User Last Diary Role <p><b>Roles</b> define the permissions this user has in the group.</p>   
			<p><b>BlogAdmin</b> means permission to add, remove, and set privileges for users; 
			permission to edit the group itself; plus, permission to do all than an Editor can do.</p>   
			<p><b>BlogEditor</b> means permission to post diaries to the group, permission to see
			diaries queued for the group, permission to edit diaries queued or
			published to the group blog; and permission to read 
			private messages sent to the group.</p>
			<p><b>Member</b> means permission to post diaries to the group queue only. This user cannot see
			diaries queued for the group or read 
			private messages sent to the group.</p>
			<p><b>Invited</b> means the user has been sent an invitation by private message
			but cannot participate
			until the invitation has been accepted.
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