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OK - take this with many grains of salt, like everything we've heard concerning election fraud during the past week. I recieved the following through an email from a yahoo group called Democratic America, which existed to form a "Drinking Liberally"-type group (to which I've never been).

Bev Harris and Ralph Nader just also announced on Air America that they're requesting a recount in certain Ohio counties.

The next couple of weeks could get really crazy.  

Kerry's considering unconceeding and having a recount.  He asked people
to send first-hand experiences of disenfranchisement to his brother's
law office and his office is eagerly counting calls that are encouraging
him to unconceed and ask for a recount!

In This Post
(1)Call/fax Kerry's senate office--contact info below
(2)If you have first hand experience of voter disenfranchisement (not
just articles) contact his brother
(3) Support 3 organizations that are uncovering hard evidence of and

(1)Kerry can still request a recount in Ohio (and he may have the best
chance of winning with a recount there)and perhaps elsewhere! He has
until they count the provisional ballots 11-15 days after counting the
provisionals.  (It doesn't matter if he'll have a hostile Congress to
work with because even if he can't get much done as  president at least he
would prevent the havoc and destruction of 4 more years of W in which
our rights, environment,economy, social security, and our very lives are
at stake!)

When I called they put me through to someone who asked for my state:
they are adding them up! Contact Kerry at
 (202) 224-2742 -Phone
(202) 224-8525 - Fax
and urge him to unconcede and do a recount in Ohio (and perhaps

2)If you have witnessed or experienced disenfranchisement you can
contact his brother's law office--they are collecting this information
which will be vital in considering unconceding at  (Don't
just email articles or they will be inundated with emails.  They
already know about the articles.)

Make of it what you will.

Originally posted to queerbklynboy on Wed Nov 10, 2004 at 09:14 AM PST.

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  •  Link for the above citation? (none)

    "Democracy is coming ... to the U - S - A." - Leonard Cohen

    by Gearhead on Wed Nov 10, 2004 at 09:12:54 AM PST

  •  How many times will I have to post this? (4.00)

    Here's his email:
    I am grateful to the many people who have contacted me to express their deep concern about questions of miscounting, fraud, vote suppression, and other problems on election day, especially in Florida and Ohio. Their concern reflects how much people care about the outcome of this election. I want to you to know we are not ignoring it. Election protection lawyers are still on the job in Ohio and Florida and in DC making sure all the votes are counted accurately. I have been conferring with lawyers involved and have made them aware of the information and concerns people have given me. Even if the facts don't provide a basis to change the outcome, the information will inform the continuing effort to protect the integrity of our elections.

    If you have specific factual information about voting problems that could be helpful to the lawyers doing their job, please send it to rather than to me.

    The election protection effort has been important to me personally, and I am proud of the 17,000 lawyers around the country who helped. It's obvious that we have a way to go still, but their efforts helped make a difference. Their work goes on.

    Thank you,

    Cam Kerry

  •  Ralph Nader? (none)
    He can't ask for a recount in Ohio. He's not even on the ballot.
    •  Evidentally... (none)
      There is a citizen recount provision in Ohio that only requires 5 citizens to come forward and ask for the recount and then pay 10 bucks per precinct you would like recounted (about 114,000 bucks if we were to reocunt the whole state).  This must be done before the day for the electors to vote in the electoral college.

      Ralph Nader is helping to organize more as a public advocate and not as a political candidate who was prejudiced by any tainted result.

    •  Something's Fishy (none)
      Ohio law has a provision stating that five voters can petition for a recount of votes for and against a ballot measure or referendum.  The same law states that candidates for office, and only candidates for office, can request recounts of votes for candidates.  Whoever is soliciting donations either doesn't know about this law, which means they don't know what they're doing, or they know about it and are taking donations under false pretenses.

      Donor emptor!

  •  I don't need no link, I'm making calls right now! (none)

    "Far better it is to dare mighty things..."

    by politicsistheater on Wed Nov 10, 2004 at 09:18:53 AM PST

  •  He should (none)
    ask for a recount without unconceding - in the interests of making the election more legitimate.  Unconceding will unleash the rethugs name-calling machine, while doing it on behalf of 'the voters' has a better ring to it.

    The concession means nothing anyway.  

    They ask for trust but somehow I've got serious doubts / Open up the window let the bad air out

    by Catriana on Wed Nov 10, 2004 at 09:26:26 AM PST

  •  The battle is back on (none)
    You thought the election was the game?  Oh, puh-lease--we're about to go into sudden death overtime.  

    If you don't like sports metaphors, try this instead: Kerry just looked over his shoulder, saw the facts, and is about to turn the swift boat.

  •  You are about the 50th person to post this (none)
    and it still as inaccurate as it was the first time.

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