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I have never wanted to speak to Bill. I still don't. To be honest it isn't his politics that offends me because I don't care what his politics are. In fact, I'm not sure he cares, either, and that is what offends me about Bill. I'm not sure where Bill ends and the hype begins.  I'm not sure he wouldn't say anything to garner publicity, no matter who it hurt as long as it increased his ratings a little and made him a little richer.  And I guess he's really good at this publicity game because as much as I don't want to speak to him, I am now drawn to speak to him.

Bill, you greedy, soulless, pompous unchristian jackass; I think you may be an anti-Semitic racist, Bill. That's a terrible thing to imply about somebody but you don't leave me much choice. Bill, if you willingly lay down with dogs you willingly get up with fleas and if you willingly take a public position that brings skin head anti-Semitic neo-Nazi racists to their feet cheering, then you are a racists and an anti-Semite by choice. The skin heads know what you really mean when you say liberal, Bill. "Liberal" has been a code word for Jews long before Henry Ford first used it in an anti-Semitic tract back in the 1920's. And now you have tied "Liberal" and a war on Christmas together once again. It seems pretty obvious to the skin heads, Bill.

Okay, maybe you don't really mean this war on Christmas junk. Maybe you're just saying this to increase your ratings. But if you don't' want to be known as an anti-Semitic racist maybe you should remove your head from your rectum long enough to ask yourself what the hell you're doing garnering the support of people like that?  Bill, can you and the other ratings whores at Faux News ever make enough money to buy God's forgiveness for desecrating his son's birthday in this way?  I don't think so, and I'm an atheist.

Its one thing when Mattel uses Christmas to make a profit; at least a little kid gets a toy that makes him happy. But you guys at Faux News are selling pseudo-political swill to unhappy and angry people and you are just making those folks more unhappy and more angry. Don't you remember, Bill? The pursuit of money is the root of all evil? Or did you miss that part of Christian class?

Who is conducting this war on Christmas, Bill? Out of the 284 million Americans, who is conducting a war against the 217,872,000 Americans (76% of the population) who openly proclaim themselves to be Christians and who attend one of the 388,000 churches in America? You know, with numbers like that it really doesn't sound as if Christianity in America is in danger.  What do you think, Bill?  Maybe Jews are envious of your "Christmas Cards"?  If the yamika fits you must acquit, Bill.


Or maybe the threat against Christmas is from Muslims. They take the commandment "Thou shalt have no graven images" pretty seriously. Muslims have no images of God, and none of his great Prophet, and would certainly tolerate none of a minor Islamic prophet like Jesus. Maybe they are plotting to sneak into the hundreds of thousands of crèches in America and steal all the baby Jesus-eses.  But then a graven image pretty well describes you too, doesn't it. Bill. The cops could use it if Muslims ever decide to steal you. "Victim is a large headed graven image, last seen hiding up his own ass."

I think it may be the Mormons who are trying to steal the crèches. They collect baby Jesus-es like there is no tomorrow. There is a Church of the Latter Day Saints in Ann Arbor, Michigan that displays over 900 crèches. And one in Phoenix that has 1,000; Palo Alto, 500: Midway, Utah, 500. If they keep this up there won't be any crèches left for all the other Christians. And yet I haven't had any trouble finding a crèche in my neighborhood. I have to ask again, what war?  

Considering the joyless way you and the folks at Faux News have converted the birth of the Prince of Peace into a justification for yet another vicious, name calling, smear campaign, I think the greatest threat to Christmas is you, Bill. You and Faux News are trying to destroy Christmas.

Christmas is about joy, Bill. It's about sharing that joy with your fellow human beings. That's why we give gifts, in order to share the joy. And hopefully we can share that joy without first pounding our fellow human beings over the head with our personal theology. So you say "Happy Holidays", because it's polite, Bill. It shows respect to those people who don't share your theology. They know what you mean. They know you are celebrating Christmas, but showing them respect allows you to share your joy with them without slitting their throat first, which is the way Christians used to share their joy during the Crusades. But slowly, as human beings struggled to get closer to God, they realized that sharing you joy even with your worst enemy does not make you weaker. "Do unto others", is the way Jesus put it. (Mathew 7:120)  Anything that increases shared joy makes us all stronger. That's the point of Christianity and Christmas. And only a paranoid lunatic hate filled jackass would spread anger and fear at this particular time of year.

Ah, Bill, you stupid, pompous unchristian jackass. Its Christmas, Bill, for Christ's sake.  Share you joy, asshole. Share your frigging love for your fellow human being or shut the hell up.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Go screw yourself, O'Reilly.

Originally posted to KAMuston on Wed Dec 07, 2005 at 05:40 AM PST.

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  •  Who's Bill O'Reilly? (none)
    And why should I care?

    I hear all these people talking about him and what he says.

    I dont' give a skeit what he says, so I don't listen to him or hit his website or buy stuff from his advertisers.


    "There is a time for compromise, and it is called 'Later'!"

    by LeftyLimblog on Wed Dec 07, 2005 at 05:57:18 AM PST

  •  good rant! (none)
    Hope you sent it to him. I sent this e-mail a few days ago:

    Subject line: "Happy Holidays"

    This is nothing new or sinister.  Twenty years ago--twenty years--when I used to work in office jobs, I and all the people I worked with always bought cards that said "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" for the folks at work.  I bought religious-themed Christmas cards for closer friends and family.  

    This was for more than one reason.  I never met anyone who actually was "offended" by Christmas greetings, but several people whom I worked with in these large companies were either Jewish or Asians of a religion such as Buddhist.  These cards allowed us to wish everyone good wishes about all the holidays of the season.

    And this doesn't only include non-Christian holidays.  Think about it:  This is a multiholiday season for Christians--we celebrate, one right after another, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's!

    Stop being such a Grinch.  You're ruining our holiday season by turning it into an anger fest.  You're fomenting bad feelings among people of different races and beliefs and political groups.  I'm starting to think you enjoy stirring up trouble between people.  Real Christian Christmas spirit there.

    NOTE: Of course, I've noticed he's liked to stir up trouble for a long time, but it just seemed better not to sound like I've been a longtime O'Reilly hater.

    BTW, go to his website and freep his poll. He asks if you would shop at a store that greets you with Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, yes or no.

    •  Merry Chrismahanukwanzaka (none)
      If O'Reilly is really concerned about the sanctity of Christmas and protecting it from secret conspiracies of other religions and the almighty dollar, maybe he should start with the commercialization of Christmas by Christians.

      I don't have a problem with "Merry Chrismahanukwanzaka," the seasonal marketing slogan of one of the mobile phone companies. But if I did, I'd be more upset about the slogan's morphing Christmas into a marketing jingle.

      Thwarting the forces of conservatism since 1978. -7.63, -5.64

      by wiscmass on Wed Dec 07, 2005 at 06:35:09 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  on (none)
    Joe Scarborough,he had a guy complaining about a school district that only allows non-secular christmas carols.Silent Night is not acceptable,but frosty the snowman is.He kept pointing out that certain Hannukah songs were allowed.I started wondering if THAT was his problem.

    Next Tucker Carlson had a obviously christian right so called religous leader  attacking Kwanzaa as rascist.This pandering to those that seek to force christianity on others forget that the basis of the faith is its voluntary nature.I'm a christian but i oppose any attempts to force it into the public square,or to force it on my non-christian fellow citizens.

    Christianity is booming in America precisely because of the seperation of church and state,and any attempt to forcefeed it will backfire on the Right.

    Finally i wish people would read up on Kwanzaa before they open their mouths.Ofcourse its not celebrated in Africa!Its a cultural celebration meant to commemorate a lost culture due to slavery.Its not religous and does not exclude participants from celebrating christmas or any other religious celebration.Its why God is not mentioned in Kwanzaa celebrations.

    BTW if it was religous,would Tucker be comfortable allowing someone to come on and denigrate someone elses religion?There are plenty of things that one can criticise about most organised religions ;its to each his own .

    Go harry go! The American People.

    by blacklib on Wed Dec 07, 2005 at 06:46:27 AM PST

  •  The Republican Secret (none)
    Ever since the GOP adopted the Southern Strategy back in the 1960's to pull conservative southern Democrats out of the party, the GOP has courted Racists. Trent Lott is a living example of that deal with the devil. They tolerated racists back then because they needed their political support. FDR had made the same deal to win the White House in 1932. His new deal coalition was Southern conservatives, a phrase which used to mean segregationists, farmers, factory workers, urban poor (meaning blacks.) In 1948 Truman got advice he could afford to dump the racists and replace them with electorial votes from the North. He was very tentative but was finally convinced to try it, and that became the post New Deal Democratic coalition. And the GOP moved in to replace them, activily seeking support from the KKK and similar groups.

    Remember the Bell Curve? If not, google it. A book of BS that proported to prove scientifically,  that White People were just naturally smarter than black people.

    And now the War On Christmas. How do we deal with these people? Shoot 'em.

    After he was elected Lincoln was deluged with letters and ideas for convincing the southern states to stay in the union. He listened to them all, and tried a lot of them. His attempts at compromise were always rejected. Eventually he explained the difficulty in dealing with fanatics in a letter to yet another concerned citizen. "We must not only leave them alone, but we must somehow convince them we are leaving them alone."

    The only way these lunatics will accept that we intend to tolerate them, is if we first eliminate all those faiths they disagree with.
    They are lunatics and racists and should be labeled as such. This is not faith, this is filth.

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