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I participate regularly in a nonpolitical message board.  Yesterday morning a joke was posted.  Another poster and I simultaneously posted (courteous) responses objecting to it.  The original poster said that she was sorry that we were "offended", and offered to remove it.  There followed many responses supporting the original poster, and expressing bewilderment that the two of us had a problem with the joke.  As the day wore on, some vicious comments about us appeared.  Below the fold is the joke and a few of the dimmer and/or nastier comments.

It disturbed both me and my fellow pariah that not one person on the board understood our objections, let alone agreed with us.  I'm interested to hear what you think.

Here is the joke:

A college professor, an avowed atheist and active in the ACLU, was teaching his class. He shocked several of his students when he flatly stated that once and for all he was going to prove there was no God. Addressing the ceiling he shouted:

"GOD, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes!!!!!"

The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by.

"I'm waiting God, if you're real, knock me off this platform!!!!"

Again, the professor taunted God saying, "Here I am, God!!! I'm still waiting!!!"

His count down got down to the last couple of minutes when a SEAL, just released from the Navy after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and newly registered in the class, walked up to the Professor. The SEAL hit him full force in the face, and sent the Professor tumbling from his lofty platform. The Professor was out cold!! The students were stunned and shocked. They began to babble in confusion. The SEAL nonchalantly took his seat in the front row and sat silent. The class looked at him and fell silent.....waiting.

Eventually, the professor came to and was noticeably shaken. He looked at the SEAL in the front row. When the professor regained his senses and could speak he asked: "What the h--- is the matter with you?! Why did you do that!?"

The SEAL replied "God was really busy protecting America's soldiers, who were busy protecting your right to say stupid stuff and act like an idiot!!! So he sent me!!"

Here are a few comments:

This posting was more about God more than anything else to me.

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God"

I have to agree with X, Y and Z--I had no idea that anyone would be offended. The idea that God exists and is busy in the world working out His plan came through loud and clear for me.

Whewwwww baby! I'm so glad to see the intellectuals of this Board ride forth in such a righteous manner! Man I'm gonna sleep mcuh better tonite knowing you're all on duty!

And here is my favorite, edited for length.  Need I say, "Sic"?

OH my, you offened some professors that think their chit don't stink, that is all. ...
Always on this board the more educated seem to get high on their horse, NOT ALL OF THEM. Only those you don't know how they got there in the first place.
I have an MA and decided not to persue a PHD because I changed my field to the family business. NOW you see so many people were behind you more than were not in my opinion. ...
Gee it took so long for women professor's to be estalbished as leaders and wow did they ever lower themselves here by not just taking a joke for what it was.

Originally posted to ScientistMom in NY on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 08:29 PM PDT.


What do you think of the joke?

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  •  It is exactly the problem... (4.00)
    some people who call themselves Christians have decided that it is their job to deal with all us heathens.  And this past election and the subsequent media spin has made them think they have the right to take down free speech and other's belief systems.

    But it is a little bit funny to me that George Bush has created such a mess that it requires God's full attention and therefore has no time for other problems....

  •  I've read your diary... (none)
    ...and would be interested in knowing the nature of your objection.  Without that part, it would be hard to understand your exact role in this transaction.  My opinion: this was meant as a joke (although there doesn't seem to be much of a joke here), and there does not seem to be much to get upset about.

    Be the creature. (But not a Republican.)

    by boran2 on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 08:36:06 PM PDT

    •  amending my above comments... (none)
      ...which only addressed the joke itself...yes, some people are a-holes and towards those individuals you are rightfully angry.  

      Be the creature. (But not a Republican.)

      by boran2 on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 08:39:22 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  "meant as a joke"? (none)
      I don't agree. It was meant to promote an extreme point of view and to simultaneously denigrate "libruls." But there's actually one thing I find funny in it: their idiotic notion that an all-powerful God could be so busy in one small part of the world that he can't do anything anywhere else. What ever happened to omnipotence?
    •  Exactly. What's the joke? (4.00)
      The fact that some clowns think violence against atheists (or anyone else they disagree with, like their girlfriend) is justified doesn't surprise me.  And the fact that NOBODY else on that board took got your objection - whatever your objection was - indicates to me that you're wasting your time hanging around on that board.  
    •  I have many objections to this joke (4.00)
      which, I agree, isn't really funny, even if you don't object to its messages.  Both I and the other objector mentioned anti-intellectualism and attacks on academic freedom.  Both of us were disturbed at the almost universal acceptance of the attitudes expressed in the story, given the current serious attacks on academic freedom and scientific integrity.  I infer (but didn't mention) some suppressed glee at the thought of the Iraq/Afghanistan soldier (an agent of God, no less) knocking out the professor (who, of course, is also an atheist and ACLU member).  I objected to the attitude, that I believe is prevalent among certain groups of people, that professors don't do meaningful work.  I mentioned the research that I (a professor) am doing, and my ally said something about feeling that through her work, teaching undergraduates to think critically, she served her country as well as any soldier.  I was careful not to say a word about God's implied approval of our military activity.

      I could go on, but you get the idea.

  •  Ms. Manners says ... (none)
    I find the joke offensive.  And more importantly, you and another person were offended.

    You were right to make it clear that the joke offended you.  But in Ms. Manners' experience, it is unusual for someone insensitive enough to offend you in the first place to have the grace to accept responsibility for offensive behavior and apologize.  More often, this person will become embarrassed and defensive, and cast you as The Offender.

  •  the first sign of "joke's" agenda: (4.00)
    is this beginning:

    "A college professor, an avowed atheist and active in the ACLU,"

    which sounds like it was written by David Horowitz.    The juxtiposition of the three descriptions, which in reality have nothing to do with each other to most "normal" people, signals a particular political bias that causes me to brace myself.

    My thought, after reading it, was that, if the Seal was someone who "protected your rights", why would he take an aggressive action to silence someone he apparently disagrees with?  Isn't he violating his own supposed military value of protecting freedom of speech?  And if, instead, he was genuinely doing what God told him to do, what kind of God is that, and why would I want to believe in such a violent god anyway?

    Even if you were being literal about knocking someone off the put their lights out, knock them unconscious, sounds like a pretty insecure, hostile god trying to prove something, or a patriot very unclear about the rights he is supposed to be defending.

    All in all, a glimpse into a very cynical, sad, and unsavory view of God and Country that does not in anyway reflect my own.  So no, not funny.  Mean and pathetic.

    Fascism: it's the new black.

    by marjo on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 08:55:26 PM PDT

    •  the "joke" covered that: (4.00)
      "I'm waiting God, if you're real, knock me off this platform!!!!"

      He had to get physical, that's the "proof" the professor demanded.  Its a well-constructed political bomb.

      I definitely agree with your identification of the trigger words.  "Professor" (elite), "Atheist" (anti-god), ACLU (liberal).  Its very telling that we all identified them, even tho they were is thinly veiled code.  Your reaction (and mine, and most everyone that reads it here I'm sure) was to feel that it was an attack on liberals or liberal beliefs.

      To the other side, it was an attack on the things that are "wrong with this country", not self-identified liberals.  So very quickly the "joke" divides the audience into two polarized groups.

      To the other group, this is just pure vindication of pre-existing beliefs (pre-planted misconceptions).  God and the troops protect us from the idiots within, etc.

      To us, the bomb was intended to trigger the reaction you gave above.  We question the violence, the motivations of such a God.  We defend the professor.  We are triggered into defending what objectively is a pompous ass that represents a tiny fraction of what real professors, liberals, or atheists are actually about.

      Yet, by attacking this blatant political screed, we're seen as defending an odious ass and being against the troops and God.

      Silly, but curiously effective.

      So the question is, how does one react to this little bugger without reinforcing all the negative stereotypes about liberals, professors, or atheists?

      Attacking it in general just reinforces the bad stereotypes.  Deconstructing it can be seen as just "talking down" to folks, turning them off automatically.  Ignoring it lets this political propaganda spread unchecked and unchallenged.

      "Cute story.  Of course, its a bit silly, really.  Most professors are religious, most atheists understand they can't "disprove god", and most ACLU folks are too busy fighting the legal battles to preserve free speech for idiotic things just like the troops in this tale." -- too wordy, condescending, "most" isn't all, so it is a bit ineffective.

      "I think God would have better things to do than waste time proving himself to an atheist" -- shows no sense of humor to the "joke"

      "Oh brother, that sounds like something Rush would say" -- might work to quickly label it as right-wing trash?

      I dunno.  Its a clever little bomb.

      You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. --James D. Miles

      by Yaright on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:31:53 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  You know, you're right. (none)
        What struck me immediately was the underlying theme that all the problems in the country are caused by the godless liberal elite.  And my response put me right in that camp (in their eyes), and therefore it was totally ineffective.  

        I wonder when I'll learn that stating facts and pointing out reality won't get me anywhere in these situations?

  •  I googled the joke. (none)
    It's on Free Republic and many other sites of that ilk.
  •  It's a political smear... (none)
    so that's why it's offensive, plain and simple.
  •  Its just human nature (none)
    I agree with the above posters, it wasn't a joke, it was lame ideology dressed up as "comeuppance" for the liberal atheist elite.  At least in this version the Forces of God went through the motions of "defending your free speech".  And the "liberal professor" was a putz we shouldn't exactly embrace with open arms, either.  I can see some folks mistakenly thinking you were supporting liberal intellectual atheists vs God.  Why look for the hard answer when the easy one is right there (and most often plain wrong)?

    But its just human nature.  I see the same thing here a few times a week.  Someone will say something inanely stupid.  But its target will be someone we're all supposed to hate anyways.  If anyone has the courage to call the poster on it like you did, they get smashed by someone, then all that person's pals leap to his/her defense and pile on.  No need for critical thinking, when someone who writes stuff one agrees with attacks, the victim is obviously guilty.

    It happens.

    I'm sorry it happened to you.  That's often what the Good Samaritan gets tho for standing up for something unpopular, no matter how right.

    Judging by the comments you posted, seems there are a fair number of folks who resent 'intellectuals' and 'professors' and 'PhDs'.  Hell, there are an awful lot of arrogant SOBs in those three categories, to be sure.  And the professor in this story was one of those annoying antagonistic atheists.  Militant Believers of every stripe give their whole belief group a bad name... whether its antagonistic atheists or right-wing bible-thumpers.

    So, you've got a story that defends God and the troops, and gets revenge on the Militant Atheist and know-it-all professor.  No wonder folks in that group loved it.  The villain was an awful man, the heroes were God, Marine, Troops.

    Seriously, if you ignore the implications of the story and boil it down to those base elements, its pretty easy to see the reaction you got.

    The reactions are still wrong.  But probably not exclusive to just that group of individuals.

    Its enough to make ya scream.

    You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. --James D. Miles

    by Yaright on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:11:33 PM PDT

  •  Do you think the author of the last comment (4.00)
    I posted got her MA from a cereal box?  My 12-year-old writes and spells better than that.  Come to think of it, my 6-year-old does, too.  

    But of course I didn't say that on the other board (although I longed to).  That would have been elitist.

  •  We need to learn how to do this (none)
    These passalong emails do an absolutely spectacular job of asserting rightwing frames at a deep grassroots level.  We need to start doing stuff of our own, develop methods of maximizing distribution, just like the other side does.  Right now they pretty much entirely own that medium.
    •  Do you think it would work with our side? (none)
      That kind of thing works well only with those who are incapable of critical thinking.  Our side tends to pick everything apart and analyze it from every side.  Or are you thinking of getting a few of the nonthinkers on our side?  After all, a vote is a vote...
      •  Twain said it best (none)
        "People get their politics where they get their cornpone."

        I think he's right, it explains a lot about why grassroots politics of any kind works.  They get their politics where they encounter it in their daily life, they don't search it out.  Right now, the only politic thought they find in their cornpone comes from the right.  We have serious cath-up to do, and it will take some time, as their paradigms have set root--as the response showed.  But unless we get in the cornpone and stay in the cornpone, people will never hear our politics at all.

  •  Not a joke (4.00)
    I can see the funny in a joke even when it's "against" my side. This was not a joke - it was an ideological parable.

    These are jokes:

    1. Jesse Jackson got out of the shower and was drying off when he looked in the mirror and noticed he was white from the neck up to the top of his head.
    In sheer panic and fearing he was turning white and might have to start working for a living, he called his doctor and told him of his problem.

    The doctor advised him to come to his office immediately.   After an examination, the doctor mixed a concoction of brown liquid,   gave it to
    Jesse and told him to drink it all.

    Jesse did and replied, "That tasted like bull shit!"

    The doctor replied, "It was, Jesse.   You were a quart low."

    2. Einstein dies and goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter tells him, "You look like Einstein, but you have NO idea the lengths that some people will go to sneak into Heaven. Can you prove who you really are?"
       Einstein ponders for a few seconds and asks, "Could I have a blackboard and some chalk?"
       Saint Peter snaps his fingers and a blackboard and chalk instantly appear. Einstein proceeds to describe with arcane mathematics and symbols his theory of relativity.
       Saint Peter is suitably impressed. "You really ARE Einstein!" he says. "Welcome to heaven!"
       The next to arrive is Picasso. Once again, Saint Peter asks for credentials. Picasso asks, "Mind if I use that blackboard and chalk?"
       Saint Peter says, "Go ahead."
       Picasso erases Einstein's equations and sketches a truly stunning mural with just a few strokes of chalk. Saint Peter claps. "Surely you are the great artist you claim to be!" he says. "Come on in!"
       Then Saint Peter looks up and sees George W. Bush. Saint Peter scratches his head and says, "Einstein and Picasso both managed to prove their identity. How can you prove  yours?"
       George W. looks bewildered and says, "Who are Einstein and Picasso?"
       Saint Peter sighs and says, "Come on in, George."

    Practice absurdus interruptus - Support ePluribus Media.

    by Catte Nappe on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:25:31 PM PDT

  •  God condones violence? (none)
    It sounds like you have several wingnuts on your non-political messageboard.

    The message of the joke is "God allows us to beat up those who don't believe in him". Somehow I think Jesus doesn't agree.

    The comments that followed were haughty and even sexist.

    I'd find better places to spend time if I were you.

    I once belonged to an awesome graphics group and felt very at ease there creating graphics together until the whole nationalism thing started getting out of hand. I decided to leave the group when they started focusing on 9/11 themes, flags, and "God Bless Bush" mottos. Best thing I ever did.

    •  I've left the group (none)
      Until yesterday, I loved it, benefited from it, contributed to it.  But once the veil is lifted, it's impossible to keep the good feelings.
    •  Weird (none)

      My first read of the joke I had a similar reaction.  So did another commenter above.  But reading the "joke" carefully to understand it, its impressive that we all missed this line:

      "I'm waiting God, if you're real, knock me off this platform!!!!"

      I posted about the construction of the "joke" above, but your comment has me specifically wondering -- what was it about the way this sucker is put together that had us concentrating on the violence aspect while missing that the atheist demanded that as the only proof he'd take from God?

      The military types I know wouldn't "beat up" the guy.  I see it as more of a displined single strike to satisfy the requirements of the challege to God.  I imagine most of the folks that nodded and laughed at this twisted thing saw it that way too.  Which would explain why they'd think we were being "sensitive" (negative liberal trait) or blowing this out of proportion (which technically we are) if we objected to it in this manner.

      What is it about the way this thing is put together that gets us liberals all riled up and jumping the gun and assuming violence that just isn't in the story?  I suspect it was constructed to evoke that reaction, while still letting most folks read it the way I described before... as a single blow, minimum force required to 'prove God' to the professor.

      You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. --James D. Miles

      by Yaright on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:44:12 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Well, not "minimum" (none)

        I guess the bit about knocking him out cold is hardly  minimum.  But it was still a single blow.  Is that part of it?  That the story uses 2-3 sentences to deliver the blow, and another 2 to recover from it?

        The blow is a good chunk of the story in word count, but its still only one action.  I'd be curious how the closet-wingers read that.  Do they see the violence as a big part of the story, or just a small required action/punch line?

        You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. --James D. Miles

        by Yaright on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:51:14 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  It wouldn't prove God to me (none)
        but the construct is set up in such a way that you have:

        1. hatred of atheists and elitists
        2. a desire to see God win over the #1 above
        3. some way to make God win (a false analogy but one that will satisfy the sheeple).

        The violence jumped out at me because it is so typical of the rightist "Christian" mindset these days. It's that whole "onward Christian soldiers" thing.

        Typical Republican BS, but they buy into it.

      •  Yes, it is weird (none)
        I noticed the line, but focused on the fact that the professor was saying something dumb, and I was upset by this portrayal of academics.  Of course, it was upsetting only because the attitude is prevalent.

        What's interesting to me is that the original poster and several others saw the joke as reinforcing their belief in God - God has a plan, God answers prayers (or, in this case, challenges to knock a useless professor off his podium!)

      •  And my co-pariah (none)
        had another reaction.  She feels so threatened these days that the thought of a SEAL punching her out doesn't seem all that farfetched.
        She posted something to that effect (to no avail).
  •  These folks. . . (none)
    are just trolling to upset people by seeing how outrageous they can be.  Unfortunately, if you express outrage you are, to some extent, playing into their hands.

    In general, I like to come up with a joke in return that hits them back -- without being too nasty about it.  So I might resond with something like "Very cute (although as an American I don't, of course, agree with the sentitment) but did you hear the one where. . ." and then include a joke equally offensive to their point of view.  The point of the game is to be provocative, and the first person to get outraged loses.

    George W. Bush -- It's mourning in America.

    by LarryInNYC on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:34:56 PM PDT

  •  That's not a joke - that's a sickening symptom (none)
    First I would ask to give this SEAL a dishonorable discharge from this school for his "faith-based beating-up-the-infidels" service.

    Then I would ask the good professor for my money back, if he wastes 15 minutes of his lecture for such crap.

    For heavens sake, what kind of jokers do you have as professors? And what the fucked-up sum of money do you pay for THAT? I guess the SEAL couldn't forget at what costs he EARNED his GI-bill to go to school and then be served with such a smart-ass professor most probably made him "snap" ... with the help of God, of course. Boy, oh boy. This country is going down the drain faster than Roto-Rooters drainage cleaner.

    How much more edgy can it get? It's scary out there ...

    Ah, sorry, I forgot that "joke" was not based on a true story, or was it?

    Human life should be governed by truth, freedom, justice and love.

    by mimi on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:38:37 PM PDT

  •  This is the same joke, right? (4.00)
    At a Promise Keepers convention, a NASCAR fan and believing Christian, was having a conversation. He shocked several of his friends when he flatly stated that once and for all he was going to prove there was a God. Addressing the ceiling he shouted:

    "GOD, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes!!!!!"

    The dirt yard fell silent. You could hear a pork rind drop. Ten minutes went by.

    "I'm waiting God, if you're real, knock me off this platform!!!!"

    Again, the Christian taunted God saying, "Here I am, God!!! I'm still waiting!!! Prove to the heathen unbelievers that you're real!!!"

    His count down got down to the last couple of minutes when a SEAL, just released from the Navy after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq walked up to the Christian. The SEAL hit him full force in the face, and sent the Christian tumbling onto his lard ass. The Christians was out cold!! The friends were stunned and shocked. They began to babble in confusion. The SEAL nonchalantly took a seat and sat silent. The class looked at him and fell silent.....waiting.

    Eventually, the Christian came to and was noticeably shaken. He looked at the SEAL. When the Christian regained his senses and could speak he asked: "What the h--- is the matter with you?! Why did you do that!?"

    The SEAL replied "God was really busy protecting America's soldiers, who were busy protecting your right to say stupid stuff and act like an idiot!!! So he sent me!!"

  •  Call me tin foil or cynical but (none)
    couldn't this be a "plant" --like all those cyber emails  circling on the internet??  I sometimes think there are people who just sit there all day and log this junk onto the internet or send out to their "mailing lists."

    My elderly mother sends me one or two daily.  Sometimes they anger me enough that I take the time to tear them apart paragraph by paragraph and send back a corrected version for her.

    Anyway, we need to get some of these email internet circles going too --with kindness and community spirit in them.  Just my two cents.

    Our... constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men's minds. Thurgood Marshall

    by bronte17 on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 09:51:24 PM PDT

  •  Here's a joke (none)
    I like better (apologies to any non-theists out there):

    In a low-lying area along the Mississippi, the rains were coming down. The National Weather Service predicted massive flooding in a particular region. The local sheriff sent out his deputy to warn the residents to evacuate.

    The deputy took off in his Ford Expedition to spread the word. Everyone began packing up their pickup trucks to get the hell out of town...except for one little old lady. "I'm staying right here," she said when the deputy offered to take her to shelter. "The Lord will take care of me."

    Dejected, the deputy left.

    The flood waters came rushing in, inundating the little town with water. Her first floor covered in mud and muck, the old lady retreated to the second floor. Along came the sheriff in a motorboat. "Come on, we'll take you to safety," the sheriff said. "The water's still rising."

    "You go on now," said the lady. "The Lord will take care of me."

    Sadly, the sheriff motored off.

    The water continued to rise, and the old lady was forced to climb on to her roof. A helicopter hovered over the house, and a Marine came down on a jump line. "We'll hook up a basket and haul you up, ma'am," the young man said.

    "There's no need," the lady said. "I know my Lord, and He will take care of me."

    The Marine argued, but she was he was hoisted back up to the helicopter and left.

    Eventually the waters flowed so fiercely that the house timbers were weakened...and the house collapsed, drowning the woman.

    In Heaven, she came before God and said, "Lord, you disappointed me. I've been faithful to you my whole life, and yet You neglected me in my hour of need. Where were You?"

    God looked at the angry old woman and shook his head. "My daughter, I sent you an SUV, a boat and a helicopter. What more did you need?"

    It says almost the same thing (that God may act through human agencies) without the liberal-hating or the violence...or the overpatriotism...

    "It's an unnerving thought that we may be the living universe's supreme achievement and its worst nightmare simultaneously." -- Bill Bryson

    by Cali Scribe on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 10:10:31 PM PDT

  •  Offensive on so MANY levels (none)
    A person I have a business relationship with sent me a Hillary joke recently and I let her have it with both barrels!

    Of course her response was that it was JUST a joke - why was I getting all huffy about it?

    Has any pharmaceutical company started making angry pills yet? Because I need about a washtub full of 'em.

  •  So Called Jokes (none)
    I agree that these types of so called "jokes" are nothing but wingnut propaganda tools. And I'm not opposed to creating a few of our own if they can be done with some creativity, with the goal of getting a valid point across, hopefully as well as some of my favorite cartoonists.

    That said, not everyone doing the click and forward routine realizes the propaganda nature of these "jokes" Many are just plain naive about it.

    Rather than be pissed at my personal friends, I've taken it upon myself to clear up their misconceptions. So I've cured several who are in that category. And it's not often they slip up and send me any of those now.

    The "incurables" I no longer communicate with. (One of them I'd known for over 30 years.)

    So Sorry!! But I no longer have the patience for conversation with those diehards who support these fascists. With democracy itself at risk the total years of knowing someone no longer matter to me. Fk'm.

  •  Propaganda and propriety (none)
    The joke is reminiscent of Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda jokes.  I am looking for one in which the Jew, who has apparently said something un-Nazi-like, is treated to a game of soccer--in the role of the ball, much to the hearty laughs from all present.  

    Ah!  Here it is!  I've found it in the highly useful Calvin University German Propaganda Archives.  There are some interesting examples of Nazi "humor" on this page which I've excerpted below.  This characterizes the period during the Nazi's ascent to power.

    The party members from Rosenheim were still filled with their wonderful experiences at the 1923 German Rally in Nuremberg [a major right-wing gathering]. Shortly before their train left Nuremberg, they burst out with spontaneous enthusiasm into the National Anthem.

    The Jew Isidor Big-Stink-Bomb -- with his sunken, blurry eyes and double chin he was the very image of his race -- looked out his compartment window with every sign of hateful displeasure. The instincts of his nomadic people, which recognizes no fatherland, aroused his fury against this flood of patriotic enthusiasm.

    "Germany, Germany above all what does that mean?" he grunted. "It's all nonsense!"

    Filled with devilish hatred, his contorted face spat toward the singing S.A. men beneath him, just missing Hauser-Toni and Kuchler-Ludwig.

    Both were made speechless for a moment by this tremendous rudeness. Still, an old Nazi never takes too long to solve the important questions of the day, so Hauser-Toni lifted Kuchler up to the train window and then climbed up after him.

    With a quick glance, the two noble souls agreed on what to do.

    First, the genuine Bavarian chap made sure that the Jew would not be able to spit for the remainder of the action. Given the physical roundness of the Hebrew, a ball game then began, following precise rules. It does not need to be said that Big-Stink-Bomb took the role of the ball as the game proceeded down the train's corridor. He did attempt to come up with a few weak excuses as he found himself unexpectedly facing the Hun from Upper Bavaria.

    But the task of a ball is not to talk, but to fly through the air. Toni gave him a powerful kick on the rump, sending him toward Kuchler-Ludwig at a speed of 129 kilometers an hour. He sent him another half dozen meters down the corridor in the same manner, where Toni, who had hurried along ahead of him, took his turn. Then it was Kuchler's turn again. This pleasant alternation continued until the Yid had rolled through three express cars. [...]

    I'm troubled by the ascendancy of "humor" such as what you recounted.  It seems our humor on the left is more directed towards certain people than towards groups as a whole.  We are cruel too sometimes, but not in the same way, or so I'd like to think.


  •  I don't think that was a joke, (none)
    I think it was political grandstanding masquerading as a joke. In any case, it wasn't funny, which seems to me the first requirement for a 'joke.'

    It seemed to be a jingoist takeoff on an old joke about a guy who was caught in a flood and was on the roof of his house praying for God to save him. He heard God's voice saying "I will answer your prayer and save you." So he's up on the roof and a helicopter drops a ladder down, he says "No, God's going to save me." Then someone goes by in a boat and says "Jump in!" He says "No, God's going to save me!"

    Finally he gets tired, loses his grip and falls in the water where he drowns. He comes to in Heaven before God, and starts yelling "You promised you'd save me!"

    God says "I sent a helicopter and a boat, what the hell else did you want?"

    Now, I find THAT funny.

    -- Life is tough: Three out of three die. Now shut up and deal. ~Ring Lardner Jr.

    by Eleftheria on Fri Apr 22, 2005 at 03:08:54 AM PDT

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