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Chuck Norris likes to talk tough.  He enjoyes teaches kids to face up to bullies and stay off drugs, instead of caving in to peer pressure. So why did he pull his endorsement after taping a radio spot for Dallas County Sheriff candidate Lupe Valdez?  Seems he found out Lupe's a DEMOCRAT and ran away from the project like a scared little girlie-man!

Lupe Valdez announced Chuck Norris' endorsement last Friday at a fundraiser given by Dallas City Council member Elba Garcia, and her husband, former state representative Domingo Garcia.  A friend of Ms. Valdez knows Chuck Norris, and the campaign was told that Chuck Norris had read her resume, was impressed with her extensive qualifications and offered to donate his time doing a radio spot for her, with the understanding that the Valdez campaign would raise the money to put it on the air.

The spot was recorded at the time of the fundraiser, and attendees donates thousands of dollars to put it on radio.

"I'm here to offer my support and endorsement for Lupe Valdez, the Democratic candidate for Dallas County sheriff," Norris said in the commercial.

But this week, the campaign learned that Chuck Norris was pulling his spot off the air, after suffering a barrage of emails from angry Republicans.  Hey, Chuck, isn't that called "peer pressure," and shouldn't you face up to it, like you tell the kids to do?  In his book Against All Odds, he says "I wake up each morning, watching for the opportunities to do something that others say can't be done."  Guess that doesn't include supporting a Democratic woman for Sheriff of Dallas County, standing up to the right-wingers, or crossing party lines.

Originally posted to CoolOnion on Fri Oct 22, 2004 at 04:26 PM PDT.

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  •  Wait... (none)
    People care about Chuck Norris's opinion ?
  •  Walker Texas Ranger (none)
    Chuck Norris is a horrible actor.
    •  no (none)
      He is a horrible martial artist.

      And an infomercial whore.

      I don't think the word "actor" applies in any context to him, no matter the adjectives.

      "We -- even we here -- hold the power, and bear the responsibility." --A. Lincoln

      by uffdalib on Fri Oct 22, 2004 at 04:44:41 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Seems like that's the case (none)
      with most Republican actors, to be honest... Mel Gibson's mostly competent, and the comic ones like Drew Carey & Kelsey Grammer are very good ain their narrow fields of expertise, but by & large the only real skill of GOP-leaning entertainers is marketing.
      •  Repubs are the first to cut funding to the arts. (none)
        It's amazing there's any GOP support among actors in New York or Hollywood.

        You're right, Latts, marketing is more suited to the GOP mind.  Right-wingers hate creativity, but this year they're envious of our documentary film festivals and tried to do one of their own--it was a big flop, 'cause all the best writers & performers are working for US!

  •  If (none)

      If GOP pressure is the reason for Chuck Norris' retraction, it's the sign of a true coward at heart.

      Doesn't the GOP seem to have alot of tough-talking cowards these days, even more than in years past?

    One hand forward with a flower, one hand behind with the dagger.

    by Predator Saint on Fri Oct 22, 2004 at 05:08:15 PM PDT

  •  Update: Chuck Norris is a Weenie (none)
    This article from the Houston Chronicle has more details on the story:

    Norris runs from political squabble

    DALLAS - Actor Chuck Norris, who for years played a tough Texas lawman on TV, has ducked for cover in a real-life brawl -- the race to become the next Dallas County sheriff.

    Norris stopped in the city recently to record two radio ads for Lupe Valdez, the Democratic candidate in what has shaped up to be a spirited race for sheriff.

    The spots would have been a small coup for Valdez given that Norris is a convincing law-and-order type and, more importantly, a well-recognized Republican.

    Thursday, though, Norris informed Valdez in a brief letter from his lawyer that he was withdrawing his support.

    "I'm restraining myself from calling him a weenie," Hays said [Susan Hays, Chairperson of the Dallas County Democratic Party] of Norris...

    Chuck Norris was originally contacted by a friend asking him to support Lupe Valdez.  The friend, John Hensley, is a former U.S. Customs agent and Lupe Valdez's former boss.  According to Hensley, Lupe Valdez was a "good, competent and loyal agent," and has supported her run for Sheriff.

    Since I'm not chairperson of the Democratic Party, I'll say it loudly, proudly, and without restraint:  CHUCK NORRIS IS A WEENIE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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