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Once again, I bow down before Jon Stewart. It was last night that he shows us just how low the Republicans will go to score a few points. In this case, they have exploited the death of a pope to point out the hand full of views which are shared by Pope John Paul II and George W. Bush. As many GOPigs have pointed out, the pope stood for a culture of life, however, what wasn't stated was the Vatican's slamming of the war in Iraq and the death penalty. But hey, facts don't seem to matter much to the Republican Party.
The clip

Originally posted to RevolutionReport on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 02:24 PM PDT.

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  •  That was f*cking beautiful last night! [n/t] (none)

    The public wants what the public gets, but I don't get what this society wants -- Paul Weller

    by jamfan on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 02:21:55 PM PDT

  •  So a few comedy writers seem to get the point (none)
    the entire "Professional Journalism" community misses?

     What's wrong with this picture?  Yeah I'm talking to you Tweety!

    •  This is true... (none)
      and of course, if you saw the clip, you know Fox News was way off as usual. However, Blitzer and "reporter" caught on.
    •  Don't wanna lose access to the Prez (3.50)
      Hey, if the MSM reports the truth, Dubya kicks them off of Air Force One.

      Life's a bitch, ain't it?

      Some reporter should purposefully do this, get kicked off the plane, and the just rip in to Dubya.  What is Bush sooo afraid of??

      I don't see why waging class warfare isn't a winning political issue. There are a helluva lot more poor folks than rich.

      by pacified on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 02:28:39 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  That's exactly it (none)
        and it's a fucking crime that "access to the president" is used as a threat to keep reporters from asking tough questions and exposing this band of ratfuckers for what they are.  

        just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming

        by confusedintexas on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 02:30:58 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  It's been done (none)
        A reporter already did this.  I can't remember his name or who he wrote for.  He got kicked off during the election campaign.  He hired a car and drove to all the events and wrote about the "fixed" events.  After that, no one dared write about the truth.  The media has to pay for seats on the plane, which means they should be allowed to write what ever they want.  But not in BushWorld.
      •  yea, (none)
        they should all do it, let him ride around with no reporters and see if they like it.
      •  Franken's take (none)
        Sorry to trot this one out again but it hits the spot here. From Al Franken's book, Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them)

        Dana Milbank of the Washington Post incurred official disfavor by writing about the taboo subject of how much the President loves to lie...By withholding routine information such as travel itineraries from troublesome reporters like Milbank, the White House was able to prevent them from asking embarrasing questions. It's hard to ask the President embarrasing questions if you can't find him.
              It wasn't just the White House. Over at the Pentagon, tough guy Donald Rumsfeld knew how to court-martial a nosy reporter...When [Thomas] Ricks [of the Washington Post] asked why he had been excluded from a trip on which American journalists were allowed to cover a Special Forces operation for the first time, a press officer told him: "We don't like your stories, and we don't like the questions you've been asking."

        New idea for Comedy Central game show: Kick Ben Stein's Ass

        by bobinson on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 03:17:13 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  Jon Stewart for President (none)
  •  Priceless Crossfire bit (none)
    "I beginning to think I went a little to easy on those pricks."
  •  I have to say (none)
    That was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.

    Is it me or do you think that he's starting to get really pissed off:)

  •  Goddamn (none)
    That was funny.  I posted a diary today (non-Pope related, mind you) about Bill Maher's wrap-up "New Rules" section from last week's show and both made me laugh harder than I ever thought I could.  Thanks!!

    The revolution is coming... and we ARE the revolution.

    by RenaRF on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 02:35:57 PM PDT

  •  Thamks (none)
    I love John Stewart!  He keeps me n touch with my teenagers.

    God and ego are not equivalent expressions of reality.

    by Othniel on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 02:59:31 PM PDT

  •  pundits? (none)
    Now what I'd really love to see is some clips of the pundits trashing the pope over such things as his opposition to the war in iraq, juxtaposed by the same pundits blathering praise on him now that he's dead. I know there have been some juicy quotes floating around the blogosphere lately, but it'd be nice to see the clips on a show like Stewart's.

    I was actually a little surprised this wasn't done, though I did enjoy it anyway.

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