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 Maria Cantwell betrayed us today with her vote for cloture.
Too often, our leaders betray us.

Mark Wilson is running as the progressive challenger in the primary against Maria Cantwell.

Please support him, if only for this reply on his stance on the filibuster, courtesy a Democratic Underground poster.

If you want to help him, go to

"Dear xxx,

I would have stood with Kerry and Kennedy. Most likely I would have beat
them to the punch on filibuster.(my emphasis added) I am of course concerned with Alito's
stated interpretation dismissing constitutional protection of upholding Roe
V Wade. But even more appalling is the potential of reverting to the old
interpretition of the Commerce Clause. This reversion could toss
environmental protections back decades dissallowing federal protections in
upholding environmental law. Sending enforcement back to the states will
make environmental laws in effect unenforceable. After all, how can air and
water pollution be contained within a particular states juristiction?

I appreciate your interest in this important effort. I and many others are
now engaged in saving this important US Senate seat from the Republicans.

We need your help. With Cantwells vote for the Iraq War Resolution that she
just made clear she has "no regrets" for casting, as well as voting for
clouture on Alito, with many other absurd votes, she has in my opinion
alienated what should be a vibrant base organizing to work for re-election.
This is not the case. The base is more split on Cantwells re-election than
many would care to admit.

Please refer to my web page to see the profound differences between myself
and Cantwell and McGavick. Cantwell and McGavick fail to agree with me and
most of the state on key issues. They are more like eachother. Two
multimillionaires from big Corporations who agree on Iraq, the Patriot Act,

I disagree with each and every on of those issues. And the things I'm for
they ignore. Like ending the war, repealing the USA Patriot Act, ending
Corporate welfare, ending the war on drugs.

I want to cut the war budget in half and direct that $250B to renewable
energy projects, Universal Health Care and protecting Social Security.

I look forward to future contact with you. I hope I can earn your support.
Please make a contribution to my campaign. I cannot shoulder this effort
without your help.


Mark Wilson

Originally posted to patrioticliberal on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 05:26 PM PST.

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    At last a place to put my anger!

    When I DO get a check (if ever again, thanks to the pending budget cuts), I will make sure to send some this guy's way!


  •  That was an odd vote, politically (none)
    I don't know why Cantwell voted that way, apart from the possibility she believed it. She voted against cloture on the much more politically dicey Patriot Act extension. She has a second-tier opponent for re-election, although he can self-fund.
    •  Cantwell has threatened (none)
      to filibuster if Stevens guts the Magnuson ammendment and opens the way for supertankers to come into Puget Sound. If it comes to that, she'll need the support of those Democratic senators she didn't stand with today on the Alito cloture vote.

      So you consider McGavick a second-tier candidate? Why? Just curious.

    •  What a sad day in politics (none)
      when a Senator might, just maybe vote for something due to "the possibility she believed it."

      Our Congress sucks.

      Visit and follow every 2006 Senate race.

      by AnthonySF on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 05:52:09 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  No, it was perfectly in character (none)
      Cantwell voted for the Iraq war, and continues to support Bush in Iraq, parroting administration talking points.  She stabs us in the back consistently.

      She is no Democrat.

      I'm happy to learn she has a primary challenger.  I'm getting out mycheckbook, and will work to defeat Cantwell.

      Joe-mentum in a skirt.  No different.

      To hell with Cantwell - with "democrats" like her, who needs republicans?

  •  So is he running (none)
    because of what he is, or because he isn't Cantwell?  What is his history? Has he ever held any other elected office?

    Do a majority of the residents of WA support a filibuster?

    Do a majority of Democrats in WA support a filibuster?

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