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Markos recently announced that, after a year of service, the 2005 daily kos front page posters will be stepping down in favor of a new crop nominated from the daily kos community.

It is a bit disconcerting for Kossacks to see their favorite front page posters removed from front page duties, since we have grown to value their work.  For those co-dependents among us, it even creates a feeling of separation anxiety.

But, this is Markos's blog.  He made it.  As prominent as some guest posters can become during the course of a year, that presence does not change the fact that this is Markos's baby which he designed with a unique vision.  If a guest poster became permanent, that vision would inevitably change.  Thus, for the guest posters, daily kos is a launching pad for bigger and better things, not a final destination.  Thus, in the ordinary case, guest posters must leave after one year of service.  

However, in this case, we have an unusual situation which requires a judicious compromise. As a guest poster, Armando has become the blogosphere leader in the fight against Bush's Supreme Court nominees.  When Bush first announced John Roberts, Roberts recieved glowing press portraits and virtually no cirticism from Democratic Senators.  Early predictions were that Roberts would be confirmed with a vote along the lines of 98-2.

But Armando would have none of it.  His immediate reaction was that Roberts was an unacceptable nominee, and he used the Daily Kos pulpit to demand a filibuster.  At first, he was a lonely voice in this fight.  But he made a difference.  Within weeks of Armando's efforts, the MSM story was that the "Democratic acitivists are demanding that Senators stop Roberts."  Harry Reid, whose office employs a stethescope to monitor the blogosphere's heart rate, announced that he would oppose Roberts, and, suddenly, half the Democratic Senators voted "no" -- well beyond anybody's expectations.

Now we have an even more important battle.  Alito is much more of a right-wing ideologue than Roberts ever was, but, nevertheless, very few Democratic Senators have taken a position on how they will vote.  Moreover, the MSM continues to report on Alito in a manner that seems to assume that he will be confirmed, and which fails to properly focus on the many warning signs that Alito will become fire-breathing Scalia clone once he's on the bench.

Armando, however, as he did with Roberts, has been beating the Alito drum relentlessly, highlighting the parade of horribles this nominee bring on.  As we approach the Alito hearings, just a few weeks away, Democratic Senators and the MSM will be looking to the blogs to take the temperature of Democratic activists on this nomination.  Do we really want to lose Armando's voice for this battle?

If we believe that blogs can make a difference, and I think everyone who posts here believes, to some extent, that they do, then we must keep Armando on the front page until the Alito battle is finished.  It should only be a short extension (the Alito hearings are scheduled to begin January 7), but it could actually make a difference.  I hope Markos and Armando will consider this option.

Update [2005-12-8 11:2:41 by pontificator]: Armando apparently will continue to post to the front page on all things Alito:

* [new] I disagree too (none / 0)

In a manner of speaking.

I can post to the FP, even as an emeritus, when I think the issue merits it.

The SCOTUS, I submit, is extraordinary.

So I will be hitting Alito on the FP in January.

The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

by Armando on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 10:56:49 AM EST


Originally posted to pontificator on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 07:42 AM PST.

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