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I finally have a reason to write my first diary: I had weapons aimed at me tonight while Bush was driven up 8th Avenue.  What fucking country am I living in?  This never happened when Clinton visited in the 90's.  

Walking on 8th Avenue in Chelsea about 20 minutes ago, what I assumed was Bush's caravan of a few black SUV's with many police cars and big, black Secret Service-type vans with their side doors open.  At the open doors were men holding some sort of automatic rifles, AIMED RIGHT AT PEDESTRIANS who were innocently walking on the sidewalk.

I am 42 years old, I am a native New Yorker, and I have never in my life had any weapon of any sort pointed at me until this evening.  It was the most outrageous thing I've ever seen.  I was really scared and pissed off at the same time.

Did any other New Yorkers see this tonight?

I guess it's finally sunk in how much he's hated.    Or maybe he still needs that bathroom break and this is his way to use a restaurant toilet without having to be a customer.

Originally posted to Lucyeth on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 09:21 PM PDT.

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  •  "Bring it on (4.00)
    New Yorkers.All yer potties are ours!"

    what delusions of granduer.

  •  As my mother said recently (4.00)
    Nothing is more dangerous or less trustworthy than a man who is both angry and scared.

    Bush is angry and scared. Anyone who disagrees with him is an EVAL TERRIST OMG. As a result, the Secret Service must be completely paranoid by now. They used to be much more discreet.

    I don't know if I can wait for 2008. It's such a long time to put up with such a pathetic excuse for a leader.

    •  I don't know (4.00)
      if we're all gonna LIVE until 2008.

      Of science and the human heart, there is no limit. -- Bono

      by saucy monkey on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 09:22:26 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I feel you there... (4.00)
        I remember that after I had seen footage of people in the Convention Center begging for help, it dawned on me- that we're stuck with Bush for another 3+ years. It was at that exact moment that I felt dread for what was to come, disappointment for what had not been done (by the Feds), and truly ashamed of being an American.    
        •  I felt that same dread (4.00)
          The night he was re-elected.

          In the darkness, with a great bundle of grief, the people march -- Carl Sandburg

          by lesliet on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 10:09:30 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  I felt it the first time around. (4.00)
            I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  A sort of impending doom feeling...

            Now I think I know why.  This evil, maniacal madman is shameless, cold and calculating.

            Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.-Einstein

            by fooj on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 10:53:59 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

            •  Inauguration day... 2001... (none)
              felt like "the train was leaving the station" on it's way to the biggest train wreck in history.

              The most important thing about life is to stay amused by it.

              by Paulie200 on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 11:11:31 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

              •  Inauguration day in SF (2001) (none)
                In San Francisco, the skies were dark as it rained through most of the day. It was depressing.

                When Bush won in 2004, it was unbelievable and demoralizing to see him win a second term. At least I had the foresight to think about watching election results at the neighborhood pub. It helped take the edge off.  

  •  Bush disdains (4.00)
    New York City and New Yorkers...he's been standing on the 9/11 corpses for the past four years while Cheney et al have been busy looting the treasury. Bush is a sick and depraved and pathetic excuse for a human being. There is no circle of hell hot enough for him and his criminal cronies and family.

    It is time Christians were judged more by their likeness to Christ than their notions of Christ. -William Penn

    by chicagochristianleft on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 09:21:37 PM PDT

    •  I agree (none)
      But not only is he sick and depraved, he is a truly evil man.  Can you see humanity in his eyes at all?

      A Canadian in L.A.

      by Marlyn on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 10:14:26 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  How can we really (none)
        know if Bush is purposefully and cognizantly evil or if he is ignorant? Is it a combination?

        It certainly seems like the Bush/Cheney adminstration is evil on purpose-it's so damned blatant and has made parody almost impossible!

        I'll tell you one thing, if Bush's goal was to make people fundamentalist Christians-he has succeeded with me!

        Before George Bush was president, I rarely, if ever, thought about radical evil and who was going to hell. I never responded to the parts of the Bible that talked about God punishing evil-doers. But George Bush made a fundamentalist out of me! Now, I fervently hoep and pray that God will intervene and punish evil-namely Bush and his cronies. I hope that there is a hell, in some way, shape or form, in which George Bush and all those who are responsible for the death, poverty and mayhem they have unleashed on this planet, will have to experience the pain they have caused. I need to believe there is some justice, some reckoning someplace, sometime...

        Not because I crave thr suffering of evil people, but because I will not believe in a God that lets innocent people suffer and die without demanding a reckoning and that those who have commited murder (however indirectly...Donald Rumsfeld...Condee Rice) will be forced to comprehend the full extent of their crimes against humanity and creation.

        It is time Christians were judged more by their likeness to Christ than their notions of Christ. -William Penn

        by chicagochristianleft on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 10:27:05 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  In Bush, (none)
          I see the equivalent of a scent-struck beagle: with lopey gait, vigilant tail and downturned nose,  he moves forward -- never looking up or around, never doubting for an instant the rightness of the move -- without thought of time or place, guided only by the surety of his own senses...sadly, like many a beagle, he is following an aroma which leads only to vast quantities of dog shit.

          It ain't braggin' if you really done it. -- Dizzy Dean

          by PBJ Diddy on Thu Sep 15, 2005 at 04:22:58 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

  •  on Park Avenue today (4.00)
    I didn't have any guns pointed at me, but man you sure get the feeling you don't want to try any funny stuff -- like flipping someone the bird or even yelling...

    I appreciate the need for security, but somehow when Clinton used to come to NYC (which was relatively often) it never seemed so harsh.

    Of course, since the hullaballoo involves all the U.N. folks, and since 9/11 changed everything, I suppose there are lots of different folks here with zero free speech tolerance.

    Loyalty comes from love of good government, not fear of a bad one. Hugo Black.

    by Pondite on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 09:23:36 PM PDT

  •  If true, secret service is over the line. (4.00)
    What needs to be answered is whether they are acting on their own or under direction.
    •  under direction (none)
      everybody obeys the king you know
      •  I dunno (none)
        If I was a Secret Service agent in the President's detail, I'd be pissing my pants right about now.  They've gotta know that with all the shit going down, people are REALLY pissed.

        I was just talking to my dad a couple hours ago, and he mentioned "with all the stuff that's happened, I'm amazed no-one has managed to get a shot off at him yet.  Lots of other presidents have been shot at for a lot less than this guy has done."

        The Secret Service is probably thinking the same thing.

        In a country of several hundred million people, when well over half of them are seriously upset with how the country is going, and emotions are riding extremely high at the moment, there have got to be a significant number of people talking to their hunting rifles and fantacising about being the one to rid the world of the AntiChrist.

  •  I bet if he were asked (4.00)
    Osama bin Laden would pay for W's security.

    by ctkeith on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 09:33:23 PM PDT

  •  I passed in front of the CNN Building once... (4.00)
    and a limo pulled up to drop off some VIP for their talking head appearance. Never did get a look at who it was. More impressive where the full body armor wearing body guards the poured out of the SUV behind the limo, all toting automatic weapons. guns were all aimed at the ground, and the sidewalk was blocked off while whoever it was made their way inside.

    it makes an impression, that's for sure.

  •  contact your local media (4.00)
    and see if you can get someone to run a story on it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. -MLK

    by JLFinch on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 09:52:55 PM PDT

  •  Are we sure they weren't Blackwater? (none)
    This administration has a history of supplementing their SS security with private contractors, including Vance Industries, and others, I think...
  •  If You Were 52 Years Old (none)
    or maybe 82 or 92 you'd have had a chance of experiencing loaded government weapons pointed at you. It hasn't been a daily norm, but hardly unprecedented over the past century & a half.

    On the other hand, we've got a greatly increased number of police these days who are trained and armed for quick, violent action.

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy....--ML King, "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 10:02:39 PM PDT

  •  wish someone (4.00)
    caught a picture of that
    •  How would they react to someone taking a photo? (4.00)
      Would that have been sufficient grounds to open fire?

      One wonders these days..

      •  don't be silly (none)
        Of course not. However, a person would have to be seriously ignorant to not make their every move very obvious when handling a camera near POTUS. Quickly whipping it out and holding it up (the camera, that is) could endanger oneself and those nearby. The security people have a job to do. They're human (read: fallible). There's no point in tempting the fates.

        Of course, i'm sure the method of assasination of Ahmed Shah Massoud on Sept. 10, 2001 was not lost on the SS. They probably don't let strangers get too close with videocameras.

        "What they found is a silver bullet in the form of a person."

        by subtropolis on Thu Sep 15, 2005 at 06:54:03 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

    •  What we need (none)
      are more local demonstrations, with our signs and with photographs taken by local press.  That message will get out.

      We're all in this together

      by JTML on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 10:55:32 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Also, encourage demonstrators (none)
        to bring cameras, and to use them.
        •  "encourage demonstrators?" (none)
          That's Yellow Elephant talk.

          Become one.



          •  OK, encourage our fellow demonstrators... (none)
            But I'm not going to be in every demonstration and protest.  The point is to get the word out to have cameras at the ready to document.
            •  I'm not going to be in every... (none)
              ...demonstration, either.

              As an impoverished Constitutionalist and a single parent, I couldn't possibly afford it.

              But 9/24 should be special, and anyone who can even consider it should pull out all the stops to get there.  And it ain't gonna be cheap to make that trek, with my daughter, all the way from Minnesota.

              But I've got a nose for these kinds of things - and I think this one will be important:  especially in light of the pathetic (and largely government-employee) turnout for Bush's 9/11 'Freedom Walk.'

              On a purely selfish note, think of this:  when you hear the stories by those folks who made it to Chicago, the Pentagon, or Woodstock, back in the sixties... what do you think?  Could be you, in thirty years.


    •  Compared to previous fascist takeovers, (4.00)
      we're much better off technologically this time around, in terms of gathering and distributing information.  How many people these days have cameras on their cellphones, even?

      Maybe nobody got a picture of it this time around, but I guarantee you, if enough other people were spooked by this, there'll be plenty more cameras being carried on-hand as time goes on.  And then it's mostly a matter of being sneaky when taking a picture at the right time.

      •  i'm sure this is a headache for them (none)
        In my post below i referred to the killing of Massoud in Afghanistan. Two men showed up to 'interview' him and detonated a bomb hidden in their camera. That sort of thing would be tricky, at best, to pull off against POTUS. But one has to wonder how the Secret Service feels about all of the arms sticking up out of crowds pointing cell phones. It must be a nightmare trying to spot which one is really a gun.

        I'd hate that job.

        "What they found is a silver bullet in the form of a person."

        by subtropolis on Thu Sep 15, 2005 at 07:01:19 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  and DON"T BE SNEAKY! (4.00)
        Damnit, that's what get's people hurt. If you want a pic of da Prez, bring a proper camera and let the security see exactly what you're doing. Sneaky will get you (or possibly others) hurt. One probably wouldn't be shot if in a crowd, but it would be stupid to take the chance.

        "What they found is a silver bullet in the form of a person."

        by subtropolis on Thu Sep 15, 2005 at 07:04:40 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  Original G(W) (4.00)
    Walking on 8th Avenue in Chelsea about 20 minutes ago, what I assumed was Bush's caravan of a few black SUV's with many police cars and big, black Secret Service-type vans with their side doors open.  At the open doors were men holding some sort of automatic rifles, AIMED RIGHT AT PEDESTRIANS who were innocently walking on the sidewalk.

    Are you sure it wasn't just some West Coast rapper visiting town? It can be hard to tell the difference sometimes (hint: If you can't understand a word they're saying, they're the President).
  •  No surprise (4.00)
    All tyrants fear their own people.

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