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C'mon, let's go skinny-dipping in the hot tub (more below the fold).

Had I known 2 months ago what I know now about how exposed to scrutiny one is on dKos, I would probably have refused to join- both on general libertarian principles, and out of fear.

In a nutshell, every Comment and Diary you've ever written and every Rating you've ever given is available to anyone who cares and knows how to look.

Let me start by saying I'm no one special.  I joined in early April, my user ID is 49281.  I'm not a (T)rusted (U)ser and have no special powers and abilities at all, unless you count posting Diaries.

Jonn Jonzz- It must be hard being the only member of the League without superpowers.
Batman- Don't need 'em.
User ID

User ID, what the heck is that and how do I find out what mine is.  Read that in a post by someone with a UID (User ID, get it?) in the low 3000s, so don't feel bad if you don't know.  Your UID is simply a number assigned to you when you register at dKos.  Kos himself has the UID of 3, any number lower than that is likely one of the programmers who set up the site.

UIDs are an easy, but sometimes deceptive, barometer of how experienced other users are relative to you.  If you have a number higher than mine, I'll naturally assume that you are less experienced than I (have you ever been experienced?  Well I have).

Lower numbers on the other hand, do not directly correlate with experience.  Some people have lives (not me though).  That said, the lower the number, the more likely it is that the head you're thinking of messing with has mojo.  More about mojo later.

So how do you find someone's UID?  Simply hover over the poster's name at the bottom of any Comment and it will magically appear in your Status Bar [UPDATE 7/30/05] (grey line, bottom of window) (What?  Not using Firefox?  Get Firefox here.).


So now we've both taken off our shoes in this little game of strip tease.  I think your feet are sexy and want to know more about you.  How do I find out?

There are other ways to do this but I think the easiest way is simply to click on your name, either in the byline of a Diary or in any Comment (Note- the UID Hover thing only works on Comments).

If for instance you click on my name you will come to ek hornbeck's page.  I know you just tried it and I've got to admit- I'm boring.  Just the 2 Diaries before this one.

Ohh look at all the pretty tabs.  Smack.  Hands off my tabs, I need a little foreplay.

Let's just concentrate on Diaries for the moment.  In this display you get the Title and the Above the Fold (Summary) for the 12 most recent Diaries.  And a handy little button on the bottom right that says 'next 12'.

So this really is ek hornbeck's page.  With a little time and effort (and the right types of Diaries) I could make it look like the front page.  Have I mentioned yet how lazy I am?

Besides, I want to know all about you.  There's a much better view for that.

To get to it I 'swipe' your name.  I hold down the left button and wave my mouse over your name to highlight it.  Then I do a Control-Insert (insert insert insert your favorite 'Copy to Clipboard' command here) and back out to the Front Page.

Down at the bottom of the Recent Diaries list is a box with 'Search Diaries' in it.  Swipe the box and then Shift-Insert (insert insert insert your favorite 'Paste from Clipboard' command here).  Push the 'Go' button.

Ahh.  Much Better.

Thirty Titles for one.  Dates and number of Comments.  Ohhh Naughty!  Now get your eyes up and look at the top.

The first drop down you see is Find, which is good because it is the one we are mostly going to use.

Now even though Your Name Is HERE, we are not yet totally focused on you. These Diaries are only the Dairies that dare to take your name in vain.  This is not always a bad thing, but it is a topic for another day.  To get directly to the Diaries by you I go to the Find drop down and choose 'Diaries by', and set my Results to 50, and hit 'Search'.  Don't worry about those other buttons, let me take care of them for you.  Now let's put our shirts on the bed.

The first thing I like to do when I'm staring at somebody's naked diaries is look right at the titles, dates, and number of comments.  If you have an obsession, it kind of pops right out.  I'm kind of obsessed by MetaKos, but I don't exactly have a 50 diary track record.

I could view your summaries, but that just takes you back to that cluttered ek's page view of things.  I like diaries.  I like to put my head right in them and shake.

Now I know you're thinking I prefer big, voluptuous diaries; but actually they're kind of a pain in the ass.  They just take too damn long to read.  I'll usually start with one or two in the 10 to 50 comment range just to get warmed up.  Then I'll read your most commented on one (sniff, you must be very proud).  I'll even read some squibs (why did you think anyone wanted to hear about the Downing Street Minutes?).


Is it getting warm in here?

Baby, I just can't get enough of you.  I'm fascinated by your every word.  I want to follow you around and see if you work and play well with others, whether you're good parenting material.  Time to look at your 'Comments'.

Go back to the Find drop down and choose 'Comments by' and hit search.  Ohh, yeah baby.  That belt buckle was digging into me anyway.

[UPDATE 7/21/05] I'm sorry, we seem to have lost a few buttons.  Let me get out my sewing kit.

After a period of time (which varies, but is the same for everyone) your comments are archived.  If I am interested in your recent history (or I'm just not that into you), I'll settle for the last month or two.  OTOH I can also look at your baby pictures- before I hit that 'Search' button I can check the 'Search' box on the 'Containing:' line that has your name on it.

It really says 'Search Archive' and it gives me access to your permanent record at Hogwarts.  You really look cute on that rug.  [END UPDATE].

Here's where setting results to 50 really pays off.  At the moment I have 342 comments (gee, guess I'm not really as obnoxious as I think I am.  Gotta fix that.).  You find this little fact out by wailing on the 'Next Page' button until you can't go any farther.  It's OK, you want to read back to front anyway.

YOUR FIRST COMMENT EVER is at the bottom of the page.  I hope it was as brilliant and witty as you remember.

Mine was very short here.

If all you did was click through on the link, you got a pretty good example of what happens if you just click on the Comment Title, i.e. no context at all.  The way to analyze someone's Comments is to read the Diary they were posted in like so.  Get a grip on the flow of discussion and then go back and look at the comments in time context, click them from bottom to top.

I know you're all looking- so to test your ability to get inside my head, I'll give you the lowdown as best I remember.  Got my account the day before, reading as usual until this guy issues a call to action.  Great, I like calls to action.  I click his link, post my e-mail, zip back to dKos and decide to use my newfound power (Bwahhahaha) to let him know I did it.

Looking back up the thread after checking my post I find this person's lack of faith disturbing.  So I let them know that here.  They pitied me, poor newbie, and gave me the dignity of a reply.  My first REPLY!  Must prove intellectual superiority, woof, woof; which I did here.  And just to prove I was a better Kossack than anyone else I went here, fired off my e-mails, slapped myself on the back here, and walked off into the sunset like the smug thug I was.  But I'm much better now.

I said this was about getting naked, I didn't say it would be pretty.


So let's strip off the last shreds of our dignity.  Tell me what you really think.

In capsule form 'Ratings' are the self-policing mechanism of dKos.

  • The stick- if you are abusive, or a bully or a stalker, people will notice this about you and start giving you bad ratings, bad mojo (see, I told you we'd cover mojo).
  • The carrot- if you are informative, or funny, popular, or prolific; people will give you good ratings, good mojo.
The kicker is that anyone can do it (Rate that is, what were you thinking).

The physical mechanism is outlined in these 2 posts here and here.  Don't worry about deconstructing it, I'll summarize-

  • Read the diary AND the comments, if you 'Reply' to ANY comments or the diary WHILE you are rating you lose all the ratings on that thread.
  • The act of 'Rating' is to select a choice from the drop down box next to the 'Reply' button.
  • When you are finished with your ratings hit any 'Rate All' button.

Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.  Care for a smoke?

Let's think about what we just did for a moment, birds and bees stuff.  Without giving a chance for a response we passed judgement.  Even when I tell you how to find out who's rated you (hold on a minute, it's coming), you'll never, ever know why unless they've posted a comment.

My policy is- No Ratings without a Comment.  Sorry if that junks up the site for you; but I just think if I liked it enough to Rate it, you also deserve an 'attaboy' or (lucky you) some personal snark.  Others disagree.  Strongly.

Let's take a break to talk about what the Rating numbers/labels mean. Your choices are-

  1. Unproductive
  2. Marginal
  3. Good
  4. Excellent
Most comments never get a Rating or a Reply.  Some people, good people, on dKos think they mean exactly what they say and will rate my very best Harry Potter joke 'Marginal' simply because they have no sense of humor.  Or they think J.K. Rowling is the Antichrist, whatever.  I'll teach you how to tell who they are; remember- they're good people.

Actually there are only 3 ratings- Excellent, Ignore, and Troll.

Ignore is the middle rating, most comments get no Replies and no Rating.  Hey, not all of my Harry Potter jokes are gems; but if they didn't offend you and didn't engage you, it's all part of the background noise.

Excellent is self-explanatory.  A++ for your witty comment Mr. Wilde.  As I said, I usually essay a riposte, others have more humility than I do.

Troll, well that's simply the lowest rating you can give.  'Unproductive' for regular users like me.  'Zero' for TUs.  If you are a regular user, you will never be able to see the handle of the TU that gave you a 'Zero' (get over it).  Get enough Troll Ratings and the Site Administrator (and there is more than 1 at all times) will evaluate your post.  They will want to know all about you even more urgently than I do.  And I hate to admit it, but they have better tools than I do too.

But I do not despair; my offensive Harry Potter joke is not yet gone.  More than one person must be offended, and in the mean time other readers get a chance to see my joke and decide it's not so bad.  Even after my joke is gone, if enough TUs (who can see hidden things) decide it's really not that offensive and Rate it up- hey, I'm back on the charts.

What is offensive?  For me it would be if I decided you are abusive, or a bully, or a stalker.  dKos suggests these guidelines here.

Alas, Harry was too offensive.  Next time I'll know better than to tell jokes about basilisks.  He and all his replies, disappear.  Did you see it?  I swear I've lost a recipe or two along the road.

And if I'm naughty enough (and I'm a very, very naughty boy), I'll get banned; but not before my MRI and CAT scan by the Site Administrators (did I mention they have better tools?).

[UPDATE 7/21/05] Don't be so sure you know who is an SA.  Many, but not all, Front Pagers have SA status.  Some former FPs are still SAs, other SAs are people you've never heard of.  Their special power is that they can make Diaries and Comments disappear instantly (as outlined above TU and RU troll ratings sink you gradually with peer review, and they only effect Comments).

Proper Diary behavior is a different topic with many nuances.  If you took the time to post one, I think you'd notice if it were suddenly missing.  Maybe not a Comment, but a Diary yes.  If that has happened or you are unable to log on as your MetaKos self, perhaps something serious is going on.  I would investigate (even non-RUs have access to most of the search tools) so I could determine whether it was a technical problem or not.

I've never had any of these problems.  If it was a missing Comment I might spend some time examining the thread for clues about how I screwed up.  If it was a Diary or I was banned the only court of appeal is Kos himself here.  I would approach the 'Great and Powerful Kos' with respect, ask for justice, and offer friendship.  I hope he has help to screen his e-mail.  [END UPDATE].

So that's how Ratings are supposed to work.  There are those who suggest (shudder) that cliques are developing.  I say this is not surprising in a community of 50,000.  They gang up on people who's opinions differ from theirs and 'troll rate them to oblivion'.

Umm...  So what exactly is oblivion?

Regular User status, just like me.

The only things you get from (T)rusted (U)ser status (as far as I can tell) are-

  • the ability to see hidden (Troll Rated) comments,
  • the ability to Troll Rate Regular Users invisibly,
  • AND the ability to see which TU Troll Rated you!

So Ratings Wars are really all about who's a TU, and who's not.  Remember that.

I have the tools of a Regular User, but it ain't the meat- it's the motion.

You do have my comments page up, don't you?  This works for me.  Does it work for you?  If not, go back to the top and follow along again.

I have had comments Rated.  You can tell that they are rated by looking in the brackets next to the comment title.  'None' doesn't mean no one has rated my comment, it means that less than two people have rated my comment.  If it is a number, the number is the average rating.  Next to it is the Number of people who have Rated me.  Until today my highest rated Comment was this one.  If you clicked through on that link, you can check out exactly who rated me by clicking on the link next to my Comment Title.  If instead you're still working from my "Front Page/End of Recent Diaries/Search Diaries 'ek hornbeck'/Go/Find: Comments by" page, you can just click the link next to my Comment Title.  [Note- 7/21/05 And if you can't see it now, you have to find that pesky 'Search Archive' button.]

Symmetry, gotta love it.

So that's what people think about me.  And I know what they think about you too.

But I want to know what you think, don't you want to know what I think?

Got to go back to my page for that.

My Tabs

I told you I'd let you touch my tabs when the time was right.  Sometimes, if you're especially slippery and hard to pin down, this is the only way for me to get close to you.  Find my name anywhere, Diary/Comment, doesn't matter; and click through.

Welcome to ek hornbeck's page.

My Diaries have no allure for you; you've already read them.  Click on my Comments Tab and you see- my Comments, you expected something else?  Ahh, but when you click on my Ratings Tab, you see, my Ratings.

Yup, this is how I've rated people in the great mojo war for TU status.

Don't be scared off by all the '[Hidden Comment]'s.  These are only the Comments that I have Rated, but nobody else has- yet.  You can check it out here.  Stop being so paranoid.  I've never given out a one, but you know why I would- 'abusive, bully, stalker'.  Is there any part of that you don't understand?

But it's all about you, how do you 'Rate' people?  When I look at the Diary (embedded in your rating), and read the Comment you have rated (also embedded) in context (takes a little personal effort on my part), well perhaps I can get into your head.

[UPDATE 7/21/05] Like many things your Ratings may be more effervescent than I thought.  Still I've often lost things (like buttons) only to later find them at awkward moments (I'm almost sure that came off my shirt darling).  Mine start at 5/21/05, which would be about right, but there are only 62 of them and I'm almost certain I've been way more obnoxious than that.  [END UPDATE].
I said I'd tell you how to tell the real Trolls from the simply oblivious.  If you really, really hate Harry Potter and everything about him and have consistent history (you do realize that this is more permanent than your Permanent Record at Hogwarts, don't you?) of objecting to everything Harry stands for- you are not a Troll in my book.  You are entitled to your opinion, even if you give me a One.  I would prefer you engage me in a battle of wits, but perhaps you are unarmed.  If you give me a Zero I'll never know who you are or what your motives are (unless I suddenly attain my own TU status- Pffft.)

Likewise, if I see you giving out 2s and 3s I'll put you down as a mere 'Literalist'.  I am not as funny as I think.  Be warned, other people may take offense.

But if instead I see you doling out the Trolls to anyone who dares question you rather than responding with reasoned argument, I might just think you're abusive.  Certain ways of speaking are abusive too, racism and sexism are universally frowned on at dKos; I have a personal distaste for people WHO ALWAYS TALK IN CAPS!

I have seen people take a first diary by a new user, bad mouth the poster, and by Replying to themselves put any meaningful discussion so far down below the fold you'll burn out your scroll wheel getting to it.  That is bully behavior and it becomes you no more than it does John Bolton.

And if I find you have a beef with a particular poster and follow them from thread to thread, diary to diary, well that would make you a stalker in my book.  I'm very careful with this label though- I have frequently corresponded with 'pyrrho' and we often disagree.  It would be easy to interpret this as stalking, but the real explanation is that when I see that handle in a diary or a post I pay attention.  Often the topic is one of those I find personally interesting like philosophy, or history, or MetaKos.  And don't waste any sympathy on 'pyrrho', who has the tools to defeat me in a battle of any type- wits, MetaKos, whatever.

The Big Wind Up

So now we're all naked together.  I don't have six pack abs, but neither do you.  My sainted Aunty Mame says this is the reason for dimmer switches and blankets.

Any writing, any real writing, reveals your soul in fundamental ways.  That's why I hate it and avoid it when I can.

Your writing at dKos has 2 additional qualities, permanence and accessibility.

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien- Piaf

Originally posted to The Stars Hollow Gazette on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 06:39 PM PDT.


For the modest.

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Comment Preferences

  •  Vent Hole. (4.00)
    No longer exclusive on Soapblox, 'Naked dKos w/ Poll!' takes the world by storm- Blue Meanies abandon Pepperland forever!

    I wish people would remember how exposed they are.  I think it would make them more polite.

    You may have a different opinion, I'd love to discuss it.  If you don't want me to know who you are but are not a trusted user (or are afraid that I am), vote in the poll.

    I think the highest praise is a comment.  Many of mine take hours of research to write.  The least of them takes 2 minutes to conceive, type, and (hopefully) spell check.  I still believe in personal snark, if you haven't gotten yours today- wait for it.

    •  don't let it get to you (none)
      1. TU status comes and goes.  I have a low number, I've had TU status a few times, I don't have it now, it's nothing special.  You tend to get it if you post several high rated comments within a few days of each other and it goes away all by itself if you don't post anything for a while, or if you get downrated.  Also, TU's can zero-rate each other.

      2. Having a low number is no big deal either.  It just means you were around when the site switched over from the old software (Movable Type) to the current software (Scoop).  There were lots of users then (not as many as now, but still lots) and as with any big community, some of them were pretty lame and still are.  So, just as with all the rest of the users, some low-numbered users write excellent stuff, some write crap, and most (probably including me) are in the middle somewhere.

      3. There's been an unwritten policy to not downrate a comment and also reply to it.  If you want to take issue with something, replying is fine; or if the comment's poor quality is obvious, downrating without a reply is fine; but downrating and replying is considered rubbing it in.

      4. You can see anyone's recent past diaries by looking at their user page and clicking the diaries tab, or by looking at the subdomain that the site automatically creates.  For example, you can see my diaries at - that might not work for users like you who have spaces in your usernames.

      5. Comments (and maybe diaries) older than a couple of months are not visible as far as I can tell.  This is somewhat annoying since I'd like to be able to find my own old comments for reference in writing about things that interest me, and sometimes the ones I'm looking for have vanished.

      6. You get to be a popular diarist or commenter by posting lots of diaries or comments of high quality.  It's just like anything else.  However, it's best to not get obsessed with any type of pecking orders among the users.  A few are afflicted by that but I think not all that many.
      •  I do not now... (none)
        nor have I ever aspired to TU.

        I respectfully disagree with point 3.  If I'm going to down rate you I'll let you know why.

        Point 4. usually works for me.

        Point 5.  Use the 'Search Archives' button that I outline in my [UPDATE]s.  I thought the same at one point, look at my SoapBlox Diary Comments.

        Point 6.  'It's just like anything else.'  The dKos community is like any community.  That's what makes it interesting to study.

        •  Searching archive (none)
          Good diary.

          It reminded me of the archive and lead to me searching my own comments around election day.  I just spent an hour or so reading diaries from Sept, Oct, and Nov.    Kind of interesting comparing the mindsets back then with the mindsets now.  

          Human rights will soon go 'way. I am now your Shah today. Now I command all of you. Now you're going to pray in school. I'll make sure they're Christian too.

          by tlh lib on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 08:40:18 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

    •  Very funny diary. Thanks. (none)
      I could have really used this info a few months ago. My Husband could still use it but would need me to coach him on the computer part of it anyway. so I will remain his half competent techie.
      BTW I am a trusted user now. But I didn't find out till very recently when I noticed I now have a "0" option when rating. I've only used it once.
      I try to avoid rating comments low unless they are WAY obnoxious. :)  Also - you can loose your TU status if you piss off enough people. So one can slip up and down the TU slope. so to speak. Ooooh. Kinky.
      •  Long ago... (none)
        in the fires of Orodruin five Ratings were forged.  They gave those that bore them many powers, but also many burdens.

        I wish you luck with yours.  Myself, I'm a veteran of a thousand psychic wars (Blue Oyster Cult).  I don't volunteer anymore, Sarge has to kick me in the ass.

  •  This can't be good for your mental health (4.00)
    You should try to get out of the house.
    Find a woman, have sex.  
    You'll probably feel better about yourself.
  •  We always can use (4.00)
    a round of constructive advice on diaries and comments. Well written.
  •  Hilarious (none)
    I think this diary is absolutely hilarious. You have certainly studied the mechanics of this site in great depth. You are right that the only difference between "TU" and "U" status is the ability to read hidden comments and troll rate, neither of which I have ever done. However, it's an "ego think," LOL.
    •  I glad... (none)
      when someone laughs at my little trifles besides me.  I like to think I'm funny, but I'm not as funny as I think.
      •  ack! (none)
        you left me on a Mobius strip of mental gymnastics there; are you saying that you think that you are not as funny as you think you are? Ow, my brain hurts.

        Thanks for the witty trip through the kos fantastik. Well met, sir. Oh, and judging by your UID and your tales of brave Ulysses/pie wars etc., sounds like you've missed out on other fun purges, including e.g. the SYFPH wars (check the archives).

        Bookmarked. Awaiting your next chapter.

        There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. --Benjamin Disraeli, cited by Mark Twain

        by sheba on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 08:27:51 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  SYFPH flashback (4.00)
          This diary inspired me to search the archive and look at some of the diaries I commented on around election day.

          Ironically, one of them was (IIRC) the flame that lit the fuse in the SYFPH firestorm.  Here's the link.

          Human rights will soon go 'way. I am now your Shah today. Now I command all of you. Now you're going to pray in school. I'll make sure they're Christian too.

          by tlh lib on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 08:40:28 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  Thanks Peabody (none)
            ...for the link to the trip with your boy, Sherman, in the Wayback Machine. Ah, Memories...Light The Corners Of My Mind....

            Oh, and if I just made that d*mned song get stuck in your head, if it's any consolation it's now stuck in my head too. Dambit.

            There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. --Benjamin Disraeli, cited by Mark Twain

            by sheba on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 08:49:10 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

        •  Well... (none)
          Let's deconstruct.

          "I think I'm funny".  I think life is funny and some times I tell people why and they laugh.  Heck, I even laugh.

          "I am not as funny as I think I am".  I think life is funny and some times I tell people why and they don't understand.

          My bad, a failure to communicate.

  •  asdf (none)
    Might actually try what you've listed in the diary, if I ever get that bored!

    "Free speech is not to be regulated like diseased cattle and impure butter." William O. Douglas.

    by Street Kid on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 07:13:53 PM PDT

  •  Oy, That Was Painful. (none)
    I should have quit reading it (seems to be geared towards newbies), but it seemed too sinister to quit reading.  Little did I know the victim would be us ;)
  •  reccommended (none)
    gets to the heart of a FAQ without appearing to be trying to get there. well-done..

    crimson gates reek with meat and wine/while on the streets, bones of the frozen dead -du fu (712-770)

    by wu ming on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 07:23:23 PM PDT

  •  Priceless (none)
    Ohh look at all the pretty tabs.  Smack.  Hands off my tabs, I need a little foreplay.

    Q. Yes. Is there any idea how long a 'last throe' lasts for? - Terry Moran, ABC

    by acuppajo on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 07:51:07 PM PDT

  •  Very funny.. (none)
    naked indeed.
  •  too boggled to bother to read all this (none)
    but clearly you have thought much, much too hard about this. :-)
    •  Read it again later. (none)
      The Comment on your Comment Page (later any Search/Find: Comments by/Containing Elizabeth D/Search Archives ON/Search) will link you forever to me.

      (actually this is easier than the one in the piece, but what do you think I've been doing the last 2 months).

  •  hey, I laughed (none)
    Does that mean I have a low-octane sense of humor?

    Well researched, orgyman!

    •  No. (none)
      It means I have low octane sense of delivery.

      I was going to do a Bob Newhart joke when I realized I had a Bob Newhart story- here it is.

      In college I knew a guy who had been institutionalized.  Eventually I worked up the courage to ask him, "Err, why did they decide you were crazy?"

      "The last time I had an issue with clothes so I took them all off and stood in the middle of the road."

      You can't make this stuff up, you have to live it.

  •  One thing though (none)
    if you are a prolific diarist... you eventually have diary entries that you can't get to form your page via the "next 12" buttons. I have a whole raft of diaries for instance (and I am far form the most prolific diarist here) from more than a year ago, I can only get to through searches.


    Mitch Gore

    Nobody will change America for you, you have to work to make it happen

    by Lestatdelc on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 08:57:12 PM PDT

    •  Maybe CSS... (none)
      will allow this to be user definable.  The ability to make ek hornbeck's page closely resemble the Front Page (except of course it's all about me) is an essential feature of 'Super dKos'- a world of 7 million members where Diaries you spent hours on scroll off in 5 minutes.

      All right, this a hugely extreme form of future Diary whoring because I'm not a 10th of the way done with it, but welcome to the brave new world.

  •  asdf (none)
    so I can "index" this diary and refer to it later.
  •  FAQ (none)
    Someone should add a link to this on the FAQ, which is on the dKosopedia so anyone with an account over there can edit it.
  •  heh (4.00)

    Q. Yes. Is there any idea how long a 'last throe' lasts for? - Terry Moran, ABC

    by acuppajo on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 09:36:05 PM PDT

  •  Geez (none)
    After that whole thing, can't we just cut to the loofah or falafel or whatever?

    This aggression will not stand, man.

    by kaleidescope on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 09:40:27 PM PDT

  •  Nicely done. (none)
    'N that 8-ball thingie looks nifty too.

    It's the Neo-conjob, stupid.

    by nargel on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 09:55:52 PM PDT

  •  I searched like you said and ... (none)
    there's six other Diaries like this !! ;-)
  •  Information as a tool (none)
      You're too funny for self deprecation but somehow I feel you can't do without it.

      You revealed some good trails.

      Never for a moment have I not realized there is a permanance to this, a searchable permanence, even if someone had to rub two stick awful damn fast to generate enough electricity to do it.

      There is also the illusion to permanance: most of what you say will be on no value to anyone. Looking at the history of what survives, just phrases, one can realize the sedimentary crush of time. Permanence and relevance form part of the boundaries here, both intended and unintended as they may be.

      Besides, if you write, you want eyes...there's no one holding a gun to your head, no thugs with .45s at the door. Just you and hopefully an audience and your words are the bridge.

      On the other hand, don't stand so close to me. Smartasses always need a little more territory. My vote is for the other side; those sonofabitches have to read my stuff: it's a captive audience, as you've discovered and you can poke those eyes all sorts of ways.  

  •  Interesting and nicely done. (4.00)
    I've managed to "achieve" TU status, mostly by collected hardly-earned 4s by posting silly comments in Cheers and Jeers, where the 4s fly thick and fast.  (Complaint?  Not at all.  It's the way C&J works, and I personally like the Friday silliness.  Refreshing after a week of howling and frothing at the screen over Boltongate, Rovegate, Fristgate, Stoopidgate, and everything else we howl and froth about over here.)

    My first-ever rating was a "1."  I didn't understand how the ratings worked, and worse, I misinterpreted the person's post.  He gently and politely corrected me, I changed the rating to a 4, apologized, and set about figuring out what the ratings mean and don't mean on a practical basis.  After a bit of observation, I came to some tentative conclusions and habits.

    Ratings don't mean too much, but they have more meaning than the system used by Delphi Forums and other message boards using that particular software.  As I see them used, 4s are usually the equivalent of an "Attaboy!" or a "Yes, I agree," or "Well written post."  Sometimes I comment on a 4, sometimes not.  I'm pretty free with the 4s.  They don't cost nuthin, help boost someone's mojo, and, as I stated, are the virtual equivalent of a pat on the back or a me-too comment.  As a rule I don't rate comments that I disagree with.  I can disagree without downrating someone, and there's no reason to take a ratings slap at someone just because they don't think the same way about something that I do.  3s and, more rarely, 2s I give to people who are being nasty about something.  It's more of a chastisement about the way someone is presenting their arguments rather than a disagreement with the argument themselves.  I can't remember the name of the last person I bequeathed a 2 on, and wouldn't give his/her name out anyway, but the person was coming off as extremely arrogant and self-righteous in his arguments.  So a 2, and sometimes a 3, for me is more of a commentary on style and presentation rather than content.  I'll defend to the death your right to disagree, but I'll call you on being an asshole about it.

    1s and 0s I save for Free Republic trolls starting flame wars and the like.  So far in my limited experience on DK I haven't found any.  I'm sure they're out there and cheerfully calling us Saddam-loving ass clowns, but I haven't seen them.

    I have found that in some instances, little bands of DK brethren get together and hammer someone with poor ratings for whatever reason.  It's rare, but I've seen it, and I'm sure the vets around here have seen it a lot more often than I have.  That's childish and ridiculous no matter what the person is posting.  I won't do it, and I won't involve myself with those who do.

    Basically, DK is a benevolent autocracy, with the power to ban and delete reserved for a chosen few who seem to wield their awesome power :-) with care, restraint, and discretion.  Perhaps there's more going on under the surface than I see, and by inference there must be, because this place could have turned into the same kind of free-for-all name-calling flame pit that so many other political discussion boards have sunk into.  It hasn't.  I'm not sure why, but I get the feeling that the GOP trolls and the small but vocal coterie of asinine liberals who would rather comment on the size of one's dick than argue a point get deleted and banned post haste.  

    Suits me fine.  I come here for information, commentary, discussion, restrained argument, and enlightenment.  I've seen blogs and forums turn into a hellpit of name-calling, stalking, and worse.  My wife and I were stalked for three years by some crazed person in Illinois who didn't like our politics, to the point where we were getting death threats and swastikas painted on our windows.  I won't deal with that any longer.  DK manages to steer clear of all of that, and as long as that continues, I'll continue to post here.

    This Far and No Further
    Tons of info and opinion on the right's attempted takeover of the USA

    by Black Max on Sat Jul 30, 2005 at 11:41:32 PM PDT

    •  My views on rating... (none)
      change, depending on how much snark factor I have going.

      Thank you for the comment.  It would have taken me an hour to write, but maybe you're a better typist and your ideas are more coherent than mine.

      Based on what you've written (and I don't put on my x-ray specs for most people, nor did I use them on you or anyone else in this post for that matter) I think you're doing a great job.  I hope you've found some information that can help you.

      grr... Ratings are very convenient, attractive the same way sex for cash is- no commitment.  Yet they are critically important for controlling content.

      The mojo economy is very complicated and while I has some insights there are none I'm prepared to defend in public- yet.

      The one thing I am sure of is this- it means a lot more to me that you took the time to post this than if you had given me a thousand 4s.

  •  Back at 47... (none)
    after a brief reprieve.

    This has been my most successful diary ever, at least in terms of response.  Some of you have raised issues that need further study, watch your hot list.

    If the topic interests you and you want to get my attention, you can always respond to this post (until the diary gets archived).

    In the Poll-

    • WTF 5 7%
    • Shut Up 0 0 (I accept your mandate)
    • Creepy 6 9%
    • Wasting my time 4 6%
    • Wasting your time 14 22%
    • Having Fun 11 17%
    • Learning 6 9%
    • FAQ 7 11%
    • Naked 8 12%
    • Other 2 3%

    Fair warning, I have an interest in how things work- expect more of the same.

    If you run across anyone who would benefit, please link.

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