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There's something that doesn't sit right with me when, on the day Osama Bin Laden resurfaced in a disturbing audio tape, cable television ends up in a game of name calling as a war protester is compared to Osama Bin Laden.

That's reason to be outraged - but even more outrageous is the fact that in a flurry of sound bites what was lost was a real discussion of the fact that more than four years after the devastating attacks of 9/11, more than four years after George Bush boasted we wanted Osama "dead or alive," more than a year after Osama Bin Laden showed his hateful face in yet another video, this barbarian is still very much alive and boasting of additional attacks against the United States.

Here's what I'd like to see debated on Hardball.  

President Bush's mouthpiece Scott McClellan can claim this administration puts terrorists out of business, but yesterday's tape reminds us that instead of being out of business, Osama is still out there.

If this administration had followed through on the opportunity to capture Osama Bin Laden at Tora Bora in 2001, the world would be a better place with Osama Bin Laden brought to justice -- and we wouldn't be having this discussion today.  

And here's what the media should insist we discuss.

President Bush and his defenders continue to claim that Osama Bin Laden didn't escape at Tora Bora. But Gary Bernstein's book Jawbreaker documents what I said early in 2002 and during my debates with George Bush: that because Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon didn't use American troops to do the job and instead outsourced the job of killing the world's #1 terrorist to Afghan warlords, this cold blooded killer got away.  

So what's the truth? There's a question that the full force of cable television should demand be answered. Press accounts over the last month have raised new concerns about the reliance on Afghan forces at Tora Bora in 2001. One account cited a Department of Defense document said to summarize the case against a suspected al Qaeda militant.  The militant was believed to have helped Osama bin Laden escape from Tora Bora. More recently, August Hanning, the head of German intelligence, has said bin Laden bribed Afghan forces at Tora Bora to make his escape.

The evidence keeps mounting:

Among the people who say Osama Bin Laden escaped at Tora Bora:

Gary Schroen, former senior CIA agent, Author of First In:  How seven CIA officers opened the war on terrorism in Afghanistan

Gary Berntsen, former CIA operative in Afghanistan, requested additional U.S. troops for the assault on Tora Bora, author of Jawbreaker.

Peter Bergen, terrorism analyst and author of The Osama bin Laden I Know

U.S. DOD, in a legal brief summarizing evidence against a suspect in U.S. custody at GTMO

Still - the Administration toes their party line. In 2004 they even dispatched their surrogate General Tommy Franks to dismiss all those who say otherwise.  

Isn't it time we had the truth? Yes or no, did Osama Bin Laden escape from Tora Bora in 2001?

Here's a subject suited for true hard ball, on Hardball:  four years of failure - enough is enough - why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been captured or killed, and how will he be destroyed before he next appears on tape to spread his disgusting message?

That discussion -- rather than criticizing American citizens who exercise their right to free speech and express dissenting opinions - is the discussion that America needs. That would be the kind of debate on Hardball to which we should all tune in.

John Kerry

P.S. I want you all to know that I’m reading your many comments. My wife Teresa reads blogs passionately, and I follow blogs too, and I’m glad I can be a part of this – and frankly I’m not worried about taking some slings and arrows along the way. I’ve faced worse! So keep the comments coming -- good, bad, hopefully not indifferent.

Originally posted to John Kerry on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:52 PM PST.

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  •  Wow. (4.00)
    Welcome to the community, Senator.  Your diary was a pleasant surprise.
    •  Wow is right. (4.00)
      Surprise is right as well.  Welcome - expect to engage in some rousing discourse with the Kossocks!  

      _Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status._ --LJ Peter

      by Hells Bells on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:07:46 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  I'm awe struck. (4.00)
        A man who received more votes then any other man in the history of the US (if you actually counted votes accurately in 2004,) just posted a diary on our little progressive group blog.


        Senator Kerry, I have a question for you. Did you or did you not tell Mark Crispen Miller that you "know" the election was stolen in 2004?

        He swears you did, and your "people" say you didn't.

        Wow, a man who received 60 million votes for leader of the free world a year ago, just posted on Daily Kos.

        The future of representative democracy is hopeful!

        "Bush is driving this country like it's stolen." -Mark Crispen Miller
        LJ's Blogorific

        by The 1n Only Leoni on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:21:09 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Pardon my cynicisim but is this (4.00)
          John Kerry or just some guy in his office?
          That said, I agree with everything you say.

          -4.63,-3.54 If the people will lead the leaders will follow

          by calebfaux on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:35:59 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  Correction - "Someone" (4.00)
            shouldn't have assumed "guy"

            -4.63,-3.54 If the people will lead the leaders will follow

            by calebfaux on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:37:33 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  Hey Senator! (none)
              I am an intern in your D.C. office! Hope to see you on Tuesday!
            •  It's a good time to speak out on many things... (none)
              Kerry should finally speak out about the stolen election. He will be on TV Sunday morning, so that would be an excellent time for him to bring up the subject and accuse the Republicans of stealing the presidential election, again.

              The Democrats in Washington need to keep bringing up all the injustices that are still going on everyday within the "culture of corruption".

            •  It's not just the outsourcing, its the distraction (none)
              Senator Kerry, if you can see this, why hasn't anyone connected these dots yet?  When Kabul fell, Bush immediately turn the focus to Iraq.  Franks had no time to concentrate on Tora Bora!

          •  While I welcome this diary if I had to guess (4.00)
            this was posted, and most likely written, by his staff.  I believe it is the same post as an email I received from one of the 1000 mailing lists I seem to be on.

            Not that there is anything wrong with that.

            However, I encourage whomever is monitoring this thread for his office, and I hope they are, to get an account, identify themselves, and start posting replies in these diaries.  And I hope Kerry himself, as others have done, realize the potential and power of this community and begins participating personally when they have time.

            Midwest Center for American Values - Progressive ideas in an easy to swallow pill.

            by ETinKC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:46:38 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  Even if (4.00)
              I hardly think a staffer posted this on his/her own.

              This took guts.

              Any staffer would know the mixed feeling and consternation this site has toward the Senator.

              The fact that there are almost 300 replies in less than an hour shows the intense feeling this blog has for Senator Kerry.

              I for one applaud him for allowing a staffer to post and open himself up to the inevitable Monday morning quarterbacking sure to ensue.

              •  Don't disagree (4.00)
                and my comments above are not snark - I worked my A** off for Senator Kerry and would again

                -4.63,-3.54 If the people will lead the leaders will follow

                by calebfaux on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:05:41 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  my wife , 4 kids and I ...... (none)
                  worked our asses off as well ...
                  in the middle of JEB world .
                  Panama City writes.
                  " the most fun w/o a prophylactic ."
                  ( mine )Crossfire , episode 2 / afternoon format
                  long live Jon Stewart !!
              •  I am not saying that this a rouge staffer (4.00)
                posting stuff without checking with anyone.  I fully expect that this comes from the senator, just like any press release does, just maybe not written 100% by him and I also don't see him sitting at his computer typing with one hand while reading html for dummies with the other.

                I have no problem with representative of our Representative carrying on the dialog, as long as it is a dialog and not just a place to post press releases.

                Here we have a recommended diary with 400 comments, mostly saying thank you and welcome.  A few asking questions.  I would like to think if Kerry was sitting at his computer hitting f5 he would feel compelled to add a comment thanking us all for the warm welcome and saying how he looks forward to more conversations in the future.  Most likely it is a staffer who was told to post this and is now going, oh shit, now what do i do?

                IIRC, some of the other politicians who post here started of dropping press releases with no idea what type of reaction they would get for posting here.  The good ones saw the potential and now actually have a dialog with the community, either themselves or through a staffer.  Either is fine.

                Midwest Center for American Values - Progressive ideas in an easy to swallow pill.

                by ETinKC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:26:37 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  Here is a suggestion (4.00)
                  Here is a suggestion that might not win me any friends with the management...However...

                  This community has built up a reputation such that Senator Kerry feels comfortable posting here. The site is absolutely jammed right now with load times for me at aprox 30-50 seconds. My guess (although highly speculative) is that a significant amount of ad revenue is pouring in because of this diary.

                  Perhaps Kos could donate a portion of that revenue to a veterans group specializing in helping wounded soldiers rehabilitate.

                  •  I wonder if this post is really doing anything for (none)
                    the traffic on this page.  I don't see people calling their freinds and saying 'Hey. quick, log on to dailykos, Kerry posted a press release there!"

                    In fact, visits spiked hours before this post at 13:00 (don't know what time zone that is in though.

                    Also, don't people actually have to cllick ont he adds for them to make and more money than the basic fee?

                    Midwest Center for American Values - Progressive ideas in an easy to swallow pill.

                    by ETinKC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:51:55 PM PST

                    [ Parent ]

                  •  Forgive me (4.00)
                    But there are many more worthy causes.

                    50,000 children die a day because of malnutrittion or lack of access to clean water, 30,000 of them in Africa. $10bn - less than one fifth of the funds allocated to Katrina relief - could efffectively alleviate this situation.

                    There is no excuse for that. We don't deserve to be called liberals if this, along with - perhaps - global warming - goes ignored. It must be our first priority.

                    Liberals shouldn't pretend to be in favour of the military (as a concept most liberals are instinctively against it) when we aren't. The military are 'special cirucmstances' - men who must do a dirty job when all other opportunities and options are exhausted. They aren't men to be lionised and put on a pedestal - they're like toilet cleaners: it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. There's nothing brave or noble about it - it's a dirty, degrading, inhuman affair, but one which is occasionally necessary. As a person with an extensive family military history, I say this not as a detractor but as a reluctant supporter.

                    While veterans organisations are important and should receive both private and public funding, they aren't important on the same scale as, say, the Red Cross and Oxfam. We need to acknowledge this, and not be afraid of acknowledging it. Many former combatants face horrendous situations, but these don't compare to to the hundreds of thousands who, at this very moment, are dying out of want for the basic necessities that we take for granted. Just remember - and I know this from persoanl experience as an aid worker - that if you were stood next to these people, emaciated and barely capable of speech, that your heart would break and that you would immediately declare it the most pressing humanitarian situation in the world. In the West it's very easy to see these things as an outside, unimportant issue; but they truly are on our doorstep and calling for our immediate attention.

                    I appreciate your intentions and I do not disagree that war veterans deserve a great deal better care  - but we should not blindly fall into the 'support the troops' mindset. We are better than that - and it if it makes us unpopular, so be it. Our first priority should be the people dying of need of sanitary water and basic sustenance - not people who, regardless of their popularity in American culture, mostly live comfortable lifestyles with. at the worst, questionable access to fair recompense and decent health care.

                    Please, don't make your first response 'what about the troops?' Because that almost gives in to the right-wing mindset. It's honourable, but it serves  the wrong master. Our first priority, as liberals, must be the wellbeing of not just people within our immediate group - but everybody. Veterans not receiving fair recompense is terrible, no where near on the scale of entire communities and cultures disappearing because of the lack of a well, or someone to provide AIDS drugs.

                    A conservative understands the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

                    by Mephistopheles on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:10:32 PM PST

                    [ Parent ]

                    •  I agree 100% (none)
                      I was suggesting a cause Senator Kerry might find close and dear to his heart.

                      But as the above poster advised me the original point is moot as ads are purchased by the week.

                    •  With All Due Respect (4.00)
                      You are wrong to say that there are far more important causes and that "we liberals" are not really true supporters of the military.

                      I am as liberal as you can get and I support the military. Not the military-industrial complex but the military. The military of Wes Clark and John Kerry and John Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower. The military that is composed of a bunch of our best and birghtest who had the bad luck to be born on the wrong side of the tracks and believed the bullshit ad campaigns that told them the Army was their way out of the ghetto. The military composed of Reservists and National Guard who no way in hell signed up to be shipped off for extended or any tours of Iraq. The all volunteer military that lets liberals like you and all the Young Repuglicans leave the toilet cleaning duty to the less privileged classes.

                      Your attitude is as elitest as any I have heard or read. If this liberal had his way, this nation would follow the Swiss model and we would all be in the military, for life, as a National Reservist. Obligatory service starting at age 18 and going until Social Security sets in. That is the only way we can guarantee our security as  a nation and also guarantee that no bunch of draft dodging elitests who are too good to serve can send the toilet cleaning class into war on a whim.

                      The men and women who have been sent off to fight in this illegal war will continue to pay for our (and John Kerry's) failure to fight the true enemy here at home... the neocon cabal who cooked intelligence and manipulated the media into beating the drums as they marched us into their own version of the Crusades.

                      The men and women of our military will pay with their hearts and tears and minds and legs and arms for the rest of their and their families lives. And I haven't even mentioned the dead and their loved ones who will pay.

                      You sir or madam, are wrong.

                      •  Bravo! (none)
                        Without resorting to hyperbole and hysteria, you made a salient point: That, however unfortunate, the war - and its appended toll on men and women who have bravely fought and died in it - is the defining issue of our time.

                        Decades from now, individuals will be judged according to their position on this war. Those who are responsible for it will be judged one day, perhaps in ways only God understands. But they will be judged.

                        Furthermore, we must all understand that we have a military not because liberals have failed their ideals, but because liberal ideals have failed to prevail at countless junctures in our history.

                        Our army exists to protect us from foreign aggression. But mostly it exists to protect us from the mistakes of the past. The best we can hope for is to make enough progress in these times that future generations will have much less use for the armies upon which we - in 2006 - were so desperately, and so sadly, dependent.

                        Democrats: For the health, prosperity and security of every single American.

                        by alysheba on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 09:44:05 PM PST

                        [ Parent ]

                      •  Huh? (none)
                        There's nothing elitist about pointing out that 50,000 children a day dying of want of food and clean water is a more pressing issue than American combat veterans, who - at worst - aren't getting fair recompense for their actions or decent access to health care.

                        There's nothing elitist about refusing to lionise the military. There's nothing glorious about them, as the tenor of your post indicates you obviously think. Their purpose is to kill and destroy - not to build and bring peace. Occasionally, this may be necessary - in defence or in service of a greater good. But that doesn't make them something mythical or better than the rest of the world. Nor does it make their actions any more 'good.'

                        Frankly, the idea that a nation with a population of 390 million and by far - BY FAR - the largest armed forces on the planet should wish to introduce mandatory national service in the interests of the 'security' of the United States is absolutely ludicrous, and obviously so. You say this only in praise of a military mindset and supposed character-building qualities that truly doesn't exist.

                        Do me a favour, don't accuse me of being like Young Republicans - or accuse me of being elitist.  The point of my post was that the military was necessary and that, of course, veterans are deserving of better care. But they don't measure up to the hundreds of thousands dying right now because of lack of food, clean water and access to  medicine any veteran can get by walking into a doctors office.

                        To say so is far from elitist. Further more, I'd accuse you of blindly and idiotically falling into the right-wing mindset that to even question the actions of some serving members or to in any way point out that the role of the military is inherently violent is somehow 'elitist' and degrading to the troops. I'd accuse you of being so American-centric - nay, perhaps racist - to say that millions of starving children are less important than giving veterans an even better quality of life - much better than most poor Americans. And that's far, far worse than some idiot thinking I'm an elitist.

                        A conservative understands the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

                        by Mephistopheles on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 03:18:33 AM PST

                        [ Parent ]

                        •  You Are Totally Clueless (none)
                          I do not lionize the military. I do respect those who are ordered to do things they might never do of their own will and do so because they in some way or another believe they are doing it for us, the nation. I believe totally in diplomacy, but recognize that some of the people we have to negotiate with pay more attention if we have a strong military presence to back us up.

                          I recognize that we do not live in a perfect world and there are bad guys out there. I do not believe we should be extending our forces under some misguided belief that we have to "bring democracy" to the poor and oppressed of the world. My own Senator, Maria Cantwell, believes the Iraquis are better off now than before. I don't think many Iraqui women would agree with her.

                          As far as National Service: The Swiss were not invaded during WWII because they have the capability to put up a 5 million man trained force overnight. My vision of national service would nclude 18 months or so of lite military training, then another 18 months of a national service corps type service that would help clean up the inner city neighborhoods of trash and other such positive work on behalf of the community we share.
                          Afterwards, take the money we spend on supporting an all volunteer force as well as a bunch what goes into defense contractors' pockets and use that to send the young people or our nation to college or advanced trade schools.

                          You made the comment about the people in the military being equivalent to toilet cleaners. That smacks highly of elitism. It is obvious that you have never served nor would you volunteer to do so. That puts you and the Young Repugs in the same boat as Dick Cheney.

                          You have totally ignored my point about the US vicitms of this criminal war, the men and women who have been permanently wounded. Many, if not most, were and are your same poor and oppressed victims of a skewed economic and political system. The one you and I are both on this blog to protest and fight. Those same skewed economic and political views and policies are creating many of the circumstances that lead to the poverty and starvation you so strenuously decry.

                          The fact is, the military is a tool. The people who serve are not fools or toilet cleaners. Many are fellow Americans who are trying to make their lives better through the only avenue they see available. Many are older men and women who went into the Guard and reserves to try to bring a little extra money, maybe get some health benefits and education. They did NOT volunteer for Iraq (not many people are volunteering now that iraq is reality). They are our fellow Americans who got screwed by GW Bush and the Neocons.

                          If you think that veterans can just waltz into a doctor's office and get great service, then you are even more blind to the reality of our veterans than I could have believed. VA health care has been cut under Bush. It is a nightmare for our returning vets who are trying to get the care they need. You should have to live with effects of exposure to depleted uranium or the loss of both legs and arms, and see how easy your needed care is to get.

                          It is folks with your attitude who give reality based liberals a bad name. I would beg of you that you try to visit a VA Hospital. Ground yourself in the facts. I am willing to bet that you have not personally put yourself on the ground in the middle of the poor and oppressed you advocate helping. Do you work for an NGO? Are you a vlounteer? I have lived in Mexico and faced the poor and starving on a daily basis. There are no easy solutions and throwing money at the problem often times only makes the fat cats fatter. Helping veterans who are getting screwed out of their needed healthacre and rehabilitation is something I can keep an eye on where my money is spent. It is almost impossible to do so in most of the countries you would have us send those dollars to.

                          The fact is, the US can be a force for making the world better. The US military could and should be part of that mission. They have great capability for construction and infrastructure building. What the poor and starving need are clean water,affordable food, small amounts of capital to improve their ability to feed themselves and less corrupt political and economic systems. Sounds like the USA. I say charity begins at home. And that no one, not you or me or the Bush sisters, should be above cleaning toilets.

                          I say these things not to attack you, but to point out that your implicit attitudes regarding our military undermine the greater struggle that must be made to unify the United States.  

                          We have devolved into a stratified, privilege determined by class society. Elitests who consider people serving in the military as nothing more than mere domestic servants doing the dirty work, are all in the same class, whether they call themselves Republican, Democrat, Green or Libertarian.

                          One more thing. I have served. US Navy, 1966-68. I watched what happens when a draft is imposed to carry out misguided and mistaken policies. I watched how folks like GW Bush, Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney found ways to stay out of the line of fire.

                          I have two teen aged sons. I will vigorously oppose a draft to fight this ill begotten war. I will also vigorously support a mandatory national service because it will help ensure we don't get into this type of situation again. In fact, I think it should include you and I and GW Bush as well as our kids. Like I said, no one should be above cleaning toilets or serving the nation.

                          There are no innocent bystanders when it comes to a nation going to war. The reason Bush was able to lead us into Iraq was because most of us had nothing to lose. If it is our sons and daughters, and those of Congress critters, senators, cabinet secretaries and the President's own daughters, then we might think twice before sending in the troops.

                      •  Its one thing to support the military... (none)
                        ...Its another to support having a Defense Department in the Executive Branch of government.

                        Especially a Defense Department that gets as much money each year as all of Health and Human Services.

                        No Commander in Chief power exists until Congress declares War and consequently calls the President into service as the Commander in Chief of whatever forces it has authorised to be used.

                        Because of the interpretation that the unitary executive is Commander in Chief, and may have the say of what the Departments of his branch engage in he takes it as his right to be Commander in Chief of his Defense Department.

                        That, along with signing statements and plans to scuttle the bill of rights are several very important figments of Alito's imatgination.

                        By getting the right wing fundamentalist christians to support them the neo cons have seized the power to force this unitary executives power to act as a tyrant down our throats.

                        By getting them to call for a strong leader to hold all power, and to be above the law, and to replace the unwanted license and liberty of the peoples rights to make their own choices that are naturally endowed in all human beings, with security and coercion to abide by their extremely conservative norms and mores and attitudes and values our constitution has been threatened with destruction.

                        Because of half a century of neo con fear mongering about communists, and a Red Menace, and an axis of evil, and nuclear proliferation and Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Drug Dealers, and the licentious liberties taken by Hippies and Blacks and Women, the religious right sees it as their duty to restore us all to decency and to do so by maintaing world war II troop levels 60 years after WWII has been over.

                        Now after they have called upong us for half a century to give this unitary executive a Defense Department with a standing army, navy, airforce, marines, submarine service, covert ops and intelligence services we come to realise that in their view all this should be under the control of a unitary executive with the power to declare himself above the law.

                        This should be far more terrifying to us than Osama bin Ladin.

                        The authority to Declare war lies with Congress.
                        The authority to issue Letters of Marque lies with Congress.

                        What we must do is take the Defense Department out of the Executive branch, strip it of its bases and troops and warships and planes and missles and expendetures that are designed only to encrich the military industrial complex and put those back under Congressional Control.

                        We are the sole remaining World Super power and the whole world hates us. It does not serve our economic interests abroad to be universally hated and feared.

                        We have always stood for truth, justice and the American Way. We have always exercised good judgement and a strong moral compass and known the difference between right and wrong.

                        That is no longer the case. With its kidnapping, torture, murder, bribery, corruption, and unreasonable searches and seizures this Presidency has sacrificed our national honor and place of good standing among nations.

                        Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH

                        by rktect on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 01:26:28 PM PST

                        [ Parent ]

                      •  Thank You (none)
                        For calling me a toilet bowl cleaner.

                        Evil prevails only when good men do nothing

                        by Mason6883 on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 01:28:06 PM PST

                        [ Parent ]

                        •  Are You Talking to Me? (none)
                          I wrote the two long rants on why a..hole liberals who equate the military with subservants are the same as any Young Repuglican who is supporting the troops by hanging out at his frat house, ala Dick Cheney.

                          I hope your question was not directed at me. Believe me, I went through boot camp (Navy, San Diego, 1966) and I have cleaned my fair share of heads.

                          You probably should have directed your question at the post of the gentleman I was replying to... he calls himself Mephistopheles. A good man, but he could probably stand a two year tour of duty.

                          "The name Mephistopheles comes from the Greek for 'he who does not like light.'"

                          No wonder he is proving so hard to enlighten.

                        •  Ironic Voice (none)
                          When I referred to the "toilet cleaning class in my origianl reply to Mephistopheles, I was using his statement that military service was a job like cleaning toilets. Not my words or beliefs... I just wanted to throw his words back at him. Maybe that two years should be in the Marines.
                      •  Ask yourself the same question I did... (none)
                        Miguelmas, at first when I read his post, I had reservations about what he was saying.  Then I asked myself one question.  Would I rather live in America with one of my arms or my legs blown off by a land mine, or live whole in the Sudan while I and my children slowly die of starvation and disease under the constant threat of genocide?  When I honestly answered this question, I saw the point Mephistopheles was trying to make.  Just a thought.
                        •  Get A Realistic View (none)
                          The situation in the Sudan is a geopolitical oil manuever that none of us can really do much about.
                          The people who are hungry there are people who have been driven off their land. This situation is directly connectable to the whole economic/political dynamic that has been in place to guarantee our supply of oil, and has now expanded to accomodate China and India's increased thirst. The war lords in charge of the Sudan as well as the other countries where you have widespread hunger and misery have also corrupted much of the relief process. there are numerous accounts of plainly marked relief supplies being sold on the black market. Troops are sent to ensure the hungry stay that way.

                          You and Mesphistopheles need to take the rose colored we can save the world by donating money glasses off and try to understand that the whole thing is a rigged game. The way we can help these people and the future victims of this cuththroat capitalist game is to take back our own country from the gamemeisters.

                          This whole thing started because someone suggested it might be good to donate some fund to the troops. Not to increase the defense budget. Mephistopheles  stepped in, stating that as far as he or she is concerned, our serving troops are in the same class as toilet cleaners. That we should "Save the world, save the children" with our donations.

                          I am not saying donations to relief chairites and the red cross don't make a difference. They do. But what will make a bigger difference is for us keyboard liberal do-gooders to get busy making sure the US pays its UN dues so UNICEF and other UN organizations can do their jobs, lobby the hell out of our congress leaders to ensure they don't keep voting to keep the starvation machinery oiled and running and read all we can to be informed on what is really happening in this world and why.

                          meanwhile, we have a lot of our fellow Americans who were sent off to clean toilets in Iraq and are coming back fead and wounded. The Repubs keep cutting VA benefits and healthcare funding. And elitest liberals like Mephistopheles call them "toilet cleaners". If Mephistopheles had been a Jewish inmate of a concentration camp he would have been glad to see those toilet cleaners headed his way.

                          The dems have lost the military vote precisely because of attitudes like the one Mephistopheles espuses. The people who serve this country in uniform are not to blame for the Buttheads and Beavises in charge. They are, however, sensitive to any indicators of lack of support or criticism  directed at them as people and Americans for doing what they feel to be a duty of citizenship.

                          That duty has also been warped into a situation where out own poor and starving see military service as one of the few ways out of their trap.
                          A trap that is a result of the socio/economic/political dymanic that has developed in this country and the Repugs want to perpetuate.

                          One of the ironies of the current situation is that Bush's takeover of the US may find its stiffest resistance in the US Toilet Bowl Cleaners, er I mean military... There is a lot of discontent in the ranks at all levels. I doubt Bush would find anyone but the kiss ass generals closest to him lining up behind him if puch came to shove.

                          Fight the military/industrial complex, support the troops and let's work together to get the USS USA turned in a direction that we don't need to make devil's deals to slake our thirst for oil and other natural resources on a global scale.

                          •  Here's my realistic view.... (none)
                             First I would just like to say that you taking exception to Mesphistopheles comparing the military to "toilet cleaners" is highly elitist in my view.  What is wrong with people that clean toilets?  Why is that comparison so degrading to you?  Mesphistopheles said, and I think that most veterans would agree with this, that war is a dirty, unpleasant job, but sometimes is very necessary- as is toilet cleaning.  But, to imply that the job of cleaning toilets is somehow beneath the job of serving in the military, to me is elitist in the extreme.  I was raised in a middle class, blue collar family and was taught by my hard-working father that there is absolutely no shame in any job where you put in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay- no matter what the job is.  Whether it be cleaning toilets, or being forced to kill innocent women and children in a time of war, anyone who does their job to the best of their ability is to be respected and admired.

                            As to your point that throwing money at the problem can't fix the issues of the world, I don't disagree with that.  You make a very valid point.  However, having said that, in THIS country, money can and does change the situations people find themselves in.  The idea that the military somehow deserves MORE consideration than any other American is preposterous.  Do they put their lives on the line every day to accomplish the job they applied for and were hired to do?  Absolutely.  They are well compensated.  I know of very few jobs in the private sector, many of which are just as important and often times even MORE dangerous, that offer the average worker a sign on bonus of $40,000,  housing and board allotments for they and their families, access to paid healthcare, life insurance with a paid benefit of over $250,000, fully paid higher education, and a guaranteed loan to purchase a home- not to mention the pension plan and retirement benefits the military offers.

                            You argue that the military is largely made up of underprivileged people forced to join the military for economic reasons.  I've heard those statistics as well.  But those people are FAR from the most underprivileged in our country.  They were all fortunate enough to obtain a high school education or equivalency to be able to join the military, and after joining, enjoy above-standard living conditions for themselves and their families.  There are millions more in the deep south, the Ozark and Appalachian Mountains, and many inner city areas that are not afforded the same opportunities to be able to obtain an education.  Many are high school drop-outs forced to quit school to help their families survive due to cuts in basic social services over the last 6 years.  Many schools that are underfunded do not have the resources needed to educate many special needs students resulting in their removal from the system. The members of the Military, regardless of their economic status before joining, are actually privelaged to have had the opportunity to persue the avenue of a military career.

                            I am a nurse who works in hospice and home care.  I see living conditions in this country no human being should be forced to endure.  Some of these poor souls are forced to live worse than animals, and this isn't in the Sudan, but right here in the United States.  Our elderly- many of whom have only limited social security to pay their monthly expenses are forced to choose between food and life-saving medications.  While the military's benefits may not be perfect, they are MUCH better than many Americans have access to.  So to say that there should be a priority put on donations to go for the military before we address many of the needs of people much worse off is, in my view, elitist in the extreme. The last time I looked, noone in the military was drafted.  We have an all volunteer army.  They knew the benefits vs. the risk when they agreed to take the job.

                            Having said that, do they deserve the equipment necessary to do their job as safely as possible?  Absolutely.  Should the president be held accountable for putting them into harm's way under false pretenses?  Most definitely.  Should the problem of enlisting part-time/reservists who do not enjoy the same benefits as full-time, active duty, into extended tours continue to be addressed?  For certain.  But, to say that the military deserves charitable donations BEFORE the needs of many other tax-paying, American citizens- is just plain wrong. Just as you say that, "I am not saying donations to relief charities and The red cross don't make a difference,"  I am not saying that people don't have every right to donate where they wish, and I am sure that the members of the military and their families will appreciate it very much.  I am also not downplaying the role the military plays or the job that they do.  It is indeed a vital job that is being done- as is nursing, law enforcement, mining, fishing, farming, and a myriad of other extremely dangerous and extremely important jobs that are done in this country every day.  All I am saying is that if people want to put their money toward causes that need it the most, there are certainly other areas that are in worse need of assistance than the military.

                            And BTW, if it's votes that concern you- there are currently 2.4 million people serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.  There are roughly 30 million adults living below the poverty level in the U.S.- all of whom have a voice and a vote.

                          •  Don't Spin My Comments (none)
                            1. There is nothing wrong with cleaning toilets or the people who do that job.I have cleaned toilets, in the Navy. I also was trained as an electronics tech for work on nuclear subs.

                            Mephistopheles inferred that the people who put their life and limb in danger through military service are just doing our dirty work and do not deserve any more consideration or respect for their sacrifice on our behalf. You want to argue that this war at this time is a total disaster, I agree. But I don't confuse the troops with the criminals in charge.

                            2. There are many sectors of our society that need to be better funded. If you work in hospice and home care, my hat is off to you. I salute you. The point of this particular rant of mine is that Mephistopheles somehow felt that any money raised should not be donated to help the troops who need it because the troops were just doing the job they were paid for. I got news for you and Meph... most of those troops, Army, Marines, and especially the National Guard and Reserves... did not ask to get sent to Iraq. They were ordered. The re-enlistment rate is so far down that the Army is pulling people back in who completed their original enlistments years ago. This is unheard of. The people who serve in our military have been abused by our leadership. They don't deserve some eliteist liberal like Meph denigrating them, no matter how much he disagrees with the dirty job they have been handed. If they do their job, they run a high risk of death and or dismemberment, if they don't do their job, they go to military prison. Even a toilet cleaner in civilian life has a choice of where he/she works.

                            You make a lot of statement about how well paid these folks are. The officers get good pay and benefits. Senior enlisted get okay. The lower level grunts don't get much. Their families, at least until very recently, oftentimes had to apply for food stamps. As for health benefits, they are okay if you are active duty. Once you're out, it's a different deal.

                            And as for the poor folks in Appalachia who don't have a high school diploma? Maybe the requirements were stiffer before 2000, but I guarantee you that if any of them would like to grab that $40,000 golden apple, their friendly recruiter will be more than happey to help. I think Lynddie England, the not so bright reservist who got scapegoated for Abu Grhaib, is from the hills of west Virginia. So don't give me that bullcrap about how people who want to get in can't. Maybe they can't get in the navy or Air Force, those two outfits have always been pretty choosy. The Army and Marines mainly care if you can march and shoot.

                            As for the $40,000 sign up bonus... that has just started to happen, cuz there ain't that many stupid young folks,no matter how much they might like to get the education. And the Army still can't make its quotas. Would you take $40,000 to get sent to the shooting gallery?

                            The wounded and amputees have a whole 'nother screwed up system to navigate in the VA Hospitals. You should go volunteer sometime. Then tell me how great they have it.

                            Last point... military absentee ballots were critical (besides the collaboration of the Supremes) in GW Bush's 2000 win. The military up until now has pretty much voted Republican, because most officers and many enlisted felt the Repubs understood their situation better.

                            I think we have a chance where a lot of military folks will be ready to vote Dem this time (look at the Fighting Dems on Kos). Comparing them to toilet cleaners is not the way to win their confidence.

                            By the way, those sign up bonuses will probably disappear pretty soon. I have the feeling our Dear Leader is about to declare a draft. Then we will have a lot more toilet cleaners.

                            To complaint is with folks who like to put down those who serve our country. I wish the world were such that we could get rid of the military entirely. I don't think we are there yet.


                          •  It's been a pleasure... (none)
                            Looks like we're finally seeing eye to eye- well mostly..8-)  I agreed with nearly everything you said.  It's been a pleasure debating with you, and I look forward to many more spirited discussions.  I'm fairly new to posting on KOS, and it's refreshing to be able to have an intelligent dialogue with real thought, and still be able to maintain a sense of humor.  Not sure if your comment about Lynddie England was meant to be funny, but I must admit to chuckling.  Touche' indeed.  Thanks for the great compliment you paid to me.  I'm truly glad that ultimately we're on the same side, even if we disagree about some of the details....
                    •  Nothing to forgive. I love your post (none)
                      I just love it.

                      Your toilet cleaner analogy is apt and is something that rarely is said, yet it is familiar to me, as I have said it to myself. War is a dirty, disgusting, ugly job, and it should be done as a last resort only when all else has TRULY failed to prevent genocide or an impending attack. We seem to have so little practice in truly preventing war, seen in how readily a majority here hitched onto "preventive war," as with Iraq. There is an awful turned-on-its-head reality behind the phrase. Only with the better sense of what true prevention entails can we ever get ahead of war, vanquish the disease of war from our culture and planet someday. This is a dream we all should have.

                      Your analogy is especially needed in these times, as we drift further and further into a military view of solving problems: a privatizing, military culture run by elite imperialists, made possible by an engorged military-corporate machine that is killing off everything good about our society. It is what allows folks like Scarborough and Matthews to act insulted that folks on the left would dare to criticize the torture and cruelty our military is being trained and encouraged to commit or let others commit on our behalf. The military becomes sacred, lionized ... providing a no-go zone to criticize as they are sent to do the most horrible and unnecessary mass slaughter and cause such suffering, in the name of some bullshit cause.

                      And liberals do need to fearlessly tread where Scarborough et al will denigrate them, by not copycatting this genuflecting before the "soldier as sacred" and by calling out the horrors they commit, even when they are made in the USA, especially when they are made in the USA, especially in these times, under this administration.

                      In keeping with this view I would urge everyone to watch the next PBS NOW show, on Jan. 27th, which features one of my heroes, Chuck Spinney, Penatagon whistleblower extraordinaire who continually told us about our engorged, wasteful, woefully unaudited (and dangerous!) runaway defense spending (Interview transcript with Moyers), although so few of us listened. (This was one of the things that really bothered me about the guy I supported, Dean: "I will not decrease defense spending.") and focuses on a new documentary called "Why We Fight", created by Eugene Jarecki. The film examines the web in which we are caught, that of our ever mestastasizing military industrial complex.

                      Did anyone catch Jarecki on The Daily Show the other night? I appreciated the frame he provided, that of a view from a distance to capture the "matrix" of America's military-industrial monster that is becoming the overwhelming national system. He makes the point that it is no coincidence that in order for it to mushroom, to invade and dominate the blood flow of our lives, it increasingly chokes off our social systems - education, healthcare, childcare, elderly care, pensions, decent jobs/wages/benefits, environmental protection, and, to take it further,  to focus on peaceful solutions to many of the world's problems as well, as you stressed.

                      Mark PBS NOW, Jan 27th, on your calendar. Could be a Must-See

                      Should a liberal Dem blog be driven into "safe zones" by a tame party, or should it drive a tame party to break out?

                      by NYCee on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 08:11:41 AM PST

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                    •  Thank You (none)
                      For calling me a toilet bowl cleaner.

                      Evil prevails only when good men do nothing

                      by Mason6883 on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 01:29:26 PM PST

                      [ Parent ]

                  •  Here's a GREAT place to start (none)

                    Continuing the national debate---People for Change --*help us TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK*

                    by MikeHickerson on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 09:26:05 PM PST

                    [ Parent ]

                  •  I'd rather see him spend his time making sure (none)
                    as many of them as possible come home whole and soon, but making money for any cause wasn't the real purpose of his posts, was it?

                    This is a sidetrack.  Focus on the immediate goal.  The filibuster needs to happen.

            •  well said. (none)
              It'd be great to know that these guys are taking time to feel out the grass roots.
            •  So how do we know? (none)
              My husband just read this diary--he doesn't believe it's Senator Kerry.  So, how do we verify? How do we know?
              •  Kos confirmed it below (4.00)
                and that should be enough.  I also just read the P.S. and now feel like a schmuck with my staffer remark.

                But since you are reading this Senator.  My dad retired to Osterville and I visit often...mind if I stop by some time?  I can bring takeout.  Just a few ideas I have for taking back our country that I would like to bounce off you.

                Call me :)

                Midwest Center for American Values - Progressive ideas in an easy to swallow pill.

                by ETinKC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:02:55 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

        •  I have a bone to pick with the Senator (4.00)
          on that account. The votes must be counted.

          The maddness will never end unless or unitl we have open, audited, fair elections again. We will have to fight like the fate of the world depends on it.

          •  I don't think this is John Kerry (none)

            You all have to admit, if all the crazies were not around life would have less purpose

            by genethefiend on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:58:10 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

          •  Agreed (4.00)
            I campaigned for Mr. Kerry, saw him and his wife in Pittsburgh, shook John Edwards' hand in Greensburg and cried like a baby when the Senator conceded.

            I think that he is a fine, intellegent man and was a pretty good candidate. But not fighting to count the Ohio votes when there was a war chest of cash to fight that good fight -- that was a bad move.

            That and that alone makes me want to look elsewhere for our candidate in 2008. Perhaps the 'Comeback Kerry' can change my mind.

            We'll see...

            •  Fool me twice....? (4.00)
              No friggin' way.
              My wife and I spent a very cold rainy election day walking the streets of Springfield, Ohio making sure people were getting to the polls(which pulled me away from a GOTV effort in my hometown for local candidates in Indiana).

              We drove home thinking Kerry/Edwards had won, from the early exit polls.

              When we returned home, everything began flipping.  Edwards promised that EVERY VOTE WOULD BE COUNTED.  Well, there are still tens of thousands that never were, and we all know the massive fraud that was perpetrated on the American people as the 2004 election was STOLEN.  

              Thank God for the Green and Libertarian candidates, and thank God for John Conyers.
              And thank God for the good people who sent money for the attorneys to make what challenges they did.

              But John Kerry and John Edwards rolled over, despite sitting on a mountain of cash.


              Sorry Senator Kerry.  Been there, done that.

              And, BTW, our Congressman lost by a few thousand, maybe in part because some dozens of us sorry asses went to Ohio instead of staying in our goddamned state to work like hell on a number of weekends.  

              •  Correction: (4.00)
                John Kerry may have rolled over. Or, let me charitably suggest, made a bad call under duress.

                John Edwards did not. He urged Kerry to stand fast and not concede, based on it being too early in the process to know what problems might exist. Edwards, a trial lawyer, would have gone to the courts.

                I state this as fact.

                •  Kerry Secured Ballot Evidence for Sept '06 Trial (4.00)
                  So thanks to Greens, Libertarians and Democrats Kerry and Edwards

                  please pardon non-response to hidden messages, I have not been able to read them for many months. many blue, yellow and green dogs are a majority

                  by Prove Our Democracy with Paper Ballots on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 10:58:32 PM PST

                  [ Parent ]

                •  Very well, then. (4.00)
                  I  accept this description of "a bad call under duress."  But, for chrissakes, he made it the next morning, as I recall.  

                  And I think that you are right about Edwards position.

                  But, we are headed toward some very, very bad times my friends.  Other opportunities in other elections may never come.

                  I'm with Molly Ivins.  No more invertebrate
                  Democrats.   Hit those bastards from all sides, and begin with Alito.

                  •  AMEN (4.00)
                    From your mouth to God's ears, sir.

                    When will our elected Democrats realize that we grassroots activists realize our party is now bought and paid for by the same corporations that are motivating the Republicans to systematically dismantle our system of government as we've known it.

                    Frankly, I don't think there's much point in talking about winning in '06 or '08, because with the shining exception of John Conyers I am hearing NOTHING out of the national party on ballot reform.

                    Look.  We know BushCo stole the Presidency, not once but twice.

                    How, exactly, is making people stand in line ten hours to vote, and having one voting machine for thousands of people for poor blacks in Ohio not the same as poll tax?  How is it that our elected Democrats pretend we still have a valid Voting Rights Act?

                    And then they all sit around and tear their hair and wonder why we're getting stomped on by the Repubs.  The reason is that their voting base doesn't hold them accountable for being owned by corporations.  Ours does.  And if it doesn't, it should.

                    While I'm at it, I think it was an enormous mistake not to run a 50-state campaign in '04.  Also, I was very active in leadership in Women for Kerry and that group was just not in the loop on campaign decisions.

                    Frankly, I'm so disheartened by the inaction on the part of our national party that I haven't given a lot of thought to '06 or '08.  Unless a lot of things change quickly and dramatically, I am not feeling like there's much hope.

                    The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice - Martin Luther King, Jr.

                    by Eleanor A on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 12:23:50 AM PST

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                  •  The decision was made the next morning. (none)
                    The morning after Edwards - not Kerry - came out and faced the supporters at 3 AM (or was it 3:30?), and reconfirmed the campaign's position that every vote would be counted. There was then a conference call at 7ish. A participant on this call told me what happened.  
            •  "Fighting the good fight" (1.16)
              Sorry, but the "good fight" happened in the months preceding the election.  That fateful Tuesday night, John Kerry lost, and he took the defeat like a man.

              The Democratic party in general has an awful lot of whiny, sore losers who like to do underhanded things like running to the courts when life doesn't go their way.  John Kerry, for all his foibles and his gash of a wife, is not one of those sore losers.  He presented his case to the American people and accepted their verdict with grace and dignity.

              And for that he should be commended.

              •  Fuck off (4.00)
                It was Bush v Gore.

                Kerry caved. The Democrats do whine as the Republicans steal elections, it's time to fight.

              •   Holy freakin' Diebold! (4.00)
                "Fighting the good fight" isn't worth shit if the
                votes are rigged.

                Have you not read the Conyers Report?
                The GAO Report?
                Miller's Book?
                The statistical studies re the discrepancy
                between the exit polls and the vote (UScountsvotes)?
                The Brad Blog? Numerous diaries here on

                How about the fact that in EVERY single case
                where the exit polls were incorrect the discrepancy favor Bush, never Kerry?
                Or, it's probably just a coincidence that the exit polls were never wrong in precincts where there was a paper trail?

                No fraud in Cuyahoga County where the number of reported votes was 93000 more than the number of registered voters?  Maybe the case that a number of predominantly GOP Ohio precincts received more votes than registered voters, while many
                Dem precincts reported less than 10% participation is just a wacky anomaly!?

                I swear, unless the Democrats wake up pretty
                goddamn soon,  Paul Craig Roberts will be correct, and we can kiss our democracy goodbye.   That's right, we can sit out future elections since they're fixed anyway.

                And oh, the way,  shame on those whiny sore Ukrainian losers who actually CHALLENGED their fraudulent elections based on exit poll discrepancies!

                And if John Kerry is reading this,  look,
                nothing personal -- I just hate losing my
                country to a bunch of fascists.
                Please filibuster Alito....

              •  I gave you a four rating (4.00)
                because you got moxie there kid. Even though you're new and seem to bend rightward from the comments Ive seen from you, Ill still give you props for standing up to the CW of dk.  I disagree with what you said about Kerry "taking his loss like a man" but I will accept, and have always accepted, the final point in that HE HAD NO CHOICE. NONE. The GOP controls the media and Kerry would have only set himself up to be roasted a la Al Gore. In a fairer world, Kerry could've contested without this fear, but then, if we lived in a fairer world, Monica Lewinsky's thong wouldn't have meant GWBush being elected in 2000 in the first fucking place.

                "Stop comparing Bush to Hitler. Hitler was a decorated war veteran who saw front line combat." - Bill Maher

                by Jank2112 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 10:10:54 PM PST

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              •  "gash of a wife"?! (none)
                That's just plain, flat-out offensive.

                You're disgusting.

              •  stop having it both ways (none)

                democrats are...sore losers who like to do underhanded things like running to the courts when life doesn't go their way

                How can you even SAY this after the Supreme Court handed King George the country in 2000?

                And by the way, Democrats aren't whining anymore.  

                The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. Thomas Jefferson

                by Thea VA on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 01:27:38 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

          •  Reagan Treasury official yesterday wrote (4.00)
            in Human Events that the '04 election was fixed, "Evidence of a Stolen Election."
            ". . . the disenfranchisement of Democrats is likely to be a permanent feature of American "democracy."

            He says the Republicans using disenfranchisement to win elections have become "power mad." [Roberts, a supply sider economist from way back was an associate editor of the WSJ editorial page before he joined the Reagan Treasury Dept.]

          •  The fate of the world does depend on it! (none)


            by dangangry on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 11:11:56 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

        •  Mark Crispin Miller (3.60)
          is the best thing to happen to democracy since _____. His books are the TOPS!
        •  Mark Crispin Miller writes (none)
          books, as well as articles for Harper's.

          If you're not reading these, you're missing out.

        •  Thanks for posting Mr. Kerry (none)
          You are the best!! You would have made a great president!!

          The Tegan and Sara Blog

          by theleftwing on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 11:27:01 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  Awe-struck? (none)
          This is a big kitchen table or a town hall of immense proportions. We supported him in spades. Why shouldnt it seem perfectly normal that he would speak to this forum full of supportive Democrats and Independents, many of whom donated and worked their asses off for him, and, at the very least, voted for him?

          Appearing here is part of what is called doing your job.

          Appreciate it, yeah, but "awe-struck" that he visits "little" us?

          Oh dear.

          PS - He will not answer your Mark Crispen Miller question. As someone who heard MCM make the claim repeatedly on Democracy Now, Washington Journal and Mike Malloy's/AAR, and who has seen Senator Kerry's uber-cautious, downright cagey presentation in his quest to appear mainstream as they come, I have to go with Miller's version. He seemed quite frank about the whole affair. I assume that with Miller he was the Kerry others have cited here as being a "different guy" -- refreshingly frank and engaging with fellow progressives when it's a one-on-one.  

          Should a liberal Dem blog be driven into "safe zones" by a tame party, or should it drive a tame party to break out?

          by NYCee on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 08:40:46 AM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  PPS- Perhaps your post was sarcastic? (none)
            With all the gushing that surrounded it when I first saw it (the thread has rearranged since then), I took it as seriously awe-struck.

            If not, my bad.

            Should a liberal Dem blog be driven into "safe zones" by a tame party, or should it drive a tame party to break out?

            by NYCee on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 08:58:53 AM PST

            [ Parent ]

          •  Exactly right (none)
            Last time I checked Senator Kerry and the other politicians in this country work for US, THE PEOPLE.  WE are THEIR bosses.  The fact that people ooh and ahh whenever a politician posts on this blog is a very bad sign for our democracy.  We should EXPECT this type of communication and engagement.  
          •  Exactly right (none)
            Last time I checked Senator Kerry and the other politicians in this country work for US, THE PEOPLE.  WE are THEIR bosses.  The fact that people ooh and ahh whenever a politician posts on this blog is a very bad sign for our democracy.  We should EXPECT at a bare MINIMUM this type of communication and engagement.  Our standards and expectations for politicians are pathetically low.  
      •  I have a question!! (4.00)
        Welcome Senator,
        Now, tell me if you will, when are the Dems going to start supporting Rep. Murtha.  Why are the Dems still acting like Bush is a popular president? His polls are under 40! Why are the Dems letting Tim Kaine rebutt the State of the Union address??? He's Republican lite.  Also said he supports his state's ammendment to ban same sex marriages?  Also, when are the Dems going to start listening to the PEOPLE--a majority favor some form of universal health care; a majority favor getting the heck out of this misguided war; a majority think Bush is not doing a good job. Please--stop catering to the large donors, the big corporations.  Listen to the people and you will be successful.  And, by the way, support Howard Dean--he's doing a heck of a job!!
        •  good points (4.00)
          I agree, stop listening to the big donors, the people are already on the side of the democrats on so many issues.  Take advantage and speak out.
        •  Well, I am so sorry I missed this all day. (1.61)
          Senator Kerry,

          In my life I have never seen a more awful candidate than you.  I kept hoping you'd wake up and start challenging Bush and all his weaknesses and instead you complimented this incompetent liar during your third debate.  When I heard that I turned to my wife and said it is all over.

          I saw Larry King ask you what you thought about F9/11 and instead of using your head, you dissed it.  You said, I don't have to watch it because I live it every day.  How stupid are you?  You received a gift, and you buried it.

          Why did you never ask Bush how had the nerve to leave Washington and go on vacation for 5 weeks after the 8/6 PDB.  Don't you think he should have told the American people with that?  How about the fact that he never had a meeting on terrorism before 9/11.

          You complimented a man who sat in a catatonic state listening to 2nd graders read "My Pet Goat" while we were under attack and you couldn't find the words to bury this coward?  He's the president and Commander in Chief (isn't that a joke) and he didn't feel the urge to excuse himself from "My Pet Goat" to get his pathetic ass in gear to run this country.  The only reason Rudy Giuliani became such a hero was because Americans all over this country looked at him as president  because Bush was  AWOL again and you complimented him?  I mean what the hell was your purpose?  You got a lot of votes but I'd bet that everyone who voted for you, voted for anyone but Bush.  Democrats hated Bush and none of your vote had to do with your ability, especially after all the pathetic things you said.  If you couldn't stand up to Bush, who the hell wants you as president?  Not me!!!  I voted for you only because I hated Bush.

          Then the $80 billion fiasco.  How pathetic are you?  All you had to say was that there were 2 bills.  The first one, along with the $80  billion to the war, gave medical insurance to families who lost their insurance when their primary bread winners had to go to war.  Bush's version didn't include that much need help that we need to be responsible for.  Over and done....finished and cocked around like an invalid for months over that one.

          You criticize Chris Matthews, and I cannot stand him, but he gave you every benefit of the doubt during the last election and he often lead you in the right direction so many times but you were to inept to pick up on the right thing.  You had every benefit that Al Gore didn't have and you still lost.

          What about the box on Bush's back.  We all watched in disbelief what a chickenshit you were for not asking him what that was.  Weren't you alive enough at those debates to tell that after the box came, Bush was able to answer questions?  What were you afraid of? .  Again, you are pathetic.

          I hope I never see your name on any ballot on which I have to vote.  I despise what you did to our country.  I think you held Edwards back and I'd be willing to bet his speech at the convention had the heart cut out of it by you and your moronic advisors.

          You are the symbol of a spineless Democrat and I heard many Democrats say they couldn't vote for someone with absolutely no courage, like you.  Your behavior in this last election makes me wonder if some of what the Swift Boat Veterans for Peace was true.  

          Go away, spend your money and Teresa's and leave us the hell alone.  You have two incredibly beautiful and smart daughter and two great step sons, enjoy them and the chilkldren they will have but never run for President again.  It was disgrace to lose to Bush and I don't give a shit how many votes you received, you should have beaten him in a landslide.  He lied, he crumbled under pressure, he deceived us into a war and you lost to him. If you are proud of that, you have no business in politics.

          If you had half the nerve Terasa has, you would have been president today.  I hope this is goodbye!

          One final thing, because of you and your spineless Democratic friends in the Senate, I called my Senators and told them that if they don't stand up to a failed liar of a president and filibuster Alito, I am not take the time to vote in 2006.  It's about time we make you "Ambassadors

          •  Where do I begin? (4.00)
            This is the most asinine, sophmoric attack on someone I have ever seen. BTW, I voted for John Kerry, not "anybody but Bush". And who is spineless among Senate Democrats? Senator Reid?  Hardly. One of the best Senate minority leaders I have ever seen.  Or maybe you meant Ted Kennedy?  He's been working hard for the America we love probably longer than you have been alive. Maybe Feingold?  Nah, we LIKE Feingold, remember? Kerry? Jesus, the Swifties may have been RIGHT? Oops...oh...Howard Dean, remember? Yeah.

            And, hey, that last paragraph where you say you won't vote if they don't filibuster Alito? Normally when I hear that, I think of some little kid holding his breath until Mom gives him the ice cream.  So, pick up your ball and go home.  

            We do not rent rooms to Republicans.

            by Mary Julia on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 09:31:47 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  You are so right, (3.00)
              Little kids talk like that.  However, after decades of capitulation to those tough bully Republicans, the only way to get  these Senators off their lazy scared shitless asses is to give them an ultimatum or throw them the hell out.  Look at what they have brought us.

              1. A tax system where the wealthy once paid a substantial tax to keep this country growing and safe to a debacle where the Estate Tax is on the way out, the wealthy are paying a much lower percentage than the middle class and our debt has passed 8 trillion dollars.

              2. We now have assault weapons back, do you see any outrage?

              3. Our election system is in the toilet and the man you voted for was as quiet as a mouse about it.  There are states with election machines that are not auditable and where was the Democratic Candidate with some good old outrage, anger and disgust about that, and that goes for the rest of the party too.  Do you realize the Republicans will cheat again, thanks to the Democratic Senators you want to keep.

              4. Bush and Cheney deceived us into a war and your stupid clueless candidate thanked Bush.  Thanked him, weren't you shocked?  Can you tell me why he thanked him?  For making a staged speech at ground zero?  That's the same shit you hear from Chris Matthews when he refers to that momentous moment at ground zero like all of a sudden Bush rose above the ashes after a lifetime of failure and fuck ups to be a galactic statesman.  Give me a break!  Let's never forget that Bush was out to lunch before 9/11 and if there was any chance to prevent the attack, it could never happened under Bush.  So here is the guy you wanted to be president telling all America that our president deserves a thank you during a time of war, giving NOBODY a reason to change presidents.  I'm sorry that was pathetic.

              5. Democrats have allowed Bush to turn the courts on their heads.  How much anger and disgust did you hear from the Democrats?  To put a man on the court who will reverse Roe is gross negligence AGAIN.  To put a man on the court who might cover for Bush's destruction of the constitution is criminal.  When you hear assholes like Feinstein say that there is no reason to filibuster, or the arrogance of Joe Biden or the treason of Ben Nelson, you know that you have gotten to a point where these people need their asses kicked hard and if it means every one of them goes, let them go because they do nothing to stop the Republicans anyway.  They have the votes to filibuster and they need to do it, if they don't I totally give up on them and will not waste my time to go vote only to hear that cocky arrogant prick Joe Biden kiss up to Matthews and Imus.  And that goes for Chris Dodd too.  He has so much good to say but he always covers for Bush.  I heard him say on Imus that the response to Katrina wasn't Bush's fault because presidents are insulated.  What kind of asshole would say that...and he's one of the Democrats I like!

              6. The SS Security, health care and welfare systems are falling apart.  Companies like Wal-Mart and ridiculous immigration policies have meant that hard working middle class and upper middle class Americans get practically nothing from SS after 40 years of hard work.  They are solely responsible for the SS and Medicare welfare to so many who put nothing into the system.  The shareholders of Wal-Mart who benefit from liberal immigration and an inhuman minimum wage do not contribute anything for SS or Medicare and they, through their Republican whores, have managed to pay on 15% income tax on their dividends from Wal-Mart.  That is SICK!  Are the Democrats doing anything about it or even informing their constituencies that those problems exist.  Nope, and it's the best kept secret in Washington.

              7. I don't have time to list it all but add the Medicare bill, the Bankruptcy Bill, no furious anger over the lies Bush told us to get is into the war in Iraq, Katrina, the hate and fear these bastard Republicans spread.

              8. Oh one more thing. Aren't you nauseous how the Republicans have taken over the press and up to now those lazy Democrats have done nothing to put liars like Matthews down.  It's almost comical that Kerry is defending Michael Moore after he allow the press to kill F9/11.  He stood back and allowed reporters all over trash F9/11 as something that was not journalism.  It was the best piece of journalism I have ever seen but why would anyone go see it if the press and the Democratic candidate were killing it?

              If you are happy with all that, and you are not ready to force a drastic change, you are a fool!  You are the kind of fool that thinks Kerry should run again after losing to the worst candidate the Republicans ever had and will ever have.  If Kerry ran against Bush in 2000, he would have lost by 20 million votes with that traitor Ralph Nader and the entire media against him.  Bush was so bad that the media was behind Kerry this time and he still lost.  It's time for him to retire and never think about running for president again.  He was a disaster and with morons like you in the Democratic Party, the Democrats will remain a disaster also!

              I forgot one thing, the swifties, I think Kerry was a coward in the last election or he was stupid.  If I am wrong on one, it has to be the other.  Like Bush, either he's an incompetent fool or a liar, take your pick.  There were lots of similarities between Kerry and Bush.  If we were talking about custody of my minor children, yes, then I'd trust John Kerry and he'd be a good father, as he has been to his daughters and step sons, but as for a candidate for president, NEVER AGAIN.

              Karl Rove, if he's not in jail for the next election would be in a state of perpetual political orgasm if Kerry runs again.

              By the way, don't put John Kerry in the same breath as Howard Dean.  Howard Dean has lots of  political courage, John Kerry has none.

          •  While I don't agree with how you said it... (3.00)
            it did need to be said. There is too much of this sentiment here for it NOT to be said, and we all know it. To pretend otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

            Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain


            by OhioLen on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 10:32:54 PM PST

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            •  JLFinch: (none)
              Grow up and stop abusing the ratings system. That comment was hardly troll-worthy, nor was the other one you zeroed.

              Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain


              by OhioLen on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 08:13:12 AM PST

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            •  agreed (none)
              i competely disagree with the tone of the comment or even the words used.

              HOWEVER, Senator Kerry does need to hear the worst that people feel (fair or unfair) b/c he needs to understand the emotions that people associate with him & 2004 & the situation in this country.

              it was definitely rude & inaccurate (i'm using diplomatic words) -- HOWEVER, let the good Senator hear it.

              if he's as strong as many here think he is -- AND IF HE IS GOING TO BE THE LEADER THAT WE NEED HIM TO BE -- THEN DAMN IT, let him hear it ALL!

              take it like a man, Senator!

          •  It Was a Medical Device (none)
            Almost certainly, based on my very brief research at the time, and that of many other curious people since.

            Either an on-the-open-market device designed in case of heart failure or a souped up version. In either case it seems likely such a thing might be used to save the President from an assassination attempt. And that's not the sort of thing that a political challenger needs to dwell on. Cheating in a debate via an earpiece would be bad but would not require so large or plain a bulge.

            It's a private/confidential matter, and also to some extent a national security concern (yes, a genuine one). So for crying out loud what's the big deal.

            9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

            by NewDirection on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 01:15:28 PM PST

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            •  I am so sorry but you are so wrong, (none)
              If it is a medical device, how come it only shows uo at the debates 2 and 3 and no palce else since?

              These debates were for the leader of the free world and look what the guy who one has done to our free world.

              If you have courage you can ask and challenge anything in the name of freedom.

              If you are a coward, you cannot.

              •  Nothing Else Makes Sense (none)
                An audio transmitter woulf be vastly easier to hide. A brainiac supercomputer could have gone somewhere less obvious. It had to be something that had to go in one of the most visible places on a man's suited body.

                Think about it critically. It's odd but NO BIG DEAL. There's enough real stuff to obsess over.

                9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

                by NewDirection on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:31:11 PM PST

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      •  same old lame old (1.60)
        Here's a subject suited for true hard ball, on Hardball:  four years of failure - enough is enough - why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been captured or killed, and how will he be destroyed before he next appears on tape to spread his disgusting message?

        yup, so old lame john kerry.

      I appreciate the sceptisism, but please, no more comments wondering if it's John Kerry.  It's been confirmed by Markos, so let's not have any more duplicate comments.  The scrutiny is healthy.  It's been answered.  Now, let's move on to other questions.  


      The revolution will not be televised, but we'll analyze it to death at The Next Hurrah.

      by Dana Houle on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:40:38 PM PST

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      •  All the more reason to have an authentication (none)
        protocol to avoid such time and keystroke-wasting back and forths about whether this is indeed who he says he is.

        See my other comment about this.

        "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

        by kovie on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:47:16 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Puleezzzzzz....... (3.40)
          John Kerry is highly intelligent and articulate.  Why would anyone assume he can't write his own diary.

          And if you're reading these comments please pass on good wishes to that great lady you married.

          "He that sees but does not bear witness, be accursed" Book of Jubilees

          by Lying eyes on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:38:47 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  This is an off-topic snark (2.66)
            Find someone else's comments to hijack next time with your irrelevant irreverance.

            "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

            by kovie on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:41:21 PM PST

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            •  LOL........ (none)
              You think your comments deserve "reverence".  Your arrogance and spelling leads me to suspect you're a Republican.

              "He that sees but does not bear witness, be accursed" Book of Jubilees

              by Lying eyes on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:09:09 PM PST

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              •  Hah! (none)
                So you're saying that I do, in fact, have spelling? Now I can sleep soundly at night!

                Your comments' lack of relevance and substance--not to mention grammatical correctness--along with your dubious research and deductive skills, leads me to conclude that you're a troll, which, to my thinking, is far, far worse than being a Republican.

                If I'm a Republican then Bush is a porcupine. The logic behind both assertions makes about as much sense.

                "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

                by kovie on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:15:23 PM PST

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      •  It's a step in the right direction (4.00)
        if only a baby step.

        Thank you, Senator, for taking the time to communicate with us. Don't think I and we don't appreciate it, even if we don't always express our appreciation in such a way as to lead you to believe we're 100% appreciative. It's in our nature to question things; we wouldn't be here if we accepted what the media corporations saw fit to tell us.

        I voted for you last November on a very pretty foggy morning in Midtown Atlanta. I pressed your name on that lying Diebold machine and who knows what it sent to its memory card? I kept refreshing the election returns all day and I know in my mind and heart that you have been the legitimate President of this rapidly-declining nation for just about exactly a year now. History will vindicate you and President Gore. I think you would have had a tough row to hoe with the situation in Iraq and the right wing firmly in control of both houses of Congress, and I honestly don't blame you for conceding even when the election was obviously stolen for you.

        So what I want to know is, where have you been for the last year and where are you going? Like President Gore, you have complete legitimacy for at least 59 million people. Your seat in the Senate is yours for as long as you choose to keep it. You have nothing at all to lose and a public podium for the rest of your life.

        Why are you surfing the web and fundraising?

        That's a snotty-sounding question but I ask it you as a perfectly reasonable one. Why aren't you standing up like President Gore did the other day and indicting these motherfuckers, hour after hour, day after day, for the horrible crimes and sins they have wrought upon our nation and our world? What are they going to do, mock you on cable TV news? They already did their worst, and you're still a sitting Senator and half the country knows you're the legitimate President and half of the other half kind of wishes you were. Why aren't you standing on the steps of the Capitol demanding to filibuster this twit Alito, a man whose tongue has never strayed from the boots and asses of the powerful? Why aren't you using your public podium and considerable fortune to buy body armour for our soldiers -- to help raise funds from us to do this -- and shoving it in Bush's pussy little face?

        Why are you and the rest of OUR party so stupidly cautious?

        Maybe I answered my own question. Maybe by surfing the web and coming here and finding out what real people want -- which is someone who will stand and FIGHT, not more mealy-mouthed caution -- you'll find the... I don't know, "courage" is something that you documentedly do not lack, but "desire," "fortitude," the understanding that there are TENS OF MILLIONS of people who want you to stand up and say "J'accuse" and keep saying it until these people are in jail or hanging from lampposts.

        Sorry for the rant. I do care, and I did, do and will support you.

        •  Hear here! (4.00)
          Excellent comment.  

          Add me to the list of those who thank the good Senator for posting here and to the list of those who worked hard for his election and to the list of those who felt betrayed when he conceded rather than draw attention to the egregious anomalies that seem to have precipitated his "defeat."

          What should we be discussing on cable TV?  How about the futility of The War On Terror (TWOT) and Bin Laden's offer of a truce?  Are we so blinded by pride that we are willing to let thousands more die in this absurd crusade?  Bin Laden claimed that if we left them alone, they would leave us alone.  Why not consider it?  Oh, right, we're not going to roll over and admit defeat to terrorists.  We don't negotiate with them.  Fine, but it seems we can't squash them on the battlefield either.  Perhaps its time we honored the basic principle of sovereignty and let them run their own countries the way they want, no matter how repugnant that may be to us; it's not like they're asking us all to live under sharia.  Frankly, I could give a fuck if they want to live under it, and if enough of them don't want to live that way, let them stage their own damn regime changes.  

          Meanwhile, the stock market crashes because we've bankrupted ourselves.  Clearly, Iraq and Afghanistan are going to do to the USA what Afghanistan did to the Soviet Union.  

          And what about the rampant corruption and criminality of the Repugs?  Why aren't the Democrats screaming that from the rooftops at every opportunity?  

          What I really want to know is this:  WHO WILL SAVE THE REPUBLIC?  Is it you, Senator, or are you going to continue to abdicate that responsibility for whatever reason?  

          In every stage of these Oppressions...: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury." DoI, TJ

          by ChuckLin on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:20:27 PM PST

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          •  Respectfully Disagree (4.00)
            Sen. Kerry is one of the few in the beltway who has been consistently calling it like it is for some time.  Case in point - this very diary.

            I think we absolutely need to have vigorous rapid response to each and every line of B.S. the reich-wing spews out.  Media Matters, firedoglake, ThinkProgress and TPMCafe have been doing an excellent job - but we also need this work to be reflected by lead.. no, our Representatives.

            Let's not forget something - they work for us.  We lead the party, they follow.  None of this "Freespeach-Zone Crap".  We tell them where to go, not the other way around.

            But even more importantly - we need to make it absolutely clear exactly what we would do with the reigns of power.  No if's, and's or butts.

            Welcome Sen Kerry, good of you to join the party.  We've been keeping the cider warm for ya.


        •  Stupidly cautious (4.00)
          Absolutely! Why can't the Dems be as aggressive as the other side? Why are they so reactionary?? Why did it take a Republican "ethics" bill to get one from the Dems??

          That is a perfect example of being not only slow on the draw, but positively backward thinking. It's continually playing catch-up, and IT IS NOT WORKING.

          I want to see/hear the Dems out there every day hitting hard on ethics, Abramoff, Diebold, the war, Alito, Katrina, and all the other horrible things that this "administration" has foisted upon this once great nation in the last 5 years.

          I just about drove off the road when I heard that you had conceded so fast -- WTF was that about?? We cannot win when we continue to roll over and pee like puppies!

          WE MUST FIGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY, AND FIGHT HARD. Pulling disappearing acts, conceding elections or votes or filibusters, allowing ourselves to be villified, making excuses, always playing catch-up -- those are only some of the reasons that the Dems continue to lose elections, and are losing this country to corruption and just plain evil people.

          I don't like Bizarro World... I want to go home to America.

          by willers on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:22:28 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  Think about this: (none)
            You asked: "Why did it take a Republican "ethics" bill to get one from the Dems??"

            The Dems announced they would be coming out with something on the Abramoff crimes. Now why did Republicans beat the Democrats to the punch and lordy, except for a couple of points the Republicans just couldn't bring themselves to add, the damn plans were absolutely identical! Imagine that!

            It's almost as though the Republicans knew in advance what the Democrats were getting ready to unveil...and to the letter.

            What do you all make of that? It leads me to wonder how the Republican leadership manages to keep moderate Republicans onboard with their insanity vote after vote after vote.


            by nehark on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 09:59:05 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  They probably overheard (none)
              Someone discussing it on the phone..

              despot : 1. A master; an absolute or irresponsible ruler or sovereign. 2. One who rules regardless of a constitution or laws; a tyrant.

              by wrights on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 05:43:48 AM PST

              [ Parent ]

              •  Did you know... (none)
                ...there are devices now that will allow you to hear a conversation inside a house without any need for any type of wire tap? Look it up.

                They didn't "probably overhear someone discussing it on the phone." They are actively and aggressively monitoring the private conversations of both their political enemies and their political "friends." No I don't have hard evidence. All I have is the obvious knowledge that otherwise good people--both Democrats and Republicans--are willing to take this country and the world down the Rabbit Hole with King George and his Army of Operatives without putting up even a small objection.

                There's just no normal explanation for this. None.


                by nehark on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 06:16:20 AM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  I should have added a snark... (none)
                  I meant the nsa overheard it on the phone..

                  despot : 1. A master; an absolute or irresponsible ruler or sovereign. 2. One who rules regardless of a constitution or laws; a tyrant.

                  by wrights on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 05:25:10 PM PST

                  [ Parent ]

          •  there shouldn't be an "ethics bill" (4.00)
            OF COURSE the GOP put forth an "ethics bill".  Why?  To change the subject to something that makes them sound positive!  

            There shouldn't be a Democratic "ethics bill" at all. Period.  And anytime anyone asks, the response should be "They broke the laws we already have!  How would passing another law help?  The Republicans have no regard for the law! They are corrupt and criminal!"

            So there's a new GOP "ethics bill".  Standing by itself.  Labeled a political stunt by every single Democrat, rather than facing a competing (better of course) bill of ours. And if/when it goes to the floor for a vote, Democrats should vote no unanimously.  Or better yet, walk out.  And again, anyone tries to spin it against us, point out that they are CRIMINALS.

            Why are there no dinosaurs in the Bible?

            by Leggy Starlitz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 10:00:04 PM PST

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        •  Some of your questions are rather silly in light (3.50)
          of the fact that he's spoken out and defended Murtha REPEATEDLY; he's defended Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore; he's gone on record calling Bush a complicit leader and has supported the calls for hearings.

          Sure, there are instances of cautiousness, but perhaps you should be grateful he's not a hothead.  You want another GWB in office?
          Because that's what you're supporting with that question.

          Also, who do you think is in Iraq as you sit on your laptop typing questions?  Who do you think has been visiting the foreign principals and possibly helping to rectify the calamities that Bush and Condi have created?

        •  Yes it is, Senator (4.00)
          I have been one of your consistently harsh critics over the last three years, both here in the blogosphere and in the "real world."

          Taking the time to address this community, is one of the few things that you've done right during the last several years.  And for that I thank you and congratulate you.

          But, as the poster above stated, it's only a first step in the right direction, and a baby step at that.

          If you want to woo the blogosphere and growing activist/netroots base for a Presidential run in the future, you need to start putting your neck out on the line in public forum of the national discourse, both in the Senate, and in those places where your comments will be covered (and perhaps even be criticized by) the meida, and showing some real cojones in taking this Administration and their lackies in the media on.

          You want to be leader?  Then fucking LEAD!!!

          I suspect that anything short of that, might get you kudos here . . . but it ain't gonna get you a second chance at a Presidential run.

          •  It's not about a Presidential run. (none)
            For one thing, he already is the damn President and look where that's got us.

            It's about knowing that he has nothing whatsoever left to lose. He should lead not because he wants to be President (again), but because we need leadership, plain and simple. He has a free public podium for the rest of his natural life and the respect of 60M+ Americans. Why not take a stand?

      •  Did you write that yourself, DHinMI? (4.00)


        •  lol (4.00)
          Nice, hink.

          A hearty welcome to you Senator.  I took my 10 and 11 year old sons with me as I canvassed neighborhoods during the 2004 campaign through ACT.  They observed democracy in action and they will grow to participate,as I and my parents have, in a constructive way.  We were all very depressesd after you conceded for lots of reasons but we are looking forward to 2006 and 2008 as we take back our country.

          Thank you for your history of service to our country!

      •  Where's his tip jar? (none)
        I want to put a quarter (as in a 4) into it. :-)

        Good hearing from you, Senator. My husband and I voted for you and backed your campaign as volunteers in '04, and were hella depressed when we got stuck with King Bush again.

        Keep up the good work, and keep kicking butt and taking names. We need more Democratic fighters in Congress who aren't afraid of these thugs. :-)

    •  Agreed (4.00)
      I'm British, and as a consequence of our shared politics I spend a lot of time here criticising America and the actions of not only its governors, but a vast swathe of its populace.

      It's things like these - one of the most powerful men in the world, the last unsuccessful presidential contender - coming to post on a blog like this ... it restores my faith. It really does. Some people may have noticed my desperate and increasingly negative posts (about the American situation) - but this kind of thing brings a ray of light to the situation.

      European governments and officials may be smarter, kinder and better leaders than those presently in America - but we don't have politicians who would post on a blog like this. We don't have the same potential (admittedly hugely spoiled presently) as you have. And that means a lot. I've always thought of America as a new Rome. A place that would generate the next 'giant leap' in human social relations and our understanding of personal, national and international relationships. So when, as I've realised over the past few years, that it has descended into this kind of idiotic, regressive, fundamentalistic caricature of American power - I feel as though a lover has betrayed me.

      I am an anti-American, but one can't qualify my anti-Americanism in terms of naieve dislike and hatred - it's a sense that I'd gotten to know someone so well, and then they'd slept with my best friend. People like Senator Kerry remind me that my best friend is still in there, just not in control.

      I know I'm desperate and I've talked about giving in, but I need people like you, Senator Kerry, to keep on going. To keep on going like many of the people here on DailyKos. Because it reminds me that there is still so much goodness and understanding in the world, and that maybe I shouldn't feel betrayed - maybe I should just see this as the teething problems of my lover, the USA.

      Anyway, thank you. Please make sure this isn't the last post. We may be small of number, but I promise you - we can energise and influence millions upon millions.

      A conservative understands the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

      by Mephistopheles on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:57:52 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Hmm... (none)
        Mephistopheles is British - who would've thunk it? ;)

        "'s a sense that I'd gotten to know someone[America] so well, and then they'd slept with my best friend."

        Please keep in mind that your forsaken friend, the USA, is a thoroughly divided dual personality, as evidenced by one the closest US presidential elections ever in 2004.

        "My question for today is: Why are contemporary Republicans so full of shit?" ~ Alec Baldwin

        by assyrian64 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:46:34 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  Hell of a way to get mojo (none)
      mr. sandwich!!!
    •  How do we know its really John Kerry? (none)
      Does Markos restrict usage of names of important people so that it can only be Kerry (and Conyers for example)?

      I often wonder if its really them.

    •  Senator... (4.00)
      You forgot to put up a tip jar.

      Certainty generally is illusion, and repose is not the destiny of man. - OWH

      by blockbuster on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:11:10 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  LMFAO!!! (4.00)

        -7.88, -6.72. I AM paying attention, and I am so fucking outraged I can't see straight. TORTURE and ILLEGAL SPYING ON AMERICANS are not family values!

        by caseynm on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:57:05 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  That is seriously the best laugh all week!! (4.00)
        I for one would give the Senator my vote for mojo, same as I gave him my vote.
          Welcome Senator, stop by anytime.

        We only bite when hungry.
      •  Pardon the ignorance (none)
        and I should have asked long ago, but what is a tip jar, and what is asdf?  My understanding of mojo comes from Jim Morrison and The Doors from my youth.  Is that how it is used here?  I know these are silly questions, but I honestly don't know.  Thanks in advance.

        Barry Welsh IN 6th District Democratic Congressional Candidate.

        Indiana 6th District Congressional Candidate a campaign of three simple words "People Before Profits."

        by Barry Welsh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 11:54:21 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  mojo is the same usage (none)
          as Morrison / Doors, and has been in continuous use since those days (if not long before). (Morrison got it from somebody).
          asdf in the 'Subject' field is 'shorthand' for "i don't have a subject," or "whatever subject i type in the 'Subject' field won't be any more relevant than asdf."
          "Tip Jar" is like the hat a street musician or mime performer uses to collect tips from his/her street "audience," or jar a bartender uses for same.
          4 = the "tipper" agrees with you and/or your post (diary).
          1 and none = Troll.
          a "troll" is a Republican / Conservative sympathizer, posting just to get in the Repub Talking Points.
          Sen. John Kerry! no kidding!
          you ran a lame ass campaign, Senator. and, i'm no fan
          but i held my nose and pulled the lever for you anyway.
          the fact that you (or a staffer) showed here at all shows some!
          and shows there's still some hope left for this sorry party, the heart and soul of which resides right here at dKos. pay the DLC no mind. it's the DNC that represents the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. hitch your wagon to the DNC and strap on a hard hat and jock strap. you have a country to take back.
        •  They always leave this out! (none)
          And you make yourself a tip jar by posting a quick comment to your own diary, right after you submit your diary, that reads, essentially:

          Subject: Tip Jar
          Comment: Go ahead and drop one in.

          tenacious questioner scratch... do not fear the death rattle of the dying dragon

          by arbortender on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 08:23:11 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

    •  Wonderful! (none)

      Please keep it up!

      Stop Looking For Leaders - WE are the Leaders!!!

      by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:56:52 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Welcome (4.00)
    Sen Kerry.

    Read UTI, your free thought forum

    by DarkSyde on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:54:11 PM PST

    •  Investigation (4.00)

      How can you get the ball rolling for a congressional Investigation into Bushes Wire Tapping.  

      •  The (3.94)
        problem with asking the dems to 'do something' official like hold hearings or whatnot is that the system doesn't work like that. They don't have the power to do it by themselves. They have to get at least some portion of Repub Congress or Senate on board. That's why Conyers was holding a briefing in the basement today when the upstairs was empty. I suppose it's possible a coalition may eventually be reached. But until that happens treat all GOP promises or concerns about Bush as hand waving rhetoric. The only sure fire way to have that kind of power available is to take back the House or the Senate.

        Read UTI, your free thought forum

        by DarkSyde on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:25:58 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  totally agree. (3.50)
          I wish that the far left (I'm speaking specifically of all the CodePink protestors who showed up to shout down Minority Leader Pelosi in San Francisco last weekend) would realize this is well.  

          Until we have a Democratic House and Senate, impeachment is just simply not an option that's on the table.

          If you want impeachment, work your ass off for a Democrat - any Democrat - for the next ten and a half months.  If you're not willing to do that, quit your bellyachin', because you're not a part of the solution.

          And welcome, Senator Kerry!

          •  "any Democrat" will not suffice (4.00)
            For example, if we want a vote to convict Bush, we'll need either to defeat Joe Lieberman in the primary so he can be replaced with another Democrat, or else win one more seat.  While Lieberman votes with the Dems on many domestic issues (other than those that affect the insurance industry), on foreign policy, security policy, and on the question of the "unitary executive" he's firmly on the Bush team, even more so than many Republicans.
            •  wrong (none)
              We need a majority. Replacing lieberman with another democrat does not give us a majority.

              I do think we need to get rid of him but we should focus on picking up more seats. Focus.

              If you take yourself too seriously, no one else will.

              by Yoshimi on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:02:47 PM PST

              [ Parent ]

              •  Lieberman must go. (none)
                However, replacing Joe-mentum will cut into Bush's BS bi-partisanship claims.  And it's one less vote for the unrepentantly backward fiscal and social policy promulgated in the name of republicanism.

                If he wants to run, I'm working for Ned Lamont in the primary.  I'm asking my local Democratic Town Committee to do the same.

                If Lamont doesn't run, I still won't vote for Lieberman.  Roll-over Joe's revolving weathervane is hurting Connecticut and the country.

                Apathy is not an option.

                by scottzak on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:53:47 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

          •  Hear, Hear! (none)

            "He that sees but does not bear witness, be accursed" Book of Jubilees

            by Lying eyes on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:41:22 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

          •  If that's so, then the system is FUBAR (4.00)
            Democrats need to reach across the aisle and find those few decent Republicans and get them on board.  With all the scandals and pending indictments, if I were a decent Republican senator, I would sure as hell be looking for a way to distance myself from the scumbags and save my party in the process.  

            In every stage of these Oppressions...: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury." DoI, TJ

            by ChuckLin on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:31:01 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

          •  Not to defend the Code Pinkers (4.00)
            --cause I understand what you are saying...

            But I applaud their awareness and enthusiasm and hope that eventually our Democrats will be able to use it to their advantage. I find most people are uninformed about civics (sadly) and know little about what can and cannot be done.  But its a mistake to reject their enthusiasm and their heart without channeling it somewhere good. I say --- note that their call for action may not be right on given the Democratic situation, but their hearts and energy can fuel, literaly, a revolution -- as it has many times in history.

            Stop Looking For Leaders - WE are the Leaders!!!

            by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:13:54 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  It takes diversity to make change (none)
              Hear, hear!  It takes a vast array of efforts to challenge the system.

              Civil rights weren't won through one tactic that everyone agreed on -- it took a diversity of strategies and leaders to win those rights.  It took Rosa Parks and the people who were arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus long before the day that Rosa Parks stood her ground.  It took the peaceful marches of Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as the force of the Black Panthers.  It took the men and women who sat quietly at drugstore counters, where they were refused service, and it took the fiery speeches of Malcolm X.  It took the hard work and faith of Christian churchgoers in the South and worshippers in mosques in the Midwest.  

              Diversity is our strength, not our weakness.  Shutting down allies and forcing them to comply to a single standard of opposition isn't going to win our country back; it's just going to divide us through infighting.

            •  The Democrats will NEVER win the... (4.00)
              ...information war unless they're willing to speak Truth at every opportunity...loudly and boldly. Just waiting around to see if we win seats, or even working hard to win seats in November isn't enough. We'll win more seats when Democrats speak out, unapologetically, and speak often.

              Code Pink expects no less, and neither do I. If Dems are afraid of losing votes because they're calling a spade a spade in public, they should take a look at the polls.

              Observe how the Republicans tripped and backtracked after initially thinking they'd use that bin Laden tape for fear and distraction. All it took was for one Senator to tell them they're full of shit on TeeVee for them to tuck their tails and start contradicting themselves.

              If we're going to win in 2006, we have to act like we can lead for Chissakes, even if we don't have any real push power right now.

              Little bullies always run home crying when confronted with true courage. Didn't anyone learn that in school?


              by nehark on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 11:02:06 PM PST

              [ Parent ]

              •  Can I steal your Impeach graphics for my sig? (none)
                I agree. Lets move so far to the left that we begin to pull the center back our way a little.

                Wear your pink slip to work. Get it silk screened with (¯`.(¯`.(-IMPEACH-).´¯).´¯).

                Get (¯`.(¯`.(-IMPEACH-).´¯).´¯)tattoed on your forehead.

                Demand that your elected representatives do the same if they want to represent you.

                Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH

                by rktect on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 01:40:11 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  Of course, the sig is yours to use... (none)
                  I just heard Barrack Obama talking to David Bender on Politically Direct. He as much as said the Dems won't make too much of a fuss over the WireTap Scandal because of that skewed poll question that had 51% of Americans saying they think WireTapping is ok if it's used to protect us. Interestingly, 48% said it was not OK under any circumstance. Now, once again I ask you, how can they find out why the wiretapping was done if they never ask? It's backwards. Always backwards. And we know damned well that illegal spying was NOT done to protect us.

                  Honestly, I'm beginning to believe the Republicans AND the Majority of Democrats are in a vast conspiracy together. These Democrats just ARE NOT making any sense.


                  by nehark on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 09:07:17 PM PST

                  [ Parent ]

        •  surely, there are ways to beat the system? (4.00)
          for example, a fighting filibuster would send a message.  and can't you pull the senate into private session every day or so?  there must be as many ways to beat the senate system as the adminitration has of breaking the law.

          the fact that the meida has totally turned toes up should not come as a suprise to kossacks and other bloggers. can somebody find and post viewership numbers of cable news?

          •  Not necessarily necessary (none)
            Smart politics could nail the fuckers.  Reach across the aisle.  Writ large, that's really what we need as a nation right now anyway: uniting, not dividing.

            In every stage of these Oppressions...: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury." DoI, TJ

            by ChuckLin on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:33:25 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

        •  Is Conyers brief going to be reaired on C-span? (none)
        •  How about just talking (none)
          They don't have to have hearings--they just need to be everywhere demanding action, demanding Bush and Cheney and Rummy step down, they need to keep talking, keep nailing them.  Can't they do that???
          •  And demanding a special counsel (none)
            Support for a special counsel should be a litmus test for any candidate, from any part, for any race.

            Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

            by litigatormom on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:07:34 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

      •  Good question (3.71)
        I admit to doing a bit of a double take when I saw the poster.  Good to have you aboard and I hope you brought your helmet :)

        So anyhow, I want to make a point about the Tora Bora thing.  Did Bush screw that up?  Definitely.  But I have to say, continuing to bring it up sounds much more like a, "seee seee!  I was right, you should have voted for me."  This is likely not your intent, but it's how it sounds.

        Furthermore, in the grand scheme, not getting Osama at Tora Bora is an almost insignificant part of the overall problem of Bush's conduct in the last 5 years.  I've read, from many well informed sources, that though Al Qaeda proper still exists, it's ability to do anything other than send out tapes is pretty minimal.  In the end, Bin Laden hasn't been captured or killed, but there's little evidence to suggest he's actively able to do anything to us.

        Contrast this with all the other mistakes.  The lack of plan for maintaining order in Baghdad.  The lack of troops (see also lack of plan).  The lack of proper armor (see also... well you get the idea).  It's not clear how the long term picture of Iraq is shaping up, but it looks awfully ugly  right now and it's fair to say that if it turns out well in the end, it won't be Bush's doing.

        Now, take that and then toss in minor things like, violating federal law and the constitution, and there's plenty of things to rail on Bush about.  The least of which is Tora Bora.  It's indicative of a larger failing in Bush, but harping on that minor bit when there's all the rest out there just doesn't look right.  

        So anyhow, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.  I can think of no equivalent ot this kind of interaction that exists in Republican circles.  I think it says much about who we are and what we represent that we can have these kinds of diologues.  

        --- If trickle down economics worked, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have lost her head

        by sterno on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:06:28 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Tora Bora reminders (4.00)
          You may be right about Tora Bora, sterno.  But I was thinking something else.

          Don't you think it's helpful to keep reminding Americans - who tend to be very scatterbrained, when it doesn't involve a pretty blonde gone missing - that yes, we should have caught that bastard by now, and Bush promised to, then said he didn't care, and oh by the way totally blew a very good opportunity to capture him?

          I think that it is helpful.  Remember, people voted for Bush - hard to believe, but true, according to polls - because they believed he would "keep us safe." Maybe it's a really good thing to remind them that no, Bush actually hasn't done even the most basic thing that he promised to do to keep us safe.

        •  true Sterno, (none)
          But as long as they exist, so does the boggy man! At least with this administration in charge.

          We need a leader again like FDR with a coin phrase hitting and hitting it hard.... "We have NOTHING TO FEAR, BUT THIS ADMINISTRATION"! That is what needs to be YELLED OUT.

          The Chineese built a wall how mant thousands of mile long? They sent smoke signals faster than the most modern technology could travel, runner, horse back or arrow. Al Qaeda can operate for many years using rudimentary comunication and still be long as we have fear!

          Thank you "Mr. President".

          "We have seen the enemy, and it is us"!

          "Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance (liberally)" Jude 2 Brother of Jesus

          by pinkpanther on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:32:08 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

      •  and investigate the Iran crypto leak! (4.00)
        A couple of years ago it was widely reported, including in a Time Magazine cover story on Chalabi:

        A senior Bush Admin official was out for a night of drinking with one of Chalabi's people.  The Bush official bragged to the Chalabi associate, that the US had successfully broken Iran's top-level military & diplomatic encryption systems.  

        The very next day, NSA intercepted a call from either the same or a different person, to Iran, telling the Iranian government the news.   Presumably Iran changed its crypto immediately.  And presumably an important intel souce went dead, at a critical time when we need all the information we can get about Iranian intentions particularly with regard to Iraq and with regard to nuclear weapons.  In case you don't know, cryptanalysis is a painstaking and time-consuming effort, so it could take us years to break the new Iranian system.  This is a major loss at the worst possible time.  

        What that un-named Bush official did, was the equivalent of telling someone from Mussolini's cabinet that we had successfully broken Hitler's military crypto.  That, by the way, was the "Ultra" secret, which remained classified until the 1970s.

        So clearly what we have here is a high-level leak of a type that gives aid and comfort to a hostile nation during a time when we are engaged in war in the same region where the hostile nation has interests that are opposed to our own.  That's damn close to treason.  

        And yet I have heard nothing about the leaker being identified, much less prosecuted, and this is a story I have been following closely.  (Yet, the NSA whistleblowers are being sought as if they've done damage by reporting that the Admin was violating FISA.)

        The information in question, i.e. anything regarding decrypts of Iranian traffic, would be TS/SCI, with a list of names of persons authorized to receive it.  Why hasn't that list been gone through with a fine-toothed comb and those people questioned at length?  And why hasn't the Chalabi associate been identified and prosecuted?  

        This is serious, the facts I've described have all been published in the mainstream media, and yet... ...apparently a complete lack of action on it.  This needs to be investigated in depth, and the relevant individuals prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Senator Kerry, please do what you can to get some action on this.  

        (And if you doubt one word of what I'm saying here, show it to any friends you have at NSA or in military intel generally; they will confirm that this is right on target.)

    •  <sniff> (4.00)
      Welcome is so so right.
      Though it almost makes me want to cry.
      I never wanted to see you posting here on dk.
      And you never would have.
      If you were President.
      And that still hurts as much as it did in November of 2003.  
      Okay. I'm done sniffling.
      Back to the never ending nightmare.  


    •  Withall D. Respect (none)
      Do you like it now, gentlemen?
    •  To John and Teresa (none)
      First, a shoutout to Teresa and all of her efforts in 2004.  Sen. Kerry, thanks for giving the election your best shot - we keep learning the depths to which the GOP slime machine will sink and how precarious "free" elections appear to be in the U.S.

      Let's keep up all efforts for verified voting - this issue will surface again in 2006 and 2008.

      And yes, I suggest this line for the next election:

      "When you gave Bush four more years, you gave bin Laden four more years."

  •  hmmm no tip jar? (4.00)
    must not need the mojo....

    Blue is the most popular color

    by jalapeno on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:55:48 PM PST

    •  Senators don't need it (none)
      Somebody in MA want to get a confirm that this is real, much as I did when Senator Boxer first posted?
      •  See kos' post below (4.00)
        He says it's the real deal.
      •  Senators do need this though (4.00)
        They need us to support them with not just words.

        You bring the fight to the Republicans and we'll get your back every step of the way.

        After all, my son has to live in the America we hand down to him.

        Fight the good fight, Senator.

        Printer-friendly version of your receipt.

        Please note that on your credit card statement this transaction will appear as a single charge to ACTBLUE, rather than as a distinct charge to each recipient.

        Charlie Brown (CA-04)

        Tim Dunn (NC-08)

        Bryan Lentz (PA-07)

        David Ashe (VA-02)

        David Harris (TX-06)

        Bill Winter (CO-06)

        Tammy Duckworth (IL-06)

        Patrick Murphy (PA-08)

        Paul Hackett (OH-Sen)

        Eric Massa (NY-29)

        Andrew Duck (MD-06)


        Does thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of- Ben Franklin

        by Heartcutter on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:10:55 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  why .11 for Hackett... (none)
          and only an extra dime for the rest?  just curious...
          •  That's easy... (4.00)
            Because I can't multiply!

            The total amount I was planning on was  $50.01 x 11.  I've never given that amount of money to a cause I believed so strongly in.  That money originally was for an Xbox (+ a game or two) as a birthday + Christmas gift from my wife.

            I had a long shower, thought about it really hard, and came to the conclusion that I really didn't need more stuff.  So I discussed it with her, and she was happy with the decision.

            So when I went and actually went through with it, I was in a daze.  I was like 'Holy Moley' that's a lot of money!  So I closed my eyes and did it.

            Give me Liberty or give me an Xbox!

            So I chose liberty.  Heh.  In the big picture, figuring my kid's future into the equation, it really was no contest.

            Does thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of- Ben Franklin

            by Heartcutter on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:49:57 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  Ohh, and xbox 360 would have really been (4.00)
              cool though....

              Funny you should post this, I have been thinking about what it would mean to me to have the Dems at least attempt a filibuster, in terms of cash.  $100?  $500?  $1000?  I am thinking about making a pledge for that amount, whatever it might be, if they attempt the filibuster.

              This would mean no vacation this year, and maybe even no YearlyKos, but it might be worth it.  Need to check with the Sig-Other first, but may do a diary on this later.

              Midwest Center for American Values - Progressive ideas in an easy to swallow pill.

              by ETinKC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:31:04 PM PST

              [ Parent ]

            •  That deserves a 4 times 50.01 x 11 (none)
              I'm not doing the multiplying either. :-)

              Give me Liberty or give me an X-box

              We salute you, Heartcutter!

            •  Yay you! (4.00)
              I made a few year end donations with the same thought process.  I gave up a new coat and some boots though I really rue the coat decision since it's been so cold here in LA and I really needed it in LV.  
            •  Talking about gaming tangents... (none)
              Are you the Heartcutter from

              (Sorry about the meaningless tangent... Noticed this name a couple of times and was always kind of curious :P)

              The Shapeshifter's Blog -- Politics, Philosophy, and Madness!

              by Shapeshifter on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 12:54:16 AM PST

              [ Parent ]

              •  Yep! (none)
                Small world.  Idealisting young writers occassionally keep their idealism.  

                Dailykos has basically become my new stomping ground.  It turns out I'm getting too slow for RTS.

                Does thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of- Ben Franklin

                by Heartcutter on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 06:31:00 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  Hey! (none)
                  I was always a fan. You taught me how to play Terran through your reports!

                  (More or less, i suppose.)

                  Too bad about getting slower. I've been getting faster as i get older, strangely enough (should see my Chip Zanuff in GGX2) but i'm mostly not playing RTSes anymore. Kohan was great, but the scene is dead.

                  Anyway. Keep that idealism burning. Some day there'll be malt liquor for all!

                  The Shapeshifter's Blog -- Politics, Philosophy, and Madness!

                  by Shapeshifter on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 09:41:52 PM PST

                  [ Parent ]

            •  I did much the same thing (none)
              after Katrina. I was going to make a top of the line gaming rig after a tour in Iraq, but I cut down on a lot of the components and sent about $500 of combat pay to Feed The Children and the Red Cross. I still made a computer (because I was deployed to frigging Iraq, I deserve something more then a little medal), just not one as nice as it would have been.

              Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

              by jabbausaf on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:07:50 AM PST

              [ Parent ]

        •  Just a note: some of these are primary challengers (none)
          Not to disparage or argue your choices here, I just want to ask folks  - and especially Senator Kerry, if he or his staff should see this late comment - PLEASE be aware that some of these folks are running against other Democrats in contested primaries.

          For example, Lentz is running against a true progressive, and someone who has worked very hard to build the local party - Paul Scoles.  Yet for some reason DCCC has apparently decided that the only line on the resume that matters, is that Lentz served in Iraq. Many, many Democrats in PA-7 disagree, who know something of each man's history. Personally, I am very upset with DCCC for running a candidate against Scoles, after what he has done for Democrats in Delaware County. My impression is that the rest of the local party activists feel the same.

          Folks, PLEASE don't donate to any candidate just because DCCC, or some other national group, endorses them.  Do some thorough research, find out who ALL the primary candidates are, and what their history is in their district. If there's a primary, and you're not very well-informed about the candidates, please just stay out of it and let the local Dems choose their candidate. After the primary, we'll all take all the help we can get, whoever wins.  And you can take action against the Republican in that seat at any time, without picking favorites in the primary.

  •  Diary for later this weekend (4.00)
    "RIP American Journalism"  What a sorry excuse we have right now for "journalism" in this country.  Right now on the Hardblower there is a new feature of "hardhitters" All extreme right wingers, no balance, never, ever....why do they need balance when it is clear we have a dictatorship now.

    Thanks for the diary, hope you post more here.

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin

    by SanJoseLady on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:55:49 PM PST

    •  Shameless right wing propagandists (4.00)
      "Thanks for the diary, hope you post more here."

      I second that welcome to Senator Kerry.

      And I second your idea that yesterday was a dark day for American journalism.  Maybe the day it died once and for all.  Right-wing propaganda seemed to finally win, once and for all.

      I posted a similar comment on another diary earlier, but here is the truth of the matter:

      The media are hysterically, shrilly, shamelessly covering up Bush's COMPLETE FAILURE to protect this country from terrorists.

      The truth is that George W. Bush is guilty of dereliction of duty as President:

      He was warned 9/11 was coming a month beforehand, but ignored it and went on a monthlong vacation.  Result: a successful terrorist strike, killing 3000 Americans.

      As Senator Kerry reminds us, Bush let Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora.  Took his eye off the ball because he wanted to go to Iraq... a much easier war to win, and one with OIL as the prize.

      Nearly four years ago, Bush publicly surrendered in the fight to get Bin Laden, for all the world to see.  The spineless fool said he doesn't think about him, doesn't worry about him, etc. Cowardly surrender.

      George W. Bush surrenders again in 2004. Regarding the war on terrorism, he says, quote:  "I don't think you can win it."  When he is called on it in the next few days, he tries to backpeddles and lie, and whines that he didn't say what he said.  But it was on tape, and very clear:  another surrender from Bush.

      Bush has ignored the bipartisan 9/11 Commission's dire, repeated warnings to prepare for the next terrorist attack.  Tough luck, America.  Bush himself will be safe, after all....and that's all that matters, just as it did on 9/11 when he flew around the country like the pampered little coward he is.  



      But the traitorous media act as Bush's court propagandists rather than point this out, putting ever more American lives in danger, and desecrating the memories of those who died on 9/11.

      Absolutely shameful.

  •  welcome (4.00)
  •  Great job, Senator. (4.00)
    And while you're around, please consider a constituent's request to filibuster Judge Alito.
    He's too extreme for America. I was particularly struck by the amount of dissenting opinions he had and his support for the "unitary executive."
    •  Not your constituant.... (4.00)
      but ditto.  Wrote to my senators with the same advice.  I don't want a packed court when the time comes to defend the 4th amendment.  

      You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad. Aldous Huxley

      by murrayewv on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:03:49 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Second that (4.00)
      And thank you, Senator Kerry, for your work on the BCCI investigation.  It's high time for another look at terrorism as an international crime, replete with money laundering and arms trade.   What you did to BCCI worked.  Rule of law and diplomacy work.  

      Are we still routinely torturing helpless prisoners, and if so, does it feel right that we as American citizens are not outraged by the practice? -Al Gore

      by soyinkafan on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:08:59 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  thanks for speaking out against the 'refs' (4.00)
    It's important to focus on the right conversation to have.
  •  No way is this Senator Kerry! (2.50)
    I think the diarist should make that clear.
  •  Greetings and salutations (4.00)
    and thank you for the excellent links.
  •  John Kerry for real? (none)
    Or just someone still on his email list who's posting his emails?

    I am an ILL State Assassin. Legalize Qualo. Those in Chicago - listen to Boers & Bernstein on 670 AM The Score 2-6 M-F. You'll be glad you did.

    by Larry Horse on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:58:28 PM PST

  •  Senator Kerry, please keep... (4.00)
    ...standing up and speaking out.

    I would love to hear what you think of Gore's speech earlier this week.  As a former prosecutor and lead investigator on the BCCI scandal, I would love to see you taking a lead role in Congressional investigations of the Bush administration.

    "It's not selling out if you don't get paid, okay? We're not whores. When you do it for free, that's just slutty." -Wonkette -6.38/ -4.21

    by wonkydonkey on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:58:29 PM PST

  •  It's legit, btw (3.92)
    I know there are always questions about this when an elected official posts for the first time.
  •  Is this actually John Kerry? n/t (none)

    Jumping on the bandwagon: (-3.63, -3.03) - Does that make me part of the right wing here?

    by someone else on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:59:28 PM PST

  •  Hmm (none)
    is this the real John Kerry? Posting on Daily Kos? Ummmm....I don't know what to say! I'm a bit star struck!


    by michael1104 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:59:42 PM PST

  •  respectfully (none)
    How do we know this is by The John Kerry?

    Often elected officials put "Representative X" or "Senator X" whatever or a link to their .gov page.

    nothing of the sort here.

    just wondering.

  •  I wish you didn't use the name John Kerry (1.65)
    unless you are really him.  We need honesty all around, asshole.

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." Black Hawk

    by Gabriele Droz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 02:59:56 PM PST

  •  Senator, (4.00)
    Would you consider contributing to my Hillary Clinton diary?

    Visit Satiric Mutt -- my contribution to the written cholesterol now clogging the arteries of the Internet.

    by Bob Johnson on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:00:01 PM PST

  •  If kos says it's kerry, (none)
    then I believe it.  Kerry (or his staffer) has very good diary formatting skills!
  •  Sen Kerry (4.00)
    Excuse my language, but get your butt on a TV station and ask the questions.  

    I can't get Chrissy Matthews to do anything. I send him or his station an email, and I get back some canned response.  You have the power.  How about you go on Fox News, or Hardball, or better yet, Bill Meher's show (starts again in February).

    Don't get me wrong, I supported and support you, but you have the power.  Don't back down.  

    "Constitutional Crisis Forthcoming"

    by egarratt on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:00:39 PM PST

    •  You get a response?!? (none)
      Where I'm sitting, that's like winning a scratch off lotto ticket.  I sent a letter last night that could've peeled paint off the walls. And what happened?

      Just like every other letter: ignored.

      "As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."

      by MissAnneThrope on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:23:41 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Well, my response is something to the effect . . . (none)
        thanks for contacting us, blah blah blah, your full of crap.

        "Constitutional Crisis Forthcoming"

        by egarratt on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:28:12 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Ew...form letter (4.00)
          I tried calling MSNBC today and Hardball in particular. Both viewer services and Tweety had full mailboxes. Hope they were filled by us, rather than Bush supporters.

          "As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."

          by MissAnneThrope on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:35:09 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  I didn't even get a blah blah blah (none)
          response.  Nothin.'  Guess my viewership means nothin.'

          Someday Tweety is going to have to ask the question: "If a blowhard pontificates to a non-existent audience, does he make a sound?"

          Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

          by litigatormom on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:12:36 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  Your viewership (none)
            Of course it means nothin'.  You're just a member of that terrorist group, you know the one, I think they call themselves Democrats.

            I sent him an email today as well, got nothin'.

            •  Please, don't repeat their meme, even in jest (none)
               Just read this article from 2002, an account  of how in Montana a rightwing radio guy incited several people to violence against environmentalists:


              The author ends by citing several then-alarming signs of fascism, saying that the final indicator to him would be acceptance and encouragement of demonization by Bush and those in power.

              We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

              "As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."

              by MissAnneThrope on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 09:56:21 PM PST

              [ Parent ]

              •  There was another study... (none)
                This one's kind of foggy in my head, so forgive me. But it's something like this:

                Someone produced a video assailing one of President Ray-Gun's anti-poor measures by producing a video about it. The video showed families and talked about how Ray-Gun was going to hurt them real bad. It was unequivocal in its audio.

                But a strange thing happened: the families looked happy in the video. When shown to real people most people were confused over what the actual message was and a lot of people actually thought the thing was supporting the programs.

                I'm not sure what to say, really. On the one hand i want to say "be careful out there". On the other hand i love this kind of sarcasm myself.

                The Shapeshifter's Blog -- Politics, Philosophy, and Madness!

                by Shapeshifter on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:03:50 AM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  Great explanation (none)
                  I really, really, really love sarcasm and snark, since childhood. Friends and family would tell you it's too much love, actually. :)

                  Maybe it was the hour, or the rawness felt after reading that article after a whole day of hearing the endless (straight) comparison of OBL to Dems. Maybe you have to have unbelievable backbone for the kind of garbage fight they're trying to create, and I just need to take a breather and eat more calcium. :)

                  "As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."

                  by MissAnneThrope on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 05:44:29 AM PST

                  [ Parent ]

    •  Valid point (4.00)
      We really don't have the power that sways the media.  We can write into them, call them, but somehow we - their consumers just don't seem to get any respect.  If they listen, it's a rare exception.  Especially if we are bloggers.  Rodney Dangerfield is one of us, but on the other hand, if they've been listening to RedStaters or Freepers, they may have a point. /snark

      And if John Kerry is listening right now, I hope he realizes that we want someone with power to get in their faces and tell them where to get off.

      Enough of the lieing, the bullying.  The ire of the people is rising and they are on low ground.

    •  I didn't get a response (4.00)
      Guess I cussed too much, or they didn't know what a pinche pendejo was and thought they'd better not chance it.  Boy was I pissed.  

      War is not an adventure. It is a disease. It is like typhus. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

      by Margot on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 08:06:05 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  As if... (none)
      ...the corporate media aren't controlling and choreographing every bit of airtime to benefit Bu$hCo!

      The corporate media have all but shut out Gore's tremendous speech on the 16th. What makes you think they'll give John Kerry (hi! thanks for writing! see you around the proverbial inkpot!) the time of day and airtime in prime time?

      That said, start talking with your neighbors, friends and family about the evil management of media. Start supporting good Democrats (Yea, Kerry!) and stop whining. It's your move. Link up, connect, make your personal contacts, spread the truth...and STOP SAYING DEMOCRATS HAVE THE DIRECT POWER TO FORCE THE CORPORATE MEDIA TO DO ANYTHING. Because they DON'T!  

      But you do, YOU have the power, one step at a time, one contact at a time, until an army of Americans acting like Americans take back this country with overwhelming legitimacy.  I can tell you how. linda at

    •  Actually... (none)
      In terms of clever marketing i think this might help. The right-wing blogs are, i'm sure, going apeshit about "John Fucking sKerry posted on Kos! All our negative views of him have been absolutely vindicated!"

      Then it gets into the news through the right wing channels.

      Maybe. We'll see if that happens.

      The Shapeshifter's Blog -- Politics, Philosophy, and Madness!

      by Shapeshifter on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 01:05:46 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  I can hear Hannity now (none)
        "Clearly John Kerry has fallen prey to the personality cult created for him by the hateful hard left that has hijacked the once-great Democratic Party. Far left wing radical groups like ActBlue, Michael Moore,, and hotbed of radical newthink have clearly convinced John Kerry to buy into the fantasy that the Democrats are still a viable political party in our country."

        Sadly, Hannity the ass clown gets an hour of airtime every day on the Armed Forces Radio Network. I'd be pissed if it wasn't followed by an hour of Al Franken.

        Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

        by jabbausaf on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:23:08 AM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  I agree (4.00)
    The disturbing trend in the news media is to always try to explain away or whitewash everything to cover for GWB.  Americans have become so used to all the smear, it seem they can't distinguish good journalism from hype, the latest Hardball being just one of a long line of incidents of deriliction of duty by the News media, cable news(I use the word news lightly), and print media.

    Please continue to shine a spotlight on this and all the other distortions, half truths, and coverups by the administration!

    Happy to see you post.

  •  Welcome to the community (4.00)
    a couple of tips for the staffer who is hopefully monitoring this thread.

    You participation in this community is welcome and encouraged, with an emphasis on participation.  If all you will be using us for is a place to post copies of press releases and emails, you will find your posts slipping of the screen quickly.

    Please take this to heart, this community has some of the brightest minds I have ever run across and it is a potential goldmine of ideas and feedback, do not take it for granted.

    Good luck

    Midwest Center for American Values - Progressive ideas in an easy to swallow pill.

    by ETinKC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:02:25 PM PST

    •  Reading the comments == very important (4.00)
      To put a sharp focus on what "participation" means.

      If you don't have time to do it yourself -- and I know there are a lot of comments -- at least get a staffer to.  There are usually a lot of duplicative comments, and just having someone pick out one or two to represent each group of semi-duplicates would cut it down to an amount anyone could read.

  •  Are you for real? (4.00)
    If you really are John Kerry I commend you for posting this diary. It's true that our media and politicians should be asking the tough questions. One thing the media never asked was why Bin Laden attacked us in the first place. These are the types of questions we all need to thouroughly take a look at. We all know that invading countries does not help fight the terrorist ideology. Rather understanding our enemy and why they hate us could lead Americans to believe that we need to straighten out our own country. We should enforce fair trade, abide by international treaties (this means no torture and no invasions unless we are under attack by that paticular country), and enforce strict environmental and labor laws overseas. These are just a few things that could make our country look better internationally. The more honorable a country we become the less people will have reason to hate us.
  •  Well shit (4.00)
    at least it shows that I care.

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." Black Hawk

    by Gabriele Droz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:04:27 PM PST

  •  Just wait until he posts and you see his sig (4.00)
    i'm sure his signature might include some sort of quote, maybe a Political Compass score, or something else.

    So yeah, thanks for posting here.

    "Our country right or wrong. When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be put right" - Carl Schurz

    by RBH on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:04:52 PM PST

  •  Apology from me (4.00)
    just didn't want anyone to post something fake using your name.

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." Black Hawk

    by Gabriele Droz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:05:55 PM PST

  •  Hardball? What's That? (4.00)
    My husband and I have both finally sworn off Hardball...actually I gave up a long time ago, but my husband kept hangin' in there because he was one of those who bit the infrequent good interview.

    Well, tonight after a not so bad interview with Rep.Jane Harmon, Matthews switched to the "Hillary plantation bashing" segment with THREE right wing pundits...Tucker Carlson, Rita Cosby, and Joe Scarborough.

    And so, bottom line, there is something we'll never see on Hardball, and that's a debate. It's time to quit on corporate media; it's a hopeless situation....

    "Live right. Think left." Gregory Peck

    by bookwoman on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:06:53 PM PST

    •  I won't take the Bumper sticker off the car (4.00)
      "Veteran for Kerry/Edwards"
      •  When I see those stickers (4.00)
        on the highway, I always let them in front of me.

        don't ask me what I do when I see the opposite on the back of a car.

        •  I always say... (none)
          "GFY" in a conversational tone.  It always makes me feel better.

          Plus, I did it once without thinking while carpooling and its how I found out that one of my fellow carpoolers was also a fellow progressive.  The other carpooler stopped riding with us.  :)

          In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. ---George Orwell -6.63; -6.51

          by TheKickingDonkey on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:51:58 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  just today (none)
          I saw a bumper sticker that said:
          "Annoy a Liberal...

          Work hard, make money, succeed"

          I would've shot his tires out, but since I'm not in the militia I don't have a gun.

          "To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice." Confucius

          by Patriot4peace on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:30:42 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

      •  Mine goes a bit farther (4.00)
        Too far for some.

        But not for me

        "Support Kerry 2008"

        Annoys the shit out of a freeper I know.

        "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

        by Kerrycrat on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:35:07 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  I own a car wash (4.00)
        and when I see those bumber stickers, I put my business card on their windshield for a free car wash saying "I love your bumber sticker".

        "Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance (liberally)" Jude 2 Brother of Jesus

        by pinkpanther on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:44:42 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  My bumper sticker says (none)
        "Vote Cthulhu '04 - Why settle for the lesser evil?"

        But then I have an odd sense of humor.

        When I get back to the States my new car will have
        "Cheney/Voldemort '08", right next to my Klingon "My Child has more Honor than your Child" bumper sticker.

        Because I'm a nerd.

        Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

        by jabbausaf on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:26:45 AM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  I should stop watching (none)
      but I flick back for the random Fineman or David Gregory segment.  
    •  Tweety is STILL doing the plantation (none)
      story?  What, is he a subcontractor for Karl Rove? Has he given more than thirty seconds to Al Gore's speech?  

      Tweety used to at least pay lip service to having "debate" and being "nonpartisan."  But really, what the hell kind of panel comprises Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough and Rita Cosby (is she even capable of talking about anything other than Natalee Holloway?).  

      And has anyone who might actually have the right to take offense at the use of the word "plantation" complained about Hillary's remark?  

      And has anyone asked Newt Gingrich why he made almost the exact same statement, using the very same word, about Congressional Democrats, in 1994?  Oh, I forgot.  IOKIYAR.

      Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

      by litigatormom on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:18:05 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Maybe the NSA wiretaps (none)
        turned up something really juicy on him.

        That's what Bush was doing it for -- to get political advantage and it's the only thing that explains the total cowardice that has enveloped Congress and company.

        Karl's got the negatives.

        "I don't think the ethics committees are working very well." -- John McCain on Meet the Press, 12/04/05.

        by bablhous on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 09:03:09 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  "Please, please, please... (none)
      "Stop hurting America."

      But of course, MSNBC knows exactly what it's getting with Hardball. Blowjobs for Republicans and lies about Democrats.

      "Hey, we had a 'celebrity news whore'--Rita--and a Karl Rove 'best buds 4-ever' in Matthews and then the nihilistic liar in a bow tie and the Rightist in Joe. That's balanced, right? You can't complain about that!"

      Right. Sure. Uh huh.

      Except only: not.

      The Shapeshifter's Blog -- Politics, Philosophy, and Madness!

      by Shapeshifter on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:17:23 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  OUCH!!! n/t (4.00)

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." Black Hawk

    by Gabriele Droz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:07:00 PM PST

  •  I know it sounds tin foil hattish (4.00)
    but I seriously question the Bush Administration's committment to capturing bin Laden.  Witout him, they have no boogeyman they can trot out every 6 months or so to frighten the masses into giving up more of their civil liberties for no good reason.

    I wish there was no reason to feel this way, but I don't think that Bush is so interested in keeping us safe as he is in keeping himself in power.  The timing of the bin Laden videos seems all too coincidentally timed to boost Bush just when he needs it.

    I'll take my tin foil hat off now.

    Thank you for joining this community Senator.  Not to open old wounds, but we would be so much better off had things cut differently on 11/2/04.

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it. -- Thomas Jefferson [-4.25, -5.33]

    by GTPinNJ on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:07:30 PM PST

    •  Not all tin foil hattish (4.00)
      I agree.  They don't seem to be working very hard at finding him.  Plus they seem to want to keep the public scared enough to keep relinquishing civil liberties.
      •  Your plus factor's the winner (none)
        When I saw the first news account what crossed my mind was:

        Karl's dancing on his desk.

        Who cares about Jack's sacks of money or torture or wiretapping or chronic lying -- Osama's Back in Town, peeps!

        Boo, America!  You scared?  Pleeeeeeeese be scared.  Got midterm elections coming up and it ain't lookin pretty.

        C'mon, Osama -- Drop one on the WH while we're in Crawford!  Make my day, baby, make my YEAR.


        "Injustice wears ever the same harsh face wherever it shows itself." - Ralph Ellison

        by KateCrashes on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:11:36 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  Talking heads just commenting on Lou Dobbs (4.00)
      think the Rethugs are positioning and showing their 2006 election stratagy.

      Terror is still the primary threat, Rethugs are stronger on terror than Dems, the new NSA wiretaps are not only necessary, but need to be expanded to include tracking of enviromental eco-terrorists (ELF and ALF), blah, blah, blah.

      We progressives need to cut this line of B.S. off now. We can not be de-positioned in the fight against terror, spun as weak by the right-wing.  

      Senator Kerry, this is another swift-boating, (pre-election), and we can not afford to remain silent on this issue.

      Welcome to daily.kos! The best progressive political blog I've found.  

      Nothing short of an aroused public can change things, nothing less than democracy is at stake- Bill Moyers

      by maggiemae on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:23:25 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Retire the tinfoil (4.00)
      Time to reframe that as healthy skepticism.

      For the entire length of this administration, we have been continually underwhelmed at performance.  One will not be disappointed by expecting incompetence and failure from this White House.

      Hurricanes on the map for days?  FEMA won't be up to the task and people will be lost, die, lose their homes permanently because it's not an election year.

      Medicare D has problems identified months before rollout?  They won't be addressed in time or -- and most likely for months after implementation.

      Commission evaluates history and recommends homeland security improvements?  Only after the administration obstructs the commission's launch, meddles with the scope of the study -- and then it fails miserably to actually secure the homeland.

      Improve educational outcomes of our nation's children?  Underfund it and expect the already overburdened states to obtain performance anyhow at the risk of less funding.

      Don't even get me started on Iraq.  

      For people who don't believe in abortion, they sure do know how to abort every thing they touch.

      Hence the skepticism I share with you that OBL's latest audiotape was anything more than another coat of paint on the Potemkin Village.

      How convenient that Cheney had a scheduled speech yesterday...on terrorism.

      And what a marvel -- NPR pointed out that the FBI managed to confirm the voice was bin Laden's within (4) hours.

      Welcome to the fray, Senator Kerry.  Wish you could have joined us last year, but now will do fine, too.

    •  Also not captured! (none)

      Nightly News
      By Jim Miklaszewski
      NBC News
      Updated: 7:14 p.m. ET March  02, 2004

      But NBC News has learned that long before the war the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself but never pulled the trigger.

       Here we had targets, we had opportunities, we had a country willing to support casualties, or risk casualties after 9/11 and we still didn't do it, said Michael O'Hanlon, military analyst with the Brookings Institution.
      <snip>The Pentagon drew up a second strike plan, and the White House again killed it.  By then the administration had set its course for war with Iraq.


      (-7.50 -6.31) If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. --Adlai Stevenson

      by arkdem on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 07:34:35 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  let me borrow you tinfoil hat for a moment (none)
      I'd like to see irrefutable (pardon the spelling?) evidence that Osama Bin Laden was 100% responsible for the attacks on 9/11.  I just don't believe it.  He's the fall guy, the bogeyman.  He's convenient.  
  •  timely diary, senator (4.00)
    glad to see you join other democrats here.  i hope you stick around long eough to read this and some other threads.  

    not capturing bin laden, is ,in my humble opinion :imho:, more a consequence of tremeulous realtions with pakistan, than ineptitude on the part of bush administration. the typography of the countryside is another factor.

    the fact that we have to accomodate pakistan is just another sign of u.s. weakness in middle asia. neocon imperialism has brought us these diasters.  i hope that when you return to washington you will look into the proliferation of overseas american bases. get a briefing from chalmers roberts.

    and, of cou8rse, do EVERYThING to stop alito. abortion is a minor issue compared expanding presidential powers. see you on C-Span.

  •  John Kerry? come on.... (none)

    The Bill of Rights, and not the Ten Commandments, is what should be on the front of our federal buildings

    by chinkoPelinke on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:08:20 PM PST

    •  See Kos' comment above (n/t) (none)

      Midwest Center for American Values - Progressive ideas in an easy to swallow pill.

      by ETinKC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:09:52 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  ok well, welcome Senator Kerry, (4.00)
      People are able to choose any name when they sign up, so you'll have to excuse the initial skepticism.

      The Bill of Rights, and not the Ten Commandments, is what should be on the front of our federal buildings

      by chinkoPelinke on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:12:15 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Dammit, all this foolishness (1.58)
        about politics and I'm still dead and missing in Aruba!

        Rita Cosby, you don't have your face and husky voice on TV enough!


      •  Yes - welcome. And, speaking of... (none)
        ...slings and arrows - 'bout time.


        It ain't called paranoia - when they're really out to get you.

        by Jaime Frontero on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 08:37:20 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  More slings and arrows (none)
          >slings and arrows

          What possible slings can arrows can come from Kerry blogging?

          OTOH, maybe all 900 posters here will have their e-mail addresses attached to their IRS files and end up with an audit next year? Kerry has discussed working for the CIA (in the navy and in some detail but always in a light that says he was just helping out, doing his damn citizenship, ya know) so how do we know he isn't still working the the Cold War? How do we know that Kerry isn't just doing more damage control?

          Sure, I'm willing to read a few posts, if he cools it with trying to out-right Bush which is what he is doing when he advocates more force going after OBL. If that's really the arguement, then the post should be: Bush let OBL go on purpose because, well, Bush said he used maximum force.

          Let's hear what blogger Kerry has to say about Larry Beinhart's Librarian. Maybe Beinhart's view of life at Kerry's level is correct? If political life at that level is like Good Fellows on crack, then tell us. What are you reading? What movies, if any, do you see? Is Syriana pretty close to CIA reality? Did Bush wear a wire in the debates? What's wrong with saying you want Krugman on your staff? And don't say you just read about policy wonk stuff unless you can go into detail about it and show us you know as much about the deficit as, say, Atrios.

          And if you aren't reading, or taking Bush seriously, or really going to read and answer and respond to posts, then, well, stick to press releases, please.

          No slings and arrows intended.

  •  Welcome and Thank You Senator!!! (4.00)
    Your words are heartening for me to hear from someone in your leadership role.  


  •  You said: "I've got your back" (4.00)
    and you have never stopped proving that you really do.  Thank you, Senator Kerry.  You give me hope.  I've got your back, too. :)
  •  Thank you, Senator. But what about our elections? (4.00)
    It's really great to see you here, and I agree with you 100%.

    The issue topmost in my mind, however, is election fraud.  The Republican Party has been promoting election fraud on a massive scale, and I don't see any way to take back our government without guaranteeing free and fair elections.

    Currently the Ohio state legislature is trying to pass a law (HB3) which makes it illegal to challenge federal election results in any way, prohibits recounts of the paper ballots in districts which use electronic machines with voter-verified paper ballots, and raises the cost of all other recounts astronomically.

    Ohio is not alone in shameful, unacceptable election practices.  See for many.

    You could make a big difference by sponsoring a Senate companion bill to Rush Holt's HR550, which is considered the "gold standard" of verified voting laws by .  The bill already has hundreds of cosponsors in the House, but lacks a Senate companion bill.

    Of course, the Republicans have tried to alter it in committee in a way which would sabotage the essential element of the bill: a requirement that the voter-verified paper ballot be the ballot of record and be used for recounts.  But we can stop them.

    You could also make a big difference by becoming the first Senator to call for international election monitors to monitor our elections here in the US.  Jimmy Carter already said that the elections in 2004 wouldn't have been satisfactory by the standards of his election monitoring organization.

    If the Republicans oppose these simple measures (as I expect them to), point out: what are they so afraid of?  Don't they think they can win an election where all the votes are counted honestly?

    •  Key (4.00)
      This will be the key in 2006.
      Welcome Senator Kerry, there is always a great debate going on here.
      •  Key for many years to come (4.00)
        If Dems can't get control of the House in 2006 because of election fraud, we can't impeach. If we can't get control of the Senate in 2006, we can't get good Federal Court nominees. And given the Bush (mis)Administration's professed - indeed, trumpeted - disdain for constitutional restrictions on Executive power, such a failure at this time will, I'm afraid, resonate for decades.

        This next election cycle is critical. We must have honest elections. No other issue comes close.

        Thank you, Senator Kerry, for joining us here.

        We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor -The Declaration of Independence

        by occams hatchet on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:33:26 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Oh, yes, and please, (4.00)
          PLEASE filibuster Alito.

          Thanks (from me, my kids, and their kids)!

          We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor -The Declaration of Independence

          by occams hatchet on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:35:14 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  One easy way (3.75)
          to change Alito's stance on executive power. Put a Democratic president in the White House and keep one there til Alito's head explodes.

          "Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar." Edward R. Murrow

          by justrock on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:09:24 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  Not only that (none)
          But my nagging fear is that if Democrats can't get Congress back, we may see the 22nd Amendment negated, and Constitution-crushign Bush launch himself into an Imperial Presidency.

          Unlikely? Perhaps. But I always expect the worst and hope for the best. More often then not (and November '04 comes to mind) I get about what I expect.

          Meanwhile I've started referring to him as Imperial President Bush. Because it fits.

          Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

          by jabbausaf on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:30:52 AM PST

          [ Parent ]

    •  Without honestly counted election results (4.00)
      our democracy cannot function. The reckless disregard for public opinion that the Bush Administration is showing on issues from unilateralism to torture to illegal wiretapping indicates to me that they know that they don't need public opinion on their side to retain power. And that is extremely frightening.

      The rightful denizen of the White House right now is you, Senator Kerry, or Al Gore, but it is clearly not George W. Bush. And what a different world we would be living in now if either you or Gore were in charge of our nation.

      I worked my ass off to get you elected this past fall, as many of us here did. Sitting around the union hall with my fellow organizers after the polls closed, watching those states flip from blue to red, one by one - that was one of most painful experiences of my life. It was horrible.

      Please fight to make our elections fair again, Mr. Kerry. I understand there are many worthy fights for you to fight, but please let this one be prominent among them.

      Thank you Senator, and welcome to our community.

      Renewable energy is homeland security!

      by lil bird on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:31:58 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  RE: Kerry/elections (none)
      I couldn't agree more that it should be Sen. Kerry who leads the fight for free and fair elections (I prefer paper ballots). There is no one more qualified, or "injured" by the election fraud, in a position to do something about it,  than Sen. Kerry, and that is why HE must lead the fight. I know the Rove machine will be out, too bad, I don't give a flying fig about any of that...Kerry can only save himself, and thus this country by following through on his promise to legitimize voting. Without that, we have little hope of ever taking back our country. BTW, Sen. Kerry and Teresa (lovvvvve her), welcome to Dkos.
  •  Absolutely my first question. (4.00)
    If he had been taken out a couple years ago, we wouldn't be constantly taunted every few months with a tape.  

    The people who died on 9/11 want to know where is Usama.  Their families and the rest of the United States deserve much better than this, after years of waiting, justice has not been served.  


  •  Welcome from a critic (4.00)
    Welcome Sen. Kerry. As a deaniac and a critic of the dc establishment bush enablers, I've been hard on you. Nonetheless I truly welcome you. Nice have you Conyers, Boxer, etc wallowing with us, the base. :)
    Please encourage you fellow dems to not vote for Alito. Not only do the demcrats risk losing or weakening their base, far more importantly is this nation's fate with this appointee.
  •  Welcome Senator Kerry (4.00)
    So good to see you here.

    You're questions are music to my ears:

    more than four years after the devastating attacks of 9/11, more than four years after George Bush boasted we wanted Osama "dead or alive," more than a year after Osama Bin Laden showed his hateful face in yet another video, this barbarian is still very much alive and boasting of additional attacks against the United States.

    I like the fact that you didn't need to use the term Senator username.

    Hope to see you around here more.

    Needless to say I proudly voted for you in 2004.

    The Republicans have a fundamental problem with telling the truth - Howard Dean.

    by NYC Sophia on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:11:29 PM PST

  •  welcome (4.00)
    Glad to see you posting! Wheres Osama is a major question that has been ignored by the mainstream media. This really is one of the worst adminstrations ever.

    John Kerry 2008, still bumperstickered, still fighting for the truth, still the one.

    by desiunion on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:11:38 PM PST

  •  Keep standing up (4.00)
      Thank you for this.  Please keep pounding away, over and over again, at the lack of honest, intelligent discourse in our main stream media.  You give me hope.  
  •  Hey, Senator, do you remember me? (4.00)
    You were speaking in Philadelphia...I was about a block away, standing on my tiptoes on the edge of a curb.  ;-)

    I'm glad to see you posting here and I hope to see you hitting the airwaves...this message needs to be pounded in.  

    Thanks for all you've done and do.  :-)

    Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool-- how much worse lying lips to a ruler - Proverbs 17:7

    by Barbara Morrill on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:11:48 PM PST

    •  That was you?! n/t (4.00)

      I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it. -- Thomas Jefferson [-4.25, -5.33]

      by GTPinNJ on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:16:59 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  It was... (4.00)
        I was the one in the Kerry/Edwards shirt.  :-P  

        Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool-- how much worse lying lips to a ruler - Proverbs 17:7

        by Barbara Morrill on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:28:15 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Is anyone else reminded of (4.00)
          that old Paul Simon skit on SNL, where he was able to remember everyone who ever came to one of his concerts, but drew a blank on who that Garfunkel guy was...
          •  Yes! (4.00)
            hahaha!  That's exactly what I was thinking of when I made my initial post.

            Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool-- how much worse lying lips to a ruler - Proverbs 17:7

            by Barbara Morrill on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:39:38 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  I like when (none)
              Paul Simon (the politician) was on with Paul Simon the singer!

              And what ever happend to Pat Paulson?

              "Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance (liberally)" Jude 2 Brother of Jesus

              by pinkpanther on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:49:13 PM PST

              [ Parent ]

              •  Pat Paulsen (none)
                I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but Pat Paulsen died in 1997.  His clips live on.

                "Injustice wears ever the same harsh face wherever it shows itself." - Ralph Ellison

                by KateCrashes on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:14:38 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  i loved this part! (4.00)
                  Pat was later approached by the Smothers Brothers with the idea of running for President. Pat's reply was "Why not? I can't dance - besides, the job has a good pension plan and I'll get a lot of money whan I retire."

                  Pat's campaign was based in comedy and he ran it using outright lies, double talk and unfounded attacks on his challengers. Who would have thought this style would be the method of campaigns in the future? His work on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour earned Pat an Emmy in 1968.

                  "Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance (liberally)" Jude 2 Brother of Jesus

                  by pinkpanther on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:52:39 PM PST

                  [ Parent ]

              •  Don't know if you'll see this (none)
                ...since I'm adding it so late in the game...

                Simon (the politician) made quite a few appearances on SNL.  Do you remember the one where Paul Simon/singer is announced and they both come out?  They get into a discussion of times where they went to the wrong event.  Paul Simon (in his little bow tie) saying something like, "I wondered why I had a gig in Madison Square Garden."  

                Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool-- how much worse lying lips to a ruler - Proverbs 17:7

                by Barbara Morrill on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 08:59:13 AM PST

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    •  What About Me? (4.00)
      I directed parking on an icy parking lot in Delaware at the IBEW hall and then could't get inside because the hall was packed to the gills.
      I even got to help the CNN reporter off the bus.
      •  And you were lucky! (4.00)
        I was one of the 50,000 who packed a riverside park in Portland in the nearly 100 degree heat. I was that speck to the southwest, wearing a straw hat, and shading my roommate (who didn't have a hat) with a flyer. It was to hot and awful they started passing cases of bottled water overhead through the crowd. But we got to see Teresa! (She rocks!)

        "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." -Karl Marx

        by Lainie on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:43:00 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  I sat,,,, (4.00)
          on the shoulders of my oldest son in Madison, WI.  HUGE rally attended by my children and myself, all voting age.  My Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker is still on the truck, and will be until replaced with the Dem candidate for 2008.

          "But your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore"--Prine Pay attention Georgie - 2200+ dead Americans. Jesus Christ, make it stop already.

          by Miss Blue on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:01:26 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

      •  What about me? (none)
        I met you in the line down near the end of the stage at the end of the big Atlanta fundraiser, right before you had dinner with some of my friends at $25K a couple. I told you that Edwards had to be the VP selection. You gave me a look I'll never forget and said not a word.
  •  To be honest, Senator Kerry (3.90)
    The war in Iraq took precious resources away from the effort to continue to look for Bin Laden. And I have been wanting to ask this question of a Senator who voted for it (since mine did not): Why did you vote for the Iraq War Resolution? The reason I ask also, is now I believe these people are going to use that vote to go into Iran, as the wording of it gives them the authority to go anywhere to "fight terrorism." It was a carte blanche resolution based on what I have read, so I am also wondering if you realized that when you voted for it, and the damage that would be done to both countries because of that vote. Thanks for any response you might give.
    •  IWR is not carte blanche (4.00)
      Full text of resolution via GPO


          (a) Authorization.--The President is authorized to use the Armed
      Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and
      appropriate in order to--
                  (1) defend the national security of the United States
              against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and
                  (2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council
              resolutions regarding Iraq.

      Everything else basically relates back to this section, the "Authorization."

      If you have a link to a credible legal analysis that explains how this can be used as "carte blanche" to invade other countries, I'd love to see it.

      •  This also from the same resolution (4.00)
        "Whereas Congress has taken steps to pursue vigorously the war on terrorism through the provision of authorities and funding requested by the President to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such persons or organizations;

        Whereas the President and Congress are determined to continue to take all appropriate actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such persons or organizations;
        This also implies that Iraq was part of 9.11, and that the "president" AND Congress is determined to take all appropriate actions against nations who harbor terrorists related to 9.11... open invitation to escalate this war at any time un any place in my book. How could the Senators who voted for this not believe that? Mine didn't. And once again, just placing the word "Iraq" in it is deceptive. The agenda of the PNAC organization has been known since the Clinton administration when they even wrote to him to suggest he take out Hussein. There is simply no way I will ever believe that any Senator including Senator Kerry voted for this by being manipulated or deceived based on all that was already known about these lying crooks.
        And in my book, considering that Bush was never elected, this resolution is unconstitutional.

        •  I'm still looking for credible legal analysis. (none)
          Hey, I'm not, and I could be wrong, but I'll put mine up against yours. :-)

          How bout a real legal expert though?

          Lacking that - and the Senator, who certainly is, is kind of busy right now, so I'll take my own feeble swing.  -

          1. All the Whereas stuff in the beginning is just an explanation of the rationale and does not authorize anything. So, the part you quoted in bold is meaningless in terms of giving "carte blanche", your original complaint.

          2. At the time of the IWR, there was so-called intelligence that stated that, "aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such persons or organizations" was  quite possibly true with respect to Iraq. Remember there were alleged meetings and alleged terrorist camps. Now, the fact that Saddam was secularist and didn't like Osama would tend to make this seem unlikely but if the CIA is saying it's so...?

          Anyway, regardless how ill-conceived it appears in hindsight, and even whether it should have been obvious in foresight that it was ill-conceived (which I don't agree with, btw) -  that is irrelevant to the notion that it somehow gives "carte blanche" to invade other countries.

          It just doesn't. You can disagree with the vote, but don't say the bill does something that it doesn't.

          •  Look (none)
            I asked Senator Kerry why he voted for the Iraq War Resolution. (Of course, I already knew he would not come back here and personally answer my question, but I figured since so many innocent people have died and our troops are still in that hell, I would give it a shot.) Even taking into consideration that it only mentioned IRAQ specifically, it was still unconstitutional, and based on LIES. Therefore, if I'm not going to get an answer to that question, I'm  certainly not going to get into a contest here with who is the lawyer and who knows more in order to divert from the fact the war in Iraq is an illegal, unconstitutional war begun by an unconstitutionally appointed "president" who has overstepped his bounds regarding abuse of power.

            I am an average American citizen asking for an answer, not a put off. No wonder so many Americans are turned off to all of this. All they get are run around replies and attempts to demean their intelligence instead of just answering the question. This war will now cause my son and all of our children to have to pay for it for most of their lives in more ways than one. I don't have to be a lawyer to know that, I am living it. You can then throw all the legal jargon and excuses at me that you wish to try to discredit my question. It stands.

            •  Which question? (none)
              I just don't understand your point. You said IWR gave carte blanche. It does not.

              I asked for your link to where you got that idea, because you stated in your original post "It was a carte blanche resolution based on what I have read."  Yet when asked to back up your statement, you do not. and then your next post indicates it is only your opinion.

              I'm sorry if the style of my post offended you. However, I am considerably offended every time I see someone attacked based on hearsay and non-logic. And I have seen far too much of that against Senator Kerry and particularly about the IWR. I've got a short fuse there. I'm sorry.

              I will drop this so as to not further hijack the thread. If you really want to see why Senator Kerry voted for the IWR - and of course you may yet get a response directly from him, but in lieu of that, the "response" he has already given, just prior to the vote, can be found right here.

            •  War Vote (none)
              This was a vote to trust the president with power and understood that war was a last resort.  Inspections were still going on and it was not a yes/no in favor of Bush's bombs.  I watched the vote on T.V.  I also watched Iraq destroy their own weapons.   NOW we know Bush will grab power whenever possible and "War" gives him the excuses.   After the waste in Iraq, notice who is still a threat and an excuse to take away rights.  
      •  It is if you're Bushco (none)


        by dangangry on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 10:30:10 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  Read carefully and learn (none)
        What do these words mean?

         "as he determines to be necessary"

        That is a grant of unbridled discretion.  Such language is understood by anyone with legal training as such, and any court of the land would interprect such language as such.

        Translation:  We'll trust him to make the decisions as to whatever he thinks or says is best for us in terms of defending the national security.  We'll hand over complete power to HIS JUDGMENT.


        It is Congress punting its constitutional responsibility for determining when war is appropriate, and handing it over to the President with the words, "You decide, and we'll go with whatever you think is best.  We completely defer to your judgment."

        Got it?

        •  You're wrong. "With respect to IRAQ." (none)
          You're wrong. It is not carte blanche. Period. However you might like to twist it, for whatever your purposes are.

          You cannot take a phrase - not even a sentence! - out of context and infer an entire legal meaning from it. (I'm still looking for credible legal analysis, btw. That means, an analysis published by someone with the credentials to interpret an Act of Congress.)

          So you are saying that Bush can now use this resolution to justify attacking any other country in the world, if he claims that there is "a continuing threat posed by Iraq"???

          Semms to me, before he would do that he would have to either

          a) disengage completely from Iraq (how can it be a threat while our troops are occupying it?)
          b) declare defeat in Iraq. (if he announces that Iraq is still a threat - then that is declaration of defeat, probably unspinnable even by Rove.)

          Go ahead and hold your breath waiting for Bush to do one of these things.

          •  You are correct and I overstated my case (none)
            It grants unbridled discretion with respect to Iraq and its "continuing threat."

            The point is, it was carte blanche for him to make war on Iraq.

            I understood that at the time I first read it back in October of 2002.  I KNEW then that Congress was giving him unbridled discretion to make war on Iraq, in light of its "continuing threat" . . . . something that Congress in the resolution had already decided existed.

            Thus, Congress gave him carte blanche to make war on Iraq.

    •  This authorization has a lot of conditions (none)
      The way I read this, it is predicated on certain assumptions so that for there truly to be a meeting of the minds all of the conditions would have to be true, otherwise it would fail.

      1.) The first condition is that the United States has certain pre-existing obligations to its 1990 coalition and the United Nations Security Council.

      A.) in 1990 in response to Iraq's war of aggression against and illegal occupation of Kuwait, the United States forged a coalition of nations to liberate Kuwait and its people
      B.) in order to defend the national security of the United States and
      C.) enforce United Nations Security Council resolutions relating to Iraq

      2.) The second condition is that Iraq had constraints on its behavior which the Uniteds nations including the US were obliged to enforce because after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, Iraq entered into a United Nations sponsored cease-fire agreement pursuant to which Iraq unequivocally agreed, among other things,
      A.) to eliminate its nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs and
      B.) the means to deliver and develop them, and
      C.) to end its support for international terrorism;

      3.) It now appears that Iraq was in compliance so the US was essentially bearing false witnessthat the efforts of international weapons inspectors, United States intelligence agencies, and Iraqi defectors led to the discovery that Iraq had
      A.) large stockpiles of chemical weapons and
      B.) a large scale biological weapons program, and that Iraq had
      C.) an advanced nuclear weapons development program that was much closer to producing a nuclear weapon than intelligence reporting had previously indicated;
      D.)Iraq, in direct and flagrant violation of the cease-fire, attempted to thwart the efforts of weapons inspectors to identify and destroy Iraq's weapons of mass destruction stockpiles and
      development capabilities, which finally resulted in the withdrawal of inspectors from Iraq on October 31, 1998;

      Due to the Presidents lying to and misinforming Congress about what his available intelligence actually showed, in Public Law 105-235 (August 14, 1998), Congress concluded that Iraq's continuing weapons of mass destruction programs
      threatened vital United States interests and international peace and security,

      Congress then having been mislead

      4.)declared Iraq to be in ``material and unacceptable breach of its international obligations'' and urged the President
      A.) ``to take appropriate action,
      B.) in accordance
      C.) with the Constitution and
      D.) relevant laws of the United States,
      E.) to bring Iraq into compliance with its international obligations'';

      There is nothing here about regime change or authorization to kidnap, torture, murder, conduct unreasonable searches and seizures, or for the president to act outside the law.

      So long as it is true that

      5.) Iraq both poses
      A.) a continuing threat to
      B.) the national security of the United States and
      C.) international peace and security in the Persian Gulf region and
      D.) remains in material and unacceptable breach of its international obligations by,
      E.)among other things, continuing to possess and develop a significant chemical and biological weapons capability,
      F.) actively seeking a nuclear weapons capability, and
      F.) supporting and harboring terrorist organizations;
      G.)Iraq persists in violating resolution of the United Nations Security Council by continuing to engage in brutal repression of its civilian population thereby threatening international peace
      and security in the region,
      H.)by refusing to release, repatriate, or account for non-Iraqi citizens wrongfully detained by Iraq, including an American serviceman, and
      I.) by failing to return property wrongfully seized by Iraq from Kuwait;

      6.)the current Iraqi regime has demonstrated its continuing hostility toward, and willingness to attack, the United States, including by
      A.) attempting in 1993 to assassinate former President Bush and
      B.) by firing on many thousands of occasions on United States and Coalition Armed Forces engaged in enforcing the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council;

      When the President lies to Congress as here, that is an impeachable offense.

      7.)members of al Qaida, an organization bearing responsibility for attacks on the United States, its citizens, and interests,including the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, are
      known to be in Iraq;

      When the President lies to Congress as here, that is an impeachable offense.

      8.)Iraq continues to aid and harbor other international terrorist organizations, including organizations that threaten the lives and safety of United States citizens;

      When the President lies to Congress as here, where we have an intent to mislead that is an impeachable offense.

      9.)the attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001, underscored the gravity of the threat posed by the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction by international terrorist

      The combination of Presidential lies to Congress are the justification for the action

      A.) demonstrated capability and willingness to use weapons of mass destruction
      B.) the risk that the current Iraqi regime will either
      C.) employ those weapons to launch a surprise
      attack against the United States or its Armed Forces or
      D.) provide them to international terrorists who would do so, and
      E.) the extreme magnitude of harm that would result to the United States and its citizens from such an attack, combine to justify action by
      the United States to defend itself;

      The combination of Presidential lies to Congress and the United Nations are the justification the United Nations resolutions granting approval for the action

      11.)United Nations Security Council Resolution 678 (1990) authorizes the use of all necessary means to enforce United Nations Security Council Resolution 660 (1990) and subsequent relevant resolutions and to compel Iraq to cease certain activities that threaten international peace and security, including the development of weapons of mass destruction and refusal or obstruction of United Nations weapons inspections in violation
      of United Nations Security Council Resolution 687 (1991), repression of its civilian population in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 688 (1991), and threatening its neighbors or United Nations operations in Iraq in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 949 (1994);

      12.)in the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution (Public Law 102-1), Congress has authorized the President ``to use United States Armed Forces pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 678 (1990) in order to achieve implementation of Security Council Resolution 660, 661, 662, 664, 665, 666, 667, 669, 670, 674, and 677'';

      13.)in December 1991, Congress expressed its sense that it ``supports the use of all necessary means to achieve the goals of United Nations Security Council Resolution 687 as being consistent with the Authorization of Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution (Public Law 102-1),'' that Iraq's repression of its civilian population violates United Nations Security Council Resolution 688 and ``constitutes a continuing threat to the peace, security, and stability of the Persian Gulf region,'' and that Congress, ``supports the use of all necessary means to achieve the goals of United Nations Security Council Resolution 688'';

      14.)Whereas the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-338) expressed the sense of Congress that it should be the policy  of the United States to support efforts to remove from power the current Iraqi regime and promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime;

      15.) on September 12, 2002, President Bush committed the United States to ``work with the United Nations Security Council to meet our common challenge'' posed by Iraq and to ``work
      for the necessary resolutions,'' while also making clear that ``the Security Council resolutions will be enforced, and the just
      demands of peace and security will be met, or action will be unavoidable'';

      16.) the United States is determined to prosecute the war on terrorism and Iraq's ongoing support for international terrorist groups combined with its development of weapons of mass destruction in direct violation of its obligations under the 1991
      cease-fire and other United Nations Security Council resolutions make clear that it is in the national security interests of the United States and in furtherance of the war on terrorism that
      all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions be enforced, including through the use of force if necessary;

      This part looks to me like Congress doesn't always read its bills carefully enough. Congress never declared a War on Terror but rather authorised the use of force.

      17.) Congress has taken steps to pursue vigorously the war on terrorism through the provision of authorities and funding
      requested by the President to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized,
      committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such persons or organizations;

      18.)the President and Congress are determined to continue to take all appropriate actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or
      harbored such persons or organizations;

      The authority is limited to what Congress authorized which is to go after the people who attacked us on 9.11

      19.) the President has authority under the Constitution to take action in order to deter and prevent acts of international terrorism against the United States, as Congress recognized in
      the joint resolution on Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40); and

      20. )it is in the national security interests of the United States to restore international peace and security to the Persian Gulf region:

      21.) Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

      22.) This joint resolution may be cited as the ``Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002''.

      23.) Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.

      24.) The Congress of the United States supports the efforts by the President to--
      (1) strictly enforce through the United Nations Security Council all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq and encourages him in those efforts; and
      (2) obtain prompt and decisive action by the Security Council to ensure that Iraq abandons its strategy of delay, evasion and noncompliance and promptly and strictly complies with all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq.


      Some presumption is made here that the President can read.

      Nothing in this joint resolution supersedes any requirement of the War Powers Resolution.

      The authorization to use force is not as a Declaration of War but as a Letter of Marque because that authorization must be renewed every sixty days

      (a) AUTHORIZATION.--The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in order to--
      (1) defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and
      (2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq.
      (b) PRESIDENTIAL DETERMINATION.--In connection with the exercise of the authority granted in subsection (a) to use force the President shall, prior to such exercise or as soon thereafter
      as may be feasible, but no later than 48 hours after exercising such authority, make available to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate his
      determination that--
      (1) reliance by the United States on further diplomatic or other peaceful means alone either (A) will not adequately protect the national security of the United States against the
      continuing threat posed by Iraq or
      (B) is not likely to lead to enforcement of all relevant United Nations Security Council
      resolutions regarding Iraq; and
      (2) acting pursuant to this joint resolution is consistent with the United States and other countries continuing to take the necessary actions against international terrorist and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist
      attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.
      (1) SPECIFIC STATUTORY AUTHORIZATION.--Consistent with section 8(a)(1) of the War Powers Resolution, the Congress declares that this section is intended to constitute specific statutory authorization within the meaning of section 5(b) of the War Powers Resolution.
      (2) APPLICABILITY OF OTHER REQUIREMENTS.--Nothing in this joint resolution supersedes any requirement of the War Powers Resolution.
      (a) REPORTS.--The President shall, at least once every 60 days, submit to the Congress a report on matters relevant to this joint
      resolution, including actions taken pursuant to the exercise of authority granted in section 3 and the status of planning for efforts that are expected to be required after such actions are completed, including those actions described in section 7 of the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998
      (Public Law 105-338).
      Oct. 16, Presidential remarks and statement.
      (b) SINGLE CONSOLIDATED REPORT.--To the extent that the submission of any report described in subsection (a) coincides with the submission of any other report on matters relevant to this
      joint resolution otherwise required to be submitted to Congress pursuant to the reporting requirements of the War Powers Resolution
      (Public Law 93-148), all such reports may be submitted as a single consolidated report to the Congress.

      (c) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION.--To the extent that the information required by section 3 of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution (Public Law 102-1) is included in
      the report required by this section, such report shall be considered as meeting the requirements of section 3 of such resolution.

      Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH

      by rktect on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:55:27 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  True, I just felt flustered (none)
    and wanted to correct my mistake quickly.  But you are right, thought before action is definitely a better strategy.

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." Black Hawk

    by Gabriele Droz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:12:32 PM PST

  •  There's only one question (4.00)
    with all the resources King George the Lesser has at his fingertips, why is this motherfucking monstrosity still free?
    •  It's the logistics, man (4.00)
      Towing dialysis machines over mountains is so easy these days, especially in high-tech industrial sectors like Tora Bora, that one donkey can do it without so much as a Powerbar to munch on.  

      And since you can order new dialysis machines from Sharper Image and have them delivered to PO boxes anywhere in the world, picking up a new one's no problem for someone dying of kidney disease.  

      In fact, it's gotten damn hard to die of kidney disease, especially in health-conscious places like the tribal areas of upper Pakistan (there's a doctor under ever rock and you wouldn't believe the rocks they've got).

      This is just one of the rapidly evolving situations that the National Security Council's trying to catch up with -- that and getting some photographs of Cain and Abel playing with baby dinosaurs.

      "Injustice wears ever the same harsh face wherever it shows itself." - Ralph Ellison

      by KateCrashes on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:25:48 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  i really wish (1.75)
    i knew for sure this was from john kerry or at least approved by his office.

    i'm not that cynical.  all it would take is a nod from markos (or a frontpager) when we have special visitors.

    there's no agenda in this comment.

    has kerry posted this on his website the same way obama did??

    he should.

  •  Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Thank you for speaking up. Something has to be done about the media darlings who eagerly bend over for the administration. I'm glad to see you calling them out.

    But with all due respect, sir, I wish you'd had the same courage to speak up after the "election" in November 2004, instead of sitting on that huge warchest. Part of which, incidentally, I gave to you.

    But I'm glad to see you finally speaking out. Best of luck hammering Tweety.

  •  Will the REAL John Kerry please step forward... n/ (none)

    "I don't care whether he is a goat fucker, just that he denies it..." -Lyndon B. Johnson

    by lobezno on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:13:52 PM PST

  •  I voted for you sir (4.00)
    However, you might find rough waters here for one reason or another.  I would like you to take the time to talk to Kos about why so you can get caught up.  

    We have needed you here for longer than you know.

    Not sure if I would back you for president again, however, I always back your sentiments.  

    If you, or anybody you know gets the nomination I want you to please pay close attention to what is going on here.  I've found it to be quite accurate and constantly vetted for truth.  (As much as humanly possible).

    Thank you, Thank you for your service, and I know you really won in Ohio.

  •  Thanks (4.00)
    Can you, and all of your senator and representative friends get on TV please?  This is the latest Congress has come back since I can remember, and they need to be called on everything, including what you are talking about here.

    I know you've been in Iraq, but damn.  More of you need to be on the tube screeming down the Chris Matthews while they are making these stupid accusations and comments.

    And BTW, to everyone else.  I am a Dean fan, but the only person in the Dem machinery with a response after this stupid comment has been John Kerry.  I am fairly dissapointed by that.

    •  Let's note that again (4.00)
      Senator Kerry has not only been in Iraq, over there with our troops on the battlefront, he's met with Iraqi officials and is ascertaining the situation there on the ground. In Iraq.  He's not sitting pretty and safe in DC or Crawford, Texas.

      And he takes the time to step up and make these points here on Kos. That's leadership in action.

      Thank you Senator Kerry.

      <div style="color: #a00000;"> Our... constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men's minds. Thurgood Marshal

      by bronte17 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:30:21 PM PST

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  •  Welcome to the community, Senator. (4.00)
    From Pearl Harbor to VJ day was less than 4 years.

    Some day I'd love to hear the administration explain why it takes them longer to catch ONE six foot five inch terrorist dragging a dialysis machine behind him than it took Roosevelt and Truman to defeat Hitler and Tojo both.

    For that matter, why could Roosevelt train millions of new soldiers and mobilize an entire country quicker than Bush could train one brigade in Iraq?

    The Bush White House: How many Muslums do we have to torture and kill before they decide we're their friends? -5.25, -4.51

    by Tod on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:14:54 PM PST

    •  George the Worst (none)
      The greatest generation must be embarassed.    

      W acted decisively invading Afghanistan; but fell short. As Kerry said , he outsourced ToraBora. No one wanted to see Americans die; but it was our fight; not the Afghans.

      As mis-begotten as invading Iraq was, we kicked ass all the way to Bagdad.  Then W turned this into defeat by veering off into nation-building and handing insurgents a veto over our success.

      Now into Pakistan he sends robotCop drones; but no ground troops. With ground troops the collateral damage is less; and the act seems less cold-blooded. Further you may net prisoners not just body parts.  Must seem cowardly to Muslims.

      Were mercenary security guards cost-effective?   Mercencaries gobbled up 1/4 of the reconstruction costs. Nice bonus and you leave whenever you want. Must be great for GI's morale.

      Abu Graib was pre-meditated.  Our image in the world has been stained for a generation.  

      Consider the NSA spying, the Valerie Plame outing, the NewOrleans debacle, the same-sex baiting, the swiftboating of veterans.

      W has embarrassed us all.  

  •  OK, Did you see today's Hardball? (4.00)
    I got home early and caught the show. He now has the new Hotshot segment with Scarbourgh, Carlson and Crosby. It is all Republican talkingpoint talkingheads. I guess they do not have to have Olbermann on because his show is doing well and stands on its own.
    Tweety made a referrence to people misunderstanding his comments regarding Michael Moore. There was a lot of linking Osama to the views of the "Left". The show was just gross, so many chep shots. Infact, I think that should be the name of the new segment, "Cheap Shots".
  •  If this is the real John Kerry (3.60)
    why did you fold in Ohio???  You had to know what was going on.  You let them steal it out from all of our noses.
  •  Senator (4.00)
    This takes the kind of guts I knew you always had!

    I'll say welcome and I can also comfortably say 25 million Canadians were devastated that you were denied your rightful place in the White House.

    I can't help but think had your country followed our lead by using paper ballots you would be the Commander and Chief right now and your national nightmare would be ending as I type this.

    Keep up the good work.

  •  Tell us the truth senator (4.00)
    is this really KOS?

    "People seem to enjoy things more when they know a lot of other people have been left out of the pleasure." - Russell Baker

    by melvonator on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:16:32 PM PST

  •  Welcome Sen. Kerry (4.00)
    Thank you for your diary. The Bushes and the Bin Ladens have too much history for Osama to get "caught". That would get WAY too messy.

    While the media has become a right-wing tool, they couldn't get away with it for as long as they have without the support of enough people to make their positions viable. There are many Americans who choose to maintain their denial of reality, and the MSM feeds that delusion. Never underestimate the lengths that a person will go to in order to maintain their denial.

    We look forward to the time when the power to love will replace the love of power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace. - William Gladstone

    by mtibb0910 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:16:48 PM PST

    •  Bush never wanted to catch him. (4.00)
      If they caught Osama at Tora Bora, the Bush administration would never have been able to tie 9/11 with the war in Iraq.  He needed Osama alive and well to keep the connection going in all of the pre-war speeches.
      It also helped that Osama makes very suspicious appearances right before the election and now...just before hearings begin on the president's wiretapping without a warrant.
      Osama has always been Bushco's trump card.
  •  Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Now I really feel like a little worm for posting here as often as I do.  I can't say enough how impressed I am with how far-reaching this blog really is.  Cindy Sheehan, several congresscritters, and now Sen. Kerry, who should be our president right now.  Not to mention the nearly limitless credentials of the non-celebrity regulars.  It makes me feel very connected to a real movement in this country.  I certainly hope we can all, celebrity, senator, or not, work together to further that movement.

    Thank you Senator Kerry for joining us.  I'm honored to be able to comment your first diary here.  And keep dragging those media nutjobs through their fallacies!

  •  That's a start. (4.00)
    Senator Kerry, I shall be blunt. My frankness should not be interpreted as hostile. I just believe in plain talk.

    First, thank you for posting here. Here's the frank part: You are preaching to the choir. We know that Bush is a failure when it comes to the safety of the American people, when it comes to foreign policy, when it comes to fulfilling his promises.

    Here's what to do: Get in front of a TV camera, a radio mike, and anyone who will listen. Say all this, and more, in the plainest, bluntest and most condemning language possible. Then say it again. And get everyone you know to say it with you.

    The American people are stupid and need to be told, plainly and unequivocally and repeatedly, that Bush is failing them. It's taken them this long to realize that Iraq is a failure, and it's taken 2.3 terms of this imperial Presidency to realize that their Constitutionally protected freedoms are about to be lost.

    Here's the good part of your job: you get to bring the truth to the American people.

    Here's the hard part of your job: you get to bring the truth to the American people by out-screaming, out-lasting and out-facting the Rove Rightwing Lie/Smear/Fling-Filth Machine.

    Good luck, and many blessings to you. Love to Teresa.

    •  And (4.00)
      when you use "the bluntest and most condemning language possible" and the bastards in charge go ballistic, Quote Paul Hackett-- "I said it. I meant it. I stand by it."  

      Tell all the other Democrats they should NEVER AGAIN apologize for telling the truth.

    •  Yes, it's KKKarl Rove and his minions. (4.00)
      That's what we're up against and that's what we must stop!  How about the DNC throwing some money at a PR firm that can send out it's own talking points, talking about the truth for a change instead KKKarl's carefully constructed lies.  Abramoff is only linked to Republicans.  It's entirely a REPUBLICAN SCANDAL.  Democrats have not been in charge before, during or after 9/11.  Republicans have been in charge and they're the ones who haven't been able to capture or kill Bin Laden.  That's what must be said and if Senator Kerry (or your fabulous wife) reads these responses, I pray that you take these words and use them to shut down the Rove media machine that's been mowing us down since 2000.  Let's not forget, "Exit polls don't matter, only the vote count matters," that ended your chances of getting a honest count of your votes.  That was Rove's media machine, ready and waiting with it's spin the moment the polls closed that horrible evening no one here will ever forget.  Please, Senator Kerry, speak up and speak out against Rove's control of the media that's overthrown our democracy!
    •  Yeah, preaching to the chior (none)
      Follow the yellow brick road.

      Most people are idiots... But don't tell them. It'll spoil all the fun for those of us who aren't.

      by d3n4l1 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 08:12:09 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Naturally, The Game continues, Senator (4.00)
    Senator Kerry,

    It seems evident that the circus and spectacle of distraction will continue on the major media outlets, good man.  The twenty first century is upon us.  We should expect more of the same now, as newsmen have become part of the entertainment field as never before.  

    I implore you not to be drawn in so much to the silliness of the flash and injustice of the blue flickering screen.  It does sway the masses, and is admittedly infuriating, but our number one priority before anything else is done in this country MUST be to restore a measure of integrity to our voting polls in our country.  Until there is a prited paper trail after electronic voting through a system that is monitored and software developed/spotchecked by a nonpartisan arm of our government, we are without much hope for a more intelligent group of elected officials.  

    If the people can throw the bums out, we should give them that opportunity, no?  Then one day we can hope for our officials speaking to true issues with mass media.  We know we will get little more than blowhards with the present group.

    If you plan to run again, I advise you to throw nearly all your energies into getting this pivitol issue resovled before the next election.  

    That said, keep up your good work on behalf of our country.

    •  You are absolutely correct. (none)
      But KKKarl Rove has made sure that the Diebold voting machines are being installed in every state with a Republican governor, including California, to throw the 2006 election yet again.  He's out campaigning to show that he's got a following, using the Osama card to scare his followers back to the polls.  After all, if only Dems vote this election, it will be pretty difficult to convince anyone that Rethugs have won surprisingly yet again.  We must answer his lies with the truth at every turn, including the current one about "Democrats living in a pre-9/11 world, putting us all at risk," that's hitting every media outlet today and will every day until we shout him down with the truth.  REPUBLICANS were and are in charge of everything and Bin Laden is still at large!
  •  yeah i saw hardball (3.00)
    it was worse than anything you would even see on fox, they at least make a pretense of having a token was disgusting, i still watch hardball because occasionally chrissie will go after bush,this was more of a promo for the rigtwing msnbc the way if this is really john kerry please do not run again for president
     he best place for you is the can`t win in the primaries.
  •  out from under our noses (none)
    ...flustered there. . .
  •  Welcome Senator (4.00)
    It's not just Osama, of course. While the administration claims to have "captured or killed" 3/4 of the al qaeda leadership, Osama, Zawahiri, AND Zarqawi are still free.

    I say "free" rather than "on the run" like McClellan because "on the run" assumes we're actively chasing them. As Bush himself said, he's not that concerned about Osama.

    Glad you decided to post.

    Oh, and can you lead a flibuster? Please? With a cherry on top?

  •  Senator (4.00)
    when the trolls show up here to denigrate you, I (for one) will be all over them, because Senator,
    I've got your back!

    Still love 'ya man!

  •  Thank You for defending Cong. Murtha (3.94)
    against all the Swift Boating lies. You understand the tactics of these groups. What is the Democratic leadership doing to expose this garbage. Doing the WH dirty work
  •  welcome Senator (4.00)
    Good to have you here in the community.  Please support a filibuster of Samuel Alito, based upon his enthusiastic endorsement of the "unitary executive" doctrine if nothing else.
  •  Welcome, Senator! (none)
    Great first diary at dailykos!!

    All your points are well said, of course, and I'm very glad to see them expressed in this forum.

    (Now let me go read the other comments and see if the prediction I made on 12/11 is coming true...I'm hoping not...but you know, there's always Guinness. Or Bass.)


  •  Why doesn't the administration do anything? (4.00)
    Remember during the election, everytime you (Kerry) were ahead in the polls, a color coded terror alert was issued.  

    Now,  the media and the administration do not care.  We saw during Katrina, Bush was not able to handle any disaster, even with  ample warning.  The incompetence was both frustrating and frightening to see happen.  I truly believe they are incompetent as well as indifferent to Americans.  If Osama strikes, Bush will not get support this time, Americans will realize he has not focused on our country, only himself.

    Thanks for posting on the Kos.  Wish you were our President, I grieved for a long time over the loss.  Please keep in touch with us.  

  •  We welcome you, Senator Kerry (4.00)
    and hope our opponents, now merry
    Will soon realize,
    Ingesting their lies,
    They've political dysentery.

    I don't like country music, but I don't mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means 'put down.'- Bob Newhart

    by condoleaser on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:22:17 PM PST

  •  welcome Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Please continue to speak out against this bungling administration. We tried to speak out in November of 2004 but our voices were once again silenced. Somebody needs to be asking the tough questions, so jump right into the fray and ask for us. We need to know the answers.
    Thanks for your hard work and determination.

    "People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character."--Ralph Waldo Emerson

    by rioduran on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:22:51 PM PST

  •  Greetings from Canada, Senator (4.00)

    And fervent hopes for a unified Dem front.

    What will survive of us is love

    by howth of murph on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:23:11 PM PST

  •  spot on about OBL (4.00)
    The real question is why is Osama still sending us tapes threatening more action?

    How do you know when a war on an emotion is won? Will it be like the 'war on drugs' or the 'war on poverty'?

    Maybe its time to get 'Osama Clocks' plastered everywhere in blogsylvania:

    linky 1
    linky 2

    -4.63 -4.21 If Bush was moral or honest he'd turn himself in.

    by musicsleuth on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:23:20 PM PST

  •  Mr. President (since you DID win Ohio) (4.00)
    why are you STILL afraid to say the name "Michael Moore?"  WTF is wrong with "Michael Moore."

    Mmmmmm....Michael Moore!  BOO!

  •  this administration (4.00)
    We are talking about a White House that "can't" (or won't) catch one of their own administration when they leak classified information to the press.  So is it any surprise that they "can't" (or won't?) catch Bin Laden?

    Now that's what should be discussed on Hardball.

  •  I know Senator Kerry won't respond to this... (4.00)
    ...and I hope this doesn't get me excommunicated from the Kos community, but if were face-to-face with you, Senator, as I was when I shook your hand at a rally with Howard Dean in Portland in 2004, I'd ask you a couple questions:

    Why did you concede the 2004 Presidential election? Why didn't you fight for those in Ohio and elsewhere whose fundamental Democratic right was ruthlessly taken from them? There is a chance--a slim chance, I admit--that a defiant John Kerry in the wake of a fraudulent election could've further stigmatized Diebold machines to the point of obsolescence.

    If the Democrats retake the House or the Senate in 2007, I hope you will stand firmly behind initiatives to make our votes count, regardless of race, class or party affiliation. But what did you have to lose in 2004? Power? Prestige? Money? You will always have an abundance of all three. Why did you fold so quickly?

    I appreciate your speaking out, but it's long overdue, sir. I don't want to be cynical here, but are you simply reaching out to the netroots to earn "street cred" with the liberal wing of the party? Lately you've been grandstanding quite a bit, as Senator Reed of Rhode Island is certainly aware. We don't need another Joe Biden. We need the John Kerry that speaks truth to power. I hope he is returning to the national stage.

    If you read this, Senator Kerry, I welcome you to the community. I don't intend any disrespect with my remarks. I have great admiration for your service to this country, both in the military and the Senate.

  •  Nicely put, Senator... (4.00)
    ...and exactly what needed to be said.  

    These guys did not take bin Laden seriously in the 90's.   They did not take him seriously in 2001.  And to compare a man who is directly responsible for the deaths of 3000 Americans (at least) to a filmmaker and gadfly whose "crime" is to ask embarassing questions of this administration demonstrates that they do not take bin laden seriously in 2006.  Granted, Matthews is not part of this administration.  But this sort of nonsense is entirely in keeping with the tactics they employ.

    I've said this before but I think it bears repeating here:  I do not believe the Bush administration is in league with al Qaeda.  But if they were, I cannot imagine what would have happened differently...

    "...the big trouble with dumb bastards is that they are too dumb to believe there is such a thing as being smart." -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

    by Roddy McCorley on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:24:13 PM PST

  •  Rising Casualties In Afghanistan (4.00)
    Suggest a very broad failure there; not militarily but simply an utter lack of a plan.

    Militaries excel at taking things apart, but are not designed so much to construct or administrate. The same can be said of conservatism; although of course there is no kinship in that because conservatism erodes militaries too.

    The military can be praised for their accomplishments. It is a very self-contained force and can function well to meet its objectives through its internal bureaucracy. However it also has a somewhat narrow utility. The rest, and there is of course far more, is up to the government... Our government and that which we can help foster in these countries. But conservatives, despising government, would leave this largely to other self-contained entities: Corporations and a media that is friendly to them.

    There does not appear to be a will in the White House one way or another regarding Afghanistan or Iraq, let alone "transforming the Middle East." Rather, the only will appears to be to turn this threesome loose, leaderless, in the role that good governance alone can supply. Bush acts like a Caesar but it is merely an act, pomp without any apparent plan.

    I submit that the failure at Tora Bora is a symptom of a consistent passing of the buck; in that case to warlords, in others to the military, to the intelligence community, and to the mere elements (market forces). I know you have said as much. I think it bears mentioning again as Tora Bora is now somewhat lost in the fog of "youthful indiscretions." What matters most is that not just Pres. Bush but most of the Republican Party and a few in our own, are still being neglectful.

    When pressed, the Administration "acts busy." As perilous as the unconstitutional acts of this Administration are, they seem mere show at heart. It is almost as if the Administration is wilfully destructive to our Constitution and national character as they do this, as if to encourage those who care about protecting this country in the broad sense to let up the pressure, lest they do worse.

    And it's hard to see any good in the Administration's "strategy." Available analysis suggests torture is ineffective for example, and therefore that the debate over it is a bit of a lark. Likewise, unless Al Qaeda members are more trusting than the average educated American they already suspected the NSA was monitoring their phone calls in some fashion. And invading Arab nations does not seem to make them less rife with terrorist training capability; on the contrary.

    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:24:35 PM PST

  •  I'll add my welcome (4.00)
    Please do as much as you can, Senator. You have tools that we don't.

    You didn't do it.

    by Earl on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:24:38 PM PST

  •  Welcome, Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Just remember that while rhetoric in speeches may look and sound pretty, plain-spoken truth will win the day...and the hearts of the country.

    Speak from your heart, sir. We're all right there with you.

    The American taxpayers wouldn't object to free transportation for certain government officials if they'd go where we wish they would.

    by PatsBard on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:24:48 PM PST

  •  Senator Kerry, (4.00)
    Thanks for keeping up the good work and welcome!! I was thrilled to get home from work and see that you have joined this community! I hope we can learn from each other.

    At this point I have pretty much given up on the corporate-owned media outlets. Their interests (moneywise) don't allow them to tell the truth or to engage in an honest debate.

    I have a side-question or concern for you that I think needs to be looked into.

    I just saw Alberto Gonzales on C-SPAN talking about arresting eco-terrorists (story on here) and he said that "as in all crimes, they are innocent until proven guilty." This doesn't really jive with their argument for arresting other terrorists, specifically Jose Padilla.

    I thought perhaps you could ask the Justice Department to clarify exactly which terrorists can be detained indefinitely and which cannot and what their reasoning is behind that decision.

    Again, this is another example of the media not even knowing what questions they should be asking!

    Thanks for all you do!

  •  Well there (2.00)
    Looks like someone is running for President again.

    Looks like someone is not wasting their vote on you again.

    Stand up against election fraud BEFORE you concede like a wimp, even though John Edwards urged you to not concede.

    Gore/Feingold '08.

  •  You and Al Gore (4.00)
    need to get together and explain to me why you didn't sound like this before your respective elections. I know people who voted for Nader and Badnarik because you and Gore wouldn't drop the politispeak, roll up your sleeves, and throw down - like you're doing now.

    Was it on advice from your Democratic political strategists to "play to the middle" and "take the higher ground"?

    My advice is to fire your strategists. My advice is   less nuance. My advice is, get pissed off at the Republicans, 'cause there are an awful lot of us independents pissed at them - over jobs, inflation, borrow-and-splurge, Iraq, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, God you name it.

    Oh, and welcome to Daily Kos (like my welcome matters), and if you ever want to stop by Electronic Darwinism and say hi, feel free.

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry! (4.00)
    Never thought I'd see you post here, but I do want to thank you-- MUCH. You have my back, you've always had my back, and I thank you for NEVER fading away. For getting out there and keeping active, for lighting fires under people's butts, for spreading good will throughout the world and hopefully salving some of the international wounds that BushCo opened, for making the most of your name recognition, etc. etc.

    Thank you, in short, for acting like a president anyway.
    As well as for inspiring me to keep the hope.

    Bless you, and Kerry On.


  •  Um, Senator? (4.00)
    I, uh, contributed, like, $1000 last election cycle to you and well.. we just got our heating bill, you know? And um, I was, uh wondering you know if you still had... No, on second thought, never mind. I'm sure it'll be OK.

    Torture, spying on citizens, war on false pretenses. We're one long line for toilet paper away from becoming the USSR.

    by nightsweat on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:26:27 PM PST

  •  How about some fighting? (4.00)
    Over at Crooks & Liars, there is this quote from Scarborough "...President's political enemies domestically." What a way to frame the debate. A more honest (hah!) statement would be political critics.

    Here is my rant on the matter:

    The Dems need to attack the GOP with the same ferocity they will use to attack the real enemies of the US (i.e. terrorists).

    If the Dems are not willing to wage political war with everything they have, then it is no wonder people believe the GOP is the party to make the homeland safe. Think about it, how could a political party keep Americans safe if they aren't even willing to battle for political victory, let alone actual victory against those that attack the US.

    Until the Dems fight the political fight with the same spirit they will bring to real battles, people will continue to vote for the party that wages a political campaign the way they want to see the US fight the terrorists.

    Now that will be some Real Hardball.

    The Place of Dead Roads
    "The City of Louisiana has dodged the bullet with Hurricane Corrina."

    by Dr Benway on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:27:35 PM PST

    •  Correction (4.00)
      The Dems need to attack the GOP with the same ferocity they will use to attack the real enemies of the US (i.e. terrorists).

      Today's Republican Party leadership are real enemies of the US: because they are enemies of the democratic system, the rule of law, the separation of church and state, and generally the Constitution.
      Not to mention enemies of honesty.

      They can do, and have done, more to destroy the US than bin Laden ever did.

      So I guess I agree with you but would go further.

  •  Matthews is a disgrace (4.00)
    I'm glad you called him out.
  •  Senator Kerry (4.00)
    As an active duty enlisted sailor to a highly esteemed shipmate - welcome aboard, sir!  And I still have your bumper sticker on the ass end of my car and where I live (Northern Virginia) we're still seeing quite a few of them and fewer and fewer "Dubyas".

    Drag out the klezmer and start acting like a man, 'cause you are about to get a truthmitzvah!

    by calipygian on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:28:15 PM PST

  •  DailyKos is a wonderful place... (4.00)
    ...where else are you going to see this? (On the recommended diaries list):

    Real Hardball
    by John Kerry

    Shit-Eating Collaborator Monkeys
    by Grand Moff Texan

    Not at the Nation, I'll tell you that.

  •  Hey, uh.. (none)
    y'all seem to know this Kerry guy. Oh..yeah, that's the guy from Nebraska, right?


  •  Already diaried! (4.00)
    Just kidding.

    "The American people will trust the Democratic Party to defend America when they believe that Democrats will defend other Democrats." Wesley Clark

    by The Termite on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:30:41 PM PST

  •  Amen. Welcome Senator! (4.00)
    Senator Kerry, welcome to our world.  The world in which we hope, pray, and daily rant about MSM, the Bush whitehouse, and what we, the American people, deserve, at the very least from our leadership.  Please keep us apprised of your stand on this issue and all of the many other issues that are so adversely affecting our nation.

    Again, Welcome Aboard!

    I am not your beast of burden: I will not be forced to carry your baggage.....Humanistic Property Manifesto (-5.13, -4.77)

    by panicbean on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:31:01 PM PST

  •  Welcome, the real John Kerry (4.00)
     Now that we've established and confirmed every five posts or so that this is truly you , it's safe to offer kudos for posting this diary.

    Being as how it's at the end of this exhausting thread version of What's My Line, you'll likely never see it, though.  

    Please keep speaking out. Some of us are losing hope, the final and most precious gift we have.

    "As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."

    by MissAnneThrope on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:31:52 PM PST

  •  As Jon Stewart would say (4.00)
    I can't leave you people alone for five minutes! I stepped away to let my eyeballs straighten out and come back to this!  

    Nice to see this website gaining strength. I hope Senator Kerry reads as well as writes here. There are truly superior minds at work (mine not being one of them).

    Can we email this whole thing to Chrissy?

    "Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar." Edward R. Murrow

    by justrock on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:32:17 PM PST

    •  The NSA has redirected all of Tweety's (none)
      e-mail to go straight to Abu Gonzales.  Serves two purposes: shields Tweety from facts discovered by the reality based community, and alerts Abu of new targets for warrantless surveillance.  

      Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

      by litigatormom on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:27:43 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Already did! n/t (none)

      "My beloved child, break your heart no longer. Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart." -- Swami Shri Kripalvanandji

      by oslo on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:00:35 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Way To Tell It Like It Is, Senator (4.00)
    Well said, and right on.

    Hard hitting, easy to understand, just the right length.

    In language plain and clear.

    I hope you can translate this style from the written to the verbal and deliver it with some punch behind it.

    I'd also suggest closing the deal when communicating about this.

    You rightfully ask, "Why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been captured or killed?"

    You should also supply the devestating answer - "Because the President and his team were not up to the task. They had neither the skill set or the experience.  They said they would bring the people responsible for 9-11 to justice, but they've proven by their actions they are the wrong people for the job."

    "The Buddhist was pissed... and it wasn't the first time."

    by The Angry Buddhist on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:33:02 PM PST

    •  Why haven't they captured Osama? (4.00)
      Like my bookie used to say "There's no percentage in it."

      They get more mileage out of leaving the boogie man under the bed.  They want us barefoot and pregnant. Women AND men.

      "Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar." Edward R. Murrow

      by justrock on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:18:49 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Bin Laden is good for Bush (none)
        and Bush is good for Bin Laden.

        It's a symbiotic relationship and I don't think either one wants the other to go anywhere.

        Oh, and Senator Kerry?  I'm getting palpitations as I type this from worry about it getting added to my NSA/FBI file.  PLEASE FILIBUSTER ALITO.

  •  Welcome, (4.00)
    and please keep posting.  
  •  Welcome Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Seeing you here has made my day.

    Thanks from one one of the Birthday Bloggers (aka the Kerry Group on Democratic Underground)

    "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

    by Kerrycrat on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:33:20 PM PST

  •  Our "resolute" leadership (4.00)
    President Bush concerning the hunt for Bin Laden:

    December 2001--Bin Laden "wanted dead or alive"
    March 2001--"I'm truly not that concerned about him."

    Quite a turnaround in three short months.  Boy, is that "resolve" or what?

  •  Counting out Kerry, Gore? Mistake. (4.00)
    Remember Richard M. Nixon, everyone...
  •  Senator Kerry, (4.00)
    Many of us have been extremely critical of your campaign and your long winded responses to the basic question of why you voted for the Iraqi war resolution and why you simply don't say that you were lied to and knowing what you know now, you would have never voted for it.  So, as you probably know, based on your intelligence, you are not exactly the favorite of many of us here.

    That being said, I think this adds even more significance to your post.  The fact that you would come here speaks volumes to your character and confirms my vote for you in 2004 was completely the right decision.  In short, by coming to somewhat hostile territory to a community who is against the Iraq war and in turn to ask for support against this unbelievable sycophancy of the media shows unbelievable courage and respect on your part.  I am proud to be a member of the same Party as you.  Please keep this up.

    "[A] 'Sharecropper's Society' [is] precisely where our trade policies, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, are taking us." - Warren Buffet

    by RichM on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:34:14 PM PST

    •  My sentiment exactly. (4.00)
      And I will also add, that with all due respect, Senator Kerry, I am sincerely pleased that you have discovered your long-lost testicles.

      Since I voted for you in 2004, I have been dismayed that whenever you stake out a bold position, you almost immediately have backtracked on it.  And this has occurred time and time again.

      That said, I know you are a smart and great person who would have been a far greater president than Traitor Bush.

      Keep up the good work, and don't back down from anything you say.  We're liking this show of spine.

      When people advocate criminal actions by their country, they are, by extension, criminals. People who fight such actions are the true patriots.

      by stevietheman on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:43:08 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Nice Post! (4.00)
    Like Al Gore's speeches lately, you've reminded me too the real reason why I've voted for you.  When most people blather like idiots, you are clear and concise, and very very detailed and thorough (which some people take for long winded) usually hitting on every point.  Good first diary.  Even without Senatorial status probably would have made the recommended list.

    But thats what a President should be like.

    It's hard work.  

    But clearing brush is more impressive.

    Most people are idiots... But don't tell them. It'll spoil all the fun for those of us who aren't.

    by d3n4l1 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:34:32 PM PST

    •  "thorough = longwinded" (none)
      Great observation.  What's up with that?  I noticed some observers of Fitzgerald's Libby-indictment press conference said he was longwinded, rambling etc.  I thought that was bizarre, because to me he was admirably clear, and managed to explain some very complicated stuff in an intelligent, coherent way.

      Are people just too stupid and/or too lazy to follow complex details, even when they're carefully explained?

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 04:46:08 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  thank you Senator Kerry (4.00)
    It is heartening to see you here.  Welcome!

    When we take back the house and the Senate-- and we will !! -- please address the current lamentable state of the media.  Hardball is only the tip of the iceberg, of course.

    A genuine investigation, an honest authentic airing of the situation-- all the tricks, all the bribes, all the miasma of clever sabotage and monkey business -- concluding with sound unbiased legislation would go a long way to restoring our democracy.

    This is as important a life-saver as the original formulation of Social Security.

    I count on you, Senator.

  •  Not quite real... (none)
    Sorry, but I don't believe this.

    Kerry may have signed off on this, but this is not John Kerry's original writing.

    And if this is his staff's latest approach to a political strategy, frankly, it's not very good.

    Raising the spectre of Osama bin Laden when the topic of conversation is corruption is close to idiotic.  Furthermore, beginning with a broad hint at the suspect release of an Osama tape with no follow up is weak.

    If you are going after the White House for incompetence on terrorism, then go after them.  If you are going after the media for being succubi, then go after the media.

    What you need, still, is a coherent strategy, and this piece is lacking in both strength and direction.  Whoever wrote this did the Senator a disservice. Strategy labeled "blog on Daily Kos", is not a political strategy, anymore than the Republicans can claim "tax cuts" as an economic strategy.  Blogging on Daily Kos as part of a larger campaign to achieve a stated goal could be very, very effective.  And the Kos community would likely help Senator Kerry achieve that goal.  But not like this.

    I am sorry to say, this piece sucked.

    •  BTW, I am not a troll... (none)
      I love JK and want to see him succeed and be as powerful as he can be.  While the responsibility for the course of the ship always lies with the captain, I don't think JK has been blessed with the best communications crew in the world.

      I think alot of people here at Kos could have and would have given the Senator better campaign advice than Bob Shrum.

    •  The Lesson Of 2004 (none)
      Is don't try to say everything at once and be all things to all people.

      This is a topical and focused diary on very recent Hardball. It is a simple statement.

      What would have been worse, actually, is a Gore-esque long-winded action plan and/or meditation on all things mildly current, in 0ld-school "Kerry-esque" language. Simply because diaries are not well suited to lots of different subjects or complex mulling, as speeches allow better for.

      This is great as it. I don't know whether staff had a hand in it or not, but I suspect not. You don't get to be a prominent Democratic politician without the competence and interest in the public required to figure out how to post on the net, and have the desire to do it.

      Ideally it will be one of many such communiques, and hopefully conversations. In such a fashion, we could cover the ground you want to cover, and do it more productively, more democratically.

      9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

      by NewDirection on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:47:47 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Agreed... (none)
        I am just saying that the voicing of this piece doesn't sound entirely like JK's.  The places that it does, it's powerful, and the places that it doesn't, strike me as weak.

        I think this was a testing the waters piece and it still seems muddled.   I love John Kerry best when he really listens to his heart and follows his instincts, and this piece has some of those qualities, but I wish there was more of the real John Kerry in it.

        I don't want a laundry list blog piece.  That's not what I am saying.  I am saying that this piece needs focus.  Of course, if a Republican said anything like that, I'd have to beat the crap outta them.

        In any event, you give me the opportunity to thank the Senator for sticking his toe in the water.  Next time, I hope he dives right in, picks one topic, and speaks with all of the heart and passion I know he has.

  •  thank you (4.00)
    Strong rebuttal of the BS that's being put out by the right and strong protest of the direction the news is being shaped in. I hope more of our politicians follow your lead and lead and if the press ridicule you, as they will, then get into a fight with them about it. The press is every bit as much a problem as corrupt Republicans, take the fight to them.
  •  My suggestion... (4.00)
    You could settle this the old-fashioned way, and challenge Chris Matthews to a duel... :)
  •  Welcome (4.00)
    Thanks for speaking out.

    Support the project that believes in the best our community has to offer! Support YearlyKos

    by gina on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:37:39 PM PST

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry (4.00)
    I still see envision standing on the steps of the Capitol reciting the Presidential Oath of Office.  It's a vision I have a hard time erasing.

    I hope you don't mind my prying, but one day I hope you'll explain your decision not to fight the obvious injustice that was done to the American people in Ohio.

    Lastly (for now), have you sent a letter to MSNBC telling them what you have told us?  It's a letter I'd love to see, and I'd be VERY interested in their reply.

    Welcome again, and don't make yourself scarce.

  •  Glad to see you here, Senator Kerry. (4.00)
    Thank you for sticking your neck out and risking strikes from the axe in recent days. I have always felt that you were a much better leader than this president. The reason for your harsh treatment in the media in 2004, and sometimes here too, was that when you spoke you spoke your heart and mind despite the political repercussions. In these politically charged and polarized times, that is sometimes not the wisest course of action, but it is, to me, an admirable one.
    •  Umm, just to say, (4.00)
      frankly, a syphilitic ferret huffing airplane glue locked in a bank vault would be a better leader than our current President. Senator Kerry, on the other hand, is a man worthy in his own merits to hold the highest office our nation has. It's been a hard year not having him there.

      Welcome, Senator, I for one would love to hear more from you.

      P.S. Filibuster Alito.

      Stop telling God what to do with his dice. -Niels Bohr

      by justme on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 08:14:26 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Wow! (4.00)
    Welcome.  Come back often.

    No American left behind - in civil rights, in health care, in the economy.

    by JLFinch on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:39:01 PM PST

  •  Welcome, Senator. (4.00)
    I couldn't help but think of your wonderful wife this week and how SHE would have responded to a certain question posed to her as first lady.  I'm certain her answer wouldn't have been "that's ridiculous!"  

    It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left. Our job is to remove them from power permanently. Jack Abramoff in 1983

    by Caldonia on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:40:00 PM PST

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry (4.00)
    In my head, and heart, it's President Kerry.
    So play hardball. Like you've never played it before. You are in Mudville now, and we need some joy.
  •  With all due respect Senator Kerry (4.00)
    I am trying to kick the dKos habit ;-) - You just made it impossible!


  •  Welcome to Dkos (4.00)
    I hope you come around more often. I made over 500 calls for you and John Edwards, to every battleground State in the Union, on my own dime and from my own backyard and I am proud to say that I changed a lot of peoples minds. I am looking at my Kerry '04 Edwards A STRONGER AMERICA Button as I type this. Just remember "It is the difficulties that make us STRONGER" Please get the gang together to Filibuster Alito, we are desperate for a big win for Democracy, Freedom and Checks and Balances.  

    *"We are a Nation of Laws"-11th Circuit..Something's wrong when our judges keep having to remind our government and our people of this?*

    by Chamonix on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:41:51 PM PST

  •  Group grope, anyone? (4.00)
    Wow, Kerry has us all giddy and responding. Amazing how much we all want strong leaders to be, well, strong!
  •  double wow! just imagine (4.00)
    others read the blog beside us! welcome senator!
  •  Thanks for all you do, Senator. (4.00)
    Keep fighting the good fight.  There are a lot of people here who still have your back.  
    Kick ass on Sunday, too Senator.  We'll be watching.
    Oh, and welcome home.
  •  You are 100% Correct (4.00)
    But that's way too complicated for today's Chris Matthews.

    He needs something easy to digest in 10 seconds, easy to make fun of, that follows the RNC talking points.

    The next Dem Senator to appear on Hardball should demand a retraction by Chris, and ask why he isn't analyzing the tough issues.

    •  Yup (4.00)
      Something akin to Jon Stewart's takedown of Tucker Carlson on the now-defunct Crossfire.  "You, sir, are ruining this country."

      Tell Matthews just how much damage his shilling is doing.  That he is not merely witnessing the harming of the country, but is an active part of it.

  •  Go On Hardball, Senator Kerry (4.00)
    and confront Chris Matthews about his comment comparing Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden.

    And while you're there, call George Bush a liar.

    Tell the American people that George Bush and his government are jeopardizing national security by using U.S. dollars and soldiers to fight a war in Iraq while the criminals responsible for 9/11 still run free somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan or Afghanistan.

    Tell the American people that George Bush divides us  and that right now we need to be united.

    Tell the American people what you know, Senator, from the information you are privvy to. Don't worry about the polls or the percs - just tell the truth.

    We'll be grateful and we'll watch your back.

    •  If you do go on Hardball (4.00)
      Please, please, insist on a short time-slot all to yourself with Matthews. None of this, here's a Democrat, here's a Republican, and here's a Republican shill so the two Rs can beat up on the D for 20 minutes. Two minutes, and memorize your one-two punch and stick to it.

      You'll be among good company who have recently figured this out and make their points by employing this strategy. Dean does it. Murtha does it. You can do it, too. Just turn down any offer to put you on opposite anyone else. You and Chris, and maintain your cool when he interrupts and overrides. Just say, "If you will let me finish my sentence, I will tell you, Chris." And then tell him.

      Thank you for coming to dkos, Senator. Keep working!

      "That story is not worth the paper it's rotten on"--Dorothy Parker

      by martyc35 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:00:08 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Senator Kerry, (4.00)
    As you can see, you surprised all of us.  I hope you or a staffer take the time to read through this.  We are America.  Assuming that you are looking for input as well as to share information with us, here is mine:

    I am a huge supporter of Gov. Dean.  If it wasn't for him, I probably would have given up voting.  I've done it for 40 years and nothing ever seems to change.

    I am no fan of the DLC.  I absolutely oppose free trade (people are hurting out here) and don't offer band aids of free retraining to patch it up.  People wants good wages, health care and an opportunity to retire.  I also oppose the DLC's ties to "big money".   This is why I agree with Gov. Dean, they ARE Republican lite.  If they run a candidate, I will not vote for him or her.

    I want fair and free elections.  This means a paper trail, all votes count, and tell the supreme court to mind its own busines.

    I want public funding of elections.  Maine and other states have models.  Until we get all of the private money out of elections, our politicians will continue to sell out to the highest bidders.  Quit dinking around the edges and do real corruption reform.  We are not stupid, we see what you are doing.  Absolutely separation of church and state, and privacy rights.   Out of Iraq, NOW!  Stop the deficits and quit raiding the treasury.  

    Dems better start doing the real thing because a lot of us are getting tired of seeing no real change or progress out of Washington..  As I said, I've been voting and working for change for 40 years; and I don't see anything any better.  In fact, it is worse.

    If it talks like an R, VOTES like an R, it is an R even if it has a D after its name.

    by dkmich on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:45:06 PM PST

  •  Welcome, Senator (4.00)
    A couple of requests from a former and possibly future constituent:

    1. Speak out loud and clear. As you saw after Rep. Murtha spoke out, the American people are hungry for decisive leadership and the truth. We all know we're being lied to and "led" by incompetents. We want strong opinions from truth-tellers. No more equivocating.

    2. Filibuster the Alito nomination. If he gets a seat on the Supreme Court, Bush will have the votes to make "legal" his evisceration of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You, and every other member of the Senate, might then just as well hang up your senator suits and stay at home, because you will be completely irrelevant.

    3. Repeat Step 1, frequently. You have access to the airwaves in ways the people do not, even though they are the people's airwaves. And thank you for all your service to the nation.

    The degree to which you resist injustice is the degree to which you are free. -- Utah Phillips

    by Mnemosyne on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:46:22 PM PST

    •  Welcome and some other suggestions (4.00)
      Look at my number. I am very happy that I was supporter of Howard Dean.  I worked very, very hard in my part of Missouri in November.

      Now is not the time for silence.  Al Gore spoke some very powerful truths on Monday.  The stupidity of cable news networks on Bin Laden-Michael Moore connection reveals that those few Democrats who can get the national stage must speak out.  

      Now, continue to speak out on the incompetence of this administation.

      However, I am convinced there is a huge issue that can attract a lot of support: national health care.

      We are viewing a disaster with the drug bill. It shows any private market solutions are doomed to failure and creates huge administrative costs that having nothing to do with delivering health care.

      We need a single payer health plan NOW! It is time for the Democrats to propose one and enter our country into the modern era.

      It completely calms my inner chaos to read about Scooter Libby's problems. Zippy 12/14/05

      by MoDem on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:04:07 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Welcome, Senator Kerry (4.00)
    I still see lots of bumperstickers supporting you here in my county (Sonoma) in CA.

    And pardon me if I don't seem terribly mannerly, but nyah, nyah, Chris Matthews.

    I tend to lean toward Peter Bergen's analysis. Osama is probably living pretty comfortably in a large city in Pakistan. Bush's war in Iraq has enormously strengthened al Qaeda, not necessarily bin Laden himself, but certainly the movement.  

    "That story is not worth the paper it's rotten on"--Dorothy Parker

    by martyc35 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:46:58 PM PST

    •  There are still plenty of K/E bumper stickers... (4.00)
      ...around Columbus.

      I saw you in person twice, once in early September at the courthouse in Newark, Ohio, and on the OSU campus with Springsteen a few days before the election.  That night, I thought the nightmare was about to end.

      Anyway, welcome to our little corner of cyberspace, Senator.  Fight for us, and we'll fight for you.

      All great truths begin as blasphemies. [George Bernard Shaw]

      by KTinOhio on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 10:09:09 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Sen Kerry (4.00)
    I thought you would have made a great president.
    Unite your colleagues in the Senate and craft a message of hope and clarity that sends a spear through the bullshit bloated GOP. I'm a journalist who is ashamed of my profession after what I saw last night. My 21 year old son, who voted for you in his first election, reasoned Bin Laden must be on the White House payroll because Tucker Carlson's bowtie was coming lose at the knot. It was a horrendous reminder of our frustration during the Swift Boat allegations.  This is not the country I grew up in -- Nixon actually got punished.  And it's not the country I want my son to know.
    Thank you,
    I've got your back every chance I get.
  •  About Freakin Time! (none)
    Unfortunately, your preachin' to the choir. Please take this message to the masses in every way you can.

    Thanks, Senator.

  •  Go John! (4.00)
    Keep fighting against the damn dirty Republicans!
  •  Love ya, John (4.00)
    I'd vote for you again.

    Thanks for dropping by.  Come and visit more often.  

    Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

    by hrh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:48:48 PM PST

  •  Watching cable news makes me cry (4.00)
    for my country.  The media has abandoned its duty.
  •  Whoa (4.00)
    Never thought I'd see this day at Dkos.

    Welcome Senator!  

    I hope you'll take the time to respond to some of the many questions and comments that have been posed in this diary to you.  

    FILIBUSTER RADICAL ScALITO NOW- Demand a Mainstream nominee who will LET the Constitution protect ALL Americans.

    by tlh lib on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:49:52 PM PST

  •  Holy freakin' crap (none)
    I honestly thought I'd never see Kerry comes to dKos, where he's arguably one of the more disliked Democrats around these parts. Welcome, Senator! In case you don't remember me, I had the chance to shake your hand when you were leaving Penn's campus at the rally in Philadelphia in late September. :D

    Keep speaking up and fighting the good fight. You didn't do some things right in 2004, but I've long forgiven you for that. The past is the past...keep speaking out for us.

  •  Real Hardball (4.00)
    Cable and network is where you go to watch football, sitcoms and movies.   For news, you blog or watch John Stewart.  I haven't watched Sunday talking heads, cable news, or network news since you lost the election.  What for?

    Please, take apart the media.  Put back the fairness doctrine - they are my GD airwaves.  Corporate america needs to be put on a leash.  

    If it talks like an R, VOTES like an R, it is an R even if it has a D after its name.

    by dkmich on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:50:38 PM PST

  •  Welcome Senator and Thank You. (4.00)
    This comment is pretty far down, so you may not even get to see it, but I wanted to add my welcome. As a native of NYC now living in MA, I couldn't be prouder to have you as one of my representatives in government. I've seen your speeches before the Senate (particularly the one criticizing the Patriot Act) and I think that you are absolutely correct in your views on the security concerns of America in the post-9/11 world.

    And I will echo the comments above that your absolutely spot-on criticism of the Republican tactics to paint dissenters as treasonous NEEDS TO BE PUT FORWARD ON THE NATIONAL STAGE. Please, spread this message far and wide using whatever means necessary.


    You have my unwavering support as a constituent... and as an American. Thank you.

  •  Thank You Sen. Kerry (4.00)
    I appreciate you speaking out on this issue, and I hope you will pressure Chris Matthews to invite Michael Moore on to Hardball to respond in person to Matthews' juvenile commentary. But, I hope even more that you will begin to speak out more forcefully against some of the shocking and alarming abuses of power by this administration. I am infuriated by the lack of Democratic outcry. Today, Rep. John Conyers held a hearing with testimony from Constitutional scholars--including conservative Bruce Fein. The testimony was chilling. Jonathan Turley summed up the Bush administration's act in one sentence--but it hasn't been included in tonite's media coverage of the event at all: "What the President ordered [the NSA to do] is a crime."
    We do not see Democrats on the talk shows expressing outrage about this. Why not? I'm disgusted by Democratic reticence to take a stand on this issue: It is a clear violation of the Constitution. The President has broken the law.
    •  Here's What Moore Would Say (4.00)
      -----Bin Laden is fucking lying to you, you fucking idiots------

      War critics:  We should leave Iraq because we're just making things worse.

      Bin Laden:  You should leave Iraq, silly American pig-dogs (but if you did, I would fade into oblivion and not have my jihad, so please stay).

      GW:  We'll never negotiate with terrorists!  Or understand when someone is goading us!

      Tweety:  Bin Laden sounds like a war critic.  Oh, and has anyone seen my integrity lately?

      I'm sorry. The government you have elected is inoperative. - Gil Scott-Heron

      by GenXWho on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:08:46 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Welcome, Senator! (4.00)
    I don't know what to add that other commenters haven't covered.  Should I, perhaps, in the interest of full disclosure, admit that I screamed like a Beatlemaniac when I read this was really you?  I don't know.  But thank you for everything you did and still do for this country.  I'd vote for you again in a heartbeat.
  •  Mr. President, (4.00)
    (Since you did win in Ohio), I'd like to welcome you here - your remarks about the right-wing media and this "Where's Waldo"-ish hunt for Osama are spot-on.

    I'd like to make a recommendation to you - you know the advisors you had in your 2004 run? FIRE THEM. Do not even consider them if you run again. Be the honest, blunt, caring person you are in a one-on-one talk, and lose the Senatorial tone.  

    Win or lose, be who you really are this time.

    "A CONSERVATIVE is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run." --Elbert Hubbard

    by Rico on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:53:31 PM PST

  •  Hey John...err.. (none)
    ..wondering..mebbe you and T can stop over for dinner sometime.
  •  Well said, Senator (4.00)
    Whatever regrets I had about the methods or strategy in the 2004 campaign, and the regrets I OBVIOUSLY have about the outcome --

    I have no regrets about voting for you, donating to your campaign, knocking on doors, or advocating for you (after the primary had played out ;-).

    You're a good man and you've shown many times before that you're a great leader.  

    Trust yourself and we'll trust you.

  •  Welcome Senator (4.00)
    I just think it's funny that the second most recommended diary right after yours is "Shit-Eating Collaborator Monkeys" by Grand Moff Texan (one of the best).  Goes to show that this place is REAL, OPEN, and DEMOCRATIC.  May take some getting used to after the Senate floor, but there is also great debate and many great diarists.

    Thanks for all you do to serve the American people.  Welcome to the netroots.

    We got your back.

    I'm sorry. The government you have elected is inoperative. - Gil Scott-Heron

    by GenXWho on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:55:50 PM PST

  •  Welcome (4.00)
    I am inspired. Is this where participatory democracy begins? I'm somewhat new to dkos,and find it a fair alternative to a local coffee house ( no face to face, and you have to bring your own coffee).

    While I wanted to vote for Kucinich, becuase I believe he had represented my views during the primaries, I voted for you.  In other words, I voted against you before I voted for you.LOL

    Again, thank you for posting here. I hope this will become habitual as it has for me.

  •  Welcome, Senator! (4.00)
    I think my heart's going to burst!

    I cannot express my joy at seeing your name as the author of a diary here. Thank you for engaging us!

    Patriotic American Liberal since 1962

    by mxwing on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:56:28 PM PST

  •  thank you (none)
    not exactly pertinent, but I was absolutely inspired by the post-convention rally in Harrisburg, PA -- and knew from that point on that the media characterizations were absolutely wrong. My 5 year old still has his "Kids for Kerry" button, and laments that Bush makes "bad choices".

    oh, and the user name? I've thought about changing it but still think there's a need.

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry (3.87)
    The bitter disappointment of your loss in 2004 is still fresh in my memory.   Many here on DKOS may not have preferred you to be the candidate, but all of us supported you last November.

    Glad to see you recognize the impact that the increasingly conservative leaning media is having on our national discourse.

    Now, is there any way that you can round up some of your wealthier friends and acquaintances and purchase a cable TV network of our own?  A television "home field" for Democrats, much like the Republicans have their Fox.. Eagle News perhaps?

    I think a strong Democratic Television presence is the key to winning elections, and let's face it, with a nightly cable TV lineup of Matthews, Scarborough, Carlson, Rita Cosby, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Greta's Natalie Holloway show, there just isn't much of the Democratic message being heard.

    I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this anymore!

    by MarkinNC on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:57:40 PM PST

  •  Wow <starstuck expression> (4.00)
    And a warm welcome from a relative newbie to Daily Kos.

    Also, FWIW, I agree ... but Chris Matthews & I are not on speaking terms. ;)

  •  Typical (1.40)
    Grow some balls like Congressman Conyers. Don't just run away after you post a diary.
    •  Dude..chill.. (4.00)
      Probably a staffer posted it for him. He's probably not likely going to be sitting around reading. Hopefully his comments will get forwarded to him.

      Maybe at other times he would have time to real-time respond. Maybe not just today.

      Let's welcome him.

  •  I'm behind John Kerry (4.00)
    I've seen lots of nebulous user names using prominent potiticians.  My intention was to protect John Kerry's name from abusers.  I've apoligized for my mistake in judgement.  What else would you like me to do?

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." Black Hawk

    by Gabriele Droz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:58:09 PM PST

  •  wow (3.50)
    A blogosphere corner has been turned.
  •  Way to go senator (4.00)
    Wish they hadn't stolen the election from you.  

    If anyone has the right to be angry at the media, it certainly is you.  And Howard Dean and Al Gore.  

    Check out my lte archive at and feel free to use my ideas for your own lte's.

    by DemDachshund on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:59:18 PM PST

  •  senator kerry (none)
    thank you for keeping vocal on these serious issues.  it's like music to my ears!!  you are a great american with principles and  heart. thanks for all your hard work!
  •  welcome Senator (4.00)
    Keep fighting, but this time do it louder.
  •  I hope saner heads prevail (4.00)
    I would bet bin Laden is dead...I would bet that yes it is bin laden voice from a long time ago..Sen., we are getting close to exposing bush with all the corruption coming to light,,I hope I am wrong, but I think he is pulling a nixon and wagging the dog, to bomb iran ..Maybe its because I cant believe a word coming out of his mouth, but I hope saner heads take they did when nixon tried this..
  •  Oh hell yes. (4.00)

    "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

    by Five of Diamonds on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:00:48 PM PST

  •  It's great to have you!!!! (none)
    Please come back to Texas.  I missed your last visit.
  •  Senator Kerry--Welcome, and thank you very (4.00)
    much for your honorable service to our country over the span of your distinguished career--I think you make a very good president.  And thanks also for speaking up for Michael Moore, who I think is another American hero.  I am going to take this opportunity to ask something I haven't quite understood over the past few months--though I don't expect you to answer everything on this thread!  But anyway--I know in my head how being in an interesting position of political power can intoxicate, can be seductive, and can tend to make one hold on for dear life when that position is threatened.  But what I don't get is when Democratic folks in Congress who, as far as I can tell, would like to do the right thing, fail to speak up clearly and loudly, avoid rocking the boat, because of concerns about....what?.....About being reelected?        
         Because here's the thing--so many of those elected officials seem to me to be extremely well-off financially, there are many other ways they could serve our country even if not reelected, and with their connections and access they will not hurt for employment opportunities--yet meanwhile very well-established congressional members are making trade-offs that undermine their own ethical and political vision of what they say they want our country to be, and this at a time of Constitutional crisis.  Why not support Murtha upfront? Why not stand united behind Dean?  Why not discuss evidence of election fraud head on? What have they got to lose, really, except their souls?  I just don't quite get it--if I was that comfortably off financially, had served past the newbie probationary period, and had access even to the minority "bully pulpit" in the Congress, I would never shut up as outrage after outrage is perpetrated by this misadministration. I know that sometimes organizing Democrats is like herding cats--but it is time for all good men and women to stand up and be heard.  
        As you had recognized by the time you were campaigning, a bunch of crooks and robber barons are trying to steal our country (I loved it when your remarks re this got caught on your mike during the campaign--go Mr. Kerry!!)--but why are so many others in Congress acting like sleepy lobsters in a big pot of water that's getting hotter and hotter?  How is it, for example, that there has been no organized press conference called to set the record straight on which party, by definition, benefited over the years from the K Street project?
       As far as I am concerned it is "hair on fire" time--so what (Mr. Reid!) if the Democrats get "rude" and send out a set of facts about  Republicans feeding at the public trough?....If Cheney,Rove et al go to their graves whining about the rudeness of Democrats, so much the better.  Why on earth should we care what the crooks think of us anyway? People are suffering, dying--Iraq, Abu Graib, Gitmo, rendition, Katrina, the Medicare D mess, global warming--how bad does it have to get?  Respectfully, I ask them and you--how bad does it have to get?

    ...the White House will be adorned by a downright moron...H.L. Mencken

    by bibble on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:02:31 PM PST

  •  Lets not forget that Bush............. (4.00)
    said he didn't think osama was a concern anymore

    "Every deal has a patsy. If you don't know who it is, you're it."

    by MrFlesh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:04:29 PM PST

  •  Oooh, is this because (4.00)
    I posted just yesterday that I still love you??  You big softie!

    Seriously though, please go on TV and say this to the cameras.  But please TRY to say it in words of one syllable, could you?  You know, those soundbite thingies?  It'll feel all wrong to you, but it's the only way to get the message out effectively.  Please condense the message into bullet points and reiterate them without nuance, without appearing to think about all the complexities you're skimming over.  People can't cope with the complexities.  Please keep it simple and go out there and hammer it.

    Thank you so much for your service to the country in all the ways you have served and continue to serve.  Damn, I wish you were Prez.

  •  Is this REALLY John Kerry? (none)
    Can anybody prove this is really John Kerry?  

    Hmmm... I think I might just register a new account with "Osama Bin Laden" as my user name...

  •  Thanks for stopping by Senator (none)
    to say "I told you so"...Stick around.  You're in the right place.

    Measure twice, cut once.

    by zig on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:07:03 PM PST

  •  John Kerry! (4.00)
    You are my hero.

    No American left behind - in civil rights, in health care, in the economy.

    by JLFinch on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:08:50 PM PST

  •  stuff (none)
    thanks for everything you've done, both recently and further in the past. I personally think you a had a great deal to do with the ending of the Viet Nam war, and for that I am very grateful!
    But I do have a question for you, as a former prosecutor. What do you think the chances are that a significant number of people in the administration will end up in the slammer? An chance the the big banana himself will?  How about the little Dick?
  •  Sen Kerry: Dems need to stand up: LOUD and OFTEN (4.00)
    Don't let this administration destroy the constitution.
    Don't let the right-wing media continue to brainwash America.

    "My beloved child, break your heart no longer. Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart." -- Swami Shri Kripalvanandji

    by oslo on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:09:23 PM PST

  •  Will our comments be read / considered? (4.00)
    Welcome Senator Kerry,

    Thank you for this diary.

    PLEASE respond to some of the comments peope have posted here . . . just once or twice.  To know that you read and thought about the comments here--I don't care if it is through an intermediary or a staffer--would go a long way toward helping me believe that Democracy (and accountability between politicians and rabble like myself) is still possible.

    I wish you were President,


  •  Welcom President...I mean Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Best regards to your wife.  I was in ohio in 11/2004 and the corruption was as thick as the mud in the Ohio river.  People threatened me with my job because of my political views.  I have since become estranged from 4 brothers and fled to the beautiful northwest.  Is this the America that our servicemen have lost limbs and lives for?
    •  Does 'the hill' understand this (none)
      "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."
      -- U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864
      (letter to Col. William F. Elkins)
  •  Hello, Senator (4.00)
    I have tremendous respect for the great work you did on BCCI and Iran-Contra. We are in dire need of election reform in this country. Running up to 2004, I deeply regretted that Al Gore had not pursued an investigation of the 2000 election results. If he had, we would have had three years underway by 2004, and perhaps your own race's outcome might have been different. Similarly, leading up to 2008, only two years to go now, I respectfully request that you use your great talent to get a Congressional investigation underway that might ensure that every vote is counted and every voter who wants to vote gets to vote. Thank you.
    •  response (none)
      I deeply regretted that Al Gore had not pursued an investigation of the 2000 election results

      Al Gore did fight the 2000 election result for 35 days and when no recourse was left, withdrew from the race. Only thing that could have changed the outcome after the SC verdict was a popular uprising (as eg. in Ukraine). That was up to you and me to undertake.

      Once he withdrew it wasn't up to him to investigate; for he fought all he could. That was also up to you and me and the people of our nation, as is making sure that elections will be fair (especially given the appearance of touchscreen machines) in the future.

      Now are YOU up to the fight?

  •  We have to fight back (none)
    loudly and strongly all the time.  That's the only way we're going to convince more Americans to come with us.

    No American left behind - in civil rights, in health care, in the economy.

    by JLFinch on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:10:09 PM PST

  •  Does Bush spy (4.00)
    on the Carlyle Group?  They make international calls all the time...

    No American left behind - in civil rights, in health care, in the economy.

    by JLFinch on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:11:37 PM PST

  •  John Kerry = total mensch (4.00)
    Welcome aboard to the madhouse, John. Glad to see you've joined the raucous party that is DKos. Can I get you a beer? Rumor is you're not a bad guy to share one with.  ; )
  •  Hey! I voted for you! (none)
    This is just too funny. I'm tripping over myself to read through the comments; so many looking for verification that this is John Kerry. We're rating kos up, which is just so damn funny! Welcome, Senator.

    Wish you could have posted in 2004!

    "If you're going through hell, keep going". -Winston Churchill

    by One bite at a time on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:13:36 PM PST

  •  thank you senator kerry (none)
    your voice is the wisdom and the strength that we democrats desperately need in the senate.

    i voted for you in '04 and support you now more than ever.  excuse me if i don't think you are the right choice for our next president (nor hillary, if that'd make you feel any better :) but we definitely are happy and proud of your service to our country and your loyalty.

    i don't know what we'd do without you and sen. kennedy.

    thanks and keep up the good work, f

  •  Hardball is "infotainment." (4.00)
    What troubles me is that CNN "news" was asserting that the most recent Pakistani bombing had resulted in the deaths "of at least 3 or 4 high ranking Al Qaeda members," and that it was still very possible that the #2 guy had been killed for the 579th time in the attack after all. "Highly possible," and "very likely, maybe a possibility" described how the attack may have backed Osama into a corner, and that the tape appeared like something that would be kept in a glass case with a "break and distribute in case of morale emergency" instruction.

    Where the hell did any of that come from? What the hell is going on? You guys need to focus your offensive on a slightly more sensitive portion of the sewage pipe-line that's pumping this kind of crap into the public discourse.

    Senator, the ridiculous narrative needs to be addressed at its source. For crying out loud, how many times does McClellan have to preface his answers with, "the important thing is to...[see it in the following context]", or, "what you need to understand is that...[if the facts don't jive with the context, the context is more important than the facts], before a COHERENT, REALITY BASED NARRATIVE actually begins to form?

    "Post 9/11, pre 9/11."

    "The President's wiretapping may have been able to prevent 9/11."

    "The President's wiretapping has prevented many attacks from taking place (Brooklyn Bridge)."

    Those are obviously ridiculous comments One Million 2, 3 and 4 of what we've been served up so far, and you're concerned about Chris Matthews.

    Remember the fat guy in the A-Wing from Star Wars, who wouldn't deviate from the bombing run on the Death Star? STAY ON TARGET. PLEASE.

    What the pundits say is SECONDARY at best to what is being said day in and day out by the Administration. They're tickled, I'm sure, that anyone is wasting time with some dude on MSNBC.

  •  The revolution is being posted (4.00)
    I've been increasingly frustrated with the well-paid chattering classes on the networks.  Nothing ruins a Monday morning like NPR's "5 minutes with Cokie", which is the closest thing to warmed over spittle that can physically extrude from my radio.  As a scientist,  it drives me batty that it seemed that there was no correlation between the fame of these folks  and even their most basic understanding of the facts, let alone their interpretation.  Then a study came out last year that showed, in fact, it wasn't a case of no correlation, but, in fact, a negative correlation between the accuracy of the predictions of a pundit and how well that pundit was paid.

    This, needless to say explains a lot.  

    One thing it explains is the terror the professional chattering classes have of the blogosphere. Communally, we put together more information and hash out more ideas than folks like Dobbs and Klein and Tweety who lunch with power, and then wing it.  Granted, this is coarse information sometimes, and more than a few bandwagons are launched, but the blogosphere is a natural outgrowth of this incredible communication network that Al and others made sure got off the ground.

    Again, no wonder the chattering classes are scared.  All they have is their reputations, which are increasingly being hammered. They are losing.

    So let the 6-figure talking heads put us down and try to ignore us.  That too, is part of the process. For in the words of another revolutionary,
    "First they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win."

    Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense.

    by pheidole on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:18:27 PM PST

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry! (4.00)
    Thank you for posting this.  And thank you for everything you have done and continue to do!
  •  Give 'em hell, John Kerry (4.00)
    We need you to fight for us.  We will support you 100%.  Thanks for all you've done lately for us.
    •  Honestly (4.00)
      I'm not ready to give you 100% support.  I think you would be an excellent President.  I admire your ethics, honesty, and courage.  However, we HAVE to have a WINNER this time.  

      I'd be trilled to trust you with the Presidency but I'd be slow to trust you again with the nomination.  

      What would you do differently?

      •  Kerry won. (4.00)
        And Gore won. They got the votes. But a vast criminal enterprise we are only just beginning to uncover had a huge stake in stealing those votes. Can we stop buying the Republican cover story of the Miracle of the Religious Bigots? Those were stolen Democratic votes they attributed to the mythical huge bigot vote.

        America wanted that Bush bastard gone. It didn't matter.

        If we don't understand this basic ugliness, nothing we do in 2006 or 2008 will matter a damn.

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry! (none)
    Is is possible that this tape is a fake designed to allow this admistration to say that the spying program was important or that the "patroit" act is justified. King George: Give me liberty or give me death.
  •  something that doesn't sit right (4.00)

    Your outrage sits exactly right with me.

    Read this comment post and you will see why.

    The 2000, 2002 and 2004 National Elections and the manner in which the votes were counted(sic), and the reporting surrounding those political events hasn't set well with me for a long time...

    9/11 lack of truth as to exactly what occured that day doesn't sit well with me either.

    I respectfully say again, and at the risk of having this comment "hidden", Senator Kerry, I am actually pleased this particular event doesn't sit well with you-

    Fix the vote first, find a legal remedy for the conservative misinformation in the news media second, and maybe Dems will begin to win National Elections of great import again, and in the process, restore true democracy, and the rule of law, for everyone including the chief executive.

    Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people... it is true that most stupid people are conservative -Jon Stuart Mill-

    by RF on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:22:41 PM PST

  •  I'm going to speak from the heart here (3.90)
    When I think back to the climactic months of your campaign to defeat Bush and return this country to some semblance of sanity, I think the thing I will remember longer than anything else was your response (and your running mate's response) to the question of gay marriage.  And not because it is a topic I believe is important in a relative sense; quite contrary.  I will remember it because your response was so disappointing, and sent a fundamentally wrong message.

    The question itself, as you well know, was a red herring of the highest order.  The gay marriage issue is a diversion constructed by the right to obscure their abysmal performance on issues that genuinely matter, and issues on which Democrats can claim the high ground -- national security, jobs, health care, the list goes on.

    I want to think you received bad coaching, because I think your instincts are strong.  But to open your answer by asserting that you believe homosexual marriage is morally wrong was, in my opinion, a gross mistake.  It seemed at the time like a naked grab for the mushy middle; a pandering and poll-driven bone thrown at the worst possible time.  Moreover, so much of your base believes strongly in tolerance as a principle.  Though your response may have been consistent with previous statements (and perhaps you were afraid of being labelled a "flip-flopper" yet again), I felt gut-punched on behalf of homosexuals, and felt as if you'd missed an opportunity to stand up for those on the margin.  That's what progressive are supposed to be about, Senator.

    I realize I may be hijacking this thread to some extent, and I apologize for that.  But I see this as an opportunity to speak what I feel is an important truth, and perhaps be heard.  What would I have said in your shoes?  Perhaps something like:

    "My opponent wants to scapegoat homosexuals as a threat to our society.  To the American way of life.  That's because he doesn't want you to focus on his record of accomplishment on the very REAL threats this nation faces.  I'm talking about things like terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the growing deficit, and the ever-expanding class of Americans who have no health care.  Those are the real threats to the fabric of this society, and they are threats against which this President has no plan, and no results of which to speak.  I will not stand before the American people and dignify the notion that we should amend the Constitution -- the most sacrosanct document of our democracy -- to codify discrimination as a national practice."

    Thank you for reading, Senator, and thank you for taking on the challenges before us.

    "The American people will trust the Democratic Party to defend America when they believe that Democrats will defend other Democrats." Wesley Clark

    by The Termite on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:24:58 PM PST

  •  Woah (4.00)
    I voted for you!

    Great diary, BTW.

  •  So go on Hardball and debate, no? (4.00)

    'All great change in America begins at the dinner table.' Reagan

    by PhillyGal on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:25:41 PM PST

    •  I wouldn't (none)
      To me, the only way to kill media programs that enable the crap the GOP spews out is to stop treating them like legitimate news outlets. I think Dems would be much better served if they boycotted Fox News, and now shows like Hardball.
      •  Serious bovcott (none)
        I keep hoping that those most concerned about the media will engage in a really serious boycott.  Not another dime into media pockets until they get serious.  No subscriptions,  No cable.  This might be a tough change for some, but it's a lot better than the price we'll pay for increasing corruption, less respect for public opinion, and expanding government authoritarianism.  Let's vote with our wallets.  That's a vote they can't take away from us.
  •  *sigh* Kerry not responding... (none)
    He probably has a date tonight. Probably catching a flick. Mebbe Brokeback Mountain. Cuddle up with T. Eat some popcorn. Notso poor little ol' me. Sittin' here, alone. Waaaaaaahhhhhh.

    On the other hand, I'm thinking of hitting Chipotle (Mexican restaurant)in a bit. Yum.

  •  Senator? (4.00)
    Perhaps you have noticed our voting system here. We trust that Scoop is not cheating us. Although we don't get reciepts, like the Diebold bank machines manage to spit out, we can click on the numbers, and see who has given us mojo, we can see who has recommended a diary.

    We do not trust Diebold and the other assorted and related companies. Some point and say "here's proof of fraud". Some say not.

    Point is, if we do not fix the voting system, we will be kneeling to King George, or it's off for rendition. We have until November of 2006.  Unless martial law is declared first, of course.

    btw, you do realize that you will get on "the list" for posting here, don't you?

  •  When will YOU start playing hardball? (4.00)
    Thanks for speaking out.  Can you do something about this awkward situation:
    Evil murderer Bin Laden conveys awareness of polls which show that most Americans want us out of Iraq this year.

    Meanwhile, Democratic party "leaders" convey no such awareness - except, now Pelosi finally stood up in support of Rep Murtha and Sen Feingold's exit plans last quarter.  Polls confirm the vast majority of Democratic voters favor an Iraq exit this year, as well as a presidential impeachment effort.  But the Democratic politicians consistently decline to represent them.  Is the party misnamed?

    Why can't you openly say that we should end our participation in a misguided, wildly unpopular occupation fomented by an illegal war? (We once admired your ability to do that.) And can't you acknowledge any American president who recklessly and repeatedly breaks the law should be impeached?

    The White House is already playing hardball, to win.  When will you actually get started?

    •  In All Fairness (4.00)
      Senator Kerry did offer substantial (and practical) additions to the plan for withdrawal that Senator Feingold introduced to the Senate. Kerry was soon overshadowed by Murtha, and was in the unfortunate position of having to disagree with Sen. Murtha on immediate withdrawal. However, Sen. Kerry has called for withdrawal, a withdrawal not without further sacrifice of American life and limb, but withdrawal nevertheless.

      Senator Kerry very clearly predated, and likely precipitated, the announcement by Murtha.

      Of course this was not inconsistent with what a Kerry Presidency would likely have brought although of course we would have likely had better conditions in that case. (More international troops and perhaps a bit of a fresh groundswell of hope amongst the Iraqi people regarding our intent as well.)

      9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

      by NewDirection on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:37:53 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  You and Kerry are making my point. (none)
        Kerry was soon overshadowed by Murtha ... to disagree with Sen. Murtha on immediate withdrawal.

        That's my point - Bush and Kerry disagree with Murtha and the U.S. majority on withdrawal.  Murtha is playing hardball, but Kerry has been opposing him to play centrist hardball-lite.  It weakens the team without making anyone safer, and it's a proven strategy for failure.  

        Maybe Kerry's not smarter than the people he says he represents.  If Kerry waits for more Bin Laden threats or attacks before he can see Murtha's plan is wiser, he'll have made himself into an appeaser and it will be too late.  

  •  Welcome (4.00)
    Sir.  The Sergeant Major is present for duty.  We will get the fact out there one way or the other and your eloquent words are welcomed and powerful.
    •  and you should read the Sgt Major's diaries (4.00)
      He's pretty damn eloquent and powerful himself.

      Thanks Sgt Major.  Keep 'em coming.

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:07:05 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  With all due respect Senator, (4.00)
    What discussion? There is no discussion. Bush is a failure. You're right.  Everybody knows that.  So what?  What are we to do with this information?  Am I missing something?    The election is over.  There's bigger fish to fry... How 'bout the fact that he probably knows we're speaking right now, you 'n 'bout the fact that right now somebody's being tortured and probably  raped in some American gulag, in my name and with my tax dollars.

    With all due respect Senator, get back in there and fight.

    Measure twice, cut once.

    by zig on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:32:19 PM PST

  •  Go for it, Senator! (4.00)
    By reading our comments, you must realize we have the numbers and passion to help you.

    Speak out strongly and frequently.  We will rally to your side.  You will be amazed at the changes we can bring.  We are starving for more real leadership, and I know you have the courage to answer our call.  One of our top priorities:
    filibustering Alito.  Announce your intent to filibuster, and know that we are behind you.

  •  There are millions of true Americans (4.00)
    itching to fight for their country. All they need is a real American itching to lead.

    If you or someone else in the Democratic Party are able to break out of  Senate-speak and talk straight like this every day, you'll find an army of Americans behind you, burning to retake their country.

    BTW: thanks for posting...

    "Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest" - Diderot

    by Cliff Talus on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:33:16 PM PST

  •  If anyone is moderating this thread... (none)
    ...I hereby give permission to delete this post as a duplicate.  I was having some technicable difficulties with the site when I posted the first and thought it had been lost.

    "The American people will trust the Democratic Party to defend America when they believe that Democrats will defend other Democrats." Wesley Clark

    by The Termite on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:33:34 PM PST

    •  I think one extra comment, (none)
      ..out of 78 million, will be overlooked. I actually agreed with you. :-)
    •  I woulda went further (4.00)
      "I understand many people have issues with gays, but  I don't. It's your right not to be gay. It's your right to believe they are sinners. But it's my right to support them because I see them as fully contributing Americans who are exercising their free right to love whom they choose."


      •  Actually... (none)
        I don't get the whole "choice" vs. "genetic" discussion about gays. Who gives a shit if it's a choice or not (other than an academic).

        So I would have responded to that dumb question, "I don't know if heterosexuality or homosexuality is a choice or not, and to me that is irrelevant." And to my comment above I would add, "You know, I don't think of gays as "them" unless I'm forced to with a question like this. Otherwise, we area all one people."

        I'll hush now.

  •  welcome, Senator (none)
    yours is a very welcome voice 'round here!!
  •  I Am Honored (4.00)
    Senator Kerry-

    I'm a longtime Kos reader but am moved to post here for the first time by your unexpected visit. I too, voted for you (and believe you were robbed), and want to thank you for your continued contributions to the critical dialog taking place in this nation. Democracy itself is at stake, and I urge you to keep up the fight.
    Don't be a stranger.... drop by anytime!

    Ray Keck
    Davis, CA

  •  Senator--We need a Real Opposition Party (4.00)
    Senator Kerry, good to have you.

    Time for you and your Democratic colleagues to mount real opposition against the Bushists.  The alternative is King George, and worse.  

    Let's start with Alito, filibuster him. And urge Reid to shut down the Senate as many times as he must to finally get the Intelligence Committee to do its job.

    Let's start by not allowing the republicans to frame the issue of illegal wiretaps as "Democrats support the terrorists".  They are doing it tonight on the traditional media as I write this.  Where's an aggresive counterpunch by the Democrats?

    Let's start by reminding folks every day that OBL roams free, because of the gross incompetance of Bush, Cheney and their cabal.

    Let's start with an aggressive counter punch to Karl Rove's nonsense that he spouted just today.  

    Let's not let any American forget the deliberate fiscal mismanagement of the Bushies to enrich their friends, at the expense of all of us.

    And let's start by linking every Republican to the K-street project, and Jackie-boy--day after day after day.

    •  Greetings and welcome (none)
          I read the whole thread at 3am after waking on the couch, when i saw the diary i was heartened and have to agree with a poster above it takes a lot of courage to come to this site.  However your courage has never been in question to me.  The integrity of our democracy has suffered greatly in the last 30 years, I found it painfull to watch the witchhunt of  President Clinton, and the damning of President Carter.  I really thought we'd win and believe in my heart we were all robbed in Nov 2004.  We have a long way to go, the internet has given us a voice help keep it alive.  I admire your wife and have no idea why the media insists on pushing first wives as June Cleavers.  I know someone who met Teresa in New  Hampshire before the primarys said she was very bright and real.  Thanks for joining us here, much heart to you both. Great diary
    •  Greetings and welcome (none)
          I read the whole thread at 3am after waking on the couch, when i saw the diary i was heartened and have to agree with a poster above it takes a lot of courage to come to this site.  However your courage has never been in question to me.  The integrity of our democracy has suffered greatly in the last 30 years, I found it painfull to watch the witchhunt of  President Clinton, and the damning of President Carter.  I really thought we'd win and believe in my heart we were all robbed in Nov 2004.  We have a long way to go, the internet has given us a voice help keep it alive.  I admire your wife and have no idea why the media insists on pushing first wives as June Cleavers.  I know someone who met Teresa in New  Hampshire before the primarys said she was very bright and real.  Thanks for joining us here, much heart to you both. Great diary
  •  I salute you, sir. (4.00)
    This insanity must stop. Please help us.
  •  Senator, welcome. (none)
    It looks like my first comment got lost someplace.  Glad to see you here.  Thank you for joining in this noisy little corner of the world.

    And thank you for a lifetime of public service.  

    So you know, I'm the guy who shot a LOT of pix for your MN state campaign website.  And I gave you a CD of them when you were here last spring.  Hope you liked them.

    (So maybe I just ID'ed myself to a few people!)

    Keep up the good fight, and don't let the carpers get you down.  Some people...

    Thank you again, Senator.  

    If you vote Republican, you vote for corruption.

    by MN camera on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:41:29 PM PST

  •  Welcome Back To The Fight, Senator (none)
    This time I know our side will win.

    It's a line from Casablanca but it fits.

    Go on Hardball and challenge Matthews. Your debates with George Bush prove your verbal ability. The Democrats need to step up now more than ever.

    My father served in Vietnam and it's still time for a Veteran to lead us one day.


  •  Pull no punches (4.00)
    Tell it like it is.

    It is no justification for a President of the United States that holds himself to be above the law and  boasts of committing a number of crimes, simply because he considers the fix is in, that he has a failure of intelligence, lacks good judgement, has no strong moral compass and is absent the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

    Kidnapping, torture and murder, are crimes  against the constitution Bushtook an oath to preserve, protect and defend.

    Undreasonable searches and seizures are a crime.

    I am very happy to see you ask why it is that after Congress authorized the use of force specifically for the purpose to go get Osama bin Ladin, Bush ignored his mission to go after Osama bin Ladin and decided instead to focus on tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    We know Congress did not make a Declaration of War and that you did not approve a declaration of war. We would like to hear you say that.

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    We know that Congress never called Bush to duty as the Commander in chief of its militia in time of war and that he is inventing for himself unitary executive powers over the Defense Department as an equivalency, thereby putting himself above the law in order to act illegaly.

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    We approve of anyone who calls for the impeachment of Bush on those grounds.

    Despite that high crimes and misdemeanors against the constitution and the nation and its people are of themselves enough for that, we don't mind mentioning that there are a long list of other abuses and tyrannies and just plain incompetence.

    It needs to be repeated often and loudly that when Congress chose instead of a declaration of War, to use a different instrument of its authority, when it simply authorized Bush to go after Osama, it by no means authorized the use of kidnapping, torture, murder, and the unreasonable searches and seizures and spying on Americans.

    I am very happy to see you ask why, that being the case, is Osama still out there while the Defense Department is being used to wage an undeclared war on Iraq, Pakistan, and American citizens right here in the US?

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    Has Bush more than just failed to win his war on terror but actually forgotten about it and lost sight of it in order to deal with other priorities like spying on Americans?

    Why was his focus and priority the K street project?

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    Why did Bush feel that protecting Karl Rove and Tom Delay and putting his incompetent cronies in charge of protecting America from natural disasters was more important than the mission that Congress authorized him to execute?

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    Why did Bush go off on foreign adventures totally unrelated to the capture of Osama bin Ladin which have now cost more than 27,000 allied casulaties, more than 7,000 American kids injured so badly they can't be returned to combat, over 2,100 deaths and a couple of trillion dollars in long term costs.

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    The Bush administration is a tyranny which misses no opportunity to attempt to put itself outside the law.

    There has been a long train of Abuses.

    Before Bush vs Gore when Bush was merely guilty of desertion in time of war he was already being protected by power and influence. Thats the system he understands. Why should the American people give him a pass when his crimes are against them?

    What is Chris Matthews answer to that?

    That the Bush administrations crimes against the American people include stripping them of their rights to be secure in their persons and possessions against unreasonable searches and seizures make him more of a terror to most of the world than anyone else in it.

  •  Thank you Senator (none)
    For giving me hope last year during the Presidential campaign. I love what you, Theresa, John and Elisabeth brought to the table. Just wish the majority of the American could have seen it the same way.

    Why is it that if you are African American you are "Looting" and if you are white you are simply trying to "Survive".

    by TimALoftis on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:47:11 PM PST

  •  Welcome aboard (4.00)
    senator. I hope a few of your fellow office holders take a gander at what we're doing here. We're not to bad a bunch. Honest.

    it tastes like burning...

    by eastvan on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:47:58 PM PST

    •  And by the way, Senator; (none) long as your seem to have accumulated a fair amount of mojo, I figure that right about now you ought to have this clickable link on the right side of your screen - under the 'Tools' menu - that says "Hidden Comments."  You might try clicking on it...



      It ain't called paranoia - when they're really out to get you.

      by Jaime Frontero on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 09:06:47 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Right on, Senator! (4.00)
    Thanks for coming here and your comments are dead on.  Let's see REAL debate on shows like Hardball instead of the insulting recycling of Republican talking points.  Chris Matthews isn't the only media airhead who needs to be called on this shameless, unprofessional behavior.  Come back often, please, and bring Teresa with you.  Love ya both!
  •  Good diary Senator (none)
    But - what now?  How do we change it?

    Bush is NOT America!

    by annefrank on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:48:48 PM PST

  •  Swifboat cheapshot/Saigon joyride (none)
    Of all the stuff I thought was crummy in O'Neill's nasty little book, the crummiest was his knocking you for taking a joyride to Saigon and your crew not ratting you out when your boat got stuck in the mud.  Is he a clone of Major Frank Burns or what?  Nasty, little dweeby kind of guy.

    Thank God for Rood's article!

  •  Mr. President, welcome to (4.00)
    the dK family!

    TVL-WCO&STS: Meeting your conspiracy and adhesive needs with Jack and a Beck's back

    by blogpotato on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:50:07 PM PST

  •  not since i met jacob javitz (none)
    in his senate office have i been this close to power.

    senator, i hope you continue to post. your thoughts are provocative and thought provoking.

    and if you're looking to play some fantasy football, a guy i know is setting up a league and needs some more bodies. you'd be welcome.  

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Thanks for posting this diary here. We must all ask loudly and frequently "Why hasn't the Bush Administration caught Osama Bin Laden? Especially since Porter Goss says he knows where Bin Laden is.

    Regards to Teresa who I know does many good works.

    You must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

    by PAbluestater on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:51:42 PM PST

  •  Great to see you Senator! (4.00)
    I voted for you in the rain in '04. I had just turned 18 at the time, so you were the first person I ever voted for! If you run again, I may actually have some cash to give you :)

    That being said, I have to tell you that I am currently rooting for Sen. Feingold to become our nominee in '08. If Feingold doesn't run, you're my third choice(Clark is second).

    My reason for not supporting you first isn't because I don't like you -- on the contrary, you're an American war hero who volunteed to serve his country during war and then came back home and campaigned against a miserable war. That's something to be respected to the utmost. My reason for not supporting you, sir, is because I doubt you and your inner circle have the political know-how to fight the GOP. I was disappointed in the slow response to the Swift Boat Liars in '04, as many were here. I believe someone like Sen. Feingold or Gen. Clark are more suited to fighting the GOP's dirty tricks and lies. Furthermore, the American people already have a negative impression of you -- one that will be very difficult to change.

    I'm sure you've heard all of this before, but I just thought you ought to know how one of your netroot's supporters feels.

    Keep up the good fight, Senator.

    Russ Feingold for President!

    by Basil on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:52:36 PM PST

    •  Personally, I don't know anyone (4.00)
      who was left with a negative impression of John Kerry.  However, I know plenty of people who weren't much interested in him at first - they were "Anybody But Bush" - and by the end, they were HUGE Kerry supporters and would vote for him again.

      I know there are a lot of people on the blogs who diss Kerry, but I'm not sure how representative they are.

      As I mentioned on another thread, the fact that Kerry didn't get into a down-and-dirty brawl with the Swiftboaters was admirable in the eyes of many people I know, especially older folks.  By not engaging in the mudslinging, he showed that he was a true gentleman, a statesman who put his duty above any personal need to defend his own honor.  This is the kind of person we need in the White House.

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:03:21 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  it is an honor (4.00)
    that you have come here to address us directly. the more you speak out the better. we are at a dire time in our history.

    as our truely elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES i would like to say welcome, stop by anytime, and thank you for your service to our country.

  •  Whether bin Laden escaped at Tora Bora... (none) 2001 is water under the bridge, John (assuming this is really you).  The reason, I suspect, that the cable networks didn't take his message more seriously is that the primo terrorist-in-hiding is sounding more and more like the Black Knight.  Since bin Laden is most likely in a nation with atomic bombs and with a populace that is mostly anti-American, the reason that he hasn't been killed or captured should have been self-evident.  Yours is not a "hardball" question, sir, but a stupid one quite frankly.
    •  Not water under the bridge, IMHO (4.00)
      points out the incompetence of the sitting administration, and their ilk.  Still timely, particularly as they're using "war on terror" as their mantra, raison d'etre, excuse for every incursion on civil liberties, etc.
    •  are you fucking kidding?! (none)
      With that logic, i suppose you feel that everything this incompetent administration has been responsible for is also just "water under the bridge". That's pathetic, and sounds to me like the sort of twisted rationalising practised by the blowhard fanboys of those shitbags. To hell with your opinion—i want to see some accountability.

      -7.00,-7.74 "He is a bad version of us! No more money for him."

      by subtropolis on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:25:15 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Out of all the questions Kerry... (none)
        ...wants answered, his most important "hardball" question is how OBL got away at Tora Bora?  And you guys wonder why he's not president.  What Kerry is doing is playing armchair quarterback with 20-20 hindsight.  Let's face it.  Kerry focused too much time and effort criticizing the Bush administration during his campaign, and not enough on giving voters a reason to vote for him.  And here he is, doing the same thing all over again.  He kept saying he had a better plan, yet when it came down to brass tacks, aside from wanting to call more meetings, there was little differentiation.  And here he is on one of the most partisan liberal blogs on the Internet, and the most important thing he can conjure up is a tactical mistake made over four years ago.  But he supports the troops!  Does he--or you for that matter--have even a glint of awareness of how pathetic that is?  Seems not.
  •  For Teresa (4.00)
    After I read your PS - I just wanted to let both of you know that I'm a BIG fan of Teresa's, and so is my mother-in-law who is from Needham MA and was staunchly Republican all her life until she finally got fed up with the religious whackos and antifeminists.  She thinks Teresa is WONDERFUL.  So do I.

    Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

    by hrh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:55:36 PM PST

  •  Senator (4.00)
    Senator Kerry If I can still fit into my uniform I'm willing to join you and go get those bastards. Let's do it soon before my hip replacement.
  •  I am so goddamned pissed (none)
    I don't know how many folks pay attention to this crap except for us.

    Most of the people I know are more worried about football.

    So for those who DON"T pay attention.

    The message from Osa bin Laden. Democrats are my friends. Therefore democrats equal terrorists.

    Maybe we should put out a fake Osama tape of our own.

    inspire change...don't back down

    by missliberties on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:58:58 PM PST

  •  Come on, you 1 raters, (4.00)
    haven't you realized by now that I was speaking up for John Kerry?

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." Black Hawk

    by Gabriele Droz on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 04:59:27 PM PST

  •  So, Matthews response? (none)
    He has three right wing jackasses on Hardball right now, continuing the Dem bashing in unison.  Scarboro, Carlson and Rita Cosby.  
    If that's how he's going to reply, Senator, I respectfully say you should kick his ass on prime time.
    And Scarboro just called you a loser.
    We've got your back, Senator.  Don't let up.  
  •  Well said Mr. Kerry. (4.00)
    Thank you for addressing the outrageously absurd comment by Cris Matthews.

    I hold dear to my heart  the 'off the mic' comment you made during your campaign about the Repubs being liars and crooks....well, it keeps me going in times like these.
    These 'people' will stop at NOTHING!

  •  You know.. (none)
    ..we've been pretty hard on Kerry and Gore here at kos, but I'm convinced..shit, I'd put a number of Ben Franklins on it, that a wrestling match between Kerry/Gore vs. Bush/DeLay...well, let's just say we'd need an ambulance to take the Corrupted Couple to the hospital. Kerry and Gore would have to go run a few laps afterwards to get in a workout.
  •  Thank you for posting, Senator Kerry (none)
    I proud to call you and Senator Kennedy my senators, though you rightfully should be President now (or we really should be in the second term of a Gore Presidency).

    I also join in the call for you to please do whatever you can to filibuster the confirmation of Judge Alito, let the Republicans try their 'Nuclear Option', I feel it will only come back later to bite them.

    People talking in movie shows, People smoking in bed, People voting Republican, Give them a boot to the head!

    by trojanrabbit on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:01:09 PM PST

  •  Senator, you might be speaking to (4.00)
    the largest group of volunteers you've ever addressed, here.
    In fact, we volunteered a long time after the election-- we brought about the Ohio recount, as far as that went. I know that wasn't something you really wanted, but we did work hard (and pay big).

    Terrorism is an important issue, but is the bin Laden tape even real? A pretty fair majority (70% as of this a.m.) of folks on this site seem to think not.

    Please let's not let the Republicans name the issues for us. I agree with the others who say that right now, the major corruption in the Bush administration is an issue. The nomination of Alito & impending death of the Supreme Court as a check'n'balance on an overly powerful executive is a major issue.

    And IMHO the way we're being prepped for Bush War III is a major issue-- we can't afford yet another war aimed at a nebulous, uncatchable "enemy".

    The less a man knows about how sausages and laws are made, the easier it is to steal his vote and give him botulism.

    by SensibleShoes on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:01:20 PM PST

  •  Thank You Mr. Senator (3.00)
    You, of course, are correct.  The characterization of critics of this administration as traitors has got to stop.  The fact that such things are even said is disgusting and un-American.  I may not agree with Michael Moore 100%, but I certainly wouldn't dream to conflate his anti-war stance to being similar to Osama bin Laden.  To suggest that an innocent filmmaker is somehow even comparable to a madman who has ordered the killings of thousands is simply reprehensible.  Chris Matthews should be forced at least to apologize, if not forced to resign for his shameful comments.  If comity is to be restored to our political process, it is time for the news media to do their part by refusing to resort to partisan name-calling for any reason.
    Thank you for your words.  Hopefully we will hear more from you in the future.

    whoring my blog like it's my job!

    by jjhare on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:01:32 PM PST

  •  Good to hear from you Senator (none)
    Great diary- exactly what Matthews needs to hear.
    Someone needs to tell Tweety (our nickname for Matthews) to shut up and go to his room.

    You are a great American and we need your voice to speak out against the lying media. They are relentless so we need all the help we can get.

    I am very proud to have voted for you sir! Please continue the dialogue here.

    Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought- John F. Kennedy

    by vcmvo2 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:01:38 PM PST

  •  Mr. Kerry (4.00)
    I am genuinely afraid for the Republic. I am not alone. Many of us feel betrayed by you and your campaign. By the equivocating. by the calculating, by the general incompetence of your responses to Republican attacks.

    Incompetence seems to be in high vogue. God knows, the current adminsitration has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate incompentence in waging war and waging peace. BUT they kick the Democratic Party's ass in political strategy, and communications.

    There is only one solution to this. We need clear, unified communications from the Democratic Party and its representatives. There needs to be a NEW Democratic Party. One with new faces, new ideas, new courage, and new, clear messages.

    The democratic establishment is a failure. You have failed, and continue to fail at being appropriately effective. Please, take your pals Hil, Joe Biden, Joe LIberman, Shrumy, Nancy and Harry out to pasture. Give the reins of the party over to people who demonstrate competence. Kos. for instance. Atrios, and many others are out there like Paul Hackett. You are part of the problem and it is time to get out of the way.

    Appropriate tone--Al Gore

    Appropriate action--Gov. Dean

    Appropriate time--Now

    The seeds of a third party are germinating rapidly. In the compost heap that is the current Democratic Party.

    I am a Vietnam vet. I admired your service to our country, and think that you can still serve our country valiantly as a Senator, but you must give up trying to represent the party as a leader.  I supported your 2004 campaign with money and action until the whole swiftboating episode. When you did not immediately defend yourself, and your brother vets, with direct frontal action, you lost my trust. At that point, you also lost my monitary support. You got my vote because there was no other choice. But you would not under any circumstances get my vote again.

    "Oblivious! In Denial! Dangerous!"--Nancy Pelosi on GWB. IMHO, excellent summation.

    by oofer on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:03:11 PM PST

    •  Kerry coulda done better, surely... (4.00)
      ...but how many votes did you get in the last election?

      Not being snotty, but remember, he almost defeated a sitting wartime President, who had (unfortunately) the 911 disaster on "his side".

      The American people failed. How many didn't even vote? the end, it's the people who fail. Not the candidates. We choose the candidates.

      (That's not to say I'm not for getting money out of politics, ending gerrymandering and for Congressional term limits, because I am.)

      •  Careful (none)
        I contributed heavily to local democratic candidates. I persistently lobbied friends and family to vote for Kerry even with my personal reservations.

        And I cannot run for office. I have a combat disability that would make that impossible (yes, there are some disabilities that preclude being in crowded places).

        I feel I did more in 2004 than ever before in my life to get John Kerry and the whole ticket elected. That being said I still feel betrayed by Mr. Kerry's lack of action under direct fire. It was not typical for him, especially. And his actions after the election were downright wrong. He should have protested the Ohio results.

        You know Jon Stewart ran a trenchant piece on Mr. Kerry's performance at Harry Reid's press conference a day or so ago.

        It is all about getting the job done. And the current leadership isn't.

        Yes it is the people's collective fault we are in this mess. And also our representatives fault for not protecting their institutions from the Bush attack on our Constitution.

        "Oblivious! In Denial! Dangerous!"--Nancy Pelosi on GWB. IMHO, excellent summation.

        by oofer on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:31:36 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  Unfair (none)
      Senator Kerry has made mistakes - but has shown me he, more than a lot of politicians, actually has the ability to learn and improve from his mistakes.

      That said - I think it is pure folly for any voter to seriously consider ANYBODY for President this soon in the election cycle.

      I would say this though:

      I think GWB is a CLEAR threat to this nation - and as such - it can NOT be business as usual for the Dems . Whereas in previous years now might be the time for potential presidential candidates to start to seperate themselves from the pack- I think it is ESPECIALLY important for Congressional Dems to act as a unified force under the circumstances.

      Meaning, I think it might be good if at least some major speeches made by Congressional Dems are made with OTHER members of the Dem leadership in attendence.

      While this may give Governors a little bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to maneuvering for the presidency - the Dems in congress seem like the only thing standing between Democracy and Authoritarianism - so this is really the time for them to muster all the unity  they can.

  •  Absolutely Mind Blowing (none)
    I was just thinking the other day how there was a time when was my bastion of hope in a very bleak time.  

    The tide seems to be turning on the republicans but how can we repair the decades of damage already done in a mere 5 years?

    The mantra 'Hope is on the way!' vanished but a glimmer has returned.  

    Welcome Senator Kerry.

  •  No more Mr. Niceguy (4.00)
    Thank you, Senator Kerry, for your visit here.

    The time for bipartisan fellowship is gone.

    The time for co-opting Republican talking points is gone.

    The time for turning the spotlight on the neocon cabal is here.

    Bin Laden should be dead or in prison, but bin Laden is not trashing the Constitution, fouling the environment, throwing money at Halliburton or taking bribes from Jack Abramoff.  

    It's time for the Democratic Party to become the new sheriff in town and it's time for the neocon cabal to get out of Dodge.

  •  We are almost halfway to a thousand thanks (4.00)
    I wasn't as surprised to see your post here, Senator Kerry, as I was to see the disbelief that a President would talk to the little people. A hundred years ago, Presidents invited the public in our President's Mansion for tea and cookies. Now you get hustled off if you stand too near the fence.

    Thanks for commenting on Kos, Senator. I agree you need to be more vocal about this pathetic excuse for a Presidency and you need to speak so we can be heard. DKos has such a large audience because there are hundreds of thousands who care passionately about what is happening to this country. Kossacks are a tremendous resource for information when the media filters everything we see and hear.

    So keep blogging and reading. You'll see stories which are two days to two years ahead of the Post and the Times.

    And every once in a while, send us a note to say you're listening. Most of the time we see politicians talking and not listening. You'd learn a lot by having those tea and cookie sessions with the neighbors.

    In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. M.L.King, 1929-1968

    by captainlaser on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:06:46 PM PST

  •  It's pretty incredible that it (3.75)
    is even being debated whether the Bush administration has failed to capture bin Laden despite previous opportunity.  Unbelievable.  As the cliche goes, everyone is entitled to her own opinion; everyone is not entitled to their own version of the facts.

    People like Mr. Matthews have a choice to make.  Either they will continue to shill for the Bush administration and (perhaps inadvertantly) help usher in the new age of McCarthyism ("liberals are terrorists!"), or they will jealously guard the truth and disseminate the facts, irrespective of whether said facts are convenient to those currently in power.

    It is an absolute, irrefutable disgrace that bin Laden is still free to film videotapes and record voice messages as if he is some kind of fucking pop star du jour on MTV.  There is no other interpretation of this for those who are beholden to the truth.

    Keep speaking up, Senator Kerry.

  •  Thanks for stopping by! (4.00)
    I saw you in Minneapolis during the campaign along with about 35,000 others! I also got involved and worked on a political campaign for the first time in my life, and I'm about your age. A lot of us did. Thanks for all your hard work in the campaign and in the Senate!

    Our biggest problems are: (1) voting machines and possible (probable) fraud. If the Democrats cannot be united and deal with this problem, we are in big, big, big trouble. (2) the media (as your diary is saying). Could some really rich Dems buy out a couple of cable stations or something? We really, really need our own "Fox News" - but telling truth, not lies. It's so hard to tune in CNN or MSNBC hoping to get fair and truthful coverage and being disappointed yet again. Back to the blogs, I guess! Sigh.

    You top Democrats need to get together and save this country. You can no longer afford to think of your own political careers first. This once great country HAS to come first. Please join with other important Democrats (Al Gore, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Harry Reid, John Edwards, etc., etc.) and present a united party with a united message! Without that we may not make it.

    Oh, and I absolutely LOVE Teresa! A terrific woman, and I'm so sad she is not our First Lady.

    "The election's over. We won. It's all over but the counting, and we'll take care of the counting." Rep. Peter King (R-NY) at WH function, 2003

    by kathika on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:08:44 PM PST

    •  P.S. (none)
      I still have my Kerry/Edwards sticker on my car along with an Air America Radio sticker!

      "The election's over. We won. It's all over but the counting, and we'll take care of the counting." Rep. Peter King (R-NY) at WH function, 2003

      by kathika on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:13:59 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Bumper Stickers (4.00)
        My "Republicans for Kerry" is still on my car along with "I support our troops. I love my country. I believe in God.  But not Bush and his war."    Other Kerry/Edwards sticker cars honk and wave.  As long as Bush extreme power grab depends on being a "WAR Pres" we will always be at war of some kind.  To me you can't have a war on terror because war is terror.  
  •  Yours is an important voice: (none)

    by letting it resonate within this community, in my view, it it is being heard in an important and valuable venue. Your post plays the right keys and produces the right tone, in my judgment.

    I encourage you to continue giving voice to the issues that have landed us at the brink of a constitutional crisis. In testimony today before the Conyers Hearing on warrantless wiretapping, Professor Jonathan Turley announced that we have such a crisis now. He went on to add that the president has broken the law and yes, it's an impeachable offense.

    Surely we can agree, this crew must be held accountable. Visit us here often, hear our voices, listen to our ideas.

    I donated to ePluribus Media; kindly join me: "I participate therefore I am...."

    by libby on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:09:28 PM PST

  •  What I would like to hear asked by someone (none)
    in the media is: How can one follow the logic that Bin Laden is spewing "democratic talking points" in an effort to divide the nation and not at the same time logically conclude that IF one concludes that he is using his voice to manipulate the American public by using current public opinions etc, how could we not reasonably also conclude that he would be observant enough to realize that his challenges would enable Bush to use his very words to encourage further support for his policies?

    You might call Bin Laden many things...stupid is not one of them.

    Why hasn't the media pointed out that Bush's policies are adding both support and power to Bin Laden's followings and that Bin Laden realizes that our continued support of Bush's policy is desireable/needed to continue the poison that is enabling him?

  •  Wow. (none)
    I think I'm getting star-struck, first Cindy Sheehan, then Rep. Slaughter, and now Sen. Kerry. I'm sure you don't have time to scroll through a bunch of forum comments yourself, but I'm proud to have voted for you, sir. Sure do wish you were the president right now.
  •  Welcome, Senator Kerry! (none)
    Here's a subject suited for true hard ball, on Hardball:  four years of failure - enough is enough - why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been captured or killed, and how will he be destroyed before he next appears on tape to spread his disgusting message?

    That discussion -- rather than criticizing American citizens who exercise their right to free speech and express dissenting opinions - is the discussion that America needs.

    I certainly can't disagree with that, Sir!  However, I don't see that much progress will be made in that regard until these disgusting mouthpieces can see that a power shift is taking place in Congress that grants import to the laws of our land and meets the needs and desires of We The People. Right now, they are on a power trip, emulating Not So Dear Leader, with the the tacit support of a Republican-controlled Congress that seems bent on destroying America. They've adjusted their vitriol in concordance.

    I can't think of a better issue than the Alito nomination to create such a shift through an alliance with those across the aisle. It would seem that your Republican counterparts have some self-destructive tendancies, as well.  Do they not realize that with Alito, a proponent of the unitary executive ideal, on the bench, chances are that Congress could become a non-entity as far as the governance of our Nation goes?  Can't they be convinced to vote no just on the basis of self-preservation, if not for the well being of our Nation?

  •  Can I just say... (none)
    ...that it really sucks all the cool stuff happens during the work day around here.

    Thanks for joining us, Sen. Kerry.  I hope you'll make the most of the direct contact/feedback with the grass roots you can find here.

  •  What a week! (none)
    We had a hard hitting, straight talking, no words minced speech from Gore.
    We have a short, sweet, straight-up truth telling from Kerry.

    Waaaaiiil! Where were you guys when we needed you? Maybe the collective "we the people (both D and R)" weren't ready, maybe recognition of lies and incompetence hadn't reached critical mass, whatever.

    That was then, this is now. What do you all propose to do now (besides preach to the choir and rally the base?)

    Practice absurdus interruptus - Support ePluribus Media.

    by Catte Nappe on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:15:30 PM PST

  •  I just wanted to say... (4.00)
    Gawd! You kicked George's ass in the debates - seriously. The stuttering, mumbling, spittle-on-the-mouth idiot was shown to be the fool that he is. If only people had actually watched. 8^(

    Now that you've 'besmirched' your name by posting on 'a radical leftist' blog, let's go ahead and kick it up a notch. Please tell me you patted him on the back and felt a transmitter box. Teresa, I know you are prodding him to spill the beans!

  •  Gobsmacked to see you post here, Senator Kerry. (4.00)
    Gobsmacked, but in a good way.

    I wish you were in the White House, far too concerned with ending the Iraq War than with posting on DKos.

    What a bittersweet moment.

    I came within inches of shaking your hand in Van Nuys, CA, last year, during the Villaraigosa campaign, at a rally at Los Angeles Valley Community College (even yelled out "DIEBOLD!" when Villaraigosa mentioned the anomalies of vote counting throughout the country); but I couldn't push forward for fear of hurting someone -- too many tears to see the path clearly.

    I can't tell you how conflicted I am right now. It hurts SO badly to have lost the 2004 election to that monosyllabic, smirking criminal, that vermin who absconded with the Presidency not once but twice... And yes, I wanted to SCREAM at you when you conceded. How could anyone NOT want to scream?

    But your tenacity and principles warrant admiration and support.

    Which you have here in spades, regardless of the bluster from certain factions.

    Now, another topic; Tora Bora and the Orwellian Perpetual War on Terrorism notwithstanding, I have bigger fish to fry, and so do you.

    FILIBUSTER ALITO. That is all I'm asking right now, as a Democrat, an American, a woman and a proponent of civil rights.

    •  I never doubted that he would filibuster Alito (none)
      why are you suspecting that he might not?

      Just curious.

      don't crash the ambulance, whatever you do

      by Coldblue Steele on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:48:32 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Senator, we know you can speak really well (4.00)
      and for a really long time....It didn't help you much in the campaign, but here's the perfect venue: FILIBUSTER ALITO.  

      You've got the power of 60 million Americans who voted for you at your back. Your position in the Senate is secure for as long as you want it.  What better time will there be in your life to take a stand for all of us?

      I know you have the strength for this. Please, please do it.

      Many thanks for your lifetime of public service.

  •  PS (4.00)
    I didn't post earlier, but now that I see your PS, I would just like to say filibuster.

    Hi Teresa!!!

    Say no to hate, bigotry, and the author of the Fed. Marriage Amendment, Marilyn Musgrave. Please donate to Angie Paccione.

    by OLinda on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:20:23 PM PST

  •  thank you sen/pres kerry (none)
    still have your back.
    Fillibuster alito
    please put on your investigator's cap for a while like you did with bcci and some of iran contra. We NEED to get the Dogs out, or Let the mongoose dogs in. or shine the light on the growing mold which is covering our Constitution.

    a deaniac kerryite mooreien american

    dem noless

    PAPER Ballots since the Boca Raton co(smartmatic) which provided paper trail electronic voting machines for the 2004 Venezuelan election has bought SEQUOIA.

    Bush/Cheney04 Because it takes 8 years to Destroy the Country Download GeckosAgainstBS song

    by demnomore on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:22:55 PM PST

  •  Dear Senator Kerry (4.00)
    I worked on your campaign down in Tucson, Arizona. We had the pleasure of your wife coming down to visit and rally the troops before the election and I just wanted to say I appreciated it greatly.

    As for slings and arrows, I will say that I was dismayed along with many of my co-workers that there was a lot of 'extra-oversight' when it came to checking up on us down at the local level. I can't tell you how many hours we wasted on updating Trimeros instead of getting out and working the streets.

    Besides that I admired your performance in the debates and felt proud to be an American that was supporting a Democrat such as yourself.

    I ask only one favor. Please, please, please do not hire Bob Shrum and Mary Beth Cahill again. Just take a look at their records.

    Again, thank you for your service and for coming out to dKos to share with all of us.

    The Only Constant is Change

    by proudprogressiveCA on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:24:55 PM PST

  •  Welcome To Kos, John (4.00)
    Glad to see you jump in.  As you have probably found out by now the political water is fine here.  Please visit often, you have lot of friends here.
  •  You brightened up my day! (4.00)
    ... and when I leave work tonight and head over to my car with a beaufitul John Kerry sticker, I will be smiling!
    You are my president.

    Thank you for participating in our forum.
    Wishing the best for you both you and Theresa.  

  •  Senator Kerry (3.80)

    I'm a little late in getting to the comments.

    Thank you for being willing to hear us at Kos.

    Please, will you and your colleagues stand up for your country.  Be a little smarter about who you are fighting against.  America depends on it.  If Alito is confirmed, we can kiss our Constitutional checks and balances goodbye. His record is clear.

    You and your colleagues seem to be choosing the most incompetent advisors imaginable. They advise you to run away from the good fight, and cravenly hide in a corner in order to save your jobs.  That's not what you are supposed to be doing. Their advice has made the Democrats big time losers for how many election cycles now?

    People don't see the Democrats as able to stand up and lead.  Yet I know you can stand up and lead.

    NOW STAND UP AND LEAD!! Please.  We are counting on you.

  •  If Kerry gave me a 4.. (4.00)
    ..I would frame it.
  •  Dear Sen Kerry (none)
    Thanks for your comments - I hope you do read Dailykos because I think it will bring home to you, more than anything else, just how important it is for Democrats to NOT BE AFRAID TO FIGHT.  There are so many people who are only apathetic because they haven't seen a leader who is any different.  Get on the same bus with Harry Reid and Howard Dean.  I wanted you to be president but I think you can have even more value now if you are not a candidate but a strong voice in the Senate.
  •  Thank you, Senator (none)
    These are perilous times for our democracy and symbolically we are fighting a war on many fronts. Control of the media has been wrested away from the people and it is only through a network of websites like this one do the people have a voice and access to the truth.

    I hope that this is the first of many times that you speak out over here at Daily Kos.

    BTW -- I know that you can't answer this question in a public forum. But what did you really think about that square bulge on George Bush's back during the debates?

    quando os assholes governam dirão aos pobres que a merda tem o valor
    Revised Portuguese folk wisdom

    by mm201 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:31:03 PM PST

  •  Welcome Senator (none)
    Good to see you here,

    I have one question and one comment for now...

    Are we going to filibuster Alito?

    I can't stress how important this is to many of us in the blogosphere and beyond not to mention our Constitution, the separation of powers and our Democracy.

    And regarding the NSA wiretapping please see this article by David Barron, as a suggestion for congressional action. vs an independent counsel.

  •  About Damn Time (3.66)
    you came out swinging Senator.

    I only wish you had been hitting hard in '04 when the swiftboat liars smeared your good name.

    Remember what Sean Connery's character in The Untouchables said about Capone?

    They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone!

    You and every other goddamn Democratic lawmaker had best commit that quote to memory.


    Sponge Bob, Mandrake, Cartoons. That's how your hard-core islamahomocommienazis work.

    by Benito on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:33:16 PM PST

    •  that's not how they got Capone, though (none)
      They got him on the boring charge of tax evasion.  The Untouchables was mostly Hollywood.  That goes for both the De Palma film and the Robert Stack TV series.

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:58:59 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  imagine just a few of those billions (4.00)
    of dollars spent on Iraq going to getting Osama instead.  
    Instead of blowing up rubble in Afghanistan and making rubble in Iraq, someone could have infiltrated Bin Laden's organization and he'd be dead by now.  Or at the very least, a billion dollars, a tiny fraction of the money spent in Iraq could have been used to pay off Arab assasins or people to get close enough to let us know definatively where he was so we could have bombed the location.  
    Obviously whatever we are doing now is not working.
  •  Mr. and Mrs. Kerry - (4.00)
    Welcome to our blog.  Yes, ours.  Most of us here used this site as a way to get through the grief we went through in 2004.  Most of us campaigned for you, called for you, donated to you, and voted for you.

    We were disappointed you didn't fight harder at the bitter end.  For myself, I could forgive that if you fought NOW.  

    I have been campaigning for Russell Feingold, an as yet undeclared candidate.  Why?  Because Sen. Feingold has never wavered, has never minced words, has never voted against MY interests.  He has stood tall, and alone on several occassions.  

    Sen. Kerry, fight for me.  Fight for my country.  Fight for my Constitution.  Fight for our military.  Tell that lying corrupt administration to get out.  Tell them we've had enough.

    If you want my support again, you can have it.  If you strap on the gloves, as in boxing, and don't take them off until you've thrown the knock-out punch.  Stop with the legalese and candidate-speak, and talk to us like the man you are.  You were a war hero once - we need you to be that man again.  Stand up and start shouting.  That's what we want.  

    Many of us feel like we are fighting for our very country right now, and the enemy is right here, sitting in the White House.  We have been BEGGING for a General.  Please.  Please give us one.    

    "But your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore"--Prine Pay attention Georgie - 2200+ dead Americans. Jesus Christ, make it stop already.

    by Miss Blue on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:34:59 PM PST

  •  Wait a minute... (4.00)
    Are we sure this just isn't Armando with another screen name?  :)

    "A CONSERVATIVE is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run." --Elbert Hubbard

    by Rico on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:36:44 PM PST

  •  Quite a surprise (4.00)

    Senator Kerry, it's with great respect that I welcome you here.  To be honest, I didn't think you'd ever make it over here because of Kos's well known dislike for you and your campaign.  Like I said, quite the surprise, and a great one at that.

    On a more personal note, living down here in the reddest of states, Texas, I switched parties because of your nomination in the primaries.  Imagine the shock of my family and friends when I hit them with the news that indeed, I would be voting for you instead of Mr. Bush.  My parents, though, great people that they are(and stuanch Republicans) welcomed the opportunity to debate ideas and whatnot.  My grandparents on the other hand...  They still can't believe I'd go against the preachings of Rush Limbaugh!  Because of you, I'll forever remain a Democrat and you have profoundly affected my life.  I switched majors half-swing in college, from business to political science, read your biography in one 4 and a half hour flight to DC, and anxiously await the arrival of my new car so I can slap my "John Kerry 2008" bumper sticker on it, much to the chagrin of my friends. :)

    I watched your acceptance speech at the DNC convention from my hospital bed and gladly told all the nurses and doctors who came in during that time that I was voting for you.  Back in April of 2005, I delayed admission back into the hospital (I have Cystic Fibrosis) by two days so I could attend your Kids HealthCare tour in Austin, Tx.  I  took over 25 pictures and bragged to everyone how open, cordial, jovial and personable you were.  Nothing like the harsh caricature constantly blared on TV and even the conservative friend I convinced to go with me came away very impressed with you.

    Lastly, my father(The staunch Republican) has called your Senate office numerous times thanking you for your service, and thanking you for providing his son with "something to do" while in the hospital besides going insane during the usual 14-21 day stays, i.e. keeping tabs on you, the state of politics. He often says as he drops off a number of political and history books to keep me busy, "I don't think John Kerry realizes what he has done!"  Thank you and your office for treating him with respect in kind.  Finally, good luck in all future endeavors and I hope I'll be able to vote for you again in the 2008 general election!

  •  I knew you'd come around. (none)
    Great to see you here and to have heard you recently on CNN.  

    We needed you on Alito.

    Political Cortex: Brain Food for the Body Politic

    by btyarbro on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:39:18 PM PST

  •  With all due respect, Senator (4.00)
    I appreciate your speaking directly to this community as much as anyone. But I must ask a question many of my fellow North Carolina Democrats are asking. Would we not be better off if we spoke less to old debates and "told you so's," and more to the vision Democrats offer going forward?
    •  Respectfully, to my fellow NC Dem (none)
      Unfortunately, the past is too often prologue and what we are fighting for here is not only our collective conscience (or unconscious, on a case by case basis) but also how to frame the current debate as to our ongoing anti-terrorism strategy and its efficacy, which begs the question of our shared past and how we arrived at this point.  Karl Rove & Co. revel in their 'War President' trump card, employing it ad nauseum and opportunistically.  It's time that a real debate surface as to our current Commander-n-Chief's skillfulness (or lack thereof, think 'Katrina') rather than all this petty supfluity, slander and frothing at the mouth by our current crop of talking heads.  Another article which Senator Kerry didn't mention but I found instructive, especially at the time, was in
      The Atlantic Monthly on October 2004 -entitled "Bush's Lost Year" (excerpted beneath):
      "By deciding to invade Iraq, the Bush Administration decided not to do many other things: not to reconstruct Afghanistan, not to deal with the threats posed by North Korea and Iran, and not to wage an effective war on terror. An inventory of opportunities lost..."
      by James Fallows (

      "Would that heaven might inspire some Jersey maid to spirit up her countrymen, and save her fair fellow sufferers from ravage and ravishment!" ~ Thomas Paine

      by eluminata on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:58:38 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Thank you Senator Kerry... (none)
    And just in case Teresa is still monitoring these blogs, I wanted to mention how much I admired her reference to Lincoln's 'mystic chords' during her speech at the Democratic convention (something I was reminded of just recently).  Leave it to an immigrant to uplift and remind US of what unites us, in contrast with the divisive charade and swiftboating displayed at the Republican convention in NYC (by all the usual suspects).  I actually had the delight to briefly meet and greet your daughter, Alexandra, when your collective/children spoke at Chapel Hill during a pep rally.  At the time, I recall complimenting her as well, for her poise during her convention speech (we had a brief chuckle about Licorice getting his own piece in the NY Times), and added how sorry I was for the embittered attacks on your military service by the not-so-swift types (which I like to refer to as the Expedient Boat Vets for the Ministry of Truth).  I'll never forget how a shadow suddenly fell across Alex's otherwise sparkling demeanor, and it truly registered for me, the psychic toll of such slurs - on all of US/us, but none moreso than your loved ones - and the distasteful repercussions beyond just a particular candidate or election cycle.  I hope that with those like James Webb ( coming forward against such unscrupulous campaign tactics, those who would employ this brand of sleazy and destructive ad hominem attack might be derailed going forward; and I deeply regret (even resent) what you and your family had to endure.

    "Would that heaven might inspire some Jersey maid to spirit up her countrymen, and save her fair fellow sufferers from ravage and ravishment!" ~ Thomas Paine

    by eluminata on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:43:52 PM PST

  •  What a genuine thrill (none)
     Thank you for your diary and for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope to have more chances to share our thoughts with you in the future. I really believe that the people here are the future of the Democratic party. Thanks again.
  •  You know why I like John Kerry? (4.00)
    DailyKos has several high profile bloggers who have been extremely critical of Sen. Kerry yet he still decides to post here and add his voice to the debate. A lesser man would have simply kept his distance -- Sen. Kerry jumps right into the fray to prove his critics wrong. Isn't this an amazing contrast to our President Bush who only associates with YES men and lackies? The same President Bush who is reported to have temper tantrums if anyone in his inner circle brings him bad news?

    "Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere"

    by Morbo on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:45:38 PM PST

    •  Yes, thank you Senator. (none)
      This is a very important step.

      You've found some anger here - and I think it's appropriate - but there's also a lot of love and respect for you two.

      "We must become the change we want to see." -Gandhi

      by larryrant on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:27:30 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Yes, Thank-you Senator Kerry (none)
          You have a extremely successful 1st diary.  I can't get to the bottom it!  Whether you run again for President or stay in the Senate, I will support your choice. The presidential run sounds good to me though!  A lot of people that voted for Bush so that he could fix his own mistakes in Iraq are kicking their own butts for being stupid now!
    •  Senator Kerry is an intelligent and mature man. (none)
      That's much more than can be said for the current occupant of the White House.

      Russ Feingold for President!

      by Basil on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:43:11 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  I completely agree with you point. (none)
      I remember a poll being taken before the election that asked...Who would you rather share a beer with, Kerry or Bush? Surprisingly, Bush won that poll.

      I wonder if those people now realize how isolated, out-of-touch, and unapproachable their choice for beer partner actually is? Bush could never deal with a blog community. He can no longer even deal with his own administration.

  •  Senator Kerry (4.00)
    Thank you for joining us.  I saw you speak twice -- in chicago and Portland, OR.

    I noticed you have a great sense of humour! Bully for that twinkle in your eye despite all the slings and arrows.

    Yes, I agree that Bin Laden should have been captured long ago.  That he flouts his freedom is a slap in every American's face and GW is to blame.

    I never believed in GW's War for Oil that side-stepped an all out attack on Bin Laden and his minions.  Much more effort could have been done to bring Pakistan and Iran into the hunt.

    And now it is the hunt to nowhere.  How foolish does the President think the populace is?

    Senator, hang onto that Constitution for dear life and strengthen the ability for each and every citizen to cast a ballot in a free and fair election.

    There's the crux.

    Good luck and God bless.

  •  Heh (4.00)
    user 76606??  

    first diary??

    and he get's all this attention?

    just kidding.  It's a big honor to have our nominee dropping in set the record straight.

  •  well I"ll be a.....! (none)
    Bravo! Senator
    ... Im with you - sir, but could you please
    do something about getting a filibuster of Alito?

    I know a lot of us here (and others yet to be here)
    would really , REALLY appreciate it.


    "And only the weak would revenge themselves. The strong of soul forgive, and it is honor in the injured to forgive." Jesus Christ's Sermon on The Mount

    by geminiartist71 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:53:15 PM PST

  •  Senator Kerry, (none)
    How can we get more Democratic faces on programs like Hardball?  We need to take back our media, but can't seem to be seen or heard.  We need a team of Democrats who hit the programs, are prepared and hard hitting, okay even nasty, when up against the Republican blowhards and mouth pieces.

    I'm glad you came here, or whoever is representing you.  

    Here is another concern of mine. We need to take the country back from lobbyists and the companies they are working for and special interests, too, even though some of them represent us.  The plan introduced this week is a pittance of what it is going to take to do that.  We need to get all financing, but public financing out of campaigns, but it is hopeless to even talk about campaign reform because the lobbyist and campaign donors don't want it,they don't want cut off, and so they own our govt. and every single one of you, too.

    Please do something.  You need to get loud, and yes dirty, to be heard.  We are desperate.

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry!! (none)
    I am thrilled to read your diary. I hope you will return!

    I have one question. Do you really believe in all the centrist DLC stuff? I personally think   it would have really helped to run much harder against trickle down economics, for universal health care, and against the Iraq war.

    Have you ever read "What's The Matter With Kansas?" by Thomas Frank?

    Have you read Thomas Frank's New York Times editorial?  If not would you read it, and tell  me what you think of it?

    Would you consider reading this article by Thomas Frank published in the New York Review    of Books?

    I would be interested in your thoughts.


  •  Senator Kerry (none)
    Continue your good works.  If you are the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2008 you have my vote...again. Let's take it back!  This is a fiery bunch of people on this blog and every single one of them will go the distance to get our America back.

    Our nations quality of life is based on the rightousness of the people.

    by kalihikane on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:05:07 PM PST

  •  inside job (none)
    There is a mountain of evidence that 911 was an inside job.  Some of it is easy to explain to the public.  Just say those things publicly, simply, over and over  and put us out of our pain.
  •  Seattle would have been a great spot for a ... (none)
    ... Western White House.

    Wild Ginger anytime.

    None Dare Call It Stupid!

    by RonK Seattle on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:08:00 PM PST

  •  Since you're going on Hardball (none)
    You might ask Matthews if he's going to try to make any effort at "balance" (bwaa ha ha ha) if all he's going to put on his Friday night commentary panel is extreme neo-conservative nut-cases like Scarborough, Carlson and Cosby.  So where was Olbermann?  Or anyone else moderate?

    You might ask Matthews if he's afraid of something.


    P.S.  Welcome to the jungle.

  •  OBL knows the coc (none)
    Mr. Kerry,

    I read OBL's latest statement and was disgusted that he brought up the coc(culture of corruption):

    There is no defect in this solution other than preventing the flow of hundreds of billions to the influential people and war merchants in America, who supported Bush's election campaign with billions of dollars.

    It is very obvious, something needs to be done about the coc to get any trust back from the American people.

  •  Give 'em hell, Senator Kerry (none)
    Be bold, and please don't let up until accountability is restored to Washington. Be the John Kerry we remember from the 1980s.
  •  Hi John! (none)
    I voted for you. :)

    Chris in VA

    ==== The More You Know *

    by ZT155 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:10:24 PM PST

  •  I wish I was addressing (none)
    President Kerry rather than Senator Kerry in this diary.

    don't crash the ambulance, whatever you do

    by Coldblue Steele on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:11:17 PM PST

  •  Senator (none)
    I volunteered passing out campaign items in October for you and I want you to know that I think you got screwed.  I'm glad you've chosen to come to DailyKos and interact without us, and I think it's gutsy of you to defend Michael Moore, since he has such an awful media reputation.  Continue being strong, and stand up for what you believe in.

    There is hardly a political question in the United States which does not sooner or later turn into a judicial one. -5.25, -4.67

    by wolverinethad on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:14:06 PM PST

  •  Hot hot hot issue for Boston (none)
    ask Rep Markey

    If we shall fail to defend the Constitution, I shall fail in the attempt.

    by spoon or no spoon on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:15:06 PM PST

  •  It's an honor, Senator, to speak (none)
    to you here. Thank you for making this statement and for fighting for Americans.

    We are here everyday, wondering when the real tipping point will come and our country will see what is going on. Like others I am afraid for my country. So many awful instances of bad government, corruption, cynical cronyism and corporate-favoritism have come to light in the past year alone, and yet the government continues blithely on. Our rights are under attack and we have a president who would be king.

    Congressional Democrats need to stand up for Americans and FIGHT for the right to ask the kind of question you raise here about Tora Bora IN CONGRESS, not just on tv!! {I myself cannot understand why they would not support the effort at that time to capture or kill bin Laden, and feel it must be more incompetence, bungling or something even worse. You are right, we should find out!}

    You and others need to insist that hearings be held. Real hearings that have questions answered or people held in contempt. People need to find the answers to many questions and have truth revealed. Congressional Democrats are in the minority and at a disadvantage, but isn't there something that can be done to make hearings REAL and effective instead of just polite tea party events? The hearings have come to be--usually--very bland affairs with members making speeches and accepting the lack of answers from some. We want answers. We want congresspeople who will do the hard work and hold people accountable. And not just say, "Yes, I'm responsible," and then go about their business as usual. There are people who should be fired or indicted and tried. The list of abuses is too lengthy, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Congress has not been protecting our Republic nor have they been working for the people, in my opinion. Democrats could filibuster for hearings that are real and meaningful on ALL of the abuses by the Republican administration both of the Executive and Legislative branches.

    Please be plain-spoken and blunt and strong. Do not mince words or worry about polls or opinions. Say what you think is right and true and the people will support you if you are straightforward and honest.

    I regret every day that you or Al Gore are not now our President. I admire and respect you and your wonderful wife. Please help us get out of the dangerous situation we are in so that we can keep our rights and not be driven into the ground any more or disgraced by our country's actions.

    Thank you.

  •  Senator Kerry, this is what remains in my heart. (4.00)
    Sen. Kerry, if you and Teresa are actually reading these comments, then I want to take the opportunity to thank you for something truly priceless to me: me.

    Sounds weird, I know (especially for someone whose life was in many ways truly transformed by the Dean campaign), but please bear with me:

    My stepdad is a Vietnam veteran.  When he came back from Vietnam he did a couple of things that reverberate through every facet of my life to this day: he met my mom, and he got involved with Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

    He raised me as his own (I have a father, but my stepdad will always be my Dad), and I spent the early years of my life learning exactly what it meant to love your country enough to ask it to fulfill its great promise.  I am who I am today largely because I was surrounded by men and women who had the tremendous courage to speak out at a time when it seemed they had no emotional "home" in a country they no longer recognized.

    I was and am forever in awe of the courage of VVAW.  I know that the organization had its problems, and one is never very far from butting egos and nutjobs run amok in any organization of fallible humans, BUT... that you, and my father, and the men and women who cared for me as a child, had the guts to stand up and say, "No, something is wrong here, and I'm not going to be silent about it," is an undeniable example of the strength and greatness that human beings are capable of.

    When I was about 6 years old or so, my family and I were walking along the boardwalk on a pleasant and sunny day when we encountered a man in a wheelchair.  My dad seemed emotional and particularly moved by this man.  He greeted him warmly, familially, though I could not remember ever having met him.  When they had finished their greetings, my dad introduced him to me.  "This is Ron Kovic," he said.  "He's my friend.  He just wrote a book about the war."  Kovic smiled at me, and I will never, ever forget the look in his eyes.  They were sad and strong, and I knew that I wanted to grow up to do what Kovic and my father had done: speak the truth, and fight for the voiceless and powerless, no matter how hard.

    Like my beautiful country, I have not always lived up to my own promise.  But, I carry it with me, always, and in the darkest times, it is my light.  It is what keeps me going when my own eyes are filled with sadness, and when my own exhaustion seems insurmountable.

    I wish I could thank you sufficiently.  Words are too pale for the picture I want to paint you.  For your part in nurturing a movement that keeps me in the fight, you will always be a hero to me.  When everything else is just politics of the moment, that remains.

    •  This is the kind of great personal comment.... (4.00)
      That gets lost in such a popular thread. I can't believe you met, and remember meeting, Ron Kovic.

      Can you imagine if John relit the fire he had in that historic testimony to the Senate. This diary is a hell of a start.

      John, be angry, be steadfast, and, especially, be succinct.

      There are a lot of us that still believe you won Ohio. And we still wish you would have fought hard back then. But help lead this fight against Alito, against the last step to a unitary executive that will run roughshod over human rights and civil liberties, and we'll gladly forgive you.

      You are one of only 45 people out of 300,000,000 that can do this.

      The United States needs you to stand up and stand strong right now.

      "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." Dr. ML King, from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963.

      by bewert on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:24:23 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  HPE, thank you (none)
        for that wonderful story. I read Ron Kovic's article yesterday about his experiences in & after Vietnam and its connection to the vets from Iraq.

        Wish we could learn more from our mistakes.

  •  Thank you, Senator Kerry (none)
    if you are who you are. I want to thank you for getting me interested in politics. I used to be politically apathetic but after your campaign, I have become a political junkie. I even plan to run for Congress in New York someday. Currently, I am the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president in 2040.

    "Power corrupts. Absolute power is kinda neat." - David Letterman

    by Blue387 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:16:58 PM PST

  •  Welcome Senator Kerry! (none)
    Thank you for joining us here.  I must say, it is energizing seeing you here today.  It's been very draining the past couple of weeks.  Thank you for stopping by... I think I can say it means a lot to a lot of us here.  My hope meter has just skyrocketed.

    One more thing, DO NOT ALLOW ALITO TO GET ON THAT BENCH!!  He is a danger to our civil rights everywhere!

    Never say never... AND... I HATE being filled with this much hate and rage. I just want to love...

    by shermanesq on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:17:48 PM PST

  •  I Would Vote for You Again (none)
    Dear Senator Kerry,

    You would have (and could still) be a great president.  

    Never mind my signature, I would vote for you again.

  •  Senator Kerry, it is very nice to talk to you. (none)
    Welcome to this community. I live in Winchester, MA and I called your office the other day to ask you to vote against Alito and support a filibuster if one is forthcoming. I know Alito will probably be confirmed but it is important to take a stand--I am especially perturbed at his support for a strenghtened executive and a diminished congress and judiciary, although there are plenty of other things that bother me about him as well.

    In any case, that was not what I mainly wanted to say. Thank you for defending Michael Moore to Chris Matthews yesterday, and for trying to bring the discussion about the Iraq war back to where it should be--on the conduct of the occupation and the long-term plan for getting out of  there in a reasonable fashion. I neither love nor hate Michael Moore, I think he makes engaging movies, I think he makes very important points about the class system in this country, and he certainly doesn't deserve to be called Osama Bin Laden. (And neither do you, Max Cleland, Cindy Sheehan, nor does anyone else who doesn't happen to agree with the Bush Administration.)

    Frankly, I think this is the start of a PR push by Karl Rove to get the sentiment of wanting to pull out of Iraq paired with the idea of "giving aid and comfort to the enemy." Bush has used this term more than once recently. They are very, very good at using classical conditioning techniques to get two ideas associated with each other (e.g., repeat "9-11" and "Saddam" in the same sentence or juxtaposed in a paragraph one hundred times and you've got 70% of the population convinced Saddam had something to do with 9/11, since the corporate media has a vested interest in NOT correcting this idea.)

    I want to say to you directly that while I am probably considerably to the left of you in many positions I take on issues, I agreed with your view of how our foreign policy should be conducted. However, at this point, I do not think that the problem with Bush and Cheney in Iraq is merely one of a plan carried out incompetently; I think they mean to stay there indefinitely and they have other plans.

    "And you can dream--So dream out loud--And don't let the bastards grind you down." Bono, Acrobat, Achtung Baby

    by lecsmith on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:21:47 PM PST

    •  Agree. (none)
      However, at this point, I do not think that the problem with Bush and Cheney in Iraq is merely one of a plan carried out incompetently; I think they mean to stay there indefinitely and they have other plans.

      Not knowing what those plans are keeps me up at night, worrying about what kind of world my children will inherit.

      " I went to war for George W. Bush; I came home to vote for John Kerry." - Sam Poulton

      by whometense on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 06:27:46 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  You're my State Senator (none)
    and I appreciate your speaking up here so I am posting. Thank you. And in case you haven't read my emails, I urge you to speak as clearly and frankly as you can about all issues. And I urge you to speak up against Alito and to filibuster...we cannot afford the imperial president to be officially coronated by Unitary executive power lover and dishonest scotus nominee Alito. He will essentially make Congress (and that means you) irrelevant if you don't filibuster this man.

    Also, please support Congressman Murtha against all the viscious attacks he has faced. Don't let these people get away with the politics of smear and smear some more, and never let them get away with questioning your love for your country or any for that matter, any Bushco's dissenter's dare they do dare they! Anyway, keep on visiting,posting, reading, and most importantly listening/reflecting/acting upon the many passionate voices from all walks of life in this country that post throughout the left blogsphere that are craving for their voices to be heard by the leaders in this country.....we want our country back.

  •  Good Seeing My President...Mr President Sir! (4.00)
    First of all...only John Kerry say's things like "frankly I'm not worried about taking some slings and arrows along the way"...he may have dictated to a staffer...but somegow I doubt he did that this time.

    He can target his base very well from here and during his campaign I heard him mention DKOS while speaking live to a group of us here in Ohio.

    So he knows the power of the DKOS blog as well as anyone.

    Good to see your post John (hello Teresa!)...

    All I can say right now is...don't let up. No matter how much you want to straddle the fence on the important know in your heart that we won these battles once and now we have to go take back America all over again from these fools.

    Do it!

    Thanks Again

    "It's Hard Work!" George Bush..."He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." Bejamin Franklin

    by JellyPuddin on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:23:04 PM PST

  •  Oh, I'm at the bottom of the Conga line... (none)
    ...but very happy to see you coming out hard on this issue.

    Enough already with the media. We are sick and tired of their blatant disregard for critical thinking and their contempt for reporting the truth. Thank you, Sen. Kerry for taking them on. The time is now -- if not now, when? The manipulation and hiding of the truth has got to stop already.

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

    by ilona on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:23:52 PM PST

  •  Very nice to "see" you, Senator. (none)
    Something I never thought I'd say.  Not only because I never dreamed of finding you here, but because I was mighty angry after Ohio.

    Regardless, I'm glad you're still out there fighting.  I'm thrilled to find this diary.  And I hope the time has finally come when those of you that spend so much time in DC take off the gloves, put down the focus group data, get angry and righteous and testify!

    Thanks for this diary.  Really.  It gives me so much hope.

    Almost as much hope as I felt when that wonderful, explosive short guy told me to take my country back.  ;-)

    George W. Bush deserves a fair trial.

    by CJB on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:24:29 PM PST

  •  DEAR TERESA, (4.00)
    Ms. Kerry.  In case you're out there reading, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your presence last year during the ill-fated campaign.  I know that not everyone here will agree with me, but I thought you ROCKED!  

    If people don't know about Scaiffe, his papers, and his family foundations and the damage they've done to our country, they need to find out.

    Now,  ....ahem... about that grant ....   :>)

    I love the smell of impeachment in the morning!

    by gabbardd on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:28:21 PM PST

  •  Well there's nothing like (none)
    being the 601st comment on a 600 comment blob, but hopefully, Senator, you or your wife haven't given up reading these yet.

    My suggestion is simple.  It would seem that if a couple of Democratic Senators, say oh you and Sen. Clinton, perhaps, were to show up at the Hardball studios unannounced at say oph about 5:10 or so and demanded to be on the show, I doubt that Mr. Matthews would have, to paraphrase a very fine Secretary of State that we had once, the cojones to say no.

    Then perhaps you could start the discussion with a simple question, no more than 10 words, for example "How can you compare Michael Moore to Osama Bin Laden?" and go from there.

    Senator Clinton could perhaps, after a while say something like, "Ok  there Chris.  Now, let's talk about plantations."

    All very polite.  All very senatorial.  And, with the knowledge that the two of you would bring, all EXTREMELY enlightening.

    As I said, its just a thought....and I AM no. 601 or higher, after all.

    All my best wishes:
    Douglas Rasmussen

    Oh If you're listening in, hi there NSA.

  •  DEAR TERESA, (4.00)
    Ms. Kerry.  In case you're out there reading, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your presence last year during the ill-fated campaign.  I know that not everyone here will agree with me, but I thought you ROCKED!  

    If people don't know about Scaiffe, his papers, and his family foundations and the damage they've done to our country, they need to find out.

    I love the smell of impeachment in the morning!

    by gabbardd on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:28:46 PM PST

  •  If you're still reading... (none)
    Go to bed. My God.

    Just kidding.  I was crushed by the election results in 2004.  I was in a daze for days (sorry).  But when I woke up and looked around I realized no one on our side was the least bit detered! That's when I realized we were going to win the war.

    Bush's first term was bad. His second term is a disaster.  He really is the worst President ever.  He may be on top now, but 50 years from now it will be the John Kerry's who will be remembered and admired.

    I firmly believe Americans are, at heart, compassionate and open minded.  I firmly believe America is just waiting for a leader who will challenge us to put the hate and anger aside and work as one to make this a better, progressive, country.  But first we've got to defend ourselves against the lies and distortions of our corporate media. You struck a ringing blow by chastising Chris Matthews and suggesting what the discussion SHOULD be all about!  Kudos, sir.

  •  Thank You Sen. Kerry (none)
    I truly appreciate your posting here.

    I still have your campaign sticker on my truck in texas just so people know not to blame me for the problems with this administation.

    Thanks for your DECADES of public service and THANK YOU ESPECIALLY for your commitment and work in the small business commitee.  I work with the SBDC, SBA, and entrepeneurs on a daily basis.  You may not hear it often, but your advocacy on that commitee has meaningful and life-changing impact on our community and our small businesses who create the most new jobs and employ the most private sector workers.

    Thanks again Senator. (s/b Pres.)

    p.s. from Mr TexH: Thank you Sen. Kerry (and Mrs. Heinz-Kerry)for your commitments to our environment over the years.  People like y'all are very rare and we need more of you throughout the world.

    There's nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow stripe and dead armadillos. -- Jim Hightower

    by TexH on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:29:56 PM PST

  •  Dear Senator Kerry... (4.00)
    my nephew is scheduled to ship out to Iraq soon.

    He joined up because his son was born premature and was having problems with his blindness and learning disability.  His son is now getting education at Perkins School for the Blind.  The Army offered him $25,000 or so to enlist, and the money came in handy for him and his son.

    Please work hard to bring my nephew home safely.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you here on DailyKos and by the way... we got your back.

  •  Welcome to Blogistan, Senator Kerry! (none)
    I share your outrage over Hardball Chris Matthews' comparison of a terrorist and mass murderer to an American film-maker, and the corporate media's failure to do its job. However, I'm not so sure I agree with your focus on bin Laden's probable escape from Tora Bora as the best argument that Bush has ignored national security. It's one argument. But I believe there are other, better arguments to be made as well, such as: Not only is bin Laden still alive to threaten us, but since Bush lied us into an unnecessary war, Iraq has become a training ground for future terrorists. Violence in Afghanistan is increasing. Meanwhile, the Bushies are threatening Iran. But Bush refuses to talk directly with Iran, instead delegating diplomacy to the EU. Why? We have Bush's brain, Karl Rove, who is under investigation for violating national security, telling Americans that the Democrats live in a pre-9/11 world and can't be trusted with national security. But it was Bush who ignored all those pre-9/11 warnings and went on vacation for a month, and then forgot about the man responsible for 9/11.

    In other words, I'd rather hear you talk about the bigger picture, rather than focusing on one detail.

    Also, just fyi, I worked hard during the run-up to the 2004 presidential election, to defeat Bush and help you win. But I really felt let down by you in terms of the way you ran your campaign. Please don't be afraid to speak your mind and to do so clearly. According to all the polls, a majority of Americans support what the Democrats stand for. Why then are the Democrats so timid? Please don't be afraid to speak from your heart. We really need Democratic leaders to stand up for what's right!

  •  Senator Kerry (none)
    Heartiest welcome.

    Now a question; do you know how to turn the clock back, if you can, please revert it back to Novemeber 2000. It has been so surreal past four years. I fervently hope that it was all just a bad bad dream.

    Mushroom cloud for mushroom crowd.

    by Ruffledfeather on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:33:27 PM PST

  •  Thank you, Senator (none)
    I was a Deaniac who hated your guts for about a month in early '04.  I then followed Gov. Dean to support you as best I could.

    But I must say that I am glad you have posted here.  I am glad you stood up for Mr Moore, who I think has more patriotism in his little pinky than George W Bush, Matthews, Limbaugh, Hannity, Cheney, Rumsfeld, McClellon, and all the other anti-americans do combined.

    If I may, Allow me to pitch something to you.  You must forgive me.  I am a pacifist.  I hate war.  Since I hate war, I no nothing about deployment, strategy, theatres, nothing.  So what I am going to say below probably makes no sense, but I am FED-THE-FUCK-UP that we are hearing threats from motherfucking Bin-goddamn-Laden 4 and a fuckin' half years after 911!!!!

    sorry, I'm pissed.

    I support the kind of POLICE ACTION it will take to bring in this wacko.  And Yes, don't let the chickenhawks force you to call it anything else.  THIS REQUIRES A POLICE ACTION!  

    So here goes:

    You are right about Tora-Bora.  Rep Murtha (someone who, like you, knows something about actual war not games of Risk) suggests a redeployment to the perimeter.  Two places that are indeed on the perimeter are bases in both Pakastan and Afghanastan, two supposed US allies.

    With the freshest 100,000 troops we have, and regardless of what any of the 3 cowardly amigos (Bush, Masharaf, or Kamdi) say, COMB THE AFGHAN-PAKASTAN border (like our police would do if they were searching for an escaped convict) and once-and-for-FUCKING-all, arrest OBL.  

    I realize this will be dangerous, but it can't be more dangerous than what they are facing in Iraq.

    If OBL is indeed captured alive, turn him over to the appropriate international authorities to face the crimes he has committed in Africa, Arabia, Spain, England, and America.

    And while this dispicable fanatic is spending the rest of his pathetic life in an international prison, try to locate as many copies of the family momentos of those he has killed.  On his prison walls will be their pictures.  On his TV there will be nothing but home movies.  Every day for the rest of his life.

    That, in my mind, is justice.

    So I support your bringing Tora-Bora to the forefront of the debate, but why not also support the Murtha plan and put our troops to the task they should have been asked to do all along.

    And don't take any shit from any of these incompetent bastards in this bullshit administration.  If you lead, America will follow.  And these cowardly fucks will have to bow to the pressure.

    I am sorry there was so much profanity in my post, but I have been getting steadily angrier since November of 2000.

    •  The Perimeter is Pakistan and Afghanistan (none)
      Nice.  How politically powerful to say that.  We'll move them to the perimeter, hunt down Osama, and if we need to get back to Iraq -- we're there in 2 minutes.  Get Murtha on the horn.
  •  Tell it, Senator! (none)
    Senator Kerry, Thank you for speaking for those of us who are concerned that military operations in Iraq have diverted resources away from effective defense against the real threats to our nation's security. Thank you for speaking for those of us who worry that having our military strained and pinned down in Iraq has emboldened nations -- such as Iran -- to engage in open provocation. Thank you for speaking for those of us who are anti-stupid-war because we believe it is not in our nation's best interests to allow the blood and bravery of our soliders to be squandered as a result of sheer incompetence. Thank you for speaking for those of us who understand the difference between political dissent and terrorism. Thank you for speaking for those of us who understand that in a healthy democracy, open political dissent serves as a necessary check against corruption and abuse of power. Thank you for speaking for those of us who are most troubled that "in a time of war," Republicans in Congress are unwilling to subject defense contractors to an ordinary audit -- yet suggest that American citizens need to sacrifice their civil liberties in order to be "safe." Thank you for speaking for those of us who know the difference between a birthright and a bowl of pottage.

    I used to live in the United States of America. Now I live in a homeland.

    by homeland observer on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:37:48 PM PST

  •  I guess I'll take my shot (4.00)
    And leave you a comment in the hopes that you'll make it this far down. Senator Kerry, I supported you in the Primaries before anyone even recognized your name, when Dr. Dean was considered the leader of the pack.

    I came out swinging for you, and I came out swinging hard. You, Mr. Kerry, were the first person in my life whom I ever campaigned for. You were the first I ever donated anything to, including money, time, and a hell of a lot of heart.

    I was decimated (albeit probably much less so than yourself) when the final results came in. I went into absolute shock when you conceded the results so damn early. I cried for days, and cursed your name for months. But deep down, you are still the one. I still support you in my heart of hearts.

    So now, here is your opportunity to make it up to me, to us, to all of us.

    This is the first time I've ever "heard" you speak so clearly and forcefully, without equivocation or capitulation. But it is not enough to come here and scream your frustration at us, we've been feeling this agony for the last five years. If you are serious about anything you say at all, you MUST get this out to every public media outlet in your power to get on. And I don't mean by throwing out a 'press release', or spamming my inbox with solicitations. I mean, get your ass out there and start screaming.

    Then, you make damn sure to challenge other Democrats who feel the need to prevaricate. CHALLENGE them to stand with you. And don't back down for one second. Don't mince words, call it like it is. George W. Bush is a damned liar, and there is more than enough proof of it out there.

    Don't stop at Hardball, get on every single media news outlet that will have you until you're too tired to move, then encourage your fellow Congressmen and Congresswomen of the Democratic Party to get out there and start screaming with you.

    Realize, that at this final hour, we have absoultely nothing left to lose...and our Democracy to keep.

    Much love to you and your beautiful family. Always.

    The problem with America Today: There's a difference between The American Dream, and The American Way.

    by Disillusioned on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:39:53 PM PST

  •  The Democratic Party: RIP (none)
    Mr. Kerry, you've served our country well. you served in Vietnam-- then protested that horrible war when protest was called for and proper.

    do us all one more service: if possible, bring the democratic party back from the dead.

    you and your wife have numerous connections, connections with creative and bright people. get rid of the dinosaurs running the democratic party and bring in fresh talent and skills.

    "We have no right to surrender our inheritance to boors and tyrants". Paul Goodman 1962

    by Superpole on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:41:19 PM PST

  •  It is such a delight to see you here (4.00)
    and my compliments to your very awesome wife also.

    To say everything I'd like to say to you would be long and complicated so I'll try to keep it a concise as possible.

    Who am I? Well, I'm a dork who, when 9/11 happened, didn't know who this Cheney guy they kept talking about was. Yeah. And I'm a registered voter, too. I always pretty much never paid attention to politics and depended on people like my brother to tell me what the score was. When this administration decided to invade Iraq, it got my attention alright.

    By the time the election came, I was so revolted by the current administration and what I had learned that I still can't watch the President or any of his ilk on television. It makes me ill to see or hear him. But the more I learned about you, the more I was sure that you would make a great president. I stayed home from work in shock the day after the election. I don't know that you will ever have that chance again, but you will always have my admiration.

    This is where I do disagree with you and probably about 99% of the American public. Most definitely I think violence leads to violence and nothing is served by continuing violence. Yes, wars have certainly settled things--the Civil War, WW I and II, for example; but for those wars, there are a thousand little violences that have done only harm -- Granada is an example.

    I read the transcript of Osama's tape carefully. It seems that he speaks more to the muslim world (which extends from Moracco to Indonesia) than to Americans. His truce offer is probably Pro Forma but I wish our country would choose to listen and explore it more fully. Everyone says kill kill kill Osama, but I think we need to be more humble.

    I think there is an important precedent set. Osama killed 3,000 people in New York. He is a terrorist. What does that make us in Iraq with the thousands of dead civilians and atrocities there? Who will stand on trial for them? No one. You know it. I know it. There were votes and a piece of paper that said we could kill them. And the entire Arab world will look at us as hypocrits and nothing will be solved by one dead man.

    Most respectfully,

  •  Don't get mad at me for doing this (none)
    I've always been a John Kerry supporter. When I voted I voted early in Texas because I saw every speech and even the John Kerry movie that came out Going Down River or something like that. I came from the Kerry/Ewards board that later spilt off into

    Posting that is the part that I knew some people might like, but there are still a lot of loyal Kerry supporters there. I know no person is perfect and I know people make mistake, but I believe in John Kerry. He has earned my respect not because he ran for President, but because he has always been fighting for people. I doubt Kerry even knows who I am or would Kerry about a 24 year old who he connected with in Texas. That is the point of my message I live in TEXAS.

    Dallas isn't the darkest part of Texas, but it is still Texas that I live in. The point though is if carry was able to reach me a youth and not just inspire me to vote, but instead inspire me to become a political junkie I think he did something right. I was never a political junkie before this election, but afterwards I have stayed a Political junkie. I currently research that which I do not understand in order to become a better informed voter.

    I still have Kerry's back and I still believe in you no matter what anyone elses says. I know you will make mistakes, but instead of denying those mistakes learn from them. If you can be more intune with blogs then I believe you will learn a lot more about what is going on. I enjoy Dailykos, but one thing I want to warn against is believeing everything out there. Research even further on stuff that seems complex because even posters can make mistake. We are all human and we are all trying to do our part to win back this country.

    As a Final note if anyone from the Kerry camp is listening Air America Radio can be a great way to get messages out. Please don't be afraid to call into Rhandi Rhodes, forgive me if I use the wrong spelling, and and Mike Malloy. I believe if you reach out people will understand and we can all learn from each other. You in my heart are the President that should have been and I believe in you. As long as you keep fighting there will be those who will always have your back.

  •  Karl Rove intends to make national security (none)
    the pre-eminent issue in 2006.  Here's the GOP talking point (as reported by the NY Times) that we can expect to see endlessly repeated and recycled until the lie takes on the status of a commonsense "truth:"

    "The United States faces a ruthless enemy, and we need a commander in chief and a Congress who understand the nature of the threat and the gravity of the moment America finds itself in," Mr. Rove said. "President Bush and the Republican Party do. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many Democrats."  

    Never mind that Iraq has long since become a recruiting camp for terrorists.  Never mind that bin Laden is still at large, free to indulge in one of his favorite leisure time pursuits, that of  making creepy but cheesey (or should I say cheesey but creepy?) videos.  Never mind that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina exposed the emergency preparedness of the department of Homeland Security as a national embarrassement, and an outright shambles.  

    The American people are told that the draft-evading faux-populist Ivy Leaguer-turned-"cowboy" is a real tough guy, is the only man who is really up to the job, because he can strut around in a flight suit or roll up his (expensive, well-starched, designer) shirt sleeves for a carefully orchestrated photo op.

    Democrats need to confront this mendacity boldly, directly, and relentlessly.  It won't do to shy away from the issue for fear of looking weak.  We already look weak, have already been all-too-successfully branded as the party that is weak on security (not enough flight suit photo ops, I suppose).  Given the new rules of the new game that none of us really want to play (I mean, if we really wanted to play this game -- success at which depends on a willingness, even an eagerness, to abandon all sense of fair play, to discard all of those quaintly old-fashioned notions of justice and decency and fairness that used to embody everything that was meant by the now grossly debased notion of "character" -- well, if this game came naturally or easily to us, we'd all be new-breed Republicans, no?), we need to realize that on certain issues -- and this is one of those issues -- the only viable response to an attack is a strong and vigorous counter-attack.  

    The failure to capture bin Laden is an obvious starting point.  

    Thank you, Senator Kerry, for your suggestions on how to play hardball.

  •  Thanks for speaking up JK (4.00)
    As someone who worked my ass off to see you get elected (and I am not even a registered Dem), I am glad to see you join us here at kos.

    Wish you had done it sooner.

    I am hoping that given the turn of events since Nov 2004, you have rediscovered the man who had the courage to march against another war, and to fight for the rights of those veterans.

    I am sorry for what Bushco and this GOP did to you- swiftboating and all that crap- but I hope you realize now what so many of us knew back in 2004- you cannot pull punches with this GOP.

    If Dems have the will to fight- now is the time, and not just on slanderous comments directed at Michael Moore, but against the entire propaganda machine the GOP is running 24/7 in a somewhat fascist attempt to silence the TRUTH.

    Fillubuster Alito is the number one priority right now.

    Demand a full criminal investigation of Bush and his illegal spying operation.

    Demand a full criminal investigation of the GOP that benefited from the corruption on K Street.

    Demand a verified system for voting.

    No more business as usual until we see some change in this country.

    Your Dem constituents, and disheartened Indies like myself, need some red meat if you are going to fire up the base and GOTV for this next election.

    I want my country back and that means you Dems in the Congress have to LEAD the fight- and it will be a political fight the likes of which none of us have ever seen. But it needs to happen.

    Our Democracy depends on it.

    PS. I know you won in 2004.

    PPS. Tell Teresa we still adore her!

  •  Rand corp says we are LOSING war on terror!!! (none)
    Scotty says we are WINNING the war on terror. The statistics from Rand via Homeland Security say he is full bs.(What else is new , eh?)

    from Thursday's Scotty liefest...

    McClellan: ....We continue to act on all fronts to win the war on terrorism, and we will. The President is fully committed to doing everything within his power to prevent attacks and defeat the terrorists. We are taking the fight to the enemy; we are working to advance freedom and democracy, to defeat their evil ideology. We are winning. Clearly, al Qaeda and the terrorists are on the run. And that is why it is important that we do not let up, and that we do not stop until the job is done. And that's what we will do.

    ...We are winning this war on terrorism, the terrorists are on the run and we're going to continue pursuing them and bringing them to justice, wherever they are.

    Q Scott, with bin Laden still out there taunting, threatening and commanding as much attention as he apparently still can, can you legitimately claim to be winning the war on terror?

    MR. McCLELLAN: Absolutely, for the reasons that I spelled out earlier.

    (Scott runs off stage)


    Now READ THIS!! more from BTC with graphs

    Terrorism increases to record levels in 2005

    Terrorism hit record levels in 2005, according to data from the RAND Corporation available through the Department of Homeland Security-funded Terrorism Knowledge Base.

    You're doing a heck of a job, Georgie.

    The sum of "international" and "domestic" terrorist attacks in 2005 was 3991, up 51% from the previous year's figure of 2639. The number of deaths that resulted from those attacks was 6872, which is 36% higher than the 5066 that occurred in 2004.

    A heck of a job.

    In contrast, in the last year of the Clinton presidency (2000), there were 1138 attacks and 776 deaths. Since then, after five years of Bush's macho 84 billion-dollar-a-year War on Terror®, attacks have increased by 250% and deaths by a whopping 550%.

    Hey Teresa,

    I am sure Sen. Kerry is asleep on the couch about now, so could you please review these posts below and explain to him we have a MUCH bigger national and world security problem than terrorism?

    Neil Bush is traveling with Sun Myung Moon, here's what they are doing.

    Why TV news will NOT cover Sun Myung Moon's influence on our nation.

    Who IS Driving the Bus?

    Teresa, do you find it odd that a man says he is the messiah and his job as such is to raise up the "Christian" right for political power, to control America...he spends billions of dollars he swindled from the Japanese to do just that and NO ONE will talk about it?

    Sen. Kerry battled Moon before, does he still have some fight left in him? hehe

    Seriously -- Until the nation faces why - THE REASON - we are going right and theocratic, we WON'T turn it around, won't happen.


    Your friend,


    "Sun Myung Moon has more to do with our nation's political climate than anyone. Anyone!" - moonboots

    by moonboots on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:49:49 PM PST

  •  Thank you (none)
    for speaking out.  I think that is what all of the Dems need to do more and more.  Call them on their lies and on their bluff. Believe me, reading and blogging here offers us hope for the future.  I worked and prayed that you would beat George Bush(and I figured you did in Ohio and the election.)I have met so many closet Dems that are afraid to speak out.  They are glad to find another one.  Having a place to see that there are others thinking and seeking the truth is a gift.

    PS:  I loved seeing Teresa on TV when you campaigned.  She seems a wonderfully accomplished woman and very interesting.  I hated how the MSM treated her.  I am a middle aged mom of elem age kids, and I thought she was great!

  •  The same John Kerry (none)
    who would be president today if he had taken his coat off during the second debate (thereby making Mr Bush look like a stiff with his coat still on...concealing some sort of radio receiver)?

    I give you credit for being here.  I will give you more credit for engaging some of your fellow bloggers and I might even consider supporting you again if you dare to get up in the senate chamber and ask "who among you will ask any one of our brave soldiers in Iraq to be the last person to die for this cruel and wrong headed crusade?"

    My best to your wife.  She's pretty cool.  

    Pray for my Beloved Country

    by lubarsh on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:51:30 PM PST

  •  John Kerry, if you are listening (none)
    I know you can't be everything to everyone. I'm inclined to believe what you say about Tora Bora. Bush probably dropped the ball there, along with a hundred other times. Bigger picture though, more than half of Americans believe Bush "deliberately mislead." John Conyers has published a report "Constitution in Crisis," with 200+ pages of documentation that Bush lied about Iraq. Our soldiers pay the price. Please have the courage to hold Bush accountable. There isn't a whole lot of time left, considering that Bush already has declared the power to detain and torture you.

    P.S. Say 'Hi' to the NSA for me. Is it treasonous to say that the #1 killer of US troops is the president's lies? How long is it before the truth is treason?

    Bush Wants Absolute Power To Run A War He Lied To Start.

    by bejammin075 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 06:55:09 PM PST

  •  why didn't you sue the ass off of the sbjerks???? (none)
    Senator Kerry,

    I want to know one thing. Why didn't you sue all those swift boat lying assholes for libel, slander, defamation of character, etc.... and make them go into a court and be forced to prove that what they were saying was all lies?

    When you let that go, my heart sank cause I knew right then that all those people in the red states watching fox news would now gloat triumphantly, "see, what they are saying must have been true all along since kerry can't refute it". That is why I would not vote for you in 2008 even now. Not because I believe those assholes, but because you would not defend yourself and PROVE them to be liars and force them to stop saying it. I think you are a good man, but that was a colossal mistake that will continue to hurt you far into the future.

    I have tried calling your office and telling your staffers to tell you this, not once, not twice, but many times...they are very polite, but either they or you simply don't get it, and for that I am profoundly sorry.

    Mike Finney
    Bedford TX

  •  Another ray of light for 2006 (and beyond) (4.00)
    Thanks, Senator.  If you read DKos, then you have a feel for the abject desperation many Amercians feel about the state of the union, and how energized the Democratic base will be to restore this country to its Constitutional principles.  Ever since the ill-advised Supreme Court decision over the election in Florida, the entire nation has suffered grievous setback after setback.  It's past time to knock these bums off the rails.  Let's start by hammering the Alito nomination.  The Founders had no use for guys like Bush and Alito.  And neither do we.  Hammer it dead!  Nothing personal against Alito.  He is just the wrong, wrong person for our SCOTUS.  Send them a filibuster with love, from the American people.  

    Let's give them the fight they asked for now.  We're cleaning house in 2006, and George Bush needs to take one in the kisser before he gives his State of the Union.  Just so he knows--it's on.


  •  Hello, and welcome from another Birthday Blogger! (none)
    (Yes, sir, I am trouble, and I've still got a pint of Guinness coming my way.)  :-)

    It's so nice to see you here. And yeah, we know it's really you.


    Thanks for posting here. have heard about the slings and arrows, then huh? You'll do fine. I look forward to hearing your input in this community, and the interesting discussions that are sure to ensue.

    A few quick bits o' love:

    1. Just say no to Alito. Filibuster is not a dirty word.

    2. Election Fraud: Make it stop, please, thank you. :-)

    3. Your post re: Hardball - SPOT ON.

    4. Kudos on your brave visit(s) to the Middle East. It's nice to have a REAL leader with some foreign policy panache.

    5. Your gorgeous wife throws a hell of a party.

    6. Thanks for being here...

    ...thanks for everything.
    •  I'm trying to figure out who you had to (none)
      be on of the 12, but this name is new to me. ::laughs and waves to fellow Kerrycrat::
      •  Different name on Kos... (none)
        I joined here a long time ago...

        I'll give you a hint. I am highly proficient at the art of Haiku. I have a penchant for Guinness and the color green.

        I have trouble squelching my spontaneous emotional responses to any mentions of the "Full Monte."

        I have blonde hair. (And a great colorist.)

        I try real hard to be good.


        •  Well, a few of us were drinking a lot of Guinness, (none)
          if my memory serves me correctly, but the Haiku, is a dead giveaway! ::waves to fellow Kerrycrat and poet laureate of our group, raising glass:: May I propose a toast? To our favorite Senator and his lovely wife! And to all Kerrycrats everywhere!

          One more toast (Guinness, of course): 2006 is upon us...time to banish those withered beef-witted canker-blossoms who control our Congress. (Yeah, I know...I've become far too addicted to the Shakespearean insult generator, but sometimes profanity just isn't enough. Fastilarian parasites all! )

          "Values are not just words, values are what we live by. They're about the causes we champion and the people we fight for." - Senator John Kerry

          by dynamicdems on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 03:24:24 AM PST

          [ Parent ]

  •  What I said then (during the campaign) (none)

    Dems tried to be as nice as possible during their convention. The Republicans are taking a hatchet to John Kerry.

    For some unknown reason, our Dem leaders persist in bringing a knife to a gunfight.

    Kerry had better take off the kid gloves NOW! If he asked me for advice, which of coarse he won't, I'd suggest he form three teams to accomplish three goals over the next 60 days:

    1 - ARREST CHENEY TEAM: the man is so corrupt, third world dictators are taking copious notes on how to loot their own treasury using the Halliburton model. Cheney should spend the next 60 days in court along with the management of Halliburton and at least a dozen defense department stooges.

    2 - RUMSFELD WAR CRIMES TEAM: Rummy is a Nazi and should spend the next 60 days explaining the thousands of civilian deaths he ordered and the hundreds of torture victims who's bodies, lives and families he destroyed.

    3 - CRUSH BUSH TEAM: Bush is INCOMPETENT and he should be told that to his face in the debates. He should spend the next 60 days explaining to the American electorate how he managed to fvck up the economy with stupendous deficits, two wars against small third world countries, and 200 years of national reputation building.

    Bush is UNTRUSTWORTHY and he should be forced to confess all the lies too numerous to list here.

    Bush is a NEOCON STOOGE and he MUST be forced to explain how he was duped by the like of Ahmed Chalabi into killing 1,000 American troops and blowing $200 billion of our treasure in Iraq.

    Go for the jugular Kerry, or die.

    •  We didn't fight (none)
      We spent a lot of money, but we didn't have the heart to go hand-to-hand with the Republicans.  We kept dishing out reasonable arguments and waiting for people to come to reasonable conclusions.  But, most Americans don't think very deeply.  The Republicans told them what to think.  It was all wrong, but it was wraped in a simple, easy to understand message.

      Al Gore was ready to fight until the party abandoned him.  Senator Kerry folded without a fight.

      We need a fighter.

  •  Thank you, senator (none)
    I have voted in every presidential election since 1976. But I never cast a more important vote than I did when I voted for you and Sen. Edwards.

    I'm just sorry that my vote was swamped by the votes of so many of my fellow Alabamians. I know it's tempting to write off states like Alabama, but the folks here are good at heart. They just need someone who will inspire their goodness rather than inflame their fears.

    So if you ever get a chance, please come to Alabama and inspire my friends and neighbors. They so desperately need it. You can stay at my place. The light is always on.

  •  Wow. (none)
    I still have Kerry/Edwards stickers on my car, and a sign in my window. I can't take 'em down, and I don't want to, really.

    Thanks for coming here. Thanks for being one of the ones who speak out. Especially lately. Do that more - Someone has to. It doesn't do us any good to be the folks that constantly take the high road, if that road leads to where we are right now. The truth'll do it almost every time. Say it loud. Say it often. Please.

    Mostly, Senator, I'd like to just say thanks for acting like a President, more so than the guy that actually lives at 1600 Penn.

    -7.50, -5.79
    There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right with America. -- Bill Clinton

    by girlfromsouth on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:09:29 PM PST

  •  Count me among the starstruck (4.00)
    I hopped online after family game night (tonight's offering? LIFE) and was stunned to see a diary by John Kerry. But with 650+ comments, it had to be either real or a very controversial fake. Lucky for me, I read down the comments enough to see Markos' confirmation.

    It's so uplifting to hear Dems coming out so strongly against the many crimes and maladministrations of Bush and Co. Al Gore, John Conyers, and you, Senator Kerry. I've been suffering a little political fatigue lately, a feeling that our cause is futile because the Bush administration has so much control, warranted or not, and it seems that justice won't ever come to these liars and crooks. But seeing the strong messages coming from top Dems gives me a little lift, makes me think that maybe one day, we'll actually come out from under the shadow Bush and his cronies has cast on this nation.

    And I think it's super-duper cool that Reps and Senators are following the blogs and making an effort to speak to us regular folks using this sort of forum. It makes "We the People" seem all the more real, that we can have some level of discourse not only ABOUT our elected officials here on the Internets, but WITH our elected officials.

    Welcome, Senator Kerry, and thank you for your message.

  •  Thank you Senator Kerry, hi Teresa (none)
    Nothing original here I just figure in this situation every comment, just like every vote, counts, so welcome to our community.

    How are you finding the experience of true Democracy, the future of Government on the Planet Earth. All it takes is a laptop in every town and open source code.

    Good bye K St
    Good bye King George

    "The pen is mightier than the sword, but only at a range of greater than five feet" Malaclypse the Younger

    by buhdydharma on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:11:09 PM PST

  •  I voted for you, Senator. Free advice from me. (none)
    I have one question: Why did the fear and smear seem to work so well in the last election? Are the American people so gullible and complacent that they can not see through the lies?

    To counter the Rovian smies (smear + lies = smies) I think that the Democrats, in order to win, need to act like they don't care if they lose -- AND SPEAK THE TRUTH. As an average American, I can tell you that  when I get most frustrated with politicians is when they seem to pander, and speak out of both sides of their mouths. Consequences be damned! Tell it like it is!

    That doesn't mean you have to be an uncontrolled loose cannon. No politician wants to provoke any segment of the population unnecessarily. But what we are facing now with Bush is an unmitigated disaster for this country. And it needs to be forcefully countered.  

    Al Gore came out Monday with one of the best speeches I have heard in yonks. He seems to be a man who doesn't give a sh*t what people think. He only gives a sh*t about the truth. His baptism by fire in 2000 changed him from an equivocating Senator into a truth-spewing firebrand. All Democrats need to follow his lead.

    I will say a prayer for you that the Holy Spirit will descend upon you and embolden your speech. I'm not a very religious person, but I do believe in the power of prayer.

  •  Important (4.00)
    Dear Senator Kerry,

    Thank you for visiting us in the blogosphere.  I want you to know, I seriously studied the election results in 2004-- as many of us have as well.  And I've spoken to people about the suppression, fraud, and 'computer glitches' that corrupted the 04 election.

    Please take a huge stand for election reform.  Because frankly, what they did is the equivalent of a public rape or robbery.  And they intend to bully you and all of us into keeping silent, just like criminals do to the victims of these crimes.  But the best way to fight back and empower yourself and all of us is to take these criminals head on.  Sure they'll try to blame you or call it sour grapes, just like they blame any victim.  And I know the Republican smear committee very well may persecute you and try to smear your good name,(actually they'll do that anyways!) BUT just like any victim of a crime, you must stand up and FIGHT in the hopes of saving yourselves and others.  

    So please help lead us, and be the one to lead the Democrats (and the noncheating Republicans) towards the higher goal of fair and free of fraud elections.  Fight for this and fight for the public to have control of elections and not private companies.  

    There are MILLIONS of us out here who know what happened in 04 and who would be with you in this battle to save our elections.  

    So as a leader in the Democratic party and the person most recently hurt by corrupt elections, please get the rest of the party to stand with you on this battle.  And don't waiver when the smearboats go after you.

    I'm including this link for others who don't already know what you did on our behalf...but we need YOU to strongly tackle this issue NOW and you will have our help and loyalty.

    Excuse me for saying this, but don't be afraid of the Swifties because when you stand for integrity you have the higher moral ground. And I believe YOU want to stand for integrity.  Election reform IS the higher moral ground!

    Fight for complete election reform and deprivitization of our elections, PLEASE!!!!!

  •  Leaders Wanted (4.00)
    There is a change afoot in America. After being lied to and misled and sold out by many politicians, including some democrats, who just want to "go along to get along", many Americans are waking up.

    I am undecided, 100%, about who to support in 2008-- but I do know, who ever it is will be a leader who has learned the lessons of the past few years.

    Consultants are not the party.  K street is not the guiding light.  And Americans are not stupid.

    Thanks for making a clear statement.  The more the better.  Paul Hackett did the same the other day, refusing to back off his comparison of American religious fanatics with Islamic religious fanatics, although it got Ohio republicans in a snit.

    There is only one way for us to go-- and that is to fight back, with clarity, with honesty, and on our own dime.  

    The beauty of this statement by Sen. Kerry is that it is real; and doesn't ask permission of the media.

    Let's amplify this:  If Bush is such a great leader, why is Osama still free, and terrorism more prevalent.

    "Ah, what an age it is when to speak of trees is almost a crime for it is a kind of silence about injustice" (Brecht)

    by tsackton on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 07:16:24 PM PST

  •  One question: (1.60)
    Senator Kerry, how did you lose to the worse president ever?

    Please answer that question. Until you do, quit the campaigning, if possible. I'm not buying it.

    •  um...duh! (4.00)
      They cheated!

      Maybe you can run a more successful campaign yourself...perhaps you even know the code to the paperless voting machines.  And maybe you know how to get them to allow every person who is eligible to vote their actual vote!

      It's called supression, fraud, and paperless voting.

    •  actually, since you're an armchair politician (4.00)
      why don't you tell us what you have done to create better opportunities for people out here.

      And what have you done to improve relations with foreign leaders?

      And what have you done to provide jobs, healthcare, and education for the families out here.

      At least Senator Kerry has gotten OFF his * and made a committment towards helping other people instead of sitting at his computer being a cynic.

      Tell us what state and office you're campaigning for, and we'll see if you have the guts to be anything more than a couch potato cynic.

      •  Gee, I dunno - (none)
        maybe I would not have voted for the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq and the (so-called) USA Patriot Act. Is that a start?
        •! (none)
          You're still being an armchair politician.

          What state are you running in?  Where's your platform?  How will you bring jobs back to our citizens and how will you provide health care and education?

          So far, you haven't earned one vote yet!

          •  Okay, I'll start with this: (none)
            I will ban importation of any product that is not manufactured, grown, raised, whatever, that is not done so in accordance with health, environmental and safety regulations as enacted here in the United States.

            I realize that we cannot, nor should we, regulate wages paid throughout the rest of the world. But in deference to our skilled and highly trained workforce here, this would at least level the playing field to a great degree. It would have the added benifit in that it would reaise the bar for workeers througout the world, since th United States is the world's largest consumer, there is a certain power that comes with that.

            This will mean that some products at WalMart and other sleazeball retailer may cost a little more, but at least those that shop there will be able to continue to do so because they have still have a frickin job.

            Is that a good, POSITIVE start?

            •  Yes, that's a good positive start. (none)
              And I think you would find that Kerry/Edwards also spoke about creating tax plans that would encourage growth of jobs here in the U.S. by punishing those companies that failed to provide a large percentage of their jobs here on U.S. soil and instead took those jobs overseas.

              Also, the Kerry/Edwards plan involved tax benefits towards companies who would provide healthcare for their employees.

              Since you so elequently began a positive plan, can I encourage you to add some more details?  

              For instance, what would you do for Healthcare and Education?  What would you do for homeland security?  And what would you do for oversight in Government?

              •  First, I would add a spell check to Scoop. (4.00)
                Regarding education, I have given this some thought. I am an architect, and my wife teaches GED English and ESL. Any building is only as good as its foundation. Likewise learning.

                In the public school system, which I support, we expect teachers in grades K thru 3 to teach 20 to 30 kids (and sometimes more), when I sometimes have a hard time keeping my three little ones quiet, let alone focused. We need to limit the class size in these formative grades drastictaly, maybe 6 or 8 students per teacher? Maybe a smaller ratio? This will allow for more accurate assessments, and also allow the teachers to concentrate on aspects of each individual child.

                The goal is to prepare as many children as possible to learn with help from teachers only as required as the enter high school - independence and responsibility are virtues, yes?

                Public money needs to be concentrated in areas least likely to receive donations. So, when there is a shortfall, the football team will have to rely on boosters so that the poetry and chess clubs can still exist. I don't think that many will argue that intellectect has been ridiculed, which is typical in any fascist or dictatorial regime.

                School buildings themselves need attention - I have seen this first hand thru my work. Schools are one of the cornerstones of a community, and so often now they are located far away from civic centers or are falling apart. Schools are also asked to perform tasks for which they were not meant: providing breakfast to kids dropped off at 6:30 by parents on their way to work, or hosting them late into the afternoon until other parents come home. This is not their task - unless the community provides proper assistance.

                Title I needs to be fully funded.

                Budgets need to grow, so that teachers are not buying supplies out of their own pockets. Funding in general needs to increase, and equatably. Another mechanism beside property tax needs to be considered/found. I have seen schools that cannot by new textbooks, and others that can provide helmets for the gym class to play broom hockey.

                North Carolina, I believe, has school systems determined by county, not town or city. From what I understand, this allows each district to mix the students so that economic classes are balanced, and these kids perform better than average. Perhaps other readers can speak to this, but this is the essence of our republican (not GOP) system - allowing local governments to test ideas.

                That's a start. I am also a firm believer in local, small schools, and oppose consolidation of rural districts. I also believe that without parental involvement, even the brightest kid can be distracted. Some schools would be happy to just become safe.

                I think that we as a nation need to make a REAL commitment to eduacting our children, not just speak the platitudes of elections. Perhaps that means that we need to eliminate the drug plan for seniors - maybe we should ask them if that would be okay, if they would be willing to make that sacrifice. Or maybe we bring back the capitol gains tax to provid more funds for schools.

                •  OMG spud1...YOU ROCK! You are definitely NOT an (none)
                  armchair politician!

                  Thanks for your great comments!

                  So...when can I canvass for your campaign?  ;)

                  •  I'm starting with the Building Comm (none)
                    of our local school district. If I get on, I'll see how that goes. But thanks for your kind words - you can contribute to my beer fund if so inclined.
                    •  Congrats! (none)
                      I'll contribute to your beer fund for sure!  

                      Haha...I very much appreciate this conversation with you and I wish you the best of luck.  

                      In the meantime, I believe you may want to check out the Paul Welstone foundation.  It has seminars on how to get elected.  (Expensive, but I think worth it.)

                •  BTW, you had my vote @ spell check scoop! (none)
                •  elderly need their meds. go for the capital gains (none)
                  •  In many cases, this is a myth. Some exec's (none)
                    of Big Pharma have admitted that prescription drugs work only about half the time, and with the cocktails that many seniors take, some meds cancel each other out or combine to work in ways not intended. My mother takes 9 drugs every day - while I love her, will this cocktail extend her life a week, a month - and what will those last few days be like?

                    Americans have separated themselves from death, one of the two most natural things (the other is to be born). Our health care system strives to perpetuate life at all costs, when in a lot of cases people are just growing old. I am not advocating suicide or euthanasia, but a more realistic look at end of life care.

                    •  Wow...that's a lot of meds!!! (none)
                      I guess when I think of elderly on meds, I think of my former neighbors who were taking medicine for high blood pressure, glaucoma, athsma, and miscellaneous aches and pains.  And without those meds, they'd be very very sick indeed!

                      AND what makes it worse is that they live on a limited income and really do chose between drugs or food!

                      You should see the portion sizes they eat!  I mean, they eat LESS than my kids ate when they were three years old!

                      Still...I think you have a valid point about cocktails that cancel out the other meds.  That sounds like a real problem with both the Doctor and the pharmacy.

            's a simple pledge that's not intended to be a platform but gets some really good progressive ideas across.

                      Check it out and sign it if you want to.


                      And also, I know you haven't mentioned too much about the environment but Kerry/Edwards were VERY committed to environmental issues and discovering safe alternative fuels.  I'm sure you already know about THK's involvement in environmental issues through the Heinz Philanthropies.  And I'm sure you know JK received a 100% rating on environmental issues through organizations such as the Sierra Club.  

                      The reason I mention this is because I strongly feel this needs to be a part of a platform!  Our reliance on overseas fuel is part of the problem our country faces.  And I believe it's the reason Bush started the war in Iraq.  Until we create a better car and different fuels, we will see our country fall into an economic nose dive and will see the ozone layer deplete even further.

    •  Not necessary. (none)
      Out of all the 700 or so comments on this diary, just about everyone has been able to voice criticisms and questions in a civil manner. The Senator is likely not visiting this site to "campaign" so much as he's here to participate in intelligent discourse with the many astute political enthusiasts who frequent this site. Many politicians have posted here, often to get much needed feedback from constituents "on the ground." Why not make a good impression, participate in some dignified discussion, and give our elected officials a good reason to listen to our voices?

      He did say he welcomed all comments, positive or negative, and yes, genuine questions are encouraged, I'm sure. I'm not so sure why abrasive disrespect is warranted, though.

      Just sayin...

      •  Mr. Kerry, you helped Bush to steal the election (4.00)
        by refusing to go to court when the recount was conducted in a manner that clearly violated Ohio law. You solemnly promised us you would ensure that every vote was counted, but in the end, you didn't stand up for us when we needed you.

        David Cobb (Green candidate) and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) went to court, but neither of them had the legal standing to force the Ohio GOP machine to conduct a fair and lawful recount.  They complained loudly at the brazen violations of Ohio recount law, but their key complaints were thrown out because they lacked "standing."  In other words, they were not in a position to claim that the alleged vote counting irregularities could have cost them the election.

        Only you, John Kerry, had that standing.  But you chose to sit on your hands.  Why?  You, who once valiantly risked your life to defend a mere handful of men while patroling the rivers of Viet Nam — how did it come to pass that you remained passive when so many millions of Americans desperately needed you to defend our right to vote?

        Can we ever forget what happened next? As we begged you to stand up for us, you shrank back into the shadows, taking with you the millions we had donated for the express purpose of ensuring that, this time, every vote would be counted.

        Mr. Kerry, I voted for you in 2004, and I like very much what you wrote here.  But when you failed to keep your promise — that every vote would be counted — you lost my trust irrevocably.  That second stolen election was a knife in the heart of our nation.

        You were in a unique position to make a mark on history, to defend our democracy in an hour of grave danger. You could have lifted your voice and done something extraordinary — more extraordinary even, than becoming President.  You could have defended our right to vote and to live under a democratically elected government.  You had a unique opportunity to change the course of history for the better. Sadly, you blew it. I'm sorry, but it's true.

        I wish you well, but I will never vote for you again. Forgive me, but you have proven you don't have what it takes to defend us, so please step aside for someone who does. If you run in 2008, I will actively work for your primary opponent.  In 2008, we need a fighter, not a folder. We need someone who cares more about our right to vote than about what his handlers say or whether he will be criticized.  Someone who knows what's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong, and is willing to defend what he believes in, win or lose.

        What happened to that courageous young man who once risked all to defend his fellow Americans? I don't know.  But he was not there when we needed him in January 2005.

        •  Maybe you still don't have the whole truth! (none)
          Read this!

          AND keep in mind there is still 3 cases before Ohio courts even today!  I believe the first one is coming up this summer.

          Sometimes, just because someone doesn't stand in front of the media or does something different, it doesn't mean they've stopped fighting.

          Senator Kerry and John Edwards HAVE NOT stopped fighting.  And these court cases may have a long term effect on election reform; whereas, the short-term things you mention were already squashed by the corrupt system in Ohio.  This I know for a fact by having listened to Fritakis--even though Fritakis disapproves of parts of what Kerry/Edwards has done, he doesn't even tell people the whole truth.  I saw him recently and he skipped right over these three lawsuits; he skipped over the search for the whistleblower, and he skipped over the fact that thousands of lawyers were in place in Ohio on election day to try to fight the suppression in Ohio.

          •  I worked on the Ohio recount (none)
            I was there when voters were begging Kerry to use his legal standing to ensure the votes were counted.  His people declined.  They didn't explain themselves.  Presumably they had "other priorities."

            We've all been dragged through a national nightmare because of these two stolen elections.  We won't be able to repair the damage in my lifetime, that's for sure.  John Kerry in 2008?  In January 2005 he politely turned his back on all of us.  In 2008, should we do otherwise?

            •  That may be, but I also know what the democratic (none)
              party in Ohio told him and his people.

              While you may have witnessed one thing, keep in mind the LEADERS of the Ohio Democratic Party told him the election was legit and there was no way to overcome that huge deficit of votes for Bush.

              Clearly, as time went on, evidence contrary to that has surfaced.  But at the time of the election, Kerry and his people knew what they were told by high level officials in your state.

              ALSO, they were aware of the increased battle in Fallujah and KNEW that if they were to question the election every one of those soldiers would have been SLAUGHTERED just so Bush could keep the crown on.  AND think about it...those KIDS would have BEEN FIGHTING in Fallujah until EVERY LAST DOUBT was raised or until EVERY LAST UNIT WAS DEAD!!!

              Think about it...You know a little bit about what was happening on the ground there, but John Kerry KNEW ABOUT WHAT was happening on the ground in Fallujah and he KNEW they'd sacrifice every last soldier if they needed to.

              Frankly, I think his way took a heck of a lot more courage to think about those soldiers than to cry in his soup in public.  Especially because in the end, we're only now tapping into the extremely corrupt people who had the power over the machines.

              •  Are you saying John Kerry made (none)
                a calculated decision to allow Bush to steal the election because of what was happening in Fallujah? I'm sorry, that's not his decision to make. His role was to do his best to ensure that our right to vote was honored. And in fact, he promised that explicitly. Our right to vote is exceedingly precious. John Kerry does not have the right to cede it away for something he may temporarily think is more important. Because in the end, the right to vote is the ONLY thing that matters. Anyone who doesn't understand that is a damned fool. You say he was given incorrect information by the Leaders of the Ohio Democratic party, and he believed it. Well, at the very same time, the recount observers were giving him a mountain of evidence proving that whether or not the election was stolen, the Ohio recount was most certainly and irrefutably being conducted in brazen violation of the law. It was a matter of public record, widely reported then and since.
                •  And he still has three lawsuits about this in Ohio (none)
                  And he did not have evidence that he would have won, even with a recount.

                  As that other link said, the concension was not legally binding; however, as I pointed out before, he fought tooth and nail before, during, and after the election to make sure every vote was counted.

                  It was lost in the registrations and the suppression and the recount was indeed conducted unfairly and the lawsuit kerry/Edward's joined with Fritakis (eventually) was tossed out of court.

                •  I've decided you're mind is just closed. (none)
                  I hope others here are more willing to see ALL the aspects of what ANY candidate running for President has to deal with--particularly when they're dealing with the Mafia in gov't.  And this refers not only to JK in 2004 but for Al Gore in 2000 or Clelland in 2002 or Hackett in 2005!  (I noticed you haven't bashed Hackett for not protesting even though his race very well may have been stolen in the SAME area John Kerry's was!)

                  Keep your mind's what the fundies do too.  Your in good company.

                  •  I made my points (none)
                    without insulting you personally. Karl Rove, when his arguments are weak, smears those who disagree with him. My mind isn't closed; neither is yours, I assume. We simply disagree. In a democracy, we should be able to do that without resorting to personal attacks.