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Using his swindled money, political operatives and front groups, Sun Myung Moon has been wildly successful in moving our nation, and more specifically the Republican Party, hard right to the point where what would be extremism a couple decades ago is now considered everyday "conservatism" today. The most visible example of Moon's effort has been the Washington Times which gave hard right wing views backbone and served as Washington's journalistic farm system for conservative writers. This was done while Moon moved in other areas to empower the theocrats within the conservative movement, nurturing his goal of a more theocratic America. Yes, he has been extremely successful in his role as molder and savior of the conservative movement, yet you won't hear any of it on TV, the main way most people get their news. Wonder why TV won't inform the nation?

Well, one reason is because they would have to admit they have helped him. ...please continue reading.

OK, if you glance below it is a long post but frankly, thanks to the negligence of the media over the last couple decades, few know much about how Moon works and deceives in the process. To know Moon, I think you have to put a lot of pieces of the puzzle together, below are some of those pieces. Moon is not a soundbite subject. :)

A couple weeks ago, Neil Bush was found touring with Moon, helping Moon promote his UN and planet gigging unit, The Universal Peace Federation. Outside of Gorenfeld's article for Alternet, that story could only be found on a few liberal blogs. Again, why doesn't TV news tell us about Neil and the Bush family's close relationship to Moon? Why doesn't it tell us who has set the nation off on this right wing and theocratic road we are going down? Why does TV act like Moon isn't there? Why do they act like the perpetual money loser, the Washington Times, is anything other than another Moon front designed to manipulate our nation where he wants it to go politically? Non-citizen Moon brags about using his propaganda paper to "influence" our nation, yet you'll never hear TV News say that. Why? Let's take a look.

Larry Zilliox passed on this comment on info from an article in the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Larry is the President of Investigative Research Specialists, LLC - and the one who maintains the most up-to-date list of Moon front groups which you can find housed at Steve Hassan's Freedom of Mind site. The list of fronts can be found here.

Here's Larry's insightful comment on the KDM article which is mostly a fluff piece on Moon's organization and their fishing business in Alaska:

This is the first time I have seen a Moon follower admit during an interview that the primary activity of the businesses is to support Moon's social objectives. Cooper said the company is a way Moon found to make the church and its associated movements for world peace self-sufficient. This quote is especially telling. As Kim puts it, although the church and the company are separate, "We actually go toward the same goal -- to make a kind of ideal world."
Why is this important? Because, as you will see in a NBC Nightly News transcript from 1990 below, Moon's organization tries to deceive people into thinking Moon's business are ONLY for profit businesses like any other and are not tied to Moon or his "church's" goals. Like they do not play a role in Moon's plans. Years ago, the moonites knew that many companies and individuals would not work with them if they knew they were helping Moon build his planet manipulation machine. They rightfully wouldn't want to help him with credibility or to further control his recruits or feed his delusions. Especially before decades of mainstreaming of the Moon organization by the conservative movement, people working with him needed a way to rationalize what they were doing. Common sense and very little reading about Moon and his organization will tell one that working to control the directions of the planet is at the root of all they do. It is their "religion" to put Moon and the group in position to control as they believe Moon speaks for God and knows what God wants.

Obviously in the KDM piece the Moon elder, Mr. Cooper, blew the cover to that decades old deception but you won't see it on the news. This deception runs deep. Here, Zilliox states how it works in this Dennis Roddy piece...

"Moon has always had tons of money," said Larry Zilliox Jr., a Virginia investigator who has spent years investigating the cult leader. "He probably controls more private real estate in the world than anyone else. The thing to remember when you're looking at this is you're looking at the movement -- you're looking at everything as one. Everything works in furtherance of his goals and activities."
You getting the picture?

Below is a transcript of a very, very rare appearance of actual reporting on Moon in a 15 year old NBC Nightly News broadcast which shows the deception in action.

Here's some background on those interviewed for the 1990 NBC report:

Steve Hassan: former member and leader of the Moon organization. He is now a cult exit counselor and licensed mental health therapist: Here is Steve's site and here is his page on Moon's group.

Bo Hi Pak: Pak was Moon's longtime interpreter and advance man. Pak came to America ten years in advance to lay the groundwork for Moon's official arrival in 1971 when he took the helm of his U.S. operation. Pak is currently in a Korean prison for fraud. Moon has done nothing to help him even though, imho, Pak made Moon what he is today. Now Moon's daughter, who is also Pak's daughter in law, has started an effort to save Pak. In a bit a irony, given that Moon's organization has made, by the attorney's estimates, billions swindling the Japanese, Pak was swindled by people apparently introduced to him by members of Moon's organization. Read about it here and check out all the photos of Pak shaking hands with some folks I am sure you will recognize. Pak is the one Poppy Bush communicated with the Moon organization through for years.

Joe Rothstein: President of Capitol Video in 1990.

Michael Warder: Worked directly with Moon for many years, helping him with his newspaper in New York. Warder stated in a FRONTLINE that Moon wanted a media totally loyal to him. I don't think that meant Moon must own them, just that the media won't give him any trouble by exposing to the American public what he is doing behind the scenes to mold our nation politically, his goals. Moon has that now with the American TV media and major print media who refuse to inform the nation about his efforts.

Jonathon Park: Bo Hi Pak's son. If you believe the bean spillers in the Kodiak Daily report, as anyone who looks would, then in the NBC report below, Park is doing what former members say moonies are trained to do, that is, use "heavenly deception." They believe it is OK to lie for the Moon cause if it helps protect the organization. The moonites say they don't practice "heavenly deception", former members say they are lying when they say that. :)

James Whelan: Staunch conservative, worked for a Scaife paper before being highly recruited by the Moon organization and taking the job as the first editor and publisher of the Washington Times. He quit the paper calling it a "moonie paper" and saying he had "blood on his hands" for helping the paper gain respectability.

here's the transcript of NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw - August 1990. Jamie Gangel reporting from Washington D.C..

Tom Brokaw: Over a decade ago Rev. Sun Myung Moon was accused of controlling the minds of young people - creating so called "moonies." Well, he's avoided public controversy since that time but quietly, he and his organization have been building a powerful business empire and some of his former top aids say that makes him even more dangerous now.

The latest from NBC's Jamie Gangel:

(scene: Moon mass wedding with participants at Moon's direction raising hands and yelling "mansie" in unison three times)

Gangel: Sun Myung Moon, 1982, this is what most people remember; the mass weddings, the moonies, young people sent out to sell flowers and give all their money to the church. Since then, Rev. Moon and his followers have built an empire but critics still charge the UC is a destructive cult.

Steve Hassan: It's an international conglomerate of people who are completely under the control of Moon and his leadership. It's an organization that wants to take over the world and has been working to do so, relentlessly.

JG: They own - prime real estate in all fifty states, one third of the U. S. fishing industry, banks, hotels, a weapons factory, even this fancy French jewelry company (show Christian Bernard Jewelers) and now the Moon organization is focusing on television. In a rare interview we spoke to Moon's right hand man, Bo Hi Pak. He told us, their goal is a national cable network.

Bo Hi Pak: It's going to be a America's television, promote America's ideology, America's worldview, which is God centered world view, traditional values, that is what America needs.

JG: And the point man for the TV operation is Jonathon Park, Bo Hi Pak's son. Funded in part by Church related businesses, in the past five years Park has bought virtually every independent television production company in Washington DC. He's built this $90 million dollar complex and now controls five companies, including the largest state of the art studio in town. He's even bought into Nostalgia cable, a system that reaches almost 11 million viewers. It's made competitors nervous.

Joe Rothstein: I think the immediate danger in the Washington area is that they would get a lock on all the means of television and video production.

Jonathon Park: There is no other motive, no other hidden agenda. These businesses are run for profit and they're operated very much like any other well run company.

JG: And the church will not influence them?

Jonathon Park: Absolutely, no.

JG: In fact, Park's clients say there has not been any influence and very few of his employees are even church members but critics say there is another agenda.

Warder: If you want to be the second coming of Christ, you want all the power you want all the money, you want control of all the media. That's the objective.

JG: And if the names of your clients are a measure of your power and prestige, Jonathon Park and the Moon organization can now claim they are accepted by a virtual who's who of the TV industry.

(video of CNN lead in) CNN is one of the most visible. It rents many of its crews and technical staff from Park. NBC, ABC, CBS, and many of their affiliates also give Park business.

James Whelan: People are cooperating willy nilly throwing their money at them, throwing their reputations, their prestige, their honor even, at the moonie cause and choosing not to look. See no evil, hear no evil....

JG: Others are Ted Koppel communications, many foreign networks and Entertainment Tonight.

SH: Doing business with Moon is giving credibility and legitimacy to a man who is, in my opinion, a total demagogue, who runs a destructive cult that uses deception, mind control, and hurts thousands and thousands of people.

JG: The Moon organization vehemently denies these attacks.

Bo Hi Pak: They're the liars, they're liars and premeditated to destroy our church and I know one thing, we're speaking the truth. And I know who Rev. Moon is, he's a man of God. (...unintelligible) God is truth. I know we shall prevail because "truth" shall prevail.

JG: Should anyone be worried about this? Critics say "Yes" - that Moon's agenda is power, taking over the world. But the church insists that's absurd, that it's just investing in legitimate businesses.

Jamie Gangel NBC News Washington.

Note: the Nostalgia Channel is owned by Moon. The name was changed to "GoodLifeTV" and is now called "AmericanLife TV". Moon predicted years ago via something like Telstar they could beam his "bible" the Divine Principles everywhere. I suspect they will do that when they feel they can do it without catching any flack.

One third of the U.S fishing industry in 1990? The few people I know of who follow Moon(there aren't many) find that hard to believe, although I do understand Moon is the biggest taxpaper/employer in Kodiak.

Kodiak Daily Mirror Unification Church has long history in Kodiak

Article published on Friday, September 30th, 2005



International Seafoods, now doing business as True World Seafoods, has strong connections to the Unification Church, the 50-year-old church headed by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

In 25 years, church elder and longtime Kodiak resident David Cooper says, "A lot of things have changed in Kodiak." ...

Moon approves land purchases. And once his stamp of approval is on a transaction and the property is in hand, the company can't sell it without his consent.

While the business isn't owned by or even formally affiliated with the UC, they do have tight connections. Moon does the bulk of the decision making for both the church and the company.

And members move back and forth. Rev. Cheol Ho Bang, now the pastor at the Kodiak church, worked for a few years in the company. And Jang Kim, an executive at the plant, was once a pastor.

Cooper said the company is a way Moon found to make the church and its associated movements for world peace self-sufficient.

The movement estimates that 90 percent of its resources go toward various activities they sponsor to promote social justice issues.

As Kim puts it, although the church and the company are separate, "We actually go toward the same goal -- to make a kind of ideal world." ..........

Editor's note: David Cooper is married to Daily Mirror fisheries reporter Deanna Cooper, also a longtime resident of Kodiak and a church elder.

Here are the first four findings of the 70s congressional investigation of Korean influence on our nation. You can find a 43 page excerpt pdf file of the United States House of Representatives - Investigation of Korean-American Relations, Report of the Subcommittee on International Relations (known as the Fraser Report) by scrolling down here:

These are pretty straight forward wouldn't you say?

1. The UC (Unification Church) and numerous other religious and secular organizations headed by Sun Myung Moon constitute essentially one international organization. This organization depends heavily upon the interchangeability of its components and upon its ability to move personnel and financial assets freely across international boundaries and between businesses and nonprofit organizations.

2. The Moon Organization attempts to achieve goals outlined by Sun Myung Moon, who has substantial control over the economic, political, and spiritual activities undertaken by the organization in pursuit of those goals.

3. Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which Moon and his followers would govern.

4. In pursuit of this and other goals, the Moon Organization has attempted, with varying degrees of success, to gain control over or establish business and other secular institutions in the United States and elsewhere, and has engaged in political activities in the United States. Some of these activities were undertaken to benefit the ROK Government or otherwise influence U.S. foreign policy.

Further on the subject of the Washington Times "independence" from Moon and his "church" which covered a good bit here.

Take a gander at this quote from Craig Maxim who was a member for many years. A singer, he traveled the world entertaining Moon at the leader of the UC's mansions. Craig is now a dedicated Christian. Having read a good bit of Craig's work, I believe he is as honest a man as you will ever read. See for yourself, check out his ever growing site here. From the ARU forum where the Unification Church is discussed. The board is a shell of its former self: Quoting Maxim addressing another poster:

I have, on several occasions, been allowed to sit in on Korean Regional Leaders meetings, and other such high level meetings Moon has lead. I watched him direct activities these companies would go in. I watched the Korean leaders ask Moon about certain purchases, etc.. and what Moon told them to do, is done. I have watched Josette Shiner come and give a full report about things the Washington Times was doing, and make sure he knew everything that was going on. And similarly, Moon would respond to her comments and make decisions based on what she told him.

Moon was supposed to have NOTHING to do with the AFC and the Times beyond being the "founder" of these organizations. I personally witnessed that this was not true. I saw the reality myself. You on the other hand, are a nobody in the UC, and so all you have is the party line, which you believe without question.

Ann Louise Bardach in her 1992 article "Moonstruck: The Reverend and his Newspaper" which was scrubbed by Vanity Fair because she said "reservations were expressed about the litigious Moonies" and was finally published in 2004 in David Wallis's Killed, Great Journalism Too Hot To Print says this about Shiner:

Directly under Pruden is deputy managing editor, Josette Shiner, perhaps the most enigmatic member of the Time's Family. Shiner, an attractive woman of thirty seven, is frequently described as the "number one moonie" at the paper. Some, in fact, regard her as the 'defacto power,' and one recently departed staffers says that "Josette runs the paper more than Wes." Following Whelan's departure in 1984, Shiner and another church member, Ted Agres, were made assistant managing editors. ...

She was one of the principle forces behind the Washington Times, and some staffers believe that the idea of starting the paper was hers. The Church, however attributes the paper's founding "to a vision of heavenly father," meaning Moon.

Shiner, a very hard core and long time member of Moon's group which is first and foremost a political organization, said she left the "church." Oddly she "left" at the same time Moon sort of disbanded the church and told the members to fan out and join other churches and bring them his message. I understand she has never rejected Moon or his plans for the planet. Hopefully she has left the "church" but former members say that is not as easy as it sounds, especially for a hard core member such as Josette. Smart as a whip and according to Bardach very un-moonie-like, Josette can be found here.

I don't think the world has a clue.

Originally posted to moonboots on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 07:10 PM PST.

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  •  Caliphate (none)
    Ironic that while Cheney & Co. froth at the mouth about the so-called threat of a new Caliphate, they are hand in hand with a guy that wants "establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which Moon and his followers would govern."

    Well-done diary, by the way. Those corrupted by the desire for power wind up sleeping with strange bedfellows.

  •  This man is a lunatic (none)
    He speaks with a forked tongue, yet claims to be a man of God. The antichrist, perhaps?
  •  Thanks a Million! (none)
    Believe it or not, I was just fretting about this earlier today. . . .wondering what the hell has been going on in the background and why don't we hear more and do more about it.
  •  I've mentioned this before (4.00)
    but if, say, a Lyndon LaRouche-esque figure suddenly bought the New York Daily News to turn it into a New York Post-like paper for leftists on the surface, but a personal propaganda machine to to elevate his own personal power underneath... the Democratic party would be forced by the right and the media to apologise and denounce it constantly. The GOP? George Bush senior called the Moonie Times a breath of fresh air keeping some honesty in DC reporting back when he was President, and Fox News is always fishing for a way to get a Times story framed up and vice versa today.

    The Washington Times was a joke when Moon bought it. A punchline in Washington and the rest of the country. But while the DC media play that they still feel the same way, it feels like whistling past the graveyard to me. They are afraid of it now, I believe, because they think if they poke at the 'other' Times, the echochamber will come at them with all the guns blazing. Timid, easily shaken, and downright shivering with fear... Edward R. Murrow would be so proud. After Time magazine did its expose on Scientology... the Scientologists came down on them, and Time Warner, like a ton of bricks. Not a real peep of something as bold since. I imagine a similar scenario would be a thousand times more intimidating if the Scientologist empire was exclusively partisan GOP. Something that would drive many reporters to stay away from digging into the bowels of Moon's rightwing carnival calliope of the echochamber.

    It would be interesting to see what Fox News would do to come to the aid of their wingnut bretheren should Moon's influence on the right come under a tidalwave of tough scrutiny.

    "What the Republicans need is 50 Jack Abramoffs. Then this becomes a different town," Scumbag Grover Norquist, 1995.

    by LeftHandedMan on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 08:24:11 PM PST

    •  good points (4.00)
      It would be interesting to see what Fox News would do to come to the aid of their wingnut bretheren should Moon's influence on the right come under a tidalwave of tough scrutiny.

      Moon has been around so long that he has smudged some dems over the years, mostly before the Fraser report came out in 1978. I have yet see one initiative that could be called "liberal" which he has supported. He said he was to raise up the Christain right and he has done it, he is their savior. The right has such control over the minds of their followers that they can get them to think anything. Moon is not a soundbite and that would/will make it easy for them to make Moon into anything they want. I have often said the day Rush protects or rationalizes Moon for the right will be the day the nation will have said "uncle" to Moon. But that would just be acknowledging what has already happened. I do believe Moon had a fork in the USA by 1993.

      The few on the right who know Moon's efforts like to think they are taking advantge of him, like they are using his money. Well it is swindled money which I know that doesn't bother them. I read a post at FR where someone was mocking the the people who follow Moon. They couldn't understand how. haha The new right conservatism is literally his theofascist political army, his unwitting tools. They are following his lead and dragging the nation along. imo.

      Nice comment. One correction though, Moon didn't buy the Washington Times, he created it from scratch. The WT was originally printed at Moon's NY paper's plant and shipped down.

      The old Washington Star went out of business as any normal paper draining tens of millions would. IIRC, a guy named "Hempstone" whose family was involved with or owned the Star worked for Moon. He actually took Whelan's place for a very short time before they found the great rationalizer, de Borchgrave.

      btw, there are jillions of estimates on how much of the swindled bucks Moon spent on the WT. Bardach reported in her 1992 article and I have seen Moon talks where he said he needed $7 million a month to keep his propaganda rag open. No one will ever know for sure.

      Hey, if you haven't had the pleasure scroll down at Scoobie Davis's for the transcript of his call to O'reily where he brings up Moon. B.O. acts like he didn't know much about Moon. What a lying sack.

      "Sun Myung Moon has more to do with our nation's political climate than anyone. Anyone!" - moonboots

      by moonboots on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 09:14:28 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  I would be willing (none)
    to contribute to any advertising campaign that explained Rev. Moon's world view to the American people while making clear his connections to the echo chamber, especially The Washington Times. We could start by publicizing his coronation at Congress last year, which was sponsored by the Washington Times, as per the link below.

    Thanks for this diary.

    Child abuse, terrorism, greed, pollution, discrimination, war, rape and the nuclear brink. Disrespect is the matrix. Respect is the vision that we need to see.

    by respectisthecentralissue on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 08:49:11 PM PST

  •  moonboots (none)
    Excellent diary. Highly recommended.

    There is nothing more stimulating than a case where everything goes against you. -- Sherlock Holmes

    by Carnacki on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 10:41:07 PM PST

  •  so... (none)
    ... Moon is, in fact, the AntiChrist then?

    This is worse than creepy.

  •  Danny Davis and others (none)
    Unfortunately some Dems in washington aren't smart enough to stay away from this nutjob.

    And it's not like they're just hanging around in the back of the room, drinking punch.

    Danny Davis and the crown

    •  Danny Davis woke up the conservatives haven't (none)
      The crowning brought a lot of people to reality but Republicans and the Bushes didn't miss a beat. Bush SR and W both sent greetings to a Moon front get together last December. Poppy had Kwak(head of most Moon fronts) come by Houston for Poppy's Birthday party a few months AFTER the crowning. W took 250 grand from Moon for his inaugural. They haven't missed a beat.

      Keep in mind Moon has been so mainstreamed a lot of people fall for the cons. The question is, whose agenda and how much credibility they are really handing Moon. I venture to say Poppy selling the name, prestige and honor of the Presidency of The United States to Moon, touring Japan, helping Moon open his propaganda paper in South America - all helping Moon gig more people was many, many times more of a horror than Danny carrying Mrs. Moon's crown. BTW - not that it matters but he didn't "crown" Moon - Moon's son and daughter in law did that. Danny didn't even hold out for the "honor" of carrying Moon's crown he carried Mrs. Moon's.

      I am not saying Danny didn't do wrong. He did, but in reality he is a drip in this story. Not the political reality when the cult of conservatism relates it to their cult. Danny, like so many black ministers fell for the "peace" con after years of mainstreaming by the right. But I repeat, I cannot find one "liberal" initiative Moon has ever supported.

      And at least after Danny heard more about it he came to his senses and no longer attends Moon functions. The Republicans are still swallowing the Washington Times swill and the Bushes are still big buddies with the old devil.

      I know the right will use Danny should TV decide to cover it. Like I said in a comment above because people have no knowledge of Moon and how he operates. I have no doubt that should the story break it will made into a "they both did it" but anyone with half a brain who really looks knows Moon is a hard right wing theocratic, which is what our nation has become. Which is what the republican party has become. Which is what he made happen.

      As long as liberals fear that some of their own will be outed, they are doing exactly what Moon tried to get them to do, he smudged them some and now they cower. If you compare Danny's "punch drinking" to what the right has done with/for Moon they are miles and miles apart.

      The Republicans have worked with Moon's organization to promote the Faith Based Initiative. He did it in many ways including a tour of mostly black churches, another reason the FBI is mainly a vote buying scheme. It is designed to skim black votes and many black ministers are falling for the whole con.

      Black ministers will never wake up until who Moon is and what he doing is reported. The nation is blind and that IS a direct result of mainstreaming by the right.

      Moon's right arm said that he and Josette Shiner met Reagan during the '80 campaign and Reagan asked for Moon's prayers and support. How many know that? Yes, as many say, 1980 was turning point for our nation it was when the Republicans invited Moon into their movement and asked for his help.

      from: U.S News and World Report March 27, 1989 Rev. Moon's Rising Political Influence His empire is spending big money trying to win favor with conservatives.

      Through this method of recruiting, the church has established a network of affiliated organizations and connections in almost every conservative organization in Washington, including the Heritage Foundation, the largest of the conservative think tanks and an important source of government personnel during the Reagan administration. Although Heritage officials deny it, the foundation has dramatically changed its policy toward the Unification Church. In the early 80's the foundation, wary of the church's aims, prohibited staff or fellows from being associated with Unification Church organizations or taking money from the church or church-financed institutions. As the Washington Times has become the voice of capital conservatives, the Heritage Foundation has become far more tolerant of church ties. The foundation accepts the participation of Lichenstein and other senior fellows in church-funded enterprises and allows its staff members to go to church conferences. The Unification Church's newfound influence has occasioned intense debate among conservatives. One group of worried young conservatives meets regularly in private to compare notes about the problem. But little of the debate has surfaced in public forums. "Most people are afraid to address the issue because they don't want to publicize the extent of the church's involvement," says Amy Moritz of the Conservative National Center for Public Policy Research. Because almost all conservative organizations in Washington have some ties to the church, conservatives also fear repercussions if they expose the church's role. That happened when one organization, the Capital Research Center, published a newsletter last November warning of the church's attempt to create a "centralized world theocracy." One of its board members, who was also on the board of the International Security Council, resigned in protest, and conservatives charging that the paper was creating discord on the right, besieged the center with angry calls. "We got a very, very strong reaction -- almost as if we were the enemy -- because we raised the issue," says CRC Chairman Willa Johnson, a former president of the Heritage Foundation.
      In short, yes Moon has smudged some democrats but if you check how much money and front groups went to do what, you find it is like several billion to mold the nation right and theocratic - bringing the Moon molded Republican party to power and like a couple thousand to Danny for speaking fees.

      Sadly, liberals are completely incapable of moving a story in its proper context. The only way around this is for liberals to educate themselves, the more I look the more I think that will NEVER be done. My guess is most people who looked at this diary didn't read it because it was too long.

      In short number two, we have turned our nation over to his goals, his political influence which he sues for Lord only knows who all besides the Republicans. Sadly number two, if folks won't learn about him he has won. It's game, set, match, Moon. Our nation is his tool, the planet is what is at risk here. As Moon's x-daughter in-law has said, Moon is a worldwide operation, she said they are a money laundering enterprise. This is the planet's problem also. He is going to turn the world into a theocratic hell hole, he did it here and he will do it to the planet.

      If anyone wants to keep the delusion that the nation will awaken and turn from this direction on its own or "in time" they are kidding themselves. Our move into hell WILL continue.

      This is the message black ministers need to hear.

      Keep in mind that although Moon is deluded with the belief he is the messaih, the 'religious' aspect of this is a tool. A tool used for political influence.

      "Sun Myung Moon has more to do with our nation's political climate than anyone. Anyone!" - moonboots

      by moonboots on Fri Dec 16, 2005 at 10:12:56 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Moon is mortal (none)
    How old is he now anyway?  He has grand schemes and has accumulated a great deal of power and money in the pursuit of them.  The Republicans have entered a faustian bargain in their willingness to deal with him and his empire.  If his organization believes him to be Christ, is it capable of continuing with its vision when he dies of old age?

    On Bush's Brain: "What a terrible thing to have lost one's mind. Or not to have a mind at all. How true that is."

    by Rusty Pipes on Fri Dec 16, 2005 at 09:59:01 AM PST

  •  Deepseated Biases about the world (none)
    I'm glad others are taking Moon seriously. Part of the reason mainstream media, pundits, and even most everyday people have trouble taking him as seriously as he merits is because of some deep-seated prejudices about reality itself. For example, there is the prejudice that madmen who want to rule the world are the material of cheap melodrama and that such does not describe the real world. There is also the prejudice that human intention covertly expressed cannot be an effective force in history (this is usually expressed as "not believing in conspiracy theories"). The latter is based on a couple of different fallacies.

    I wrote something on the inability to concieve Moon a while back:

    My thoughts have devloped further since, and I plan to post a follow-up soon, touching on this and related issues.

    Interestingly, the only serious literary treatment of Moon I know of, Mao II by Don Delillo, is a very interesting book, but moves quickly away from Moon and into a study of some characters, one of whom is a Moonie. I think our conventional literary values do not lend themselves to representing certain realities. That said, I think the implicit comparison of Moon to Mao, unfortunately not developed in the book, is insightful.

  •  Moon's age and status (none)
    Rusty boots,

    Moon was born in 1920, so he's 85 or close.


    Actually, I think in the Bible prophecy drama, the proper role to assign Moon would be that of the False Prophet.

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