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Cranky Users are CRANKY! A Rant about groups
Welcome back, all you Cranky Users ... and if you asked for an invitation and didn't get one, blame Markos. I'm not putting much in the body of this diary because I doubt whatever I write will post.
KelleyRN2 02/13/2011 669 243 9 2332
Hairballs, Toilets and Garbage
I nearly drove myself insane today trying to act hip enough to navigate the new site. Ended up hunched over this keyboard sweating profusely, with the kind of headache I know means my BP is going up,
scribe 02/13/2011 19 26 1 156
A Cranky Users Excellent Sunday
It's good thing I have so much time on my hands today. Who cares about class preparation tomorrow, or wearing clean underwear, or the husband needing the usual attention (like I really care that ...
joanbrooker 02/13/2011 65 22 - 156
Ready for DK4? Dummies Roundup of How-To Diaries
Seneca Doane asked that I compile a list of my DK4 Dummy diaries in one diary. So I grabbed a little text from my word docs and found some dummy diaries by others too. One common theme is ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 02/14/2011 45 53 27 356
Cranky Users: Flame the Parliamentarian
The Cranky Users convened yesterday in Nurse Kelley's diary, and we were very cranky indeed! We had many, many questions, prominently among them, "WTF?" After I read _all_ the comments there, I ...
belinda ridgewood 02/14/2011 140 67 3 404
Group nomenclature
So it's clear the current group terminology is confusing people. People think they have to "join" a group to participate, when anyone can participate in a group. You only need to join if you want to ...
kos 02/15/2011 268 49 6 762
Cranky Users: Cranky Followup, Plus Tips
belinda ridgewood 02/15/2011 140 41 3 313
Nurse Kelley Sez: Here's my cranky punchlist
Everyone has their personal list of annoying bugs, functions that don't work as expected, and design changes that either don't make sense, or make blogging more difficult. I hope the powers that be ...
KelleyRN2 02/15/2011 542 122 1 870
Daily Kos Mobile Update
Hi guys, You may not know me, but I'm the developer who works on Daily Kos Mobile (m.dailykos.com). For the past year, the mobile site scraped content off of the normal Daily Kos site, re-...
wycats 02/15/2011 71 77 5 1029
Republishing for Groups
DK4 groups have the following abilities: Publishing diaries. Republishing diaries. Scheduling diaries. Collaborative writing of diaries. Group membership.
Garrett 02/16/2011 119 58 20 452
Cranky Users: Wednesday Edition
belinda ridgewood 02/16/2011 142 50 7 351
DK4 Thoughts on Day Four
For whatever it may be worth, I offer my thoughts and observations on my personal DK4 experience to date. I write as an older user who is not very tech savy, having not even entered the computer ...
scribe 02/16/2011 28 17 - 104
Hey, all you cranks - auto refresh is back on!
Our resident genius ct has auto refresh working again! Come here, ct, and pucker up - lots of kisses coming your way. MWAH! MWAH! If you're not seeing comments refreshing in a diary, it's either ...
KelleyRN2 02/16/2011 117 47 1 320
Am I Being Stalked Because I Urinated On A Kossack?
Look, I'm not really a great follower of rules. Not that I mind rules, I just don't want to spend my online time reading them. I mean, is there anybody left in America who, upon seeing a software ...
CalbraithRodgers 02/16/2011 91 31 1 589
DK4 Entry Points: A user's guide
At this time, I have 'discovered' four entry points to DailyKos 4 that all have different characteristics and will likely each be found especially useful to different people for reasons of their own ...
Clem Yeobright 02/17/2011 41 31 12 333
Cranky Users: Promises, Promises
belinda ridgewood 02/17/2011 127 42 1 299
Catcher in the Pie
1. If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is why I came to Daily Kos in the first place, what groups I belong to, what diarists I follow, ...
Mother Mags 02/18/2011 43 94 5 377
DK4 Updates
elfling 02/18/2011 114 46 1 407
A KosBusters! Help Series - Groups: Joining or Following; That is the Question
Have a question about the new DK4 Groups feature? You are not alone. This diary hopes to help with that, and answers a few basic questions to get you started.
OLinda 02/18/2011 69 32 5 360
My First Coherent Thoughts on DK-4
Sorry but no no no. As I feared I don't like it; clunky, ugly and repetitive and in this I am guilty as anyone else as it is too hard to see what everyone else is writing about. I feel like ...
LaFeminista 02/18/2011 152 43 - 343
Cranky Users: Bug Reporting
belinda ridgewood 02/18/2011 91 40 - 237
DK4 Update
The ScoopDK::Error::NotApproved=HASH(0xc1912e0) message should be banished FOREVER. And if you got that while trying to preview a diary, that diary should now be editable from your drafts page.
elfling 02/19/2011 246 75 2 802
Dkos4: Day 6 Thoughts
For me, jumping right into the deep end of this Olympic sized web pool was not a good idea. I nearly drowned because I had no idea it was so big and so deep. By day three of trying to grok the ...
scribe 02/19/2011 64 41 1 299
I thought groups would be good
During the beta I thought groups would be a great addition to DKos. I am learning that there are too damn many groups. I have not yet seen an ass wipe group, but I bet one exists. The trouble is the ...
LWelsch 02/19/2011 28 8 - 186
The Diary History View
We all have a blog view, which is like our own Front Page. We also have a list view of our diaries, in table form. The list view can be nice when you are digging around trying to find interesting ...
Garrett 02/19/2011 47 38 7 316
Shifting Sands
The word community has many many meanings, and our definitions vary greatly. My own perception of what it means has certainly shifted and changed through the years. The one constant thread that ...
scribe 02/19/2011 9 11 - 64
DK4 = Barbed Dildo of The Apocalypse
One day in the Old Kingdom of Daily Kos, now a distant memory of halcyon days, I was reflecting on the fact that the user interface was just too easy and streamlined. "Why," I cried to the gods ...
Troubadour 02/20/2011 230 98 2 838
Cranky Users: Open Thread with Pooties
belinda ridgewood 02/20/2011 162 55 - 343
A Diary Security Trick for Groups (extended version)
Groups allow group editing of diaries. Editors in the group can edit your diary, if your diary is published as a group diary. Group editing is very useful in some circumstances. In some ...
Garrett 02/21/2011 39 37 7 291
Cranky Users: Nurse Kelley needs help for KosAbility
Happy Birthday to KosAbility! When I posted the kickoff diary one year ago ...
KelleyRN2 02/21/2011 128 46 - 262
Mrs twigg Hates Markos
Right .... Now I have your attention. Mrs Twigg is limeyswife . She is a daily reader of DailyKos, doesn't yet have it on her Kindle (because ...
twigg 02/21/2011 57 35 - 459
DKos 4: Day Ten Thoughts
Well, I am still here. If you'd asked me back on the first few days into the transition, I'd have said the chances of me being able to hang in here were next to zip. Nada. No way. I have finally ...
scribe 02/22/2011 80 28 - 220
DK4 Updates
The tech team went a little quiet over the holiday, taking a break so we'd ...
elfling 02/23/2011 178 70 2 494
Cranky Users: GroupThink
belinda ridgewood 02/23/2011 95 51 1 255
Cranky Users Are Still Cranky
As we've learned to navigate our way around the new site and appreciate some of its features, we're also discovering new things to be cranky about. Like Facebook. I like Facebook. My Facebook ...
KelleyRN2 02/24/2011 399 100 1 641
DK4 Update: now with Stay-Fresh Comments
- In honor of the longer conversations with the new structure, we've changed it so that comments can be rated for up ...
elfling 02/25/2011 134 39 - 386
A foray into cranky
I'm pretty old school, having messed with computer machines pre-tubes. As a result I have developed a large number of habits that have served me well. One of the most tenacious is the habit of ...
Granny Doc 02/25/2011 95 19 - 241
Cranky Users: Ceci n'est pas une diary
belinda ridgewood 02/26/2011 129 30 1 221
Cranky Users: Sunday Kvetching
belinda ridgewood 02/27/2011 103 37 1 264
Astounding True DK4 Bug Story
So, in the course of reading DK4 bug reports [1] and tech support requests [2] , I was seeing a slow but steady trickle of people reporting the following error message when trying ...
rs 02/28/2011 181 314 9 3196
Early Beta of the Mobile Site
Since my last post about the mobile site, I've cobbled together an initial beta of what will hopefully become a ...
wycats 02/28/2011 52 33 6 565
Cranky Users: Monday Koswatching
belinda ridgewood 02/28/2011 88 42 - 215
Two weeks in: Still Cranky?
It's the first of the month, the day I take stock and write down numbers. I weigh the pooties, add up the previous month's income and expenses, and start the new month's ledger. I take a look at the ...
KelleyRN2 03/01/2011 250 56 - 341
The demise of the 800-comment non-stunt diary
Something interesting has happened. We're missing something -- something I don't know that we'll miss. Have you missed it? It's the "non-stunt" diary with 800 or more comments. Markos's [http://...
Seneca Doane 03/01/2011 220 64 3 693
dk4 Updates - welcome back to Welcome Back
elfling 03/02/2011 190 70 - 430
Cranky Users: We Report, You Decide
belinda ridgewood 03/02/2011 102 38 1 227
I am cranky and curious: How do you rate DK4?
BFSkinner 03/02/2011 231 54 - 567
DK4 update - Publication Manager
People ...
elfling 03/03/2011 100 55 3 354
DKOS 4: Day 19 Thoughts
One thing I enjoy very much about getting old is becoming more of an observer, than an actor. Once I got past my own initial panic and full blown cranky crises over the change to dK4, I've returned ...
scribe 03/03/2011 65 28 - 192
Cranky Users: Character Study
belinda ridgewood 03/04/2011 339 177 134 1124
Nurse Kelley Sez: Now we're talkin'!
Something magical happened to the site software this week. No, recs still don't always stick and no, mojo hasn't been sorted out, but it's now possible to carry on a conversation in (more or less) ...
KelleyRN2 03/05/2011 174 74 1 473
DK4: Can someone PLEASE fix this? Please?
I'm usually not a whiner (although my wife might tell you differently), and certainly I'm not a meta-whiner here on the Great Orange Rust Whatever-This-Color-Is Satan, but I do have ...
occams hatchet 03/05/2011 111 47 - 441
DK4 ate KosAbility
My apologies to those waiting for today's edition of KosAbility. ladypockt wrote an excellent diary about Hepatitis C, a diary last seen safely sitting in the KosAbility queue and scheduled to ...
KelleyRN2 03/06/2011 52 37 - 276
Cranky Users: This Week in Crankiness
belinda ridgewood 03/08/2011 196 67 1 337
DK4 Updates - no news is good news
There's nothing new up tonight, but that doesn't mean we're not working on lots of stuff. Instead, what it means is ...
elfling 03/09/2011 104 33 1 292
The Human Factor (and Open Cranky Thread)
I am cranky and for once it's got nothing to do with software glitches, although this is an Open Thread where those can certainly be discussed as well. I'm cranky because of HUMAN glitches that ...
scribe 03/10/2011 82 24 - 158
Cranky Users: Color My World
belinda ridgewood 03/11/2011 58 54 42 533
DK4 Updates - a big one
elfling 03/12/2011 435 122 3 1484
EtiKos: Dear Miss Mayta - Surveying the New World Order of DK4
Miss Mayta has been quietly lurking and calmly observing the chaos as Kossacks and Kogs find their way around DK4. There have been a few tumbles into the yawning maw of the orange bit bucket but ...
JanF 03/12/2011 124 46 - 316
Cranky Users: I need your Wisdom
Hey, y'all - I have a request for you. Since Cranky Users might be the best place to find newer users , I'm hoping that you will be willing to help me out. kos has tapped me to do a ...
Angie in WA State 03/12/2011 116 33 - 322
Small mid-day ratings update
As I mentioned last night , it seems that a MySQL bug of all things was the source of the consistently inconsistent ...
ct 03/13/2011 47 35 1 261
Cranky Users: Cache for Clunkers
belinda ridgewood 03/14/2011 200 66 - 373
A Very Special Episode of "Daily Kos Updates"
I try to keep midday updates to a minimum because they're sort of disruptive (DK4 has a much longer startup time than DK3 did, I'm afraid), but if they're important enough I'll certainly do it. ...
ct 03/15/2011 61 47 - 359
DK4 Update, + coming attractions
elfling 03/16/2011 191 62 3 555
Groups - Meta
There are 398 groups now, unless I counted wrong. There'll be new ones created after I post this diary. There were eight of them set up yesterday, and Frankenoid 's already added another ...
Land of Enchantment 03/16/2011 142 88 8 574
Diary Guide to Formatting, Linking, Images, Embedding, and Tables
Ok, I know many users already know how to format their diaries and add images etc., but for every one else this is a guide to making your diary look like the pros. First thing to remember is ...
fiver 03/17/2011 149 401 499 3752
Open Thread For Crankies
The overall level of crankiness around here seems to be decreasing somewhat, but I did find myself having a small relapse over these past few days of trying to navigate the group dynamics. I get it ...
scribe 03/17/2011 114 25 1 201
I am seriously annoyed
When Scribe commented on the reduction in general crankiness yesterday, I confess, I didn't understand. I ...
Granny Doc 03/18/2011 418 318 4 2769
Cranky Users: No Comment
belinda ridgewood 03/18/2011 119 52 6 348
Cranky Users: Let's Make a Wish List
KelleyRN2 03/21/2011 314 90 1 545
How to search on dk4
OK, apparently, a LOT of people are having problems with the search feature in DK4. Some of this seems to be based on whether you use IE, or Firefox, or whatever. I use Firefox, and I haven't had ...
plf515 03/21/2011 82 61 24 338
Top Comments: DK4 FAQ Forum: Advanced Search
O f all the features of the new DK4 software, Search has received the least love. It wasn't quite ready when the software was released: there were still date range bugs and other issues. For ...
sardonyx 03/21/2011 74 59 36 323
I no longer love DailyKos like I used to
Yes, I love DailyKos. The interaction here is better than at any other web site and I like the ambiance of the site. And yet as the Temptations put it in the song my love ...
LWelsch 03/23/2011 57 24 - 508
DK4 Update: whereupon the dog eats our homework
elfling 03/23/2011 40 55 - 296
Cranky Users: Little Boxes
belinda ridgewood 03/23/2011 140 74 6 490
Troubleshooting Daily Kos Login Problems
If you've had trouble logging in to Daily Kos, you're not alone. There are a lot of people who have been unable to access their accounts, and we have found quite a variety of different technical ...
rs 03/23/2011 30 15 2 262
DK4 Bugs Met the Exterminator Today
This is my story, and I'm sticking with it. My grandson honoured me with a brief visit today. It is spring break, and I remember what it is like to have better things to do. It was a perfect time ...
foucaultspendulum 03/23/2011 14 25 - 207
Thursday Open Thread and Thoughts on Crankiness
Happy Thursday, Dear Crankies! (Crankists? Crankers? Crankologists?) Since I can't dazzle you with techie tips or anything else useful, let's just spend a minute considering "crankiness" in ...
scribe 03/24/2011 56 20 - 123
I Must Be Doing Something Wrong
I was a DK4 Beta tester who had few problems after the first couple of weeks. Still, I have some complaints which I outline below the fold. I'm more cranky however about Boehner the unprincipled ...
ulookarmless 03/25/2011 131 28 1 282
A Semiorganized List of DK4 Groups
This is a list of some DK4 groups, organized approximately by master tag . The list is offered in case it helps anyone find interesting ...
Garrett 03/29/2011 85 151 110 866
Cranky Users: Out of Line
belinda ridgewood 03/29/2011 222 99 38 705
Top Comments: DK4 FAQ Forum: Basic Search
Search is still not the robust feature we all wish for on DK4. As noted in the last FAQ Forum, it wasn't quite ready when the software was released, and there are still issues with ...
sardonyx 03/31/2011 60 53 9 280
DK4 Fixins
Got some fixes for everyone today. Autoban tweak. Expanding comments when logged out should work consistently. The dread IE format button bug should be fixed. ...
ct 04/01/2011 57 53 1 316
Pooties: Your Interwebz Iz OURS. Unhappy With DK4 UPDATED8X
One year ago, no one believed the Pooties would do it. Even Kos laughed at the idea of DK becoming totally Pootie-fied. Kos laughed, until at 3PM eastern he got so sleepy he decided to turn off his '...
khloemi 04/01/2011 251 166 2 1145
Cranky Users: Cranky Mojo Party
belinda ridgewood 04/01/2011 128 48 - 230
Cranky Users: Donuts and Death w/update
KelleyRN2 04/04/2011 256 94 2 686
Cranky Users: Back from the Dead
belinda ridgewood 04/06/2011 118 74 21 482
Dear Kos,
I don't know if you or anyone will actually read this. But lately, when I open Daily Kos and set about reading what's on these cyber-pages, I find myself surrounded by an increasing malaise, and I ...
RenaRF 04/06/2011 404 262 4 2579
DK4 Updates: skull and crossbones edition
elfling 04/08/2011 53 49 1 352
What the hell happened to "Permalink"?
This is not acceptable. From what I can tell, it is no longer possible to read diaries without the comments, no matter what I do. I have a fairly modern computer with which I read diaries here. ...
LaughingPlanet 04/10/2011 102 20 2 351
Cranky Users: Them Bones
belinda ridgewood 04/11/2011 96 53 - 220
Going against the DKos Tide
It's never been easy, but on DK4 it's much more difficult, and the effort that it takes becomes less worthwhile. There are long term values, or memes, or general consensus, and then there are ...
arodb 04/14/2011 22 25 - 347
Troolz: Notes on Search, TU, Admin Moderation, Third Parties, and a Special Note
The title is a good summary.
aoeu 04/14/2011 220 95 6 1268
DK4 Updates: Emancipation Day Eve Eve edition
In Today's Exciting ...
elfling 04/15/2011 48 51 2 277
Cranky Users: Ready to Publish Now!
belinda ridgewood 04/15/2011 95 40 1 210
Cranky Users: Rejoice! Search is working!
KelleyRN2 04/16/2011 155 75 2 282
What's happened to my DKos?
I miss Daily Kos 3. I couldn't care less about the interface, there have been some improvements in that department, I miss the community. On the current recently recced list, only 7 diaries (not ...
Futuristic Dreamer 04/16/2011 137 47 - 617
Cranky Users: PermaFrost
belinda ridgewood 04/19/2011 66 36 - 212
Related diaries for groups
Last week, we announced a new Group feature that dramatically enhances what groups can do, yet has been completely ignored. So let me take a moment to explain it further. ...
kos 04/19/2011 150 53 10 793
Recent Diaries box will be returning
I always watch site dynamics closely, and have ...
kos 04/20/2011 238 50 7 634