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This weekend, we have seen the absolute necessity of the American people to have one Senator who will always stand up in defense of the United States Constitution and American values.  The GOP has run roughshod over the Constitutions of Florida and the United States in an attempt to score political points, quell rumblings of discontent from their base voters, and open the door to scores of reactionary judicial nominees.

The Terri Schiavo case has nothing to do with a "culture of life," as the Republican Party has  pushed its hypocrisy and arrogance beyond anything previously seen in modern American politics.

Listen to my latest pod/blogcast HERE.  More in the extended entry.

A party that promotes a "culture of life" would not allow for a death penalty so seriously flawed.

A party that promotes a "culture of life" would never have led the country to war in Iraq based on shoddy and flawed intelligence reports.

A party that promotes a "culture of life" would allow women an opportunity to make a real "choice," with the advantages of pre-natal and post-natal care for infants, as well as educational and economic opportunities for families.

As the next Senator from Pennsylvania, I pledge to you, here and now, that I will actively oppose the President and his Congressional henchmen whenever they attack or undermine our Constitution for any reason.  I will loudly and proudly defend our nation's laws, regardless of potential political fallout.

Earlier today, I took the time to record the latest in a series of podcasts/blogcasts on the real Republican agenda, enacted in the dead of night, politicizing and intruding upon the personal, sacred decision made years ago by Terri Schiavo and her husband, Michael.

This issue has nothing to do with "promoting life."  It does, however, have everything to do with rallying the Republican base for the 2006 midterm elections, clearing the way for extremist Supreme Court nominees, creating a smokescreen for the Republican attack on Social Security and the two year anniversary of the Iraqi War and occupation.

I hope you will take the time to listen.  You can download the cast by clicking here:

(1.70 MB - 1 min 51 sec.)


Chuck Pennacchio

Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania

Originally posted to Chuck Pennacchio for US Senate on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:00 PM PST.

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  •  More coming soon.. (3.98)
    ...on our recent Philadelphia organizational meeting and upcoming Southwestern Pennsylvania events during the first week of April.



    •  You are SO right on this (3.91)
      It's bad politics as well. Look at the polls. The GOP has allowed themselves to be compromised by a far right, radical element and instead of using this as an opportunity to call them on it, our Dem senators are just lying over.

      Regardless of one's thoughts on this issue, as a politician you'd have to look at this and scratch your head about the "strategy".

      "It is no longer a choice, my friends, between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence." Martin Luther King, Jr.

      by grannyhelen on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:06:34 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  So Right (4.00)
        You bet.  We'll just keep feeding the arrogant usurpers the rope...and point out their obvious hypocrisy.



        •  The Culture of Strife (4.00)
          People really need to get this. This case has nothing to do with Terri Schiavo's sad plight. Along with the items you mentioned, it is also another leg of their attempts to weaken the judiciary.

          After taking class actions out of state courts, enacting tort reform, passing the bankruptcy bill, and pushing legislation to move environtmental protection from the legal arena to free markets, they are plainly trying to do away with the purest path for redress that Americans have.

          They are pursuing a morbidly effective strategy because we would appear crass if we call them out on the truth. But we have to find a way to alert people. The courts are the protectors of the Constitution. If we lose the courts there is no Constitution.

          The Media Is Dead. Long Live

          by KingOneEye on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 06:50:41 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  I couldn't agree with this more... (none)
            There is no Constitution in a world where so many are simply concerned with winning the game. For the secular among us - the courts are the Church.

            Screw the "activist" tag; I have no qualms with anyone's view of what may happen when we die. Precedent (no legal pun intended) tells me though, we're on our own up until then and I firmly believe in the philosophy of an objective judicial system with all these hormones raging around us, if not a perfect execution of same.

        •  An older Republican Gentleman I work with (none)
          said to me today: "Can you believe this bullshit?  Bush flew in to sign a bill to keep some vegetable on life support at taxpayer expense?"

          Even Bush's own supporters know they smell of bullshit when it's shoved under their noses.

    •  good to hear from you again (none)
      small's "Terri" not "Terry".
    •  and they're off (none)
      Your talking points, complete with podcast, are more effective than the Santorum memo that the GOP has been blasted for. Keep pushing, so far you are campaigning far more effectively than Santorum and his "Social Security has got to go" mob.
    •  The Culture of Fucking Life (3.83)
      The culture of Life would:

      Have guaranteed health insurance for ALL americans

      Have health care as a right not a fucking privilege

      Provide body armor for the poor schmucks in Iraq

      Give senior citizens a true prescription drug benefit.

      Allow Medicare to negotiate for prescription drugs.

      Properly fund Medicaid

      Properly fund NCLB

      I can't take this regime much longer!!

    •  GREAT GREAT GREAT (4.00)
      Schiavo Time line, put together by the University of Miami Law school professors, when the case started.

      Every motion, decision, order

      Transcripts of Testimony

      Newspaper Articles


      "If you sacrifice liberty for security you get neither"

      by lawstudent922 on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 05:39:06 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  very informative (none)
        It's clear to anyone who reads that time line that the Schindlers have been continually making up new accusations as they go along. If the allegations of abuse and other things were true, they wouldn't have waited years and years to bring them up in court.
        •  They just said on The Abrams Report (none)
          How her parents lawyer always waits to make the arguments when Terri's plug is pulled and use that to force the Judge to find for them. The could have filed these motions a while ago and tried to get the US Congress to step in but they intentionally wait.

          "If you sacrifice liberty for security you get neither"

          by lawstudent922 on Tue Mar 22, 2005 at 04:03:39 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

    •  Thank you, Chuck (none)
      Thanks so much for posting here.

      I'm sorry you're not in my state (CA). I'd trade Feinstein for you any day.

      "I am your king!" "Well, I didn't vote for you." "You don't vote for kings." - Monty Python

      by Liberaljentaps on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 09:23:06 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  The looming fight is the judicial appointments (4.00)
    I had a realization today too. (Besides the 2006 elections) This is about the upcoming battle over Bush's judicial appointments. This is a pep rally for the radical right/Christan base to be in a state of frenzy when the Democrats try to stop "the nuclear option" of stopping the filibutster.

    In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.
             ~George Orwell

    by outragemeter on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:06:59 PM PST

    •  Looming Fight (4.00)
      Well said.  Be ready for battle!



    •  You're spot on (4.00)
      Look at the language invoked by the spokespeople-- all anti activist judiciary, blah blah blah.  

      Now it's not like all the judges ruling on this case over the 15 years that it has been contested have not had plenty of time to examine all of the evidence and think carefully about the issues (and I personally believe that they do).  

      This is just being used to cock the trigger of the evangelical gun that will be used for any judge not hard, hard right for the SC and will most likely be invoked in any lower court hearing form now on-- we'll have a Terri Schiavo litmus test to contend with.

      We live in interesting times.

    •  what this is about (none)
      Thanks. I've been trying to figure out what among the many outrages this circus is intended to cover up. Sounds right that it's more about rallying the religious right for the fight over the judicial appointments. It would be well now to focus on how to counter this very cold and calculated strategic move.

          giving up on finding the bread crumbs

    •  Its true. And its dangerous for Dems (none)
      We have to be very smart about this one, but we can't afford to be passive like we were on gay marriage.

      Get aggressive. Call them on it. Point out their talking points. Don't let up. Frame this for the hypocrisy and the unmitigated gall of using Terri's tragedy for their political gain.

      This is where the Dem leadership has to show their smarts.

  •  Bravo! (4.00)
    Unfortunately, I do not live in Pennsylvania, so I can't give you my vote, but I do support everything you say.

    I regret the way that the Democrats in PA have treated you, and I would have hoped that the elevation of Howard Dean to party chair would have made a difference.

    Please continue to speak out, and you will get our support as best we can.

  •  What scares me is... (4.00)
    this creates a precedent where the Federal government can intervene in the most personal of family decisions, intrude on the most private aspects of your life, and make these decisions for you if they don't like the ones you make!  Where is our right to privacy?
    •  And all for the sake of (none)
      partisanship and scoring political points by demonizing one side of the family and idealizing the other. That's pretty scary as well.

      "It is no longer a choice, my friends, between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence." Martin Luther King, Jr.

      by grannyhelen on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:12:40 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Privacy is paramount (4.00)
      As you probably know, Rick Santorum is on record repeatedly denying that the Constitution guarantees a right to privacy.  His Big Brother prescription is what looms should we progressives not challenge him at every crossroads.

      Thanks for standing with us.


      •  Speaking of the Constitution... (none)
        where in the there does it give the Federal government the right to do something like this?  Unless specifically given to the Federal government, all other rights and duties belong to the states.  This is a massive intrusion on state's rights, a philosophy once championed by the Republican Party, along with a government which stays out of your life, and fiscal responsibility.  Now all the GOP stands for is Greed, Oppression, and Power.
  •  a true culture of life (4.00)
    would provide health care to everyone that needs and wants it - and would not impose physical life where there is no mental life left.

    No matter how cynical you become ... you can never keep up.

    by LegalSpice on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:09:19 PM PST

  •  What this is really about (none)
    Energizing the base for upcoming judicial fights.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    ~Liberal in the best sense of the word~

    by Lucky Ducky on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:10:15 PM PST

    •  Oh. (4.00)
      Someone already said this...

      Still waiting for an original thought.  Being a liberal and all, I never know what to say or think until the NY Times editorial page tells me.  </snark>

      ~Liberal in the best sense of the word~

      by Lucky Ducky on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:16:07 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Energizing the base (4.00)
      Judicial fights, indeed, as well as elections, attacks on the Constitution, minority rights, the filibuster, core American values, and more...



      •  Well, here's a judicial fight for us. (none)
        Anti-environment extremist William Myers is being nominated to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over some of the nation's most pristine wilderness areas, including California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii. We cannot take the risk of having a friend of the mining industry in this post. He's a danger to the Clean Water Act, our wilderness areas, and the Endangered Species Act. LCV  Action Alert.

        They guestimate it coming to a vote before Easter.

        Thanks for posting. Give 'em Hell, Chuck.

        I may be thinking about taking the Bus, but I'm not taking the Omnibus, no sir, thanks, I'll walk.

        by emmasnacker on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 07:56:29 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  Recommneded! (4.00)
    That was a great podcast.

    Seeing you come on DailyKos and other blogs speaking truth to power gets me to wondering where Bob Casey Jr. is on all these important issues.  Democrats really need to put forward a "shadow senator" during the upcoming election to oppose Santorum

    It's really a shame that the mainstream press and party aren't giving you the coverage you deserve.  I appreciate you using any means possible to get out your message.  Smart move.

  •  Can you move to Connecticut? (4.00)
    Unless you live in Greenwich the price of real estate is not (heh, heh) too bad, and we have lots of cute New England looking towns. Also, most of us are blue and want to be represented by a true Blue. How can you refuse?
  •  It bothers me that we are constantly reacting (4.00)
    to actions coming from the other side.  They're keeping us hopping.  I have a private theory that they have no hope of destroying SS, but are using it to distract us from things like the budget and the bankrupcy bill.

    Thanks for standing up, and speaking up, for us, Chuck.  

    •  I agree... (4.00)
      This is a failure of Democratic leadership.  We need headlines that make Rethugs squirm.  We may have to manufacture many of them, since the media does not.  Politics is a dirty business, and if you can't stand the heat, get out of the Congress.

      The gloves need to come off.  We need to insert controversy, we need to create outrage, and we need to exploit the masses to get our message across.  I hate that this is so, but it is self defense at this point.  Our property, our life, our liberty are at stake.


      by TexasDemocrat on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:52:05 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Caucus (none)
      I have a private theory that they have no hope of destroying SS, but are using it to distract us from things like the budget and the bankrupcy bill.

      I definitely feel that Dems who ordinarily hate things like caucus discipline feel that they can take a payment for their loyalty on Social Security by breaking ranks on other issues, principally the abominable bankruptcy bill.

    •  MY thoughts exactly!! (none)
      When the hell are the Democrats going to stop "rolling over" and stand up for something???!!!  Our party is sucking eggs to my mind!
    •  But who is "us", really? (none)
      18 DEMOCRATS voted for that hideous bankruptcy "reform" legislation.

      --- Physicians for a National Health Program

      by tiggers thotful spot on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 05:39:30 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Constantly reacting (none)
      This is as much the result of minority status as it is the result of a missing message.  We need to stake our claim to governance, however, before we can govern again.



      •  Hell no (none)
        If you're going to shed blood, you do it for a reason.  I know of no respected leader in history who said, "We'll win, and THEN we'll decide what to do."  You always start with the cause.  And if the Dems don't have enough already, what the heck are you waiting for?

        That passive mentality has gotten the Dems steamrolled.  Always reacting to GOP assaults.

        Jeez, has anyone figured out even a minority can launch a counterattack?  (As I recall, being outgunned didn't stop the American Revolution.)  Jeez, imagine a boxer who got KO'ed in the second round responding like that:  "Why didn't you throw a SINGLE punch in the entire second round?  Why did you only block?"  "Well, I was losing, so I figured I should start winning before I started throwing punches."  What kind of strategy is that??

        Gag.  American can do better.

        •  I think you might have missed the point... (none)
          ...which is, we must prove to the people that we are willing to lead, before they will elect us to do so.

          Democrats can prove that they are willing, and fit, to lead as the majority by simply doing so, even as the minority party.

          Or in this case, as a grassroots U.S. Senate campaign looking square in the eyes and taking the fight to the establishment Democratic candidate and sitting U.S. Senator.

          I think the way that Chuck's campaign has already "counterattacked" on issues like Social Security speaks to your last paragraph as well.


        •  Yeah, look what the minority Thugs did to (none)
          Clinton!  Nonstop, active, aggression!
  •  keep up the good fight Chuck (4.00)

       Good luck. Hit Santorum on anything and everything you can. He's a total disgrace. Wish I was in PA to help out.
  •  Chuck Pennacchio (D-Blogosphere) (3.80)
    It is about time we had a steady vote for us in the Senate.
  •  NE PA is home to Casey and (4.00)
    there are a few of us progressive Dems who like Casey, nice guy, but are afraid he doesn't come across well. (I'm trying to be nice) I have seen Santorum at a political event, and he has a nice speaking style and some charisma. (I don't agree with his politics, but he has a certain confidence) I know that likeablity isn't a true test of how well a person can lead, or represent his/her constituency, but Casey is very low key and from what I have seen recently of him (on T.V) it seems that his heart just isn't in this race.  That may change, but right now..I don't know. I think they dragged him into this, kicking and screaming. Maybe I'm wrong. Something doesn't seem right.  Anyway, I am rooting for you, Chuck.  Go get em! You are enthusastic, and what we PA Dems need. I'll help anyway I can.
  •  the t word (4.00)
    I just watched a half hours worth of TV blather on this and I'm suprised the t word isn't coming up more: totalitarianism. I guess people are afraid of saying that on TV, but I don't see how this isn't that.

    Scary. Thanks for your thoughts and godspeed, Chuck. Any idea where other candidates who may be entering the contest you've chosen are at on this?

    Speak Out, California! Energizing progressives from Crescent City to Calexico

    by da on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 02:55:05 PM PST

  •  I have been (4.00)
    insenced and sick to my stomach over this all day long, in fact i  have been in a simmering rage.

    The LIES, fomrthe WH on the Texas futile care law, and the hypocrisy that flow from it.

    the usurping of states rights

    the trashing of the constitution

    the attempt to destroy the judicial branch of government.

    the outright lies from Frist and Delay about this womand condition, and the personal attacks on the character of her husband

    The talking point memo laying out the political capital they hoped to achieve from.

    I didnt think it was possible for these people to go so far, and it worries me that they may well get away with it, once again.

    This country is in danger form these radicals who care only about corporate greed and their own enscounced unaccountable power.

    Chuck, you have my 100% support to give them fucking hell for the next 18 months, I want you to tear the heart out of rick Santorum, and then ram it down the fucking throat of Tom Delay and Bill Frist.

    I am done for the night, like Hunter earlier, I need the wife to talk me down.

    Let the Democratic Reformation Begin

    by Pounder on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 03:31:16 PM PST

    •  FWIW (4.00)
      Although it hasn't made the NY Times or Washington Post, at least one Florida paper, the St. Pete Times reports that the whole Schiavo vote is a smoke-screen by Tom De Lay to rally the Christian base in his own district.  Nothing more just a personal power play.

      The whole demonizing of Mike Schiavo sounds like a cheap replay of the Lacey Peterson/Scott Peterson thing (and knowing the originality of the Publicans it might even be true).

  •  Before you troll rate me (none)
    I think it is great that politicians want to come here and chat but I just have to say this. I read and reread the diary again. I felt like I was reading a campaign stump speech. It is not that I don't believe you are sincere BUT aren't you too using this position for political gain?

    If I am wrong I will eat my hat.I am just so skeptical these days of politicians telling me one thing and then doing something completely differently once elected.

    We all having been feeling totally let down by our representatives. What can you do to reassure me that your statement won't be perceived by others as just another political opportunity?

    The more understanding one posesses, the less there is to say and the more there is to do.

    by Alohaleezy on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 04:00:36 PM PST

    •  The "media" has abrogated its job (none)
      We are the media.  Dkos is the new media.  It is perfectly appropriate to come here and avoid the corrupt, inept so-called main stream media.
      •  It's also important to note... (none)
        ...that the campaign doesn't come here just to get its message out.  There is a sincere belief in this campaign HQ that the ideas, suggestions, and participation of the millions in the blogosphere are better and more important than any 5 of us that might be "trapped in the campaign bubble," day after day could come up with.

        So yes, to a certain extent, the traditional media let us down early (and they are correcting that currently), but it's about more than just talking at people.

        It is about talking with them.  Thanks for joining in the discussion.


    •  Cynicism... (4.00)
      Understandable.  I think all of us are feeling very let down by our Representatives, especially federal ones.

      Let me say this much right now, cause Chuck is out of the office attending a meeting:  

      I moved here from Chicago, 1000+ miles to help Chuck get his Internet outreach off-the-ground, inspite of other more "established" job offers.  I moved here because after talking with Chuck for HOURS AND HOURS prior to my decision--I came to the conclusion that he is the real deal.

      So, I packed my stuff and left for PA and I am still here.

      If I am wrong, I have done more than eat my hat.  However, after two plus months, I am still feeling good about the decision, even as other job offers come across my email and cell phone.

      I feel good about the decision, because I am still convinced that Chuck will be that one Senator who ALWAYS stands up -- "a conscience of the Democratic Party," if elected.

      So, while I understand the cynicism, and share it 99% of the time, I think this is the exception many of us have been looking for.

      Here's to being right on this one.


      •  Thanks Tim (4.00)
        After being away for awhile, out running errands, and coming back here to see if at last the community would ban me off to outer space, I am pleased by your response and your understanding. Really Tim, I am so overwhelmed with all that has happened especially these past few months that I don't know who to believe or trust anymore. If I were a PA resident I would surely now lend my support to Chuck. Again thank you for responding.

        The more understanding one posesses, the less there is to say and the more there is to do.

        by Alohaleezy on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 05:28:33 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  He's been responding to comments all day (4.00)
      That says worlds about why he's here.  
    •  Fair question (4.00)
      I assure you that my comments on the GOP manipulation of the Schiavo family tragedy are sincere and genuine.  If we--if I--don't call Delay, Santorum and company on their blatant, over-the-top pandering to their religious right base, then they will continue to get away with political murder.  

      There are ever-increasing times and places when sitting idle simply emboldens right-wing extremists--those who have highjacked the Republican Party, polarized the nation, and taken license (from 9/11) to stoke the fires of panic and "crisis" to grab more political power.  Just look at what the GOP has done with such non-crises as Iraq and Social Security.



  •  Santorum is a slime (none)
    He wrote those talking points and we all know it.
  •  In my humble opinion (4.00)
    Until we can get our collective head out of our ass and elect real Democrats like Pennacchio, who will actually stand up to the NeoCon Death Cult, we will be fucked.

    Pennsylvania is a blue state for Christ's sake.  There is no reason to nominate an anti-choice hack to run against the GOP.  

    If we continue to allow spineless Dinos to represent our party, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves.

  •  More: (4.00)
    A party that cares so much about a culture of life would not bully the public into believing the myth that this country cannot affort medical care for all citizens, nor would it terrorize people who are dependent on social programs by advocating massive budget cuts.

    The only second term dubya deserves is 20 to life!

    by Street Kid on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 05:17:38 PM PST

  •  As long as (4.00)
    the pander and appeasement brigade in the Democratic Party is allowed to exist the Repugs will continue to make headway.

    The polls show the country overwhelmingly disapproves of what the congressional Repugs are doing re: Terri Schiavo, and yet the Dems still can't stand up to them.

    The issue here is freedom, Terri Schiavo's freedom not to be hooked up to a feeding tube, as the courts have determined. What part of that don't the p&p Dems understand?

  •  Brilliant points... (none)
    and we need to hammer this home. Too bad most of the democrats were missing in action when they voted to allow her case to be heard before a federal judge.
  •  my 'culture of life' rant (4.00)
    A true 'Culture of Life' would be anti-war. It would value the lives of our 'friends as well as our so called 'enemies'. It would value the life of the poorest people in a third world country.

    A true 'Culture of Life' would not spend more on the military than the rest of the planet combined.

    A true 'Culture of Life' would not use or threaten violence as the first choice to settle disputes.

    A true 'Culture of Life' would give everyone access to health care. Especially kids.

    A true 'Culture of Life' would do a heck of a lot more for kids and for parents raising kids than our current society does.

    A true 'Culture of Life' would not poison the environment.

    A true 'Culture of Life' would respect the habitats of all the living creatures on our planet.

    You can use 'Culture of Life' to support anti-war, pro social spending, and environmental positions. A trifecta.

    So why are Democrats so LAME in response to this? The Democrats are the true 'Culture of Life'.

    Freedom does not march.

    by ex republican on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 05:50:53 PM PST

  •  asdf (none)
    God I hope you wipe up that puddle of Santorum in 2006!!


    by calipygian on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 05:53:08 PM PST

  •  One Ohioan for Pennacchio (4.00)
    I will be contributing when I can.  

    Good Luck, Chuck!  You are exactly what this party needs.

  •  Another Item for the Smokescreen (none)
    and mark these words: Jeb Bush will be the golden boy for 08.
      Yes, this is a smokescreen for everything you say, but also, they want to show Jebby for the hard charg'n Bush, next to fall from the family "hang'n" tree.
      If this bunch of imitation Americans are not stopped, that's exactly what that family tree will represent, not only to current, but future generations.

      "The Bush Hang'n Tree"

    "who is gonna make it..we'll find out in the long run" (eagles)

    by infidelpig on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 05:58:49 PM PST

  •  "short" suggestion (none)
    Take pwnz0rz of Pinocchio first ;)
    •  heh. (none)
      As his Internet guy, I almost want to leave him floundering with what you meant by that comment.

      But rest assured, we will.  When we get out of the primary, it will be Pennacchio vs. Pinnochio in the General.

      That's just a snippit, and a great idea that came from this very community.


  •  Yeah (none)
    I was planning on writing Schiavo case being a stage setter for either extremist Supreme court nominees, or the nuclear option, maybe both.

    Take your message out to the streats. We own the truth, tell it and get others to do the same. -- myself

    by Hari Rothstein on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 08:03:13 PM PST

  •  I wish I was from PA so I could vote for you (none)
    Good work wearing your liberalism on the outside!

    I believe children are the future - unless we stop them now. -Homer Simpson

    by jkennerl on Mon Mar 21, 2005 at 10:24:08 PM PST

  •  Those promises read well. But, (none)
    Senators don't "protect" the law; they write the laws and that's where one of our problems lies.  Lots of legislators get elected and they can't write a coherent essay, much less enforceable legislation.  

    This candidate does seem to be able to write coherently.  So then, my next question would be whether he's prepared to be a "public servant."

  •  All I can say is.... (none)
    .."No shit, Chuck.". I think every Democrat in America recognized the above from the outset. What is facing us as a party now is how to counter it and I think we've chosen the right flank to attack on (This is a politicla move not a principled stand). Hardball and Anderson Cooper led with story but mentioned the Texas law and the GOP memo. We've got to hammer that today in the media.

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