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Note: I originally posted this diary on March 16, 2005. My purpose in reposting it today is to 1) make any additions or corrections to the list and 2) inform new kossacks about dKos diary series. I've successfully managed to procrastinate to this point when it comes to turning this into a dKosopedia entry, but it's time to bite the bullet, learn the wiki formatting and get that job done. - catnip

Whether you're new to Daily Kos or have been around for a little while, you may have missed some diaries by dedicated kossacks who have devoted themselves to presenting regularly scheduled diary series. Since I think they deserve some recognition and more support, I've compiled a list for your reading pleasure.

Without further delay, here they are. (The links provided go to the diarist's list of diaries so you can follow them on a regular basis.)


Cheers and Jeers
- this is a Koufax Award winning series that has now been promoted to front page status.

Iraq War Grief Daily Witness (photo)
- Warning: graphic photos posted each day by RubDMC. He has taken it upon himself to be the conscience of Daily Kos on behalf of the victims of the Iraq War. It's a very somber job and we thank him for his dedication.

Today's Economic News
- find all of the day's economic news presented to you by bonddad.

Daily Pundit Parade
- baldandy takes a look into what the pundits are saying each day.

- JR Monsterfodder is on a mission to expose Wal-Mart's activities daily.

Top 25 Recommended Diaries, High Impact Diaries
- if you've missed the diaries on the recommended list or want stats on diaries with the highest impact, jotter rounds them up for you each day and presents his statistical analysis for your perusal.

17 Best-Rated Comments
- social democrat updates this list frequently throughout each day.

Colorado Politics Roundup
- Ralph's daily review of Colorado's political scene.

International Economic and Energy News/"Bubbles" Greenspan/Peak Oil
- jerome a paris is a prolific contributor of invaluable information about these issues.


Got a Happy Story?
- Carnacki hosts this diary each Friday evening. He or Mrs Carnacki present a happy story of their own and invite others to do so as well.

Newsie's Media News Monday
- all the media news that's fit to print on Daily Kos.

Newsie's Week in Reviewsies
- a potpourri of articles, blogs, links, and political cartoons on a wide variety of issues you may have missed during your busy week. Look for the reviewsies on Saturday or Sunday.

Word for the Week
- Each Sunday, pastordan, affiliated with the UCC (United Church of Christ), shares an online sermon with kossacks.

Brothers and Sisters
- another Sunday diary by pastordan, this one features reflections about people and events that Dan would like the community to focus prayers, meditations, or just a few thoughts about.

Saturday Morning Garden Blogging
- Frankenoid hosts this gardening series for those of us with green and not-so-green thumbs. After a week of political insanity, it's nice to take a gardening break.

Poetry Mondays
- join Steven D for his Monday am and pm installments featuring various poets.

Good Environmental News of the Week
- Scott in NAZ posts this weekly compilation of important environmental news each Monday.

Sunday Griot
- Our Man in Redmond presents fables and stories that are ever relevant to our daily lives.

LGBT News Roundup
- for the latest news from the lesbian, gay, bi, and transsexual communities, you need to follow pamindurham's weekly diaries.

Most Recommended Diaries, Front Page Impact
- jotter produces a list of the most recommended and presents the statistical impact of the front page posts every Sunday for your reading enjoyment.

Friday Catblogging
- presented by various kossacks. Watch the diaries list.

The Daily Pulse
- dhonig posts this each Tuesday: it "randomly captures editorials, columns, and letters from local newspapers around the country, in an attempt to get the "daily pulse" of the nation, to find what people are really talking about or motivated by, rather than what we see in the more national media."

Weekly Book Diary
- JLongs posts this diary each Saturday to promote discussion about various books.

Irregularly Scheduled Diaries

- Jeffrey Feldman takes on the task outlined by writer and professor of linguistics, George Lakoff, to improve the effectiveness of political speech.

Confessions of a Former Dittohead
- advisorjim has left the Dark Side(tm) and has become a progressive. He shares his experiences and views about this journey in this prolific series.

Nerd News Network
- SeattleLiberal highlights the week's science diaries on a frequent basis through this series.

Fuel for Thought
- lilithvf1998 posts a semi-regular energy roundup series which is indeed fuel for thought.

- long a standard at Daily Kos by various diarists, pastordan has hosted the latest WYFP? (What's Your F*cking Problem?) diaries. Great place to vent!

Dollar Dump Series
- LondonYank has provided ongoing analysis on the US dollar.

- check out Stirling Newberry's economic analysis as well.

- teacherken provides his invaluable insight into education issues in America.

Torture/Military Abuse/Human Rights
- SusanHu has dedicated herself to exposing kossacks to perpetuation of human rights abuses.

- various kossacks have written Goodbye Cruel World (GBCW) or Goodbye Cruel Kos (GCK) diaries as they have chosen to leave the site. Some are touching. Others...are not. The linked list needs updating.

Past Series

WA Gov Race
- Carla covered the controversial governor's race in Washington state.

WA Gov Race
- N in Seattle also contributed a number of diaries on the Washington State nail biter.

This Week in Fascism
- Tomtech outlined various stories and diaries relating to the right-wing's slide into what he terms 'fascism'.

- tunesmith took on this topic of major importance.

Peak Oil
- lawnorder has devoted several diaries to the topic of the world's oil supply and its effects.

War on Drugs
- nephalim provided dKos with info on the history of the war on drugs.

Action Digest
- Kossack shetquaker listed action items daily for our attention.

Diaries by Category

Kossack anonymous coward 8 has developed a categorization system which appears in dKosopedia. You can search for diaries by topic or add yours to the listings.


If you'd like to add a regular feature or important diary series to this list, let me know and I'll edit as they're received. I know that some kossacks also have specific interests which they cover in depth through numerous diaries. This is your opportunity to showcase your diaries as well. Please share your links in the comments. Please forgive me if I've overlooked your contribution.

We are very fortunate to have such dedicated people within our midst. Thanks to all of you for making Daily Kos an excellent source of information for all who visit and for those of us who call this place home.

Originally posted to catnip on Thu Jun 02, 2005 at 11:37 AM PDT.


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