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  Okay Boys and Girls!  It's vital that you help President Bush do everything in his power to protect America against the efforts of the Democrats to weaken the country in the face of terrorist threats. Here's the latest message from GOP chair Ken Mehlman spelling out exactly what the situation is, and how you should respond.

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Chairman Ken explains it all: it's not about the President breaking the law when he didn't have to, and it's not about spying on Americans - goodness no! It's all about keeping America safe in the face of Democratic efforts to make us vulnerable to terrorist attack again.

Dear ------,

The President's most solemn duty under our Constitution is to protect the American people. In the four years since we were attacked, this President has made a commitment to take this war directly to the enemy, and to use all the tools at his disposal to keep America safe. A critical element in this strategy is the terrorist surveillance program that the President authorized shortly after September 11th.

This week, President Bush discussed this vital program in remarks at Kansas State University and the National Security Agency. The President's remarks addressed the critics and debunked the falsehoods and distortions. The terrorist surveillance program monitors al Qaeda terrorists and affiliates making phone calls into or from the United States - precisely the type of communication that preceded the 9/11 attacks. This is not "domestic spying" on ordinary Americans arranging Little League practices or pot luck dinners. It's a tool that even FDR used in fighting World War II.

With Democrats deliberately distorting the truth about these efforts to stop attacks before they occur, will you help separate fact from fiction by writing a letter to the editor, calling talk radio, or calling your elected officals about this vital program?

After September 11th, we heard so often that our government failed to connect the dots. So, the President signed the Patriot Act, which had been passed overwhelmingly by Congress. He took appropriate action to connect the dots. He reformed the government bureaucracy, enabling it to fight a different kind of war.

Now, the Patriot Act is up for renewal. How do Democrats respond? They play politics, brag about "killing" the Patriot Act (video here), and accuse the President of breaking the law and violating civil rights. These are not the actions of a party that can be trusted to safeguard our national security.

The President is committed to fighting this war and will not let our nation let its guard down. Take action now and let your fellow Americans know that you won't either.


Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

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Gosh darn it, why do those Democrats hate America so? There you have it people - all the talking points you need, framed just the way they should be. That's the message, so get busy and spread it before the Democrats DESTROY AMERICA!!!!!  You know what to do.

Originally posted to xaxnar on Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 08:20 PM PST.

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  •  Good ole Kenny boy............ (none)
    He really knows how to spin the shit doesn't he?  Preznit Bush is so wonderful, and those Dems stand with the terrorists.

    Kenny boy, when you go talking about national security, ummm, what has the Preznit and the GOP done to protect our ports, railways, chemical plants, and the like?  Didn't Karl Rove play fast and loose with national security for political gain?  

    Kenny, Kenny, Kenny......what are we going to do about that huge money pit that is the "war" in Iraq?  Do you hear that sucking sound??  That's the sound of millions of dollars per day going down that huge money pit in the Middle Eastern desert over there.  

    Kenny, why is it that our troops in Iraq don't have adequate armor for their vehicles and adequate supplies?  Why is Halliburton feeding our brave men and women rotten, outdated food?

    Kenny, until you can adequately answer these and other questions, please crawl back into your closet.  You're a bad man.

    Frankly it's the GOP that can't be trusted to safeguard our national security.

    If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

    by Mz Kleen on Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 08:35:23 PM PST

  •  oh nice automatic letter generator (none)
    they even let you choose what topic you want to write a letter on and they do all the work!

    I wonder what'll happen if i just start copying and pasting sentences from each of the default letters...

    Lets do cut and paste! (all words are from the letters they provide)

    "President Bush is committed to massive new borrowing  to ensure that America's economy remains dangerous.    The government has made promises it cannot afford to pay for in the Middle East with the current pay-as-you-go system.  The President is committed to not withdrawing from Iraq to ensure that America's sudden and severe cuts in government programs remains strong."

  •  The President's most solemn duty (none)
    is to " preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States."

    Also, strange to note

    "A critical element in this strategy is the terrorist surveillance program that the President authorized shortly after September 11th."

    "It's a tool that even FDR used in fighting World War II."

    So which is it? Was it implemented during World War II, or after 9-11? Clearly they must not be the same "tool".

    Besides, we know that they are only monitoring known suspects (as opposed to the unknown suspects), because Bush said so. We also know that Bush insists warrants are needed and will be obtained in order to tap phone lines. The Patriot Act doesn't change that. Again we know that because Bush told us so.

    •  Exactly!! his first sentence is bogus! (none)
      Repubs say they want STRICT CONSTRUCTIONIST judges to interpret
      the Constitution - but condone Bush violating it.  Well- they condone Bush. Period.

      Bush is NOT America!

      by annefrank on Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 08:48:33 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Better yet.... (4.00)
    Use the RNC site and delete THEIR pre-written points and write your own..... just be sure to preface it -

    I was asked to write this letter by the Republican Party.......

  •  Great idea!!!! (none)
    I did exactly that.  Here's an excerpt from what I wrote:

    Even now official reports from the Pentagon tell us that there is no long-term military solution in sight. It won't be long before most Americans re-use the same word that applied to Vietnam, "quagmire."  Unfortunately, instead of seriously debating the issue, the Republican National Committee (RNC) actively encourages Republicans to besmirch the Democrats' attempt to discuss this matter as "cut and run."

    This is an extremely serious matter. It is very unfortunate that President Bush and the RNC refuse to provide a clear strategy to win and instead manifestly make it a partisan issue. Let's hope that the country seeks relief from the Republican-induced stalement in the 2006 federal elections.

    An acquaintance is a LTE editor at a major newspaper. I indicated my letter should be sent to his newspaper. He said these boilerplate letter campaigns are so easy to spot...and dismiss.  Surely Mehlman knows that too.

    Hah, I'll check with him and ask if my letter slip through!  I don't think it's original enough to write but he might recognize it as a tweak to the boilerplate; he'd have enough humor to publish my letter next to a boilerplate letter.

  •  Hmmm... (none)
    This is not "domestic spying" on ordinary Americans arranging Little League practices or pot luck dinners. It's a tool that even FDR used in fighting World War II.
    So were Japanese internment camps. Don't go there, Ken.

    Is there a Doctor in the house? We've got a sicko here...

    "To love G-d is to love justice." - Paul Wellstone
    I need your help to get to the MN House.

    by JK Minnesota on Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 10:02:26 PM PST

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