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If you live in California, it is your duty to help lance the boil that is Arnold Schwarzenegger from our statehouse on November 8, 2005!

In addition to precinct walking, and phone banking, both of which are actually lots of fun, please feel free to send the below blurb to everyone you know in California.

Howard Dean once said, "Voting gets you a "D", meaning it's the very least you can do to help save your state and your country. Like it or not, fair or not, waste-of-money or not, Arnold's Special Election is a fact and it's our job, as citizens of this great state, to just win it!


NIX the first SIX and VOTE YES on the REST!

That's all you have to remember when you go to the polls on November 8, 2005...

$ Unless you're happy with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's work, then you need not vote.

$ If you approve of Schwarzenegger's union-busting efforts against California teachers, nurses, firefighters and police officers then don't bother coming to the polls.

$ If you don't mind young women losing their right to privacy regarding medical decisions, you can stay home November 8th.

$ If you trust Schwartzenegger to use state funds, currently reserved for public schools, for whatever purposes he decides, then feel free to let this election slide.

$ If you don't care if the Republican Party redistricts our beautiful golden state just like they did in Texas (the great state that brought us George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and Tom DeLay) then have a nice lunch instead of going to the polls.

! But if you are sick and tired of the right wing assaulting every freedom, and hard won civil right you've always enjoyed, and you're fed up with crooked politicians doing the bidding of multi-national corporations instead of what's in the best interests of the people of California, (and the Nation) then you need to...


(Specifically that's NO on Propositions 73-78, and YES on 79 & 80)

(Note: if your county uses electronic voting machines (touchscreen) that do not produce a paper trail you should use an absentee ballot or ask for a paper ballot at the polls.

Go here for more info about that:

Other useful links:

Help the nurses, teachers, firefighters, and police kick Arnold's butt (help them get out the vote):

Find your local Dem Club, help walk precincts:

Read and distribute this excellent flier that explains each propsition:


Originally posted to EmilyD on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 10:55 AM PST.

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  •  Progressive Politics in California (none)
    The polls show Californians don't like the guv's "reform" propositions. Let's not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  I agree with you that everyone who cares about progressive politics in California should do all they can to nix the first six (Props 73-78).  You suggested some good steps to take.

    "If you compromise the truth, the whole system is lost." - Patrick Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney

    by Rona on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 11:16:54 AM PST

  •  gerrymandering (none)
    I haven't been following this closely at all (as I've moved out of state) but why in the world are people against Prop 76?  Just because its Arnold?  Just because the Dems might lose a few seats (but not their majority)?

    It seems to me that if you fought against redistricting in Texas and stood up for the legislators who fled the state, then you'd have to be a hypocrite to turn around and do the opposite when the ball is in your court.

    Partisan politics should not trump democracy in my book.  If you want politicians of any stripe to be held accountable to the will of the people, than they should have to prove themselves in office rather than be assured reelection due to demographic distortions.  

    "I believe that if you have a theory and the fact comes along that changes the theory, then you throw out the theory." - Howard Dean

    by Bryan in CT on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 12:10:38 PM PST

    •  It is actually 77 that (none)
      is the redistricting initiative.

      People are against Prop. 77 because it is a poorly worded plan.  While in general people support redistricting that does no result in gerrymandered districts, not all redistricting plans are real reform.  There are serious problems with this proposal.  

      First the panel is way too small, just three retired judges who are on average, rich, old, white men.  That is hardly representative of Californians.  They do not have to create competitive districts like the RON proposal.  They are explicitly prohibited from considering "communities of interest" while redistricting. This essentially eliminates any future challenges by community and minority groups seeking to retain voting power for their communities.  The biggest problem I have with the proposal is the way it is implimented.  When the judges select a map, it goes into effect, then the voters are called on to approve it.  First, why should Californians be dragged to the polls for another election to approve a map?  Secondly, if they want real community and voter input it should come during the mapping phase not approval.  Third, if the voters reject the plan, then a new set of judges are elected and the process starts again.  There is no out, unless the voters say yes the cycle continues.

      If you are looking to take your queues from how the non-partisan groups are endorsing keep this in mind, the League of Women Voters says no.  Common Cause said yes over the objections of their California organization, their board and many of their national staff.  They made the decision to endorse simply because they wanted a uniform platform across the country.  They are not putting any resources into California, whereas in OH they are fully enagaged.

      Visit the BetterCA community, log in and get blogging.

      by Alliance for a Better California on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 12:43:03 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Emily - you go!!! (none)
    Hey, we just got some great window signs over here in SF.  You fine people in the East Bay want some?

    Here's what they look like:

  •  YEAH!!! We Want Some (none)
    Can you get Eden to transport a few over here?

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