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Hey, all.  Among the most engrossing procrastinatory activities I've been doing lately is keeping up with blogging Kossacks.  Perhaps of late you would rather not be associated with dKos (I don't even want to get into that right now), but I have culled from these fine pages well over 100 blogs belonging to dKos readers and participants.  That is admittedly a small percentage of the 9522 of us, but it's a lot.

Below the fold I've put in the actual links as well as the code for you to add to your website if you'd like.

By the way, Kos has my last list up linked from the main page.  I'm hopeful her can update it soon.

As always, email me (folkbum at hotmail dot com) to either ask to get on the list or request a text file with the code.  I'm sure I'm still missing scores of you, but I won't know it if you don't tell me.

The Links Themselves
  • 2 + 2 = 5 (Nevsky42)
  • American Dissent (grubi)
  • American Footprint (praktike)
  • The Angry Robot (Josh Prophet)
  • Annatopia (anna)
  • The Answer Guy Online
  • Apostropher
  • ArchPundit
  • Baby Fight (garth)
  • Barking Moose (Mike)
  • Bad News George (VermontProg)
  • Beat Bush Blog (Frederick)
  • Begemot
  • Big, Left, Outside (Al Giordano)
  • Blog Free or Die (bcarlson33)
  • Braganza (bragan)
  • Brian's Study Breaks (Brian Ulrich)
  • Brick Prison Pundits (Pope)
  • Bush's Issue Flip Flops (G35Guy)
  • California Expert Software (WalterB)
  • Chi Mi Bhuam (Seonachan)
  • Cogicophony (Kenn)
  • Collective Interest (Carl Nyberg)
  • Colorado Luis
  • The Cow Says (Ray in TX)
  • Creative Dissonance
  • Cup O' Joe (joeve)
  • Cyclopatra
  • The Daily Weasel (Jonathan)
  • Dem's Fightin' Words (ZT155)
  • The Department of Louise (opus)
  • Digestible News (ned)
  • Dissento
  • Dohiyimir (NTodd)
  • Don Juan's Lair (punishinglemur)
  • John Doty (JDSoOR)
  • DownsTown (GregD)
  • Drunken Ravings (cdreid)
  • (Red Meat Dem)
  • Elevator Cabeza (Brassmask/ MemphisBrian)
  • Fester's Place
  • Flogging the Simian (soj)
  • Folkbum's Rambles and Rants
  • For the Record (wilsonhellie)
  • Gibiteca (smartone)
  • Greg T. (Tom Slick)
  • Heiser dot Net (steve)
  • Hoffmania!
  • Hong Pong
  • Don Hosek's Music Diary
  • iddybud
  • I, Gimpicus!
  • Incertus
  • (Slade)
  • JakeNeck (snafu)
  • Just a Bump in the Beltway  (Melanie)
  • Laughing Wild  (Maurinsky)
  • Let's Try Democracy (David Swanson)
  • Liberal Arts Mafia (paper tigress)
  • A Likely Story! (calichick)
  • Liquid Toast (Aurostion)
  • Makes Me Ralph (Ralph)
  • ManhattanDan
  • March Seventh (KThurman)
  • maxomai
  • misc (miscsf)
  • Musing's musings (Musing85)
  • My Record Collection (Jumbo)
  • Negative Spin (NegSpin)
  • Noonless
  • Norn's Island (n69n)
  • NYCO's Blog
  • An Old Soul (Shari)
  • Outlandish Josh
  • Ow, My Blog (Corax)
  • Peaks and Valleys (stephdray)
  • Ben Piggot (Ben P)
  • Pigs and Battleships
  • Political Punk
  • Politicking (hazeltok)
  • Politics and War (EliWho)
  • Politizine (radiotony)
  • The Post Game (Jeff)
  • Primary Colors (Daisy Green)
  • Prison Notebooks (JenAtlanta)
  • Project for a New American Revolution (WaysAndMeans)
  • Project for a New Century of Freedom (freelixir)
  • The Proletariat Network (Aaron)
  • PSoTD
  • Resonance
  • The Robot Years (Ian Hines)
  • Rook's Rant
  • The Seamus Press (seamus)
  • seditious libel (ezb42)
  • Septic Tank
  • Skeptical Notion (Morat)
  • Skiplog (saranwarp)
  • skippy the bush kangaroo (skippy)
  • SlackerInc.
  • Slackerwink (Slinkerwink)  
  • Small-town liberal (obietom)
  • So Far, So Left (Drew)
  • Southpaw (Hyperbolic Pants Explosion)
  • The Stinging Nettle (Dr.FrankLives)
  • Swing State Project (DavidNYC)
  • Symphony-X (Sterling Newberry)
  • The Talent Show
  • Teacher Ken
  • The Temple of George W. Bush (grytpype)
  • That Good Night (tenacity)
  • Theoria
  • Things I've Seen (tis)
  • Too Absent Herald (Morroccan B.)
  • Totales Turns (Roman Totales)
  • Tough Enough (EricNYC)
  • Truth and Hope (sdf)
  • Upper Left (shaundale)
  • UnDelay (i dunno)
  • Walk-in Brain (Wes F.)
  • Washington State Political Report (Carl Ballard)
  • White House Fridays (Irish Alum)
  • Xanga related program activity! (FlakCatcher)

    The Code
    <li><a href="" target="blank">2 + 2 = 5</a> (Nevsky42)
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">American Dissent</a> (grubi)
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">American Footprint</a> (praktike)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Angry Robot</a> (Josh Prophet)
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">Annatopia</a> (anna)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Answer Guy Online</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Apostropher</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank" target="blank">ArchPundit</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Baby Fight</a> (garth)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Barking Moose</a> (Mike)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Bad News George</a> (VermontProg)
    <li><a href=" " target="blank">Beat Bush Blog</a> (Frederick)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Begemot</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Big, Left, Outside</a> (Al Giordano)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Blog Free or Die</a> (bcarlson33)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Braganza</a> (bragan)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Brian's Study Breaks</a> (Brian Ulrich)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Brick Prison Pundits</a> (Pope)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Bush's Issue Flip Flops</a> (G35Guy)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">California Expert Software</a> (WalterB)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Chi Mi Bhuam</a> (Seonachan)
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">Cogicophony</a> (Kenn)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Collective Interest</a> (Carl Nyberg)
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">Colorado Luis</A>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Cow Says</a> (Ray in TX)
    <li><a href="">Creative Dissonance</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Cup O' Joe</a> (joeve)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Cyclopatra</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Daily Weasel</a> (Jonathan)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Dem's Fightin' Words</a> (ZT155)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Department of Louise</a> (opus)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Digestible News</a> (ned)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Dissento</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Dohiyimir</a> (NTodd)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Don Juan's Lair</a> (punishinglemur)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">John Doty</a> (JDSoOR)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">DownsTown</a> (GregD)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Drunken Ravings</a> (cdreid)
    <li><a href="" target="blank"></a> (Red Meat Dem)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Elevator Cabeza</a> (Brassmask/ MemphisBrian)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Fester's Place</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Flogging the Simian</a> (soj)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Folkbum's Rambles and Rants</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">For the Record</a> (wilsonhellie)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Gibiteca</a> (smartone)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Greg T.</a> (Tom Slick)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Heiser dot Net</a> (steve)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Hoffmania!</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Hong Pong</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Don Hosek's Music Diary</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">iddybud</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">I, Gimpicus!</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Incertus</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank"></a> (Slade)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">JakeNeck</a> (snafu)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Just a Bump in the Beltway</a>  (Melanie)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Laughing Wild</a>  (Maurinsky)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Let's Try Democracy</a> (David Swanson)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Liberal Arts Mafia</a> (paper tigress)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">A Likely Story!</a> (calichick)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Liquid Toast</a> (Aurostion)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Makes Me Ralph</a> (Ralph)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">ManhattanDan</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">March Seventh</a> (KThurman)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">maxomai</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">misc</a> (miscsf)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Musing's musings</a> (Musing85)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">My Record Collection</a> (Jumbo)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Negative Spin</a> (NegSpin)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Noonless</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Norn's Island</a> (n69n)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">NYCO's Blog</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">An Old Soul</a> (Shari)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Outlandish Josh</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Ow, My Blog</a> (Corax)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Peaks and Valleys</a> (stephdray)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Ben Piggot</a> (Ben P)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Pigs and Battleships</a>
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">Political Punk</A>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Politicking</a> (hazeltok)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Politics and War</a> (EliWho)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Politizine</a> (radiotony)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Post Game</a> (Jeff)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Primary Colors</a> (Daisy Green)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Prison Notebooks</a> (JenAtlanta)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Project for a New American Revolution</a> (WaysAndMeans)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Project for a New Century of Freedom</a> (freelixir)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Proletariat Network</a> (Aaron)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">PSoTD</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Resonance</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Robot Years</a> (Ian Hines)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Rook's Rant</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Seamus Press</a> (seamus)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">seditious libel</a> (ezb42)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Septic Tank</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Skeptical Notion</a> (Morat)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Skiplog</a> (saranwarp)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">skippy the bush kangaroo</a> (skippy)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">SlackerInc.</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Slackerwink</a> (Slinkerwink)  
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Small-town liberal</a> (obietom)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">So Far, So Left</a> (Drew)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Southpaw</a> (Hyperbolic Pants Explosion)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Stinging Nettle</a> (Dr.FrankLives)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Swing State Project</a> (DavidNYC)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Symphony-X</a> (Sterling Newberry)
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">The Talent Show</A>
    <LI><A HREF="" TARGET="blank">Teacher Ken</A>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">The Temple of George W. Bush</a> (grytpype)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">That Good Night</a> (tenacity)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Theoria</a>
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Things I've Seen</a> (tis)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Too Absent Herald</a> (Morroccan B.)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Totales Turns</a> (Roman Totales)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Tough Enough</a> (EricNYC)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Truth and Hope</a> (sdf)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Upper Left</a> (shaundale)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">UnDelay</a> (i dunno)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Walk-in Brain</a> (Wes F.)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Washington State Political Report</a> (Carl Ballard)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">White House Fridays</a> (Irish Alum)
    <li><a href="" target="blank">Xanga related program activity!</a> (FlakCatcher)

  • Originally posted to folkbum on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 06:55 PM PDT.


    I don't have my own blog because . . .?

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    5%1 votes
    15%3 votes
    10%2 votes
    10%2 votes
    40%8 votes

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    •  Tip Jar (4.00)
      122 blogs listed, in fact.

      We're right, they're wrong/ Let them get their own song! | OSP | Blog

      by folkbum on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 06:56:28 PM PDT

    •  I am the (none)
      I am the official blogmaster for College Democrats of America.  Check us out at

      Democratic Meetups Since the netroots are the grassroots!

      by audibledevil on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 07:03:44 PM PDT

    •  I "have a life" (none)
      ....But it's mostly consumed with being co-President of my local College Democrats.

      It's like a full-time job sometimes, I tell you.

      We're trying to clean house in the organization, work with the county party on a multitude of things (like getting Air America by us!), and other stuff.  Fence with the campus whiners/victims- err, conservatives.

      "The future will not belong to the cynics. The future will not belong to those who stand on the sidelines"-Paul Wellstone

      by Sauceman on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 07:08:06 PM PDT

    •  science teacher blog (none)
      I'm a frequent reader, and infrequent poster, but I run So you want to be a science teacher..., a blog that is focused mostly on education issues, and certainly leans towards the left.  Thanks for the resource!
    •  Thanks (none)
      Thanks for the reader blog list, I use it all the time when I'm bored at work!

      I recently started my own blog that good night in part because of all the fun I was having posting on Kos!

    •  " nothing important enough to say" (none)
      I'm glad to see I'm not alone in that vote...

      "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -- Martin Vanbee

      by a gilas girl on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 07:58:52 PM PDT

      •  Oh, come on (none)
        Of all the dKos regulars, I would totally read your blog every day.

        We're right, they're wrong/ Let them get their own song! | OSP | Blog

        by folkbum on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 08:04:21 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Me, too. (none)
          Where is it? C'mon! :-)
        •  Duh!!! (none)
          C'mon know you would do great!  

          Keep me posted...would totally read your blog if you had one!

          So what are you waiting for???? :-)

          "Your perception IS your reality"

          by calichick on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 08:12:01 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

        •  The level of confidence (none)
          and certainty that it takes to assume that strangers care about what you think enough to produce a blog (aside from the expense and the technical know-how) is pretty great, even though I know most folks around these parts take it for granted. I don't have that level of certainty and I'm not sure that "staking out on my own" provides anything more (except an ego boost) that my lurking and commenting on dKos doesn't.  The world needs masses along with leaders, and being part of the informed and thinking masses is as important (and sometimes more difficult) task as being one of the "opinion leaders" it seems to me.

          My real skill is listening and making sense of stuff anyway, not in producing original material.  

          "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -- Martin Vanbee

          by a gilas girl on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 08:15:13 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  for what it is worth.. (none)
            I pay $8.95/mo for typepad

            You make a good point re: 'your real skill is listening"...but how do you know you don't excel in producing original material unless you try?

            Thanks for listening!

            "Your perception IS your reality"

            by calichick on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 08:29:16 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

          •  making sense of stuff (none)
            You make sense of things as well as or better than most.

            'Sall I'm sayin'.

            We're right, they're wrong/ Let them get their own song! | OSP | Blog

            by folkbum on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 08:31:25 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

          •  is that reasonable? (none)
            AGG, I think you may be the most frequently complimented poster on dKos. I hope you at least have confidence that what you provide here is useful to people.

            On the other hand, I very much understand your belief that you have a greater strength in thinking through and responding to the thoughts of others than in striking out on your own. I've considered starting a blog myself, but there is much more (self-imposed) pressure to get it right when leading a can be paralyzing.

            •  Yes, I can tell you do (none)
              understand what I mean...thanks.  I'm not just trolling for complements when I voice that.


              "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -- Martin Vanbee

              by a gilas girl on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 09:18:00 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

          •  hey, i hear ya (none)
            but let cost not be a burden.  i've got dead server space and mt software ready to go if you ever want to do it.  i'd offer that to you any day.  yours are always some of the most insightful i see.  and i know i've seen you produce volumes of original material.  maybe you were prompted to response but its all been original.  anyway, the offer is there if you ever want to take it up.

            I'm Howard Dean Fired Up! Now what? Air America Radio!

            by seamus on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 09:11:52 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

            •  Thank you (none)
              that's very generous of you.

              If I get to the point where I feel I'm capable, I'll take you up on your offer.

              "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -- Martin Vanbee

              by a gilas girl on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 09:21:00 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

          •  Careful with your assumptions (none)
            to assume that strangers care about what you think enough to produce a blog

            Not all webloggers write because they assume that strangers care about what they think. Don't impute egotistical motivations to all webloggers. (Many, sure, but not all, and definitely not necessarily applicable to many of us who started blogging in the late '90s.)

            -- The going's good in the land of the free, but I live in another country. -- Bob Hillman

            by J from VJ on Mon Apr 05, 2004 at 06:10:48 AM PDT

            [ Parent ]

            •  You are imputing egotism (none)
              where what I'm talking about is a sense of "appropriateness", my probably isn't that I don't have an ego, I do, nor is it my belief that people blog because they are ego maniacs, its something else that I'm not very good at articulating, but it has a lot to do with having grown up as a working class Southern girl in the era of my childhood.

              "Ego" isn't the dimension, its about one's place in the world and voice, and having an understanding about both voice and your place in the world that is often taken for granted but isn't as "obvious" or "natural" as people like to think it is.

              I just want to be clear that I don't think bloggers are egotists, cause that's not what I think.  I do think there's something about being middle-class involved in it, though I'm not completely sure how that plays out.  

              "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -- Martin Vanbee

              by a gilas girl on Mon Apr 05, 2004 at 03:41:36 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

    •  Updated (none)
      Thanks folbum! It's a pretty impressive list.
      •  #3? (none)
        Kos, if you're not the first person to register on dKos, who is? Rusty? Jerome?

        I'd look it up myself, but I don't see a way to do it other than dig through all the threads to look for a recent post by them. It doesn't seem one can search for authors with the search tool here.

        •  Easy enough (none)

          Where n is the number you want to look up.  That's how I can look up exactly how many registered users we have (now 9530--welcome, wanda!).

          1 is "scoop"; 2 is Grant, who's not on my list because he never posts that I see.  Rusty is 2212.

          We're right, they're wrong/ Let them get their own song! | OSP | Blog

          by folkbum on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 08:48:12 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

    •  much appreciated (none)
      thanks for keeping up with this - though you may be wary of posting another updated list, since it always seems to attract a bunch of new ones! I'm a few versions behind but will update the next chance I get.

      I also second the appreciation to Kos for the inspiration to blog. It's harder and more time consuming than I thought it would be, but it's a blast.

    •  Are you familiar with this diary? (none)
      There may be some sites you're not aware of:

      kossacks who blog

    •  Wow! (none)
      Totally dynamite, and an excellent resource.


      I am in the midst of working up a webpage outlining the strategy, tactics, and tools necessary to enact my "plan" for buying out a media outlet. See my diary for details and discussion.

      When it is finished, can I contact you and get your help notifying all those folks of the existence of the site?

      Thanks for your efforts!

      The only way to ensure a free press is to own one

      by RedDan on Sun Apr 04, 2004 at 11:39:11 PM PDT

    •  Yeoman's work! (none)
      Well done Folkbum.  This is great and I've only visited 1/3rd of the list so far.

      Here is the code for mine:

    • Uncle Horn Head (Brad Youtz)

      Best wishes,


    When in doubt, have breakfast. RPY

    by ebradlee10 on Mon Apr 05, 2004 at 10:25:11 AM PDT

  •  Ooh ooh ooh (none)
    Please pretty please add me!

    Blog is "Homespun" at


    All who remain silent are dyspeptic. -- Friedrich Nietzsche (Homespun)

    by theresefoote on Fri Apr 09, 2004 at 11:04:29 PM PDT

  •  Me Too Me too (none)
  • Center Field View (The Centerfielder)
  • by The Centerfielder on Sun Apr 11, 2004 at 02:50:48 PM PDT

  •  60s Reloaded (none)
    60s Reloaded offers commentary by a long-haired hippie faggot who's still stuck in the 60s.

    Another President waging war for political gain. Another Vice-President paid off in his office. This time hearings are before the election.

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