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"May God bless America, and all the nations and peoples of the world"
Wouldn't it be great it President Obama concluded the ...
HoundDog 01/17/2015 20 18 - -
250,000 'extra deaths' a year by 2030 from climate change predicts WHO
The World health organization predicts climate change will cause 250,000 extra deaths per year by 2030. Of this figure, roughly 48,
HoundDog 11/30/2014 28 27 - -
CIA and FBI used thousands of ex-Nazi war criminals as spies and concealed it from Congress and DOJ
HoundDog 10/27/2014 22 19 2 -
Jack Bruce, bassist for Cream, dies at 71
YouTube link to Cream's Sunshine of Your Love for IPad readers who cannot see embedded ...
HoundDog 10/25/2014 16 22 1 -
Nurse quarantined for Ebola despite testing negative criticizes policy and her treatment
Kaci Hickox reports in the Dailas News that a nurse who has been treating Ebola patients for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone is complaining that she is being held in mandatory quarantine ...
HoundDog 10/25/2014 307 105 1 -
28 EU countries agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and ask U.S. and China to match
Barbara Lewis and Alastair MacDonald report the good news that the EU Agrees To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cuts. The new goals amount to a 40% cut, below the ...
HoundDog 10/23/2014 63 66 1 -
Research shows that the only positive thing about fracking is probably not true
Tom McDonnell writes in Mother Jones ...
HoundDog 10/15/2014 11 21 - -
More New Jersey residents have negative view of Governor Chris Christie than positive
Here's a little Christie tidbit for addicts waiting for more substantial stories about Governor Christie's trials and tribulations. Or should I say "lack of trials" as we do not even have ...
HoundDog 10/15/2014 17 22 1 -
Second nurse infected with Ebola traveled on plane, Update: President speaks
Josh Levs and Holly Yan , of CNN report Second U.S. health worker infected with Ebola flew the day before symptoms, the CDC is trying to ...
HoundDog 10/15/2014 695 195 2 -
British MPs vote to recognize Palestine without pre-conditions 274 - 12
Patrick Wintour, of the Guardian ...
HoundDog 10/13/2014 54 81 1 -
'Gay's have gifts and qualities to offer' say Catholic bishops in two-week Synod
Nicole Winfield , of the Associated Press reports Bishops Say Gays Have Gifts to Offer Church,
HoundDog 10/13/2014 48 13 - -
'We'd have a vaccine by now if it were not for budget cuts,' says head of NIH about Ebola
Sam Stein reports Ebola Vaccine Would Likely Have Been Found By Now If Not For Budget Cuts: NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the ...
HoundDog 10/13/2014 281 170 3 -
Numerous marine fish and invertebrates to disappear in the tropics by 2050 due to global warming
James Kent , writing for The Wall Street Journal OTC, brings us the news that Marine fish, invertebrates to disappear from tropics due to Rising ...
HoundDog 10/12/2014 12 26 2 -
Deputy who helped deliver the quarantine order admitted to hospital with symptoms of Ebola
Nakia Cooper, of the Associated Press reports that Patient who claims to have had contact with Ebola victim Thomas ...
HoundDog 10/08/2014 39 41 - -
Control of the Senate coming down to the wire in key states: 'Democratic turnout will decide'
Man the battle stations, Democrats! Control over the Senate is at stake and the latest New York Times/CBS News/YouGov online panel of 100,000 respondents reported by Nate Cohn , of the New York ...
HoundDog 10/05/2014 41 21 - -
Germany's Solar revolution threatens fossil fuel based generation
In Fossil Fuel Generator Industry Will Be Hit Hardest By Energy Storage, Giles Parkinson , of CleanTechnica describes a new ...
HoundDog 10/05/2014 113 198 4 -
Hackers penetrate 10 major financial institutions affecting 83 million households and businesses
From the New York Times Dealbook we learn that Hackers’ Attack Cracked 10 Financial Firms in Major Assault, gaining data on 83 million households and businesses in what ...
HoundDog 10/04/2014 63 65 - -
Nurses say hospitals are unprepared for Ebola, and five diseases you are more likely to die from
While the C.D.C. asserts that U.S. Hospitals are well prepared for any cases of Ebola, Julie Steenhuysen writes that U.S. Nurses Say They Are Unprepared To Handle Ebola Patients.
HoundDog 10/03/2014 26 36 1 -
'Here Comes the Sun': a solar energy update
Whenever I need a burst of feel good energy I google solar or wind energy for a pick-me-up. Here are five short articles of small news that keeps adding up to big changes in our energy generation ...
HoundDog 10/03/2014 11 38 1 -
We are stuck in a liquity trap and depression denial syndrome says Paul Krugman
This morning's unemployment level dropped to 5.9% as our economy added 248,000 jobs last month, we are still not operating at full capacity. So, while this morning unemployment numbers ...
HoundDog 10/03/2014 20 30 - -
Data breach at J.P. Morgan exposes 76 million households to cyber risk
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. revealed today that the breach of its computer systems was far more extensive than previously disclosed. ABC News reports JPMorgan Says Data Breach Affected 76 Million ...
HoundDog 10/02/2014 35 42 - -
Family of U.S. Ebola patient quarantined, up to 100 may have been exposed, press conference update
Liz Szabo, of USA TODAY writes Family of Dallas Ebola patient quarantined Texas health officials have placed the Dallas family of a Liberian national infected with Ebola under quarantine and ...
HoundDog 10/02/2014 286 88 1 -
U.S. Ebola patient did disclose Liberian travel history and nurse didn't communicate it to doctors
Update: : During Governor Rick Perry's news conference a doctor from the Texas hospital revealed that the patient diagnosed with Ebola did disclose that he had traveled to Liberia but in the ...
HoundDog 10/01/2014 212 52 1 -
First case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States at Texas Presbyterian Hospital says CDC
Javier E. David of CNBC reports that the CDC confirms first Ebola case diagnosed in US. The United States has its first confirmed case of the Ebola virus, the Centers for Disease Control and ...
HoundDog 09/30/2014 412 123 1 -
Mitt Romney hears "Happy Days Are Here Again" in his dreams of a 2016 rerun
We're hearing another flurry of rumors that Mitt Romney is thinking about running for in 2016. John Dickerson of CBS News asks What Mitt Romney thinks about when he ...
HoundDog 09/30/2014 9 13 - -
World has lost half of wildlife populations in 40 years says World Wildlife Fund study
NBC News brings us a story about the most recent devastating report from the World Wildlife Fund in their article,
HoundDog 09/30/2014 28 41 - -
California takes a small step towards reforming racist crack cocaine laws
Saki Knafo's title, California Lawmakers Take A Stand Against Racist Drug War Policies, gives California legislatures more credit than they are due, for sure, but since ...
HoundDog 09/29/2014 3 9 - -
Solar energy could be the world's primary energy source by 2050 says IEA
The Guardian reports Solar power could be world's top electricity source by 2050, says IEA. The ...
HoundDog 09/29/2014 24 33 - -
Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown call for investigations of NY Fed over 'secret tapes'
HoundDog 09/29/2014 32 67 1 -
Governor Rick Scott spends shitloads of money against Charlie Crist in Florida Governor's race
Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald writes that With $50 million in TV ad spending, Rick Scott-Charlie Crist race is one big marketing campaign, and 71% of this spending is from Republican Rick Scott's ...
HoundDog 09/23/2014 12 17 - -
Ebola epidemic could reach 1.4 million cases in four months predicts CDC
Denise Grady , of The New York Times, ...
HoundDog 09/23/2014 110 74 1 -
Eight murdered in Guinea village including Ebola health workers and journalists
Just when it appears the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa can not become more tragic, we read this report by Abby Phillip, of the Washington Post– Eight ...
HoundDog 09/18/2014 33 66 - -
No link to Governor Chris Christie has yet been found in federal probe say 'sources'
New York's NBC Channel 4 News reports that sources have ...
HoundDog 09/18/2014 35 16 - -
Los Angeles law enforcement officers kill an average of one person per week
Matt Ferner of the Huffington Post writes an article titled, Los Angeles Law Enforcement Officers Kill About One Person A Week . ...
HoundDog 09/17/2014 8 14 - -
U.N. estimates $1 billion needed to fight Ebola - Obama promises $500 million and 3,000 US troops
In the last 24 hours we've seen a major escalation of the assessed risk from the Ebola epidemic raging through Western Africa. Yesterday the United Nation increased the estimate of the needed ...
HoundDog 09/17/2014 36 32 1 -
President Obama announces major U.S. led humanitarian assistance to help Liberia fight Ebola
President Obama announces $500 million humanitarian assistance to combat Liberia's Ebola epidemic. Photocredit: NBC News Jim Kuhnhenn, of the Associated Press ...
HoundDog 09/16/2014 18 29 1 -
NASA expected to choose SpaceX and Boeing for contract for 'taxi' to International Space Station
Drawing of Boeing's CST-100 docking with International Space Station NASA is planning to award contracts to both SpaceX's Dragon and Boeing's CST-100 for the contract to deliver astronauts to and ...
HoundDog 09/16/2014 16 18 - -
Polar vortex: global warming doesn't mean we are not going to freeze our butts off in winters
Bad news for climate deniers who cite unusually cold winters as counter-evidence for global warming and those who figured a silver lining of global warming might be lower winter heating bills. The ...
HoundDog 09/16/2014 29 42 - -
Independent Greg Orman leads Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) in potential upset
New Poll Gives Kansas Independent 7 Point lead over Pat Roberts. Independent Greg Orman leads Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Ks.), 41 percent to 34 percent, according to a poll released to HuffPost by the ...
HoundDog 09/16/2014 27 41 - -
Earth just had its hottest August on record
Change in surface temperature from 1880 to 2014. Nick Visser ...
HoundDog 09/16/2014 18 38 - -
Rooftop solar energy will reach or exceed grid parity in more than half of states by 2017, says UCS
Mike Jacobs, senior energy analyst of the Union of Concerned Scientist's Climate and Energy Program, alerts us to the good news of solar energy grid parity in his ...
HoundDog 09/15/2014 117 160 5 -
Breaking: Dog doesn't want to leave dog park (attempted K-9 humor)
Haven't we all had days like this? Where we feel like this poor dog, that others just don't get that we don't want to do something? This Howling Husky Just Does NOT Want To Leave The Dog Park ...
HoundDog 09/14/2014 35 82 - -
40 Israeli soldiers sign letter refusing to continue to use extortion and blackmail on Palestinians
Hayden Cooper, a Middle East correspondent for ABC News reports an intelligence scandal in Israel in his article, Israeli soldiers from elite wire-tapping unit refuse to use 'extortion', 'blackmail' ...
HoundDog 09/13/2014 8 38 - -
CIA Director John Brennan infuriates members of the Senate Intelligence Committee with defiance
2013 President Obama announces appointments of Chuck Hagel and John Brennan Ali Watkins , of McClathcy's Washington Bureau ...
HoundDog 09/13/2014 98 182 4 -
Super writers break out on their own in defiance of media system reports Vanity Fair
Here's a fun and inspirational diversion for aspiring writers on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Maybe this story of entrepreneur-super writers will get your gumption going? Or, maybe it ...
HoundDog 09/13/2014 18 18 - -
Shocking mutation and 'burn-out' scenarios revealed about escalating Ebola epidemic
I've written almost three dozen posts about the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa in the last six months, as we've watched the death toll and total number of cases rise exponentially to over 2,300 ...
HoundDog 09/11/2014 355 286 3 -
16 female Senators send letter to Goodell asking for zero-tolerance for violence against women
Female Senators send Goodell letter, express domestic violence concerns, reports Lindsay H. ...
HoundDog 09/11/2014 35 24 - -
Ted Cruz booed off stage at Middle East Christian event for comments about Israel
Ted Cruz Booed Off at Stage at Middle East Christian ...
HoundDog 09/11/2014 19 34 - -
S&P downgrades New Jersey's credit rating - eighth reduction under Governor Chris Christie
The Star Ledger reports that S&P has cut New Jersey's debt rating from A+ to A, citing Governor Chris Christie's budget and pension issues . This is the ...
HoundDog 09/10/2014 28 47 1 -
Debbie Wasserman Schultz slams culture of intimidation, bullying, and incompetence of Christie admin
Debbie Wasserman Schultz rips Chris Christie over Bridgegate, celebrating the one-year ...
HoundDog 09/09/2014 15 24 1 -
Keith Olbermann demands NFL Commissioner resign over lack of action on Ray Rice violence
In The Ray Rice Situation, Everyone Must ...
HoundDog 09/09/2014 210 82 2 -
2013 carbon dioxide concentrations grew at the fastest rate since reliable global records began
NOAA map shows hottest May on record Greenhouse Gas Levels In Atmosphere Surged To New High In 2013, World Meteorological Organization Reports. The World Meteorological Organization said "carbon ...
HoundDog 09/09/2014 59 70 2 -
WHO predicts several thousand new cases of Ebola in Liberia in next three weeks
The World Health Organization's September 8 Situation Assessment of Western Africa's Ebola epidemic predicts several thousand more cases in Liberia alone in the next three few weeks, in the most ...
HoundDog 09/08/2014 40 42 - -
Jack the Ripper identified as Aaron Kosminski from 126 year old DNA from blood on scarf of victim
Russell Edwards, writing for the UK's Daily Mail in a story ...
HoundDog 09/08/2014 316 106 2 -
Milky Way galaxy is part of a 520 million light-year wide super-galactic cluster called Laniakea
Laniakea super-galactic cluster, Nature Laniakea: Our home supercluster, link to Youtube for those unable to see embedded video.
HoundDog 09/07/2014 127 163 9 -
Outbreak of rare EV-D68 virus causes spike in hospitalizations in Missouri and 9 mid-west states
Enterovirus 71 Photo credit A.J. Cann Flicker cc CDC official: Virus hitting Midwest could be 'tip of iceberg', reports Michael ...
HoundDog 09/07/2014 89 152 2 -
President Obama warns Ebola virus could mutate if epidemic not contained soon
Ebola Viruses exuding from infected cell. IC: NIAD Obama Warns the Ebola Virus Could Mutate If Outbreak is not Controlled Speaking to NBC News’ “...
HoundDog 09/07/2014 26 32 - -
Now is the time to act on global climate change says Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon says Now Is the Time to Act on Climate Change Climate change has been one of my top priorities since the day I took office in 2007. I said ...
HoundDog 09/07/2014 7 10 - -
Scottish independence group leads in latest poll two weeks before election
Image credit: Martaina ...
HoundDog 09/07/2014 110 51 2 -
NYT editorial board disses Andrew Cuomo as a 'diservice to democracy' after Cuomo disses debates
The New York Times take New York's Governor to task ...
HoundDog 09/05/2014 17 41 3 -
Ebola wreaking economic havoc on Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea
Adam Nossiter of the New York Times reports, The Other Ebola Toll: African Economies. The World Health Organization recently predicted the death toll from Ebola could ...
HoundDog 09/05/2014 10 28 - -
'9 Things Only People With Depression Can Truly Understand" by Lindsey Holmes is worth a read
Image credit: Shattered.Art Flickr, creative ...
HoundDog 09/05/2014 21 37 2 -
U.S. kills Ahmed Abdi Godane, co-founder of al-Shabaab of Africa, in air strike
David Smith and Tom McCarthy of the Guardian confirm CNN reports that the United States has killed Ahmed Abdi Godane, the co-founder and active leader of Al-Shabaab, the militant Islamist group ...
HoundDog 09/05/2014 22 20 - -
Chris Christie's outside legal bills come to $50 million in 2 years
Terrence Dopp of Bloomberg News reveals that Christie spending on outside lawyers tops $50 million in 2 years TRENTON, N.J. ��
HoundDog 09/04/2014 37 64 1 -
President Obama is wise to take time to develop strategy for IS rather than rushing into another war
"If you do not fully understand the feedback structure of a complex system, in a crisis don't just do something, ...
HoundDog 09/04/2014 166 92 2 -
Alison Lundergan Grimes within 4% of Mitch McConnell - 46% to 50% with 4% MOE!
The latest CNN/ORC polls shows Alison Lundergan Grimes pulling within 4% of Senator Mitch McConnell with 5% undecided, and 19% of respondents saying they may change their minds.
HoundDog 09/03/2014 13 23 1 -
Koch brothers' strategist reveals plan for appealing to 'non-ideological middle third' of voters
Laura Clawson's important essay Koch brothers' 'grand strategist' says raising the minimum wage is like Nazi ...
HoundDog 09/03/2014 15 16 - -
The convergence of solar PV, storage batteries, and electric vehicles to revolutionize industries
Peter Diamandis of Forbes calls up his friends Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk to bring us some astonishing visions of the future of the solar photovoltaic, solar storage, and electric vehicle ...
HoundDog 09/02/2014 66 59 6 -
New York Times model predicts GOP have a 66% chance of controlling Senate - Make your own forecast
Today is the official start of the final stretch of the November 2014 campaign season which makes it a good day to take a peak out our status in polls and forecasts. Josh Katz , Wilson Andrews , ...
HoundDog 09/02/2014 37 8 - -
Charlie Crist and Rick Scott tied in Florida governor's race, says latest poll
Kevin Derby of the Sunshine State News reports ...
HoundDog 09/02/2014 39 50 - -
Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says Palestine is a state so can join International Criminal Court
Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda declared that Palestine is a state and can join the ICC by signing the Rome Statute which would enable Palestinians President Mahmoud Abbas to sue Israeli leaders ...
HoundDog 09/01/2014 30 20 - -
Wind energy could need 2.6 million skilled technicians by 2030 to reach goal of 30% adoption
In this article in Wind Power Monthly , the magazine interviews Andy Holt, general manager of wind services at US turbine manufacterer GE Renewable Energy, and corporate recruitment consultants ...
HoundDog 09/01/2014 27 67 2 -
Henry Kissinger raises discussion worthy questions about the "collapse of world order"
Henry Kissinger in his younger years. DK Official Image, MB I don't very often recommend the writings of former Republican Secretary of State and national security adviser Henry ...
HoundDog 08/30/2014 89 35 1 -
Film industry tanks in worst summer since 1997 - down 15% from summer of 2013
Andrew Hart of the Huffington Post writes that Film Industry Has Worst Summer Since 1997, with ticket sales this summers shrinking 15% from last summer to $3.9 billion. July box office sales were ...
HoundDog 08/29/2014 53 13 - -
22.6% of homes in South Australia use solar energy meeting 2020 goal six years early
Image credit: AZSolar via MB's DK Photo archive Giles Parkinson of CleanTechnica brings us the good news that 22.6% Of Homes Use Solar In South Australia.
HoundDog 08/29/2014 6 18 - -
N.J. legislative panel to subpoena phone and email records between Chris Christie and Regina Egea
Alexander Jaffe , of The Hill , wonders if there ...
HoundDog 08/29/2014 35 78 2 -
Genetic maps reveal Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone is linked to one funeral and virus is mutating
The late Dr. Sheik Umar Khan, one of the five co-authors of this research who have died since writing this paper. A group of geneticists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, including the ...
HoundDog 08/28/2014 54 74 1 -
Solar voltaic energy production nearly doubles in U.S. in 2014
Making a grab for solar energy, don't try this at home! This is a trained professional. WikiCommons Here's some good news that may brighten up your day: US electrical generation ...
HoundDog 08/28/2014 16 23 1 -
More than 20,000 may be infected with Ebola before epidemic is over predicts W.H.O.
Ebola viruses exude from infected cell, photocredit: NIAD creative commons Nick Cumming-Bruce and Alan ...
HoundDog 08/28/2014 30 22 - -
Free trade agreements attack democracy and human rights assert speakers at the Peoples Social Forum
In Free Trade Agreements Attack Democracy And Human Rights, Michaël Lessard, of Huffington Post, describes the first day of the Peoples Social Forum at the University of Ottawa which focused on ...
HoundDog 08/27/2014 5 7 1 -
Rebel forces take control of the Quneitra crossing point into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights
Alan Cowell of the New York Times reports on a break story writing that, Syrian Rebels Seize[s} (sic) Crossing Point With Golan Heights. Although later in the article we learn IS fighters may be ...
HoundDog 08/27/2014 29 8 - -
Israel and Gaza agree to an extended cease-fire on terms that seem to please no one
Jodi Rudoren Cease-Fire Extended, but Not on Hamas’s Terms. No one seems very happy about this agreement ...
HoundDog 08/27/2014 60 11 - -
Obama changes tactic in hopes of curbing climate change
Coral Davenport of the New York Times has just published an article reporting ...
HoundDog 08/26/2014 86 118 3 -
Global warming is here now, caused by humans, dangerous, and probably irreversible says IPCC report
NBC News reports that the latest draft of the International Panel on Climate Change raises an alarm on global warming in even starker language than ...
HoundDog 08/26/2014 81 126 3 -
15 more monuments discovered buried near Stonehenge reveal continuous occupation since 8820 BCE
(Reader Alert: Now For Something Completely Different is a Daily Kos group that enjoys taking a humorous angle in reporting real news or news already funny, amusing, thought-provoking, or odd.) ...
HoundDog 08/26/2014 161 167 4 -
How low can the cost of wind electrical generation go? DOE reports 2.5¢ per kilowatt-hour in 2013
Tina Casey teases us with a game of electricity generation cost limbo in her encouraging article, How Low Can Wind Energy Go? 2.5¢ Per Kilowatt-Hour Is Just The Beginning. The tubes have been ...
HoundDog 08/24/2014 44 34 2 -
State of emergency declared in Northern California in response to 6.00 magnitude earth
ABC is reporting State of Emergency After Northern California Shaken by Biggest Earthquake in 25 Years Northern California was shaken awake this morning by its ...
HoundDog 08/24/2014 11 40 - -
NASA discovers much carbon tetrachloride CCL4 continues to be released after global ban
NASA | Ozone-Depleting Compound ...
HoundDog 08/24/2014 18 24 - -
U.S. considering launching airstrike against key Islamic State leaders and other high-value targets
Toby Helm and Martin Chulov of the Guardian an write an article entitled US 'set to launch air strikes' on senior Isis terror chiefs in Syria, ...
HoundDog 08/23/2014 53 19 1 -
Sierra Leone joins Liberia in threatening to arrest anyone hiding Ebola patients
Blue colored coded Ebola virus exude from infected human cell turned into virus factory ( Disturbing Content Warning: This report contains many disturbing facts and concepts that many ...
HoundDog 08/23/2014 23 13 - -
New transparent solar panels point to a day when we can harvest energy from windows too
Doctoral Student Yimu Zhao and Prof. Richard Lunt examine new transparent solar cell. Photo by G.L. Kohuth. Will Alexander of Motherboard brings us the fun news of an improvement ...
HoundDog 08/22/2014 39 55 1 -
469 children killed in Gaza, over 370,000 need urgent 'psyhosocial aid' says UNICEF (DI warning)
469 Gaza children killed, over 370,000 need ‘psychosocial aid’ – UNICEF, reports Mahammed Salem in Reuters. Over 3,000 children have been ...
HoundDog 08/22/2014 38 24 - -
Chris Christie's $8.5 million legal bills are a burden for tax payers and a gravy train for lawyers
Dunn & Crutcher is cashing in the chips and soaking New Jersey tax payers in the opinion of the editorial board of the Star-Ledger who write,
HoundDog 08/22/2014 22 23 2 -
World's largest icesheets melting at fastest rate ever recorded - twice as fast as five years ago!
Record decline of ice sheets: For the first time scientists map elevation changes of Greenlandic and Antarctic glaciers This doesn't look good. What is that expression? "This is not going to turn ...
HoundDog 08/22/2014 38 127 2 -
38% of Spain's electricity demand in July met with solar and wind energy
Mridul Chadha of Cleantechnica reports that 38% Of Spain’s July Electricity Demand Was Met By Wind and Solar Power. Low carbon electrical sources supplied 55% of Spains electricity consumption. in ...
HoundDog 08/21/2014 36 39 1 -
Don't be fooled by pause in global warming caused by 30 year cycle in ocean currents warn scientists
An apparent slowdown in global warming caused by a 30 year ocean cycle could lull people into a misperception that global warming has paused when it has not, reports Math ...
HoundDog 08/21/2014 13 26 3 -
Two Americans treated in the U.S. recover from Ebola and are released from hospital
Ebola viruses emerging from infected cell Photocredit: NIAD creative commons Alan Blider of the The New York Times tell us that Two ...
HoundDog 08/21/2014 17 10 - -
Violence erupts in Liberia as police fire on crowds trying to escape from quarantined Ebola zones
Norimitsu Onishiaug of the New York Times writes an article entitled, Clashes Erupt as Liberia ...
HoundDog 08/20/2014 24 40 1 -
Scientists discover that solar powered porous volumetric nanofluids produce steam at low temperature
A team of scientists from MIT have published an article in Nature Communicat ions , ...
HoundDog 08/19/2014 105 81 3 -
Death toll from Ebola in Western Africa reaches 1,229 with 2,240 known cases
Here's an quick update on the tragic Ebola epidemic in Western Africa from Alan Cowell, of The New York Times who writes, Ebola Death Toll in West Africa Tops 1,200. The World Health Organization ...
HoundDog 08/19/2014 35 16 - -