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Gannon Kossacks! Get out your tin foil hat and enjoy the ride!

The players who brought us Iran/Contra and the Iraq War are doing Psy Ops in the USA through NORTHCOM under command of General Ralph Eberhart.  

What are Psy Ops?  The methods include:

(i)    Exerting a strong influence on the editorial content and bias of the target country's media. This is done through financial investments and holdings, inducements to editorial staff, feeding of stories and research reports compiled by think tanks and research institutions that have supposedly impeccable credentials.
(ii)    Holding of seminars, either in the target country or at other locations, where intellectuals, opinion leaders, journalists are invited and feted.
(iii)    Sponsorship of so-called study-trips that give an opportunity to influence the thinking of the invitees from the target country.
(iv)    Sponsoring through indirect and untraceable channels, TV programmes, movies, theatre plays, articles, and academic papers, that subtly propound and propagate the point of view of the hostile nation.

It looks to me like the Pentagon's "target country" is the United States of America, and they are doing a damn fine job!

Jeff Gannon and Talon News as exposed on DailyKos over the past few days are probably a NORTHCOM Psy Ops operation.

We know the Bush administration promotes failure.  Even so, Eberhart's promotion to NORTHCOM is shocking.  Eberhart was in charge of NORAD on 9/11 - something for you conspiracy buffs to contemplate!  NORAD failed to defend the US against the 9/11 attacks under circumstances that remain cloudy.  The 9/11 attacks were then used as the justification "proving" the need for NORTHCOM, the first US command since the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878,and expanding the role of the military within our borders - and Eberhart was put in charge.  Even scarier, if martial law is ever imposed in the United States, NORTHCOM will be tasked with implementing it against the American people.  In the meanwhile, Eberhart is preparing the way with Psy Ops and datamining and surveillance using the services Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

Evidence for NORTHCOM's role in coordinating US Psy Ops against the American people is building.  Strongest evidence came from an advertisement to contractors documented at ParaPolitics:

An advertisement for an "influence operations specialist" with a Top Secret security clearance for the U.S. Air Force appeared on the Web sites of military contractors several weeks ago.

The position would "coordinate [Air Force] inputs to NORAD-NORTHCOM influence operations," according to the ad. It defined those operations to include "PSYOPS themes and messages for use in foreign countries, public affairs themes and messages," as well as "deception plans." . . .

One section of the Air Force job description said the influence operations specialist was to coordinate with the Army's 4th Psychological Operations Group (POG), as well as with NORTHCOM public affairs, "deception planners" and other agencies.

Kelly said the influence operations specialist might well interact with the Army's 4th POG, a normally secretive unit that drew attention in 2000 when it was reported that it had made arrangements with CNN and NPR to send them interns to learn the news business. . .  .

Last autumn, the Pentagon awarded a $300,000 contract to Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) to design an "effective strategic influence" campaign to combat global terror.

SAIC is one of the competitors for the Air Force contract that includes the influence operations specialist position. The company would not comment on the contract or the position. Nor would Titan Corp., another competitor for the contract.

Now, follow closely!  SAIC promoted the false Iraq weapons threat through its pundit vice president David Kay, who was then appointed by George Tennet to find the non-existent WMDs (despite being fired by UNSCOM in 1992 for falsifying evidence of Iraqi WMDs).  SAIC carried on its payroll members of the Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Council in advance of the Iraq war and used them to promote false intelligence and plant stories in the US and foreign media (although Allawi and Chalabi were funded directly by the Pentagon through their political parties).  The IRDC were flown into Baghdad immediately after the war and appointed to all senior positions in government ministries.  And SAIC runs the Voice of the New Iraq radio station.  Naturally, with the success of its Iraq regime change, disinformation and reconstruction strategy, SAIC is the ideal company to bring the same "values" to America.  In addition to Psy Ops, SAIC is now bidding contracts for voter registration and electronic voting systems.  And you thought Halliburton and Carlyle Group were scary!

Eberhart has been working with SAIC, and others to implement the military's psy ops strategies within the United States.  Effectively, they have decided that the US public is the enemy, and that it is right and proper for the military to use its Psy Ops methods to subvert the public.

In December 2003 the New York Times uncovered award of a contract to SAIC to "create effective strategic influence" in the war on terror.

In terms of the agenda for martial law, it appears that NORTHCOM is responsible for leading efforts to datamine against the American public.  The Los Angeles Times had a story on NORTHCOM which provides frightening hints as to Eberhart's real scope and purpose:

"We must start thinking differently," says Air Force Gen. Ralph E. "Ed" Eberhart, the newly installed commander of Northern Command, the military's homeland security arm. Before 9/11, he says, the military and intelligence systems were focused on "the away game" and not properly focused on "the home game." "Home," of course, is the United States. . . .
"We are not going to be out there spying on people," Eberhart told PBS' NewsHour in September. But, he said, "We get information from people who do." Some of that information increasingly comes not from the FBI or those charged with civilian law enforcement but from a Pentagon organization established last year, the Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA). . . .     CIFA, moreover, has been given a domestic "data mining" mission: figuring out a way to process massive sets of public records, intercepted communications, credit card accounts, etc., to find "actionable intelligence."

It is already gathering the data [PDF file] .  Every time you use your credit card, General Eberhart is learning more about you!

[TIA] could potentially allow the government to track the routine activities of Americans, from travel plans to credit card transactions to medical records. .... Though some DARPA officials envisioned turning the system over to civilian law enforcement, it's clear that military officials were keenly interested in the technology. In November 2002 Maj. Gen. Dale Meyerrose, chief information technology officer for NORTHCOM, said: "I've been to [visit] Admiral Poindexter. He and I are talking about TIA."

Note the name Poindexter?  Would that be the same Admiral Poindexter who earned seven felony convictions in the Iran/Contra debacle?  Of course it would!

On Thursday, February 14, 2002, John Poindexter was appointed by President George W. Bush to lead the Information Assurance Office at the Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Despite Mr. Poindexter's criminal record of lying to Congress, the President thinks he is "an outstanding American and an outstanding citizen who has done a very good job in what he has done for our country, serving in the military". It is at the IAO that Mr. Poindexter began work on Total Information Awareness, a plan to watch Americans like the Stasi watched East Germans -- but using technology this time, instead of people. Mr. Poindexter's friend Edward Aldridge told FOXNews that "John had a real passion for [Total Information Awareness]."
Shortly after news reports about Total Information Awareness began surfacing, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York urged Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to find a replacement. "If we need a big brother, John Poindexter is the last guy on the list that I would choose," Schumer told ABC's This Week program.

NORTHCOM may also be running some black ops commandos within the USA according to speculation.

Well, America was a nice little experiment in democracy while it lasted.  Glad I'm over on this side of the Atlantic today!

Originally posted to LondonYank on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 06:56 AM PST.

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