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Do the unthinkable, think!

Liberals never cease to surprise me.

As a liberal, I often surprise myself by coming full circle to tenets that I've found objectionable in the past because of my serious reservations to some of it's associations.

 Whereas I see the advantages to the adage, the enemy of my enemy, is my friend, I also see it's limitations and the implications that the nature of the entity, with whom I'm embracing a common cause, brings into the pact.

The response to Katrina issue is on the front burner and Brownie has central stage in his role as a political hygienist applying a liberal helping of shining disinfectant. (No pun intended)

I perceive Bushco as a continuous and expanding threat to the civic liberties, material basic needs, emotional stability and the very lives of so many of "The mythological little people" Of this and future generations of which I'm a part.  Yes, Senator Fritz, we 'MLP' do really exist and  it is for all of these reasons that I'm putting reservations to Brownie's past Bushco association aside and withholding aspersions to his motives as a "disgruntled" employee, (Poor gullible bastard) Today, taking his words, actions and positions at face value, I say:

Huzza Mr. Brownie! Thank you! I wish you good luck, fortitude  and brains, you'll need them all +.

Go Brownie, go!  That some of us will cover your back during the vicious attacks that, as all of us know, are coming. Heck! They're here already.

"Nerfball" With Tweety Bird's "Evil Twin Brother" (No offense intended Tweety) Did it's job as expected and the show's new segment with him and the trio of mislabeled "Hotshots", Tucker, Joe and Rita, came out as a "Not-ready-for-prime-time-comedy" Ensemble.

On today's show subject RE the new MoveOn TV Ad, which compares Bush to Nixon, Tweety's ETB asked if the Ad would benefit or hurt democrats, Joe and Tucker used the basic sales tactic of first praising the competition to then slam it! Boooring! The same spin, over and over and over, add infinitum...

But today's hotly contested "Nerfball's Moron" First Prize was secured by the stupid comment that came from the mouth of Rita's misinformed and ill-conceived thought,  she asserted that the Ad was "aimed at the base to inflame what they already believe" Aimed to the "Fringe Left" Or something of that sort.

Wrong! You silly little girl. In a way it is good that you do not get that THE BASE IS DRIVING THESE EFFORTS! We, as opposed to right wingnuts, are not waiting for the parent figure to do something for us, we are not only pushing the charge, we are leading it because we know that once and/or where the people lead, the leaders will follow... Or else.  Whatever that else may be.

No, it is not aimed at the "Fringe Left" Base, we do not need inflammatory rhetoric anymore, as a matter of fact, most of us never did need it; and to tell you the truth, I agree with the only factual observation made by the 2nd and 3rd place winners of the "Nerfball's Moron" Award, Joe and Tuck.

I think, as they do, that it is aimed primarily at people who do not know about the Constitutional Crisis that Watergate was and to help them relate that experience to current events, it's secondary goal, in my opinion, is aimed at you and people of your ilk that live in "Denial land", As you do.

Poor Rita, with the horizon as your potential limit, your limitations ground you to the trite and the superfluos.

Chalk it off to the liberal trait of naiveté when it comes to self redemption, we not only welcome it, we rejoice as we embrace it. Yes Brownie, we liberals are like that, we live in a wide tent that has room for lots of sincere characters. Yes, you can be welcomed but I must warn you, the liberal big tent has glass ceiling above where each one of us stand, and when the glass ceiling analogy is ignored, we, the other tent occupants, will call each other on our bullshit, lies and/or hypocrisy.

In that regard, we are merciless in our quest for the intellectual honesty that we fiercelly demand from our peers, paralleling the brutal honesty with which we seek it and demand it for and of ourselves!

We are like that.  The majority of us? A lot of us? Some of us?  In reality, the numbers are irrelevant, for intellectual honesty is a liberal guiding principle that each of us, true liberals and aspiring ones alike, try to emulate and hence live up to it's promise and fulfilling reward .

Republicans with good faith and honesty, please join us in the struggle by at least taking care of your Party as we Democrats are doing with ours.  

Let's regain what is ultimately ours, self determination.

Originally posted to Tranny on Fri Feb 10, 2006 at 10:02 PM PST.


What Brownie is doing

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  •  Oops meant to check self-serving (none)
    And checked deceitful instead.  I listened and relistened and rewatched the hearing.  The more I heard his remarks, the more I wanted to fire him.  He seems to me to be the worst kind of incompentent, the one that doesn't even know that he is incompetent!

    However, I still can't lay the blame at his feet.  He had a boss who was supposed, is supposed to be smart.  Well, he put Brownie in charge, as PFO, over Katrina.  How smart was that?  So Chertoff gets the pink slip as well.  Then, who hired Chertoff?  Hmmmmm .... guess he thought he would do a heckuva job!  Pink slip for Bush!

    •  I should've have (none)
      included at least one more category: "Is self serving but still deserves our support"

      I could have loved to have that answered, the "Self serving" Question, applies to all of Bushco.  

      Like in Cheney's shooting one of his hunting partners.  I thought this SOB  would never surprise me with the level of how low is he ready to go.

      The coward SOB is blaming the victim!  For heaven's sake.  This is a new low.




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