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As world leaders gathered today for the World Summit and 60th Meeting of the General Assembly, we join the American President . . .

So who's the next gasbag we have to sit through?

Oh, shit, it's that frog, de Villepin.

Well, no sense in listening to his bullshit.  Time to find me some strange . . .

Nane Annan, wife of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, catches the eye of the American President as the First Lady believes, apparently, that she is getting instructions from the planet Remulak 9.

Damn, Bolton, you were right.  That Italian press attache is a stunner.  

Kiss me here and now, Georgie, or I'll tell Laura about us.

Bolton overhears and looks worried for his president.  He needs a plan . . .  

Your President wants to see me?

You breathe one word to Laura, and The 'Stash gets your job.  So sit back and relax.

No shit, Tony, old KGB man bugged his mike. She puckered up like this and said she'd rat him out to the librarian.

Damn, this guy's boring the cowshit outta me.  Maybe I ought'a sneak off and take Condi up on that offer . . .

John, I need a quick shag, er, conference with the secretary.  How do I get outta here for a few?  Oh, wait a minute.  I'll run the old "gotta go potty" ploy.  Just like at Harvard.

First, a note to Kofi.

Now, I'll raise my hand.  

Yes, President Bush.

Mr. Secretary, where's the Little President's Room?

Where is the American President?  Where?!

I know.

There he is!

But before de Villepin can even finish speaking . . .

Our Hero is back in his seat; a 60-Second Man if there ever was one.

Bush and Rice in the Dag Hammarskjöld Cloakroom.  Pass it on.

Silvio, mi amigo, mi amino, er--whatever--there's some bad-o shit-o going down.  If anyone asks, I was with you.

Rumour is, Jorge, that you didn't exactly get up to relieve the presidential bladder.

Yes, I did.

You are good Señor Jorge.  You are so very good.

You're better than Clinton, you old horndog, you.

Nails the Secretary of State at a U.N. World Summit.  Amigo, that's why he's the leader of the free world.

The End.

Originally posted to GOTV on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 08:10 PM PDT.


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