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On Monday the 12th, I was contacted by Working Assets. They wanted to know if they could get permission to use my Norquist poster art on a billboard in the DC area.

[See update below for alternate version]

They have put this project on the front page of their website, and if any of you want to help make this happen, you can go there to contribute. There is an alternate layout of this design to fit a landscape aspect ratio, but the impact and the message is the same.

After we take care of the people who survived these dual catastrophes, this point needs to be hammered home with the American public... the second catastrophe, which was avoidable, is is the end result of what this administration is doing to our government... we can't let them get away with this.

The AMERICAN SHAME: The Edgar Hollingsworth Story diary by RobertInWisconsin is a stunning example of the callous disregard of the citizenry by the administration, you must read that.

When this billboard goes up, I hope to have some DC Kossacks get some photos for me...

You can get high-resolution PDF versions of this for your printing pleasure here and here.

Thanks for reading another literary masterpiece... I make better pictures than I do stories :-)

[Edited to fix a couple of omissions... hope it isn't too late. I forgot to thank *byfoot* for hosting the images and *daria g* for asking to see an image composed with that quote (she also wanted Mission Accomplished on there too, but I thought it was fine with just the Norquist quote) in that thread late, late, late one night :-)

Update [2005-9-15 16:3:10 by highacidity]: The point brought up by several commenters below about getting the word Republican in the poster is a good one... I have been told that the billboard has gone to press already. I don't see that as being a problem in that the DC audience this is intended for will have no problem knowing what we are talking about.

But for everyone printing and posting the print versions, I am offering this alternate version that looks like so:

The print versions are here:

Higher-resolution PDF

Lower-resolution PDF

Thanks for all the feedback.

Originally posted to highacidity on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 03:16 PM PDT.

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