2011 26 4 - 66
Republicans warn President Obama -- Oh No, you shouldn't!
Republicans must have " just ate their Wheaties! " (to recall an old Ad campaign.)
jamess 05/06/2011 113 288 5 2301
The 'Team Themis' Plan -- as prepared for the Chamber, to Target their Enemies
Here's a story, that like me, you may have mentally filed as "Learn about Later" ... Well Today, is 'Later' .... for me, anyways. Takes a few minutes, you may be surprised ...
jamess 05/06/2011 33 29 1 141
Leveling the Playing Field means keeping American Jobs, at Home
Something happened in DC today ... Missouri, ...
jamess 05/05/2011 18 22 - 117
What's the Dems' Starting 'Negotiating Position' for the Budget Debate?
Here are the Key points of the Progressive Budget Plan , put together by the House Progressive Caucus. It seems like an excellent "starting place" to me ... of course, I believe in ...
jamess 05/05/2011 22 11 - 56
Why you should be able to recite the Progressive Budget Plan
First off here are the Key points of the Progressive Budget Plan , put together by the House Progressive Caucus:
jamess 05/03/2011 10 17 4 86
Is there a Constitutional Defense against Snyder's Executive Rule for Local Dissolution?
[Note: this is a repost of a previously posted Dairy of mine; Only the Title has changed now.] --------------- A Constitutional Battle is brewing in Michigan -- regarding the power ...
jamess 05/01/2011 13 11 - 108
Natural Gas, How Clean is it? A Bad News, more Bad News Story
No Doubt you've seen the Ads. Natural Gas (NG) Ad heralding itself to be the Clean, Abundant, Safe Fuel of the Future. And best of all Natural Gas is Domestically Produced -- by Americans, for ...
jamess 05/01/2011 54 43 4 192
Michigan has a History of 'Home Rule' -- despite the Unconstitutional takeovers using Dillon's Rule
A Constitutional Battle is brewing in Michigan -- regarding the power of Governor to takeover and effectively dissolve local governments, local contracts, and local property ... cherished local ...
jamess 04/30/2011 17 21 - 113
Chris Hayes digs into the Forces of Denial and the Science of Belief Formation
Chris Hayes filled in last night for Lawrence O'Donnell (who had a prior commitment). Chris did a stellar job digging into the 'psychological underpinnings' of how some people form their ...
jamess 04/29/2011 96 90 6 577
Fox Alert: Calling all Climate Skeptics: Help us Rename the 'Season of Pain'
Here at FOX, we know that when People see pictures of all the sweeping Tornado Damage , and they will be tempted to "
jamess 04/28/2011 39 12 - 110
It was a dark and stormy nite ...
... when all hell broke loose, in America's central gulf states. Records were falling, like so many, pictures on the wall. And worse yet, the frightful season of severe storms is still ...
jamess 04/28/2011 18 23 - 114
Will the Ryan Lemmings charge off that Medicare Cliff, with him?
The Locals are mad -- most of them. This time they're mad at Republicans. It's the Dems who ARE speaking up at Townhalls, this time.
jamess 04/27/2011 19 12 - 82
The Top Ten Republican Myths ... (with Poll)
ala, David Letterman ... Here are The Top Ten Republican Myths and other such "stuff that they just make up" (as the President puts it). "Stuff" that Republicans simply "assert to be ...
jamess 04/27/2011 17 17 - 135
Recent DOE Break-Through with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, should make them Affordable
As part of my continuing Environmental Series, posted usually each Sunday, today I'm covering the Science and Tech behind Fuel Cells . A very recent Break-Through may make this Renewable ...
jamess 04/24/2011 275 367 37 1971
This is rich -- The Rich are accusing Obama of Class Warfare
I literally laughed out loud when I read this Google News Headline from Forbes ... allow me to recap its high low points ...
jamess 04/23/2011 65 33 2 262
Obama stands up for the Powerless, Citing GOP Short-sightedness and Lack of Vision
In case you missed it, President Obama is still challenging the tired old Republican tactics -- tactics that fail to address America's National Credit Card problem in any "serious" or "courageous"
jamess 04/21/2011 72 76 2 446
What Rick Snyder's EFMs are really Allowed To Do -- and How to Prevent it, Michigan.
[Note: This is a Repost of an earlier Diary of mine. The only change is in the Title.] --------- Isn't sad so many folks don't much follow local politics? If they did, they might ...
jamess 04/19/2011 23 40 5 182
The Tools in the Toolkit of the Emergency Financial Manager, Minus One.
Isn't sad so many folks don't much follow local politics? If they did, they might have been able to react in time to do something about the warnings, posted by this Public Affairs group in ...
jamess 04/19/2011 25 22 3 138
Emergency Financial Manager Harris says "City Reps, you're fired!"
Ever wonder what would happen to America, if by some fluke, Donald Trump got elected President? Well, you just have to take a look at what's happening in Michigan right now, to get some glimpse ...
jamess 04/18/2011 14 22 - 146
When Too Much Wind Power is NOT a Good Thing?
Short answer: When far too few infrastructure planners have asked themselves: How are we going get all this Clean Renewable Energy, from Point A to Point B? From the places where Nature gives us ...
jamess 04/17/2011 59 45 - 243
The differences are becoming clear -- Republicans vs Democrats ... you decide ...
Finally, the differences between what the Republicans stand for and the ...
jamess 04/14/2011 26 24 - 178
Some Lines in the Sand ... that was some Speech.
It was very heartening to see President Obama standing up for Democratic, and daring I say even some Progressive Principles, with today's Speech. It seemed to me that Barack Obama is taking ...
jamess 04/13/2011 36 49 3 273
How's your Social Contract Investment doing?
You pay your Social Security taxes right? Of course, you do (if you're working) ... it's not like it's optional. So how is your investment in your future well-being doing anyways? The way ...
jamess 04/12/2011 18 16 - 71
A few Facts about that very Flawed Budget Plan from Paul Ryan's Ghost-writers
Fact : "Health-care costs don’t grow at the rate of inflation. Ever"
jamess 04/11/2011 8 23 2 137
Bold and Brave? or just plain Bull? -- Paul vs Paul
Even this conservative business site, is giving Paul props on his blunt assessment of Paul: Paul Krugman Gets One ...
jamess 04/10/2011 7 15 - 51
Dr Chu takes part in International Initiatives targeting a Clean Energy Future
Here's some good news on the Clean Energy front. The U.S.A. was an active participant , in the latest International Meeting of the minds, on how to best tackle the Clean Energy and CO2 ...
jamess 04/10/2011 14 20 2 107
At the current rate of Spending Cuts, it will only take 368 years
Spending Cuts. Paul Ryan (and much of the GOP Tea Party) warn we MUST HAVE ever-greater Spending Cuts if America is to avoid a dire future ...
jamess 04/09/2011 2 3 - 36
Lawrence O'Donnell hits a Homerun -- well actually Two of them.
Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC was very good tonite. After calling out Senator Jon Kyl, about his blatant lie (that over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is about Abortions) -- when in reality ...
jamess 04/08/2011 198 363 3 2810
Dear So and So: your Job has been deemed Non-Essential. Ta-ta!
cha.house.gov -- Committee on House Administration Notice to ...
jamess 04/08/2011 5 12 - 86
Calling all Access geeks ...
Calling all Access geeks ... Is there a legitimate way to explain the Access problem that has been described in the Wisconsin precinct that just "found" 14,315 missing votes that "failed to save"
jamess 04/07/2011 45 22 - 190
Business Owners speak: Tax Cuts don't Create Jobs -- they Create Deficits
Have you ever wondered ... Where are the Jobs? Say Republicans, you Got YOUR Tax Cuts for the Rich ... SO, Where are the Jobs? Here are what a few Small Business Owners have to say,
jamess 04/06/2011 137 338 25 1693
Replacing Reverse Robin Hood
There's an idea making the rounds in some democratic-progressive circles lately. It takes the legend ...
jamess 04/05/2011 22 10 - 100
Ed Markey: 'It has Not been Protesters who have brought down the Nuclear Industry, It's Wall Street'
I thought that this was News-worthy, and decided to recap it, in case you missed it. Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), member of ...
jamess 04/03/2011 39 42 - 189
Artifical Trees could assist in the Carbon Capture and Storage of CO2
Carbon Capture and Storage offers Science-based hope of averting a planetary Climate Change disaster, in ways that perhaps you have not considered ... "Carbon Capture and Storage" Huh?
jamess 04/03/2011 56 37 4 247