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Update [2004-11-7 4:24:15 by understandinglife]: I have posted a comment on Kos' "56 million" main page post and have requested he consider supporting a rigorous debate and determination of the value of sponsoring the organized effort this Diary proposes.

I've decided that perhaps what is needed is a 'manifesto,' a 'declaration of purpose,' 'mission statement,' whatever.

So, I've taken a first step in drafting a simple statement for the purpose of declaring the following:

No one has been elected and no one will be elected, until we the People of the United States of America, are provided universal access to the same ballot format, until each eligible adult has had the opportunity to register and vote, until each ballot has been recorded and every ballot stored by the Library of Congress.

This is our demand. We pledge to each other that until these measures are adopted we, the Citizens of the United States, do not recognize any form of National Election as valid.

I would like to see the dKos community issue a call to the citizens of America to come to either their State Capital or the Mall in DC on 12 Nov. I would like to see not just the 55+million who voted for Kerry, but all those who voted for Bush and all those eligible to vote to face, on that day, the pivotal decision of their life and the future of this Nation. I would like them to answer the question: Are we a Democracy? And, if the majority agree that we are indeed a Democracy, then I want the to pledge to each other that we will not recognize anyone as elected until we can all participate in a fair, valid election.

If so, then I would like for them to demand fair, equivalent access to a ballot, to the unambiguous recording of each ballot and to the preservation of all ballots so that future generations, if ever tempted to mess with the franchise, have a repository of what those of us who honor the brave patriots of the past 228 years did on 12 Dec 2004 -- we stood together, all Americans, and we made certain we are all truly equal in the most crucial, most fundamental act that binds us, our respect for each other's ability to make an equal, unambiguous and verifiable choice of those who we elect.

Summary of Prior Activity on this endeavor

On Fri Nov 5th I posted two diaries:

The content of those two diaries is summarized here:

"The moment that matters in 2006 and beyond, is NOW.

We, as a community of All American [progressive] Citizens committed to the core value of Democracy -- one citizen, one vote, recorded accurately -- are committed to organizing a vast campaign to expose disenfranchisement, of all forms, NOW.

We call upon all citizens of the USA to join, NOW."

As of ~ 1045 PST, today, 6 Nov 2004, more than 160 "Kossacks" responded positively to the poll; none, negatively. And, more than 40 Kossacks recommended one or both diaries.

After posting the first diary I have decided, based on suggestions received, that the Petition should be inclusive of All Americans as the call to action is focused on the core principle of democracy -- each adult citizen deserves equal access to vote and to have their vote counted accurately.

As the day passed, I realized something more specific was needed to serve as the focus of an effort.

It was clear the petitions resonated with Kossacks even with the fact that both diaries scrolled quickly off the main page. So, last evening I began posting a draft Declaration [title and contents now open to wide discussion, modification and, if enough of you agree, launch to the every vehicle available to bring it to the attention of our fellow citizens] because I would have violated the dKos community rule to not post more than 2 diaries in 24 hours.

My expectations and commitments to all of you regarding this endeavor:

  1. This is a non-partisan Declaration

  2. I have no pride of authorship and would hope for extensive editing by members of the dKos Community.

  3. Any of you are free to send it to whomever you think could either add valuable comments or begin supporting it.

  4. However, I think the strongest message would be for all on dKos to edit, we agree to a final version, we sign it and then submit to everyone from Jon Stewart, Oprah and Randi Rhodes to Sen Byrd, Elizabeth Edwards, President Bush and Senator Kerry, all media outlets, all Congressional members [Federal and State], everyone.

  5. The power of our 1776 Declaration of Independence, as you all know, was amplified considerably because it was conveyed to those seeking independence by multiple sigantories representing multiple views but a common goal, same applies here.

  6. I am not a politician and have no intention of becoming one. I also have no intention of being 'the person' identified wiht this -- it will only stick if all of you and as many of our fellow citizens represent this Declaration as THEIRS.

  7. We need to bring this to everyone in America, through all forms of media, as early next week as possible, to begin to build the local infrastructure to support a massive ratification of the Declaration -- that ratification should occur on 12 Dec 2004 and be delivered to Congress on the 13th of December 2004 as a unified demand to establish an unambiguous, verifiable basis for a fair National Election.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it will be sufficiently well recommended that it can persist on the main page and enable the widest participation of the dKos community in determining if this is an action that should be taken.

Originally posted to understandinglife on Sat Nov 06, 2004 at 11:03 AM PST.

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  •  I will step away from the 'internets'.... (none)
    ....for an hour or two and then return to dKos and see what my fellow citizens have responded.

    If the impetus to 'get stuff done' is evident, then you can be sure I will do all I can but I'm so reality-based that I know I will be a voice in the wilderness of the internets without those of you with true leverage and skill doing everything possible to make this happen.

    All the best to each of you and thank you again for being able to participate in your amazing devotion to our wonderful country.

  •  Some thoughts, randomly (none)
    Just some thoughts that might spur discussion:

    • The office of President is the only nationally elected office.  

    • What we need are non-partisan election officials.  

    • The Secretary of State offices should be bi-partisan panels equally distributed.

    • Court nominees should face an equally distrbuted bi-partisan panel.

    We hold these truths to be self evident... All men are created equal...

    by Calee4nia on Sat Nov 06, 2004 at 01:15:55 PM PST

    •  Yes and thank you.... (none)
      ....and, rather than my posting another diary, today, I am going to make various requests in other pertinent diaries that members of the dKos community consider recommending this one.

      If the tally grows, then tomorrow I'll provide an update and begin referencing suggestions, edits, and, hopefully, actions others have started to take -- like sending this diary to their friends, colleagues, ....., for comment.

      Thank you.

  •  To the more than 200 Kossacks ... (none)

    ...who have responded positively, supportively and with insightful comments to the six diaries I have posted since 5 Nov 2004, you have the following commitments from me:

    1.    At least once a day, I will update the dKos community on responses to my request that we pursue a major organized endeavor to reclaim the core franchise of our Democracy;

    2.    I will continue to request that a full dialogue on what we should do be sponsored through the mechanism of a permanent thread on dKos;

    3.    I will strive to have everyone focus on the fact that the Electoral College is essentially a Board of Directors that meets once every four years and I am requesting we, the shareholders in the American Democracy franchise, bring overwhelming pressure on the Electoral College to not provide a majority to either candidate in the 2004 election, thereby forcing the issue into the House of Representatives. This is what I mean by calling a 'hault.'

    4.    Within the HR we can bring an overwhelming case that our franchise is broken and demand action be taken to ensure each citizen has an equivalent, verifiable, secure system by which to vote for the President and Vice President of the USA.

    5.    These actions are within the law; they are ours to either make happen or not. These actions do not in any way encroach on State's rights; in fact, they will only strengthen each State's position within the Union because a successful outcome ensures that the citizens of every State will know that their access to the franchise is equivalent.

    6.    All of what I am proposing is Non-Partisan because how can anyone hold a partisan stance when they have no reasonable mechanism by which to know if their vote counts.

    For reference the most recent diary is:

    What I am proposing is definitely 'not going backwards' regarding what happened on 2 November 2004. I am urging we move forward deliberately, reasonably, legally, and aggressively, as shareholders in the franchise of our Democracy.

    I am urging we arrive at the once every four year meeting of the franchise's Board of Directors -- the Electoral College -- and we encourage them to support the franchise by not validating the current election, thereby forcing the issue into the HR.

    These are forward steps -- forward in the direction of saving the franchise and in demonstrating to the world that a non-partisan union was forged for the purpose of restoring credibility in Our Mandate -- the one we go around the world preaching to others; one vote per citizen, accurately recorded.

    Please respond by either telling me whom you have emailed about this plea to action or send me email addresses of those you think I should contact.

    Thank you.
    B Robert Franza MD [aka understandinglife]

    = ==========
    A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right.  A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice.  A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.
    --Martin Luther King

  •  Yes, interesting indeed (none)
    I see now we are on the same path.

    I will take your suggestion and manage to post a diary ASAP.

    I think you have the right idea in trying to get kos to make this a permanent thread. Sadly, our first critical step is waking up our more reticent and/or defeatist, nonfashist allies.

    And while I think it would be ideal to remain non-partisan about this, and that in reality we are being non-partisan, I see little likelihood of being perceived that way; particularly by the self-avowed reality-creationists (aka republicans).

    But on the upside I also think that it irrelevant what they think. I think we have the potential to split the nation into its reality-based factions, as happened organically during the failed impeachment (30% get 'em, get 'em -- 70% shutup and moveon).

    I'll be participating in your effort more, as I think what you're doing and what we're doing can coexist smoothly.

    Thanks for standing up.

    by Dusty on Thu Nov 11, 2004 at 11:59:37 AM PST

    •  Thanks for the dialogue... (none)
      ....and you have my commitment to contribute to what you and your colleagues are striving to accomplish.

      I do hope that soon Markos will establish a permanent thread.

      If manual counts are underway in NH and OH and ???? and big-media start covering the issues of just who owns Diebold, Sequoia, ES&S; how large a % of the total votes cast on 2 Nov 2004 are without any mechanism of being validated/verified....I think Markos will do as he has done with so many important topics and ensure that maximum access to the facts and discussion are readily available.

      Thank you.

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