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In a true America, leaders serve only with the consent of the governed, and that consent must be obtained by lawful elections that accurately measure the will of the voters. We shall not tolerate any violation of this fundamental principle, the SOLE moral tenet on which our nation was founded and has since relied.

The voting systems and practices used in the conduct of this past election are so clearly flawed that the results in nearly every state are wide open to corruption by systematic vote suppression, data manipulation, human and machine error, and consequently, willful fraud. The only certain result is that we can have NO confidence in how accurately they guage the will of the electorate.

We refuse to further descend into the Stalinist perversion of "democracy;" in which "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Such was the clear underpinning of the 4-year-old edict of the 5 black-robed political operatives, who arrogated to themselves the perquisite of sentencing the nation by their fiat to live under appointed rule as opposed to elected leadership.

We the People...

...through our representatives, have set out our election laws to ensure that election results reflect OUR will. In far too many states, demonstrable errors and anomalous patterns of result have rendered the "official" tally suspect. More tragically, the systems and processes implemented by "experts" now make it impossible for us to rule out corruption without further investigation and audit.

Given the likely consequences of once again tacitly accepting corrupt results, the moral burden must now be on each state to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that their results are accurate and lawfully obtained.There is no other patriotic option.

But let us be clear, IF WE ARE UNABLE to obtain this proof under current election law, through civil and/or criminal judicial means, then we MUST RESORT to a political solution and demand that our Congress reject the electors from ANY STATE that fails to validate its results through comprehensive, apolitical investigation and audit.

Our law is intended to serve our will, not thwart it. We can never again allow a "technical" or "legal" arguments and rationalizations to trump reality as we did in 2000.


What We Require.

To prove that their election results were lawfully obtained and reflect the will of the voters, we demand that each state:

(1) Provide the data required to prove they did not create discriminatory barriers to voting.

Across the nation, people were forced to wait for hours to even attempt to cast their ballots. This onerous waiting time constitutes a de facto poll tax (time is money). Each state must provide data on wait times at each polling place, demographics of the registered voters served by the polling place, and the number of resources (voting machines, poll workers) assigned and working during operating hours. The burden is on the state to prove, not simply assert, that its practices were not discriminatory.

We will not accept any argument that the discrimination would not have affected the outcome. Such arguments are a sham. Are systematic violations of voting rights OK for those who live in a state in which the margin of victory for one candidate or the other is large? Of course not! Further, if any discrimination is found to be racially based, as was the legal finding of the US Commission on Civil Right in the 2000 Florida election, such a result is unlawful, as well as being intolerably immoral and contrary to American values.

Whatever the margin of victory or number of electoral votes, if any state FAILS TO PROVE that the existence of poll-tax-lines, or any other unnecessary obstruction to voting, was not correlated with RACIAL, SOCIO-ECONOMIC, or PARTISAN STATUS of the voters, that state MUST NOT be afforded the privilege of participation in the electoral vote.

2) Provide to all responsible, professional investigators any necessary records and full access to systems and software, in order to PROVE THAT THE RESULTS WERE NOT CORRUPTED by manipulation, human or machine error, or fraud.

Acceptable investigators will be those sanctioned by any court, professional organization, political party, or other bonding entity willing to warrant their actions. These investigations must be provided the records and access required to examine:

Every tabulation system that consolidates results at any level (e.g., GEMs tabulators).

Every "black box" voting system.

Every under-vote, over-vote, and spoiled ballot occurrance.

Every voter registration record and known voter registration agents and entities.

Every absentee ballot request, delivery record, return envelope, counted and disallowed ballot, any and all records of absentee vote and ballot disposition by any agent or entity.

Every provisional counted and disallowed provisional ballot, unfulfilled provisional ballot request, provisional ballot inventories for each polling station, any and all records of provisional ballot disposition by any agent or entity.

ANY STATE THAT REFUSES to make every effort to successfully confirm that their published vote tallies are free from manipulation and/or error MUST BE considered morally irresponsible and acting contrary to agreed upon American values. There CAN BE NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE or rationalization that can compete with the restoration of confidence in our electoral process.

For such a circumstance there can be no other moral, or patriotic response than full criminal investigation and prosecution, civil pursuit of maximum remedies for damage to the body politic, and DENIAL OF THE PRIVILEGE of participation in the Electoral College for any tainted, irregularly appointed, electors who might endeavor to infect the process.

We will accept no verbal assurances, no misleading representations from partial investigations, no shifting of responsibility onto the media or the public at large, and NO DELAY OF ANY KIND.

On this there can be NO COMPROMISE of what is required of us, NO RETREAT from our historic duty, and NO SURRENDER to any agent, foreign or domestic, that would even contemplate any act of obstruction.

Originally posted to Dusty on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 12:11 AM PST.


About Jan. 6th 2001??

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  •  OK, that gives me some ideas: (none)
    1. File a lawsuit against Ohio and Florida and subpoena records and witnesses of the vote count if a citizen has the standing to do so.

    2. File a suit against Diebold alleging disenfranchisement due to their lousy security.

    If a citizen has legal standing to file suit against these people, now is the time to do so.
    •  I think that's great. (none)
      You have standing. It's your election.

      I say file any paper you can. If you can find a pro bono lawyer, or one in the family, all the better.

      But we can't wait for some party, or movement, or "leader" to save our country for us. We must start doing it ourselves.

      But we can work together. Start spreading the declaration that started this diary. It isn't mine, it's all of ours. Make it your own cause. Get your local group behind it. Groups of activists, Dems, book clubs, knitters, pipefitter, whatever!

      We've had enough he said, she said. It's time for some WE SAID.

      If you file a lawsuit somewhere, or even just have someone prepare the papers, post them here. We can all just adapt them for our own state.

      And ALL states are important. Some people (below) have bought the line that "nothing matters because they won the popular vote." They didn't. They just stole from everywhere they could to "create that reality." The pretense of inevitability that served them well during the 2000 treason.

      They learned from 2000. No spoiled ballots to be recounted. Only paperless theft and a return to the "old ways" of:

      • poll-tax-lines (time is money folks) - in selected precincts

      • dumped registrations - Dems only

      • bloated false registrations - to support false numbers and/or absentee ballots (why else would they conceive of this as a "crime" to accuse Dems of registering Mickey Mouse?)

      • transposing numbers or "typos"

      Don't sell them short. They've perfected these techniques and no one would argue that they're too honorable to use them. They gloat about the 2000 theft in DC -- off the record of course.

      Our position simple; show us the voter.

      Not black box printout; Show us the voter.

      Not low black turnout; Show us the Voter (that left the unlawful 10-hour line).

      Not rationalizations for the anomolies; Show Us the Voter.

      Not names on a registration list; Show Us the Voter!

      Not signatures in a book; SHOW US the VOTER!

      Otherwise we will remind you there is no right to have your electors counted and we will show you the door.

      We will only count electors who we feel confident were lawfully appointed. From state whose officials recognize who owns the country and the elections. Who answer only to The People, not to any political party.

      by Dusty on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 06:21:21 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  me either (none)
    I refuse to concede. The democratic party may be a group of spineless pushovers but the democratic people are not!

    Fuck the party, this is our election, not theirs, not kerry's and not anyone elses.

    Kerry can concede all he wants--he wins, he goes.

    •  Steppford Dems (none)
      are in some incredible deep trance--even planning 2006.  Letting the elections get rigged on this magnitude will never be a winning strategy for us.

      I saw Lynn Cheney on C-Span explain, something like "historically speaking, when a righteous group of people come into power--they stay in power for a long, long, time."

      Wake up and smell our faith based voting machines!!!

      Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

      by Einsteinia on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 02:27:30 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  In the immortal words of Jon Stewart (none)
    Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America. Feel free to troll rate this post as a way to vent your anger, I'm gonna go email the DNC supporting Dean and work on the '05 VA guv race. You know, things that actually make a difference and don't bog down a wonderful site in self-perpetuating paranoia.

    The world's address
    a place that's worn
    a sad pun that reflects a sadder mess
    In case you haven't already guessed:
    The world's a dress.

    by Jaiwithani on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 02:58:11 AM PST

    •  I'd never troll rate this (none)
      This is a fine example of the only audience we really have to address.

      For those who've been trained to "agree" with such sentiments, please stop by here. Then come back and tell us why you won't join us in such a simple, moral, patriotic stance.

      Oh, and if it's immortal words from Jon Stewart that move you;

      Don't be their monkey.

      by Dusty on Sat Nov 13, 2004 at 07:53:23 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

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