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The kinder, gentler - and of late, far more conspicuous - spokesperson for the Bush administration, Laura Bush, called today for "empathy" from New York's junior senator, saying that Clinton's remarks about the current president are "out of bounds."

TURIN, Italy -- Laura Bush said Saturday that Hillary Rodham Clinton's criticism of her husband's administration was "out of bounds," arguing that the former first lady should show some empathy for the current White House occupants.
Clinton, the New York senator and a potential Democratic presidential candidate in 2008, has called the Bush administration "one of the worst" in history. In the interview with ABC News, Mrs. Bush was asked if Clinton's comments were "just politics, fair game or out of bounds."

"Of course I think it's out of bounds," the first lady said. "But I think it's politics, it's certainly politics."

Bush pointed out that former Presidents Bush and Clinton and her husband are part of a unique club that also includes the wives.

"We know what it's like to live in that house. We certainly know what it's like to have your husband criticized," she said. "So I think there's a certain empathy that we might have for each other that we wouldn't have maybe for somebody else who said something like that."

This from the woman whose husband employs as his alter ego, his "brain," arguably the worst, most mendacious guttersnipe ever to grace the American political stage (and that's saying something).

Allow me a moment to clutch a hanky and dab at my eyes.

Mrs. Bush, forgive me if I think Mrs. Clinton faced a bit more personal humiliation and vitriol from the "compassionate conservative" side of the aisle during President Clinton's term of office than your husband faces today (and with a lot more grace and class than he does, I might add). Her intimate life was combed over with glee by opponents during and after the Lewinsky scandal; she was - and remains to this day - the target of some of the most misogynistic, woman-loathing rhetoric on the American scene.

Many wives in Mrs. Clinton's circumstances would have dumped their philandering spouses and slunk off to a corner of Montana to float the rest of their lives away in a lake of chardonnay. Instead, she ran for political office and won. She's not a member of some mythical Former First Ladies Club in which you, Mrs. Bush, can call in chits, nor did she ever position herself to be.

She's a working opposition senator, and calling your husband's administration on its lies, deceptions and ineptitude is her job as part of those quaint checks and balances. She's calling him to task for his public policies. It's not, as you put it, "out of bounds," as one could argue the details of her husband's sex life were.

If she is made of sterner stuff than you or your husband, Mrs. Bush, well ... if you can't take the heat, get out of the national kitchen (please? Pretty please?).

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:05 PM PST.

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  •  Can we get a pressmember to ask her something? (4.00)
    I want to ask her if she approves of insinuating that people who served in the military are unpatriotic.  I want to ask her if she thinks that cutting education funding is a good thing.  If she's gonna start complaining about the treatment of her husband, she should have to be made to answer questions about his administration.  

    What other questions should she be asked?  How is her boyfriend?  What was the booking process like?  How many times did she have to hold up Dubya's head so he wouldn't choke himself to death on his own vomit?  

    •  I like the question about her boyfriend (3.75)
      If Hillary had killed somebody with her car, you know the press would be all over it and never let up, even if it happened when she was a teenager.
      •  Laura Bush's ex-boyfriend (3.66)

        When Laura Bush was 17 years old she ran a stop-sign and "accidentally" killed her ex-boyfriend by crashing into his car.

        I suppose it's possible it was a random accident that just happened to be her crashing into the car of the guy who'd dumped her.  But given the Clintons have had every ridiculous conspiracy in the world floated, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more investigation into it.

        •  I heard her talking about it on the Today Show (4.00)
          Katie Couric didn't blink an eye, and they just talked about how it was a "hard time" in her life.  I was like, "WTF???  She killed a guy with her car??"  

          I'm sure it was just an accident, but WOW, that's pretty unusual.  Not many of us can say we've killed someone with our cars.  She's probably the first First Lady who can say that!

          •  Here's the details (4.00)
            via the Snopes website.

            "You can have your own opinion, but you can't have your own set of facts." - Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) 1/25/06

            by Ellicatt on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:25:40 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

          •  MANY PEOPLE KILL WITH CARS (4.00)
            over 40,000 people die every year in car accidents. thousands of the people who caused those accidents survived. cars kill far more than guns in the USA.

            if you think its an oil war in iraq, then every time you drive you must know you are killing iraqis. if you think the global warming is man made, then every time you drive you must realize you are killing all life.

            please drive less. parking is the safest way to drive.

            You will lie to your grandchildren when they ask what you did to prevent climate change.

            by Peter Pan on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 08:35:22 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

        •  Why not Start a Rumor (4.00)
          Why not start a rumor and say Hillary did kill one of her ex-boyfriends with her car.  Let the press run with it, and then say, oops, it was Laura, not Hillary.

          Watch the press then say, oh Laura, well then, I guess it must be okay then.

          •  Why rumor, let's spread some truth (none)
            Hey, I've got an idea.

            Let's spread around that Democrat icon and grand inquisitor Ted Kennedy not only killed someone with his car but actually drowned them too.

            If you add the fact that he was cheating on his wife, driving drunk, failed to report an accident, tried to cover up an accident along with allowing a woman to suffocate underwater - THAT would be a story.

      •  According to Republicans I know, (4.00)
        it is perfectly appropriate to accidentally kill someone as long as you don't kill a person of the opposite sex to whom you are not married.

        But if you are married, it is unacceptable to have an accident, like Teddy Kennedy did, when someone dies. A good Republican will bring this up at every opportunity whenever "Democratic" (that is, non-family) values are mentioned.

        But if you are Republican and kill someone, it's okay. And, just in case you don't know it, married Republicans don't fool around because they are good, virtuous, Christian, patriotic, and family-valued persons.

        Gag me with a spoon.

      •  BUSH was a Virgin until 2001..! (4.00)
        Dumbya told Laura that He wanted to remain a VIRGIN
        until He became PRESIDENT....
        So He could SCREW ALL Americans at Once..!!

        Hear the GRAMMY Winner for Best Political Rock Song
        "King Bush" - Control the World

    •  now, now.... (none)
      Little Laura is just "standing by her man."

      Hillary herself said so.  


    •  go hillary (4.00)
      cheney bush guard thy arse
      rover hops upon thy hearse.


      quando the pale season
      wind ice thru hell's acre
      i and thou rising above

      cheney bush guard thy arse
      rover hops upon thy hearse

      has the corrupt temper
      regurgitated and puked
      upon thy self? a people fucked

      cheney bush guard thy arse
      rover dies upon thy hearse!

    •  Along the lines of your question (4.00)
      Did she think that the swiftboaters were out of bounds?

      If she did, what did she do to stop it.

      If not why not.


      The Republicans have a fundamental problem with telling the truth - Howard Dean.

      by NYC Sophia on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:03:10 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  SwiftBoat Crap (4.00)
        She most certainly did not have a problem with it at the time.  In fact, I explicitly remember a quote from her that incensed me at the time where she was asked if the attacks against Kerry were fair.  She said something to the effect that her husband was being attacked to, so yes she thought it was fair.

        Here we go, from Atrios:
            Do you think these swift-boat ads are unfair to John Kerry?

            Do I think they're unfair? Not really.

    •  Ask her if... (none)
      She is going to get some surgery to get rid of her "smoker's wrinkles"?
      •  My Prescription: 2 Packs a Day! (none)
        WTF?!?!?! I mean, she knows he employs super liars and Hillary is the target of all things GOP. Or maybe she doesn't know? Perhaps if she just sat down and read one of about a 100 "I Hate Hillary" books... and that was before she was elected to anything.

        Laura should just feel lucky that Dems don't have a Lucien Goldberg or Linda Tripp screwing with her hubby.

        From the Southwest, Living in the Midwest & Loving the Purple that is Ohio.

        by Loganpoppy on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:24:14 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  Is she also going to have her Head shrunk (none)
        so people will not think she is a relative of George Lopez?
    •  Get your facts straight (none)
      I believe the question was if Queen Hillary's comment about it being one of the "worst administrations in history" was ok, political or out of bounds.  She considered it out of bounds and political.

      Considering who was making the statement about one of the worst administrations in history, I would agree that it was out of bounds.  Talk about the pot and the kettle.

      What does patriotism and all of the other red herrings you threw in have to do with Laura Bush's comment about what Hillary said?  

      Another opportunity to Bush bash.  I hope you we can elect another worthy Republican so you and yours don't lose your favorite pasttime.

      •  Yes, I bash Bush (none)
        I admit it.  

        The point was that if she is going to start accusing Hillary Clinton of being political, she had better be ready to answer some pointed questions.

        Of course I'll bash Bush whenever I get a chance.  If you don't agree that he is the worst President in a long, long time, I'm sorry.  

        Is this what trolling has come to?  Looking at days old comments?

        •  Definition of a troll (none)
          Actually, I had to wait 24 hrs to join the party to post a comment.

          As far as trolling, I guess "Comment Bashing" is in the same class as "Bush bashing".  

          Anyone who doesn't agree with you is a troll I suppose.  You obviously represent the majority of the NO Party.

          Nothing constructive to say or do, just NO to everything until a Democrat gets into office.

          After that, anything and everything goes.

          •  No, not really (none)
            Anybody accusing someone of Bush bashing is probably not operating with much objectivity.  

            Bush is not a good president.  He hasn't done anything well.  

            I suppose if you think you can come up with some good things that Bush has done, you're welcome to it.  There aren't many.

            How's that healthcare?  How secure is that pension?  How secure is anything.

            When the answer to every problem is "we need a new PR campaign," you know something is messed up.

          •  I'll make one last point (none)
            Hillary Clinton is an elected representative.  I sure the hell hope she is political.  
  •  Wonderful! (4.00)
    I just saw this article and posted myself. Ironic, though, Laura Bush calling for empathy on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

    I don't recall Laura calling for empathy from Barbara Bush when she said (Sept. 5, 2005):

    "What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay in Texas. Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this (chuckle) - this is working very well for them."

    Empathy! Of all the requests.
    •  or when Bar said, "rhymes with itch." (none)
    •  Hear, hear! (4.00)
      Why Mizz Bar is just full of empathy, bless her heart.  And Mizz Laura, obviously a virgin, just can't understand why Mizz Hillary is so unkind to her poor, overworked and under-appreciated sweet child/hubby.  My, my, these Bush ladies just get so confused when they're let out of their privilege bubble and confront the horrible Hillary.  I mean, lordy, you can't expect them to relate to a working woman.  Show a little empathy.

      "He that sees but does not bear witness, be accursed" Book of Jubilees

      by Lying eyes on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:11:17 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Laura - who hubby stated emphatically (none)
    had NO political ambitions and would not be running for office.....

    Does Laura HAVE any opinions of her own?

    Please... focus on getting George to dry out and start paying attention.... preferably BEFORE he goes and nukes Iran as a campaign ploy.......

    •  And speaking of the "national kitchen" (4.00)
      Why doesn't Laura stick to baking cookies..... or does she stink at that too..... 'cause clearly she didn't do too well on the "motherhood" - her kids sure turned out to be irresponsible spoiled brats.... and as "wife" - well, hubby has serious issues....has she contacted Betty Ford?
      •  Well, to be fair (4.00)
        Dubya was already a spoiled brat when he was turned over to Laura to raise. Not much to work with there.

        The American taxpayers wouldn't object to free transportation for certain government officials if they'd go where we wish they would.

        by PatsBard on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:19:03 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  Kitchen? (none)
        I have one piece of advice for Laura.  If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

        Pennacchio for Pennsylvania

        by PAprogressive on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:00:23 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  Really, compare Chelsea Clinton with (4.00)
        the Bush drunky twins.  I don't like bringing up the kids, but they actively campaigned for Daddy, so they are open to observation and comment.  And they both seem dumb as old shoes.  And attention-mongers, too.  Love that thong, Jenna!!!

        The Democratic party - the party of sanity, reason and kindness.

        by adigal on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:19:00 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  My question is (4.00)
      does Laura even have any decent KNOWLEDGE of her husband's policies to even have an informed OPINION (or is she just going by what she is told to say?)

      "You can have your own opinion, but you can't have your own set of facts." - Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) 1/25/06

      by Ellicatt on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:24:37 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  I think she just isn't informed. (4.00)
        As one kos poster put it a few months ago:

        Repubs like Laura Bush for the same reason TV viewers like Carmela Soprano. She ain't a bad one but she's basically clueless about all the terrible things her husband really does.

        The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork -Oscar Wilde

        by Agent of Fortune on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:43:57 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  If she "ain't a bad one," (none)
          then Ted Kennedy should also be completely forgiven for Chappaquiddick.  I at least hope that neither of them has ever driven a car since their incidents.

          I'm glad the author had the class to not pull the car story in the diary, but I'm also glad that it was pounced on in the first reply because I'd bet most people don't even know about it.  There is no reason Laura should have much higher approval than Theresa Heinz-Kerry!

          "You want to live in this world the way it is? No? Then do something about it!" -Celes Chere, Final Fantasy VI

          by BlueEngineerInOhio on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:52:45 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  Totally clueless - Just like most Americans (none)
      •  indeed, she trickily redefines the issue (4.00)
        Hillary is criticizing Bush in his capacity as president; Laura redefines it into a personal attack of wife-of-rival on her husband. Her response redefines Hillary as  wife -of-Bill; Laura's remarks don't even acknowledge Hillary is a political figure in her own right. Deeply insulting and clever.
        one way the neocons pull the wool over sheeple's eyes is defining away the public sphere .

        hark! hark! the Clark!!

        by Errol on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:07:58 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Yes! (none)
          I thought the same thing. She's minimizing Clinton into the "just an ex-First Lady" category and attempting to totally negate her current position.

          Plus, if you read the question to which she was responding, it was a very leading question. (As Dick Durbin would ask, "What media outlet are you with?") Maybe she should be asked, "Mrs. Bush, is your husband a drunk, an alcoholic, or just someone who's fallen off the wagon frequently?"

      •  Does her puppet husband, even? (none)

        -7.00,-7.74 "He is a bad version of us! No more money for him."

        by subtropolis on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 12:29:56 AM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  I can't stand Laura Bush n/t (4.00)
  •  Yep, (none)
    Hillary handled herself with dignity during Lewinsky. Still not voting for her.
    •  I wonder if W (none)
      criticized Clinton during the Lewinsky affair.  Need to go Google.....

      Pennacchio for Pennsylvania

      by PAprogressive on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:02:09 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Stop wondering (none)
        Remember how in his 2000 campaign he repeatedly said he wanted to restore "honor and dignity" to the White House?

        Bush's speechwriters, in the family tradition, are very clever about the wording of their insults.  But insults they remain.

      •  Yes! (none)
        The first time I heard of W was when he issued a statement bashing Clinton's behavior. It was before he announced he was running. Before any rumors he was running. The statement came out of left field, and I wondered why he thought anyone would care what the Governor of Texas and son of an ex-President would have to say on the topic. I predicted then he'd soon announce a run for President in 2000.

        The thing that struck me, though, is that it's been rumored for decades that W's father had a long-term affair. It's apparently well-known in political circles, but hasn't leaked much outside of D.C., supposedly because of Bush's CIA tenure. It floored me that W would make his first national comments on the topic of Clinton's extramarital affairs when it could so easily have backfired had any media outlet questioned him about his feelings regarding his own father's behavior. Of course, none did.

  •  Is this the Onion? (4.00)
    Someone should inform her about the disgraceful attacks her husband did on John Kerry through the Swift Boat liars.
  •  damn straight-spot on-excellent diary-laura=sexist (none)
  •  Laura Bush (none)
    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  Criticizing her husband is out of bounds, but (4.00)
    attacking John Kerry with lies is just fine:

    Do you think these swift-boat ads are unfair to John Kerry?

    Do I think they're unfair? Not really. There have been millions of terrible ads against my husband.

    Care of scare in another thread.

    The ice caps arent melting, the water is just being liberated -Jon Stewart

    by jj32 on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:13:08 PM PST

    •  Who places these bounds? (4.00)
      Where are these bounds the Republicans are always referencing when whining about criticism?  There are certainly no bounds to the attacks the Right Wing engages in daily.  So why is it that Democrats can't  utter a discouraging word without running afoul of Mrs. Manners in the White House?

      Oh yeah.  The "bounds" she refers to proscribe only criticism of Republicans.  Take it back home, Laura.  We've had it up to here with your bounds.

      -4.50, -5.85 Lies are the new Truth.

      by Dallasdoc on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:19:36 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Laura's double standard (4.00)
        The Republicans trotted her out as the polar opposite of Hillary, billing her as the First Lady who Knew Her Place. But when the going got tough, they trotted her out again to pop off about Swfit Boat liars, stem cells, and judicial nominations--knowing that the press wouldn't have the guts to call her out on the merits of what she said.

        Example #2349 of It's Okay If You're a Republican.

        Every Saturday, there's a new weekly roundup of Michigan politics here on Daily Kos.

        by Dump Terry McAuliffe on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:25:25 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  indeed (4.00)
          and implicit in that trotting-out is a deep sexism: "We're not gonna dirty ourselves up by arguin' with a lady. We'll just have another lady put her in her place. Laura, git out there!"

          It's an intentional tactic designed to belittle and marginalize Hillary. To them, she's beneath true political discourse and rebuttal. Since they're not going to acknowledge her as a serious politician, they'll just roll out the first lady to admonish her to "be nice."


          "I told them on Inauguration Day. I said look into my eyes: no new enhancements." - President Johnny Gentle (Famous Crooner)

          by Johnny Gentle Famous Crooner on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:32:01 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

      •  Now now... (none)
        As a good prairie muffin, she's just upholding manifesto rule #2:

        "2) Prairie Muffins are helpmeets to their husbands, seeking creative and practical ways to further their husbands' callings and aid them in their dominion responsibilities."

  •  What else is this blathering idiot going to say? (none)
  •  already emailed (4.00)
    to my Senator (Clinton), telling her: "If Laura Bush also criticized Ann Coulter's advocacy of assasinating your husband, then MAYBE I would consider giving Laura a smidge more credence.  Well, on second thought, no, I won't.

    "But since it's AOK to hatemonger if you're a Republican, it's a moot point anyway, cause Laura will never rise to that level of human decency..."

    ps, I contacted all of my congresscritters yesterday, BEGGING them to take on Coulter.  We don't always have to be the more tolerant party!

    •  Great Point (none)
      You've made a great point. Someone should ask Laura what she thinks of recent Coulter comments. Specific comments so she can't weasel out of it by stating she hasn't heard them. And, if she mentions that she wasn't there to personally hear anything specifically asked of her, it should be pointed out that she wasn't there to specifically hear Clinton's comments but she was comfortable commenting on those.

      Repubs had no problem with the questions asked directly to Hillary or Theresa by conservative "reporters", so there should be no outrage if someone asks Laura specific questions about Coulter and pushes to demand an answer.

  •  I LOVE (4.00)
    seeing the normally anti-Clinton blogosphere rise to Hillary's defense...the "defend everybody" mentality makes me feel confident that the rad/lib caucus will be able to unify behind one candidate in 2008 instead of bicker endlessly

    Make History. Hillary 2008.

    by PWTrue on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:14:56 PM PST

  •  where does that rude bitch (3.00)
    get off calling hillary out of bounds?! i'm not going to play the annoyed skeptic this time, i'm genuinely  PISSED! laura bush, you know what i think you are? you're just a mean, shady, brainless, bitch of a tool for your husband's politics. he doesn't love you, he just uses you for publicity because you rank "up there" among the most favorite of first ladies. submissive and weak, a pitiful excuse for a woman. do the famle gender a favor and go and jump off a cliff of something.


    -5.38 -4.95 - "If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster." - Isaac Asimov

    by b1oody8romance7 on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:15:30 PM PST

  •  Missing your 3 hourly PERCOCET PILLS (none)
    and popping off at someone like Clinton is very fucking out of bounds if you ask me.

    Someone tell Karl to fetch Laura her medicine bag, she's having withdrawal symptoms.

  •  Didn't she make a reference like this (none)
    Before? I seem to recall another statement from her, trying to draw parallels between Hillary and her simply because they both had the WH for an address.

    The American taxpayers wouldn't object to free transportation for certain government officials if they'd go where we wish they would.

    by PatsBard on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:15:46 PM PST

  •  Good Wives Join Forces (none)
    Would this be the Alliance to defend the Problem that Has No Name?
  •  hillary can only get media coverage (none)
    if she's angry
    •  angry...sigh... (none)
      that makes me so sad. she doesn't strike me as a loose cannon. at all. not like teresa heinz-kerry did. but nonetheless, the popular public perception is that she is, for some strange reason.

      -5.38 -4.95 - "If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster." - Isaac Asimov

      by b1oody8romance7 on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:33:07 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  True, but in this case... (none)
        ...doesn't she have a right to be angry? Rethugs' attacks on her have always been very personal, far more so than calling Dumya the "worst president ever." And calling him the worst president ever isn't even much of a personal attack -- it's more an attack on the quality of his policies and leadership, and therefore very much in bounds. When Rethugs attack Hillary, they call her ugly, a lesbian, angry, a bitch -- it's nothing but personal attacks that ought to be out of bounds.

        Laura Bush is nothing but another empty-headed Rethug hypocrite.

        Thwarting the forces of conservatism since 1978. -7.63, -5.64

        by wiscmass on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:50:04 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  Hey (none)
        I like Teresa Heinz..she's the reason I voted for Kerry.

        Hypocrisy in anything may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it....

        by Cal45 on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 10:48:00 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  What the Hell? (4.00)
    And the first question, above all others, is why to they keep going to Laura Bush for comments?

    Hilary Clinton is a United States Senator. This is so damnably sexist even someone as stupid as a Beltway reporter should be able to figure it out.

    Best move for Hilary? And any other Democrat? Ignore the comment. and ignore any reference to it by a reporter. Let then go to some official of the administration or the Republican party for comments,  just as they do with male Senators.  

    Stupid, sexist, insulting . . . what is it with these people?

  •  suggested response from Senator Clinton (4.00)
    "My empathy is with the Kartrina victims your husband has forgotten about."
  •  I can think of (none)
    very few people better-qualified to make such observations than Mrs. Clinton - after all, she's one of the few with up-close and personal experience of what it takes to get the job done right. And come to think of it, most of the ones who are better-qualified than she are saying similar things: President Clinton, President Carter....

    She's not my candidate for president either, though.

    -8.25,-8.36 The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    by sidnora on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:18:18 PM PST

  •  Empathy? EMPATHY ??? (4.00)
    There is no empathy in politics.

    My advice to Laura: Bake some cookies, have a smoke, but spare us your little lecture on 'empathy'.

    Unless you want to discuss Republican empathy towards the  victims of your husband's invasion(s?).

    I'd buy a ticket to that.

    Freedom does not march. I saw an invasion. I see an occupation. I don't see a war. "Constant war is not a family value." Cindy Sheehan 8/22/05

    by ex republican on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:18:30 PM PST

  •  Amen! (4.00)
    "Out of bounds" what freaking joke!

    Hillary should throw Laura a tea party in her honor in Falluja or New Orleans or Guantanamo so Laura can get a glimpse of what "out of bounds" really looks like.

    ePluribus Media - Truth be told.

    by Stoy on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:19:57 PM PST

  •  Yesterday Brian Williams asked her (4.00)
    if it was "difficult to sit through" the "many" speeches at the Coretta Scott King funeral that criticized her husband.  Instead of graciously saying no, she said that it WAS difficult, although she did say that there weren't "many" speakers who criticized Dear Leader.

    What a friggin' sense of entitlement that woman has!

    Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

    by litigatormom on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:20:24 PM PST

    •  I almost signed up (4.00)
      At Free Republic just for their caption contest for the Laura Sucks Lemons picture. LOL

      My offering would have been:

      "How dare they speak the truth about my little Bubble Boy?!"

      The American taxpayers wouldn't object to free transportation for certain government officials if they'd go where we wish they would.

      by PatsBard on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:37:01 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  He should (4.00)
      have asked her how it felt for her husband to be in an audience of real people, not loyaly-pledge signing sycophants. As Jon Stewart noted, the only people at the kind funeral who voted for Bush were the woman sitting next to him, and his dad, and you go to figure even Poppa Bush is having his doubts at this point.  

      The ice caps arent melting, the water is just being liberated -Jon Stewart

      by jj32 on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:38:00 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  What a crock (4.00)
    Screw the fact that my husband is subverting the constitution, that he is packing the court with ideologues, that he has started an illegal war, that he blew the greatest outpouring of sympathy that I have seen in my lifetime so that he could try to grab oil for himself and his cronies, that he has abandoned Afghanistan to the warlords and the production of opium there amounts to 20% of the worlds O, that he has looted the country with his cronies and family and whenever one of the gets in a jam, why Hubby doesn't know them.

    This is standard crap, hiding behind the little wifey and playing soldier in celluloid.

    I ain't much on Hillary, and don't ever intend to vote for another Clinton, but the Bush crime family should just hope that they get to slink off somewhere with their millions instead of being tossed in jail where their greed and arrogance would fit right in, although their morals would need some improvement to fit into most jails.

    "I felt as if I alone of all my townsmen had paid my tax." Thoreau

    by NearlyNormal on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:21:26 PM PST

  •  What the Hell? (4.00)
    And the first question, above all others, is why do they keep going to Laura Bush for comments?

    Hillary Clinton is a United States Senator. This is so damnably sexist even someone as stupid as a Beltway reporter should be able to figure it out.

    Best move for Hillary? And any other Democrat?

    Ignore the comment and ignore any reference to it by a reporter. Let them go to some official of the administration or the Republican party for comments,  just as they do with male Senators.  

    Stupid, sexist, insulting . . . what is it with these people?

  •  ohboyohboyohboy.... (4.00)
    Just noticed that Laura Bush did this in Turin, Italy.

    So the First Lady criticizes a US Senator ON FOREIGN SOIL.

    This is definitely out of bounds. Literally and figuratively.

    Freedom does not march. I saw an invasion. I see an occupation. I don't see a war. "Constant war is not a family value." Cindy Sheehan 8/22/05

    by ex republican on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:24:22 PM PST

    •  Didn't a bunch of Red-state fundamentalists... (none)
      you know, start burning Dixie Chick CDs and stuff, when they criticized W in England?

      I'd ask the same folks to start burning books to spite Laura, can't burn stuff you never had to begin with.

      "The last thing people want is an opposition party vigorously opposing things." - jasonwhat

      by the new yorker on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:57:00 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  if I recall correctly (none)
        the antiDixieChick campaign was political-corporate-wag-the-dog-astroturf bullshit courtesy of Clear Channel.

        Freedom does not march. I saw an invasion. I see an occupation. I don't see a war. "Constant war is not a family value." Cindy Sheehan 8/22/05

        by ex republican on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 07:06:30 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  Sucks for her... (none)
    being the only member of the Bush family with any credibility left.  Well, except for that cow on his ranch-- if she weren't gay, they'd be parading her around too.
  •  Well, if she wants to be in "the Club" (none)
    let's see how she behaves during her husband's hopefully-to-be-soon impeachment. I doubt she will act with as much class as Hillary Clinton did. Then we will see the Valium-induced smile frozen on that vapid face while she watches her husband go down, down, down. And she will, of course, blame it all on

    What happens when Bush takes Viagra? he gets taller. Robin Williams

    by Demfem on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:25:49 PM PST

  •  She can't handle the truth (4.00)

    Senator Clinton knows from the inside how a president makes choices. She, of all people, is in a position to understand just how many failed choices Bush has made.

    Laura needs to shut the fuck up already.

  •  Memories (4.00)
    I have some very clear memories around 1992 during baby Bushes campaign of seeing Barbara and Pappy Bush in a cozy interview on television.  I believe they were by the shore in their ranch in Maine.

    Bar Bar was saying that the white house should have a better level of people in the whitehouse, and with her son there would be that. She was tsking about the Lincoln room being rented out, and of course the BLOW JOB, although I can't remember if that was mentioned or not. She was careful to dicuss it very nicely, and without  too much disgust.

    They must be crushed to find that with their son in there, the quality and level of sophisticated dwellers actually went down.

    I say what goes around comes around.  Yell it to the hills, Hillary.  Let it echo back down through the phyches of the Bushies!

  •  misogyny (4.00)
    EMPATHY? Maybe as a private citizen. But as a SENATOR in CONGRESS (checksenbalances?) from the OPPOSITION PARTY, Sen. Clinton should not be painted as a cold, unfeeling bitch. I'm sick and tired of folks portraying Hillary Clinton as such. I'm no great fan, but DAMN. This is a case of a someone, once again, putting down a successful, smart, strong woman. And if a man did this it would be labeled misogny. That's right. You heard me.

    Laura Bush is a misogynist.

    And for anyone else out there who puts down Hillary Clinton just because she's strong and're also on notice. You got a bone to pick about her? Pick apart her policies.

    Laura, you may be a librarian, but you are now dead to me.


  •  Boo hoo.... (none)
    Grow up, First Lady!

    "We must be the change we wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi

    by jeeves on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:32:45 PM PST

  •  Sheesh (none)
    She was asked if the comment was out-of-bounds. Do you expect her to sat "she's right- My husband is one of the worst presidents ever." Me, I'm utterly indifferent to her and anything she has to say, so it was stupid of me to even read this diary,but what's up  with the extreme unpleasantness in the comments here. Don't we hace 1000 more important things to get worked up about on any given day ?
    •  Have a 4 (none)
      Partly because of your username.  Me, my indifference toward Laura stops when people start taking anything she says seriously.

      "Let all the dreamers wake the nation." ~Carly Simon

      by Nancy in LA on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:41:01 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  The question included a multiple choice reply (none)
      that included "Its just politics' which would have been a better one for poor Laura to reply to. Or she could have said I am representing the United States hare and I don't want to discuss politics.

      Or Senator Clinton is a elected United States Senator from New York is up to the voters to decide that.

  •  As I Recall, the Previous 1st Lady Was Called (4.00)
    a murderer. As soon as Laura expresses some empathy about that, then we can worry about what empathy that victim might have towards the present 1st lady.

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy....--ML King, "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:39:18 PM PST

  •  Alll you need to know about Laua Bush was (4.00)
    exemplied in her icy cold angry and vacuous expression behind Rev Lowery who was giving his eulogy to Coretta Scott King.
  •  Hubby's going down the toilet (4.00)
    and it's time call out the 'big artillery' in a blanket attempt to deflect the criticism.

    Laura is just damaging herself, and making herself look petty and vindictive. She has apparently been picking up pointers from the old battle-axe, her mother-in-law.

    I think she has been picking up something from the drug store, too.

    "Rovus Vulgaris Americanus" nasty, soon-to-be-indicted co-conspirator -7.63, -9.59

    by shpilk on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:43:13 PM PST

  •  At last (none)
    I've found someone less intelligent then GWB, thanks Laura, to marry this pathetic individual gives you the gold star for stupidity.
    PS - You first lady couldn't carry Hillary's water, so don't get in over your head, stick with the Bush's they're more your speed. You should have read books in the library and not spent the time trolling for a husband.
  •  ...Laura remember this Bill only screwed one (none)
    person while George W. has screwed millions of people...
  •  Of Course Laura Bush Is Right (none)
    The truth is completely out of bounds in the Bush administration.
  •  Hillary's value (4.00)
    Mrs. Clinton's value as a critic of this administration is terriffic.  She now has Mrs. Bush whining.  Expect Laura's tears to be shed on FOX news (and forgive the onion-juice dipped hanky used to wipe eyes before the first tear).

    Meanwhile, Hillary, bust them balls!

    Be the first to sponsor a Bill of Impeachmnet.

    They've already called you a bitch - own it!  Live it! Make their lives a living Hell!

    Become the Golda Meier of the Senate.

    "Time to clean out the crap in Congress" - Jesus (D) Nazarath

    by llbear on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:51:04 PM PST

    •  I swear to god (none)
      Hillary Clinton will have every cent I can spare if she does that z-snap head-waggle thing on national television.

      Turning and turning in a widening gyre
      The falconer cannot hear the falcon

      by ew73 on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:24:59 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  That's Laura Bush, (none)
    she's just some little woman standing by her man like Tammy Wynett.


  •  Where was Laura when (none)
    Ari lied about the Clinton Admin trashing the White House?
  •  OH FUCK HER (none)
    I don't even think Stalin would have dated that bitch. That is all.

    "You think people are like chocolate-covered candies, but they're not! They're bastards! They're bastard-covered bastards with bastard fillings!"

    by Terminus on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:53:05 PM PST

  •  Ha, Laura Bush, (none)
    the inspiration behind the "nanny" in the movie "The Omen?"  Even Readers Digest had a rather telling commentary on her in a 2003 (was it?) article.

    What an excellent day for an Exorcism... SCI/Kenyon

    by DianeL on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:53:50 PM PST

  •  Powder Puffs @ 50 Paces (none)
     My Bets on Hillary. Celebrity Boxing at it's best, That is one PPV I would pay for. Even Better, Gove vs Bush, problem with this one is Bullies never showup... Run Georgie Run
  •  Niceism - John Zerzan (none)
    In order to understand the Reps relationship with the American public you must understand niceism.


     Nice-ism n. tendency, more or less socially codified, to approach
    reality in terms of whether others behave cordially; tyranny of decorum
    which disallows thinking or actingfor oneself; mode of interaction based
    upon the above absence of critical judgement or autonomy.

    All of us prefer what is friendly, sincere, pleasant-nice. But in an
    immiserated world of pervasive and real crisis, which should be causing
    all of us to radically reassess everything, the nice can be the false.

    The face of domination is often a smiling one, a cultured one. Auschwitz
    comes to mind, with its managers who enjoyed their Goethe and Mozart.
    Similarly, it was not evil-looking monsters who built the A-bomb but
    nice liberal intellectuals. Ditto regarding those who are computerizing
    life and those who in other ways are the mainstays of participation in
    this rotting order, just as it is the nice businessperson (self-managed
    or otherwise) who is the backbone of a cruel work-and-shop existence by
    concealing it's real horrors.

    Cases of niceism include the peaceniks, whose ethic of niceness puts
    them-again and again and again-in stupid ritualized, no-win situations,
    those Earth First!ers who refuse to confront the thorouhly reprehensible
    ideology at the top of "their" organization, and Fifth Estate, whose
    highly important contributions now seem to be in danger of an eclipse by
    liberalism. All the single-issue causes, from ecologism to feminism, and
    all the militancy in their service, are only ways of evading the
    necessity of a qualitative break with more than just the excesses of the

    The nice as the perfect enemy of tactical or analytical thinking: Be
    agreeable; don't let having radical ideas make waves in your personal
    behavior. Accept the pre-packaged methods and limits of the daily
    strangulation. Ingrained deference, the conditioned response to "play by
    the rules"-authority's rules-this is the real Fifth Column, the one
    within us.

    In the context of a mauled social life that demands the drastic as a
    minimum response toward health, niceism becomes more and more infantile,
    conformist and dangerous. It cannot grant joy, only more routine and
    isolation. The pleasure of authenticity exists only against the grain of
    society. Niceism keeps us all in our places, confusedly reproducing all
    that we supposedly abhor. Let's stop being nice to this nightmare and
    all who would keep us in it.

    -John Zerzan


    Tracking energy and transportation news.

    by joel3000 on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:59:29 PM PST

  •  I don't see Laura Bush doing anything worthwhile. (none)
    Such as showing empathy for those who have been screwed over by Medicare D.  

    News flash Laura:  HRC is a Democrat!!!  Opposition party!  Seems to me she is doing her job, which is more that can be said of some.

    Instead of crying for sympathy in front of the press while taking a luxury vacation paid for by the taxpayers of this country (yeah, the taxpayers that you and your husband frequently screw over):


    "Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana.

    by Street Kid on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 04:59:59 PM PST

  •  LAURA BUSH = (none)
  •  ...oh and Laura, I am calling your husband (none)
    George W. Bush a rascist of the highest Texas order!

    I have never been more sincere in my life either.

    ...check the brakes Mrs. Bush; check the brakes...

  •  All these GOP attacks on Hillary are going to... (none)
    ...backfire. Hillary knows how to fight back, unlike Kerry.

    Plus, they're making people like me who are not fans of Hillary get some sympathy for her.

    Russ Feingold for President!

    by Basil on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:00:41 PM PST

  •  Laura, I'm mad at Hillary, too! (4.00)

     But only because she waited with her wettened finger raised to the wind to decide when it was "safe" to criticize your utter dunderhead of a husband.

     That said, it is, indeed, difficult -- if not wholly impossible -- for Hillary to empathize with the Bush Administration, since she has never experienced being part of such a feckless, moronic, everything-touched-turns-to-turdblossoms kind of Administration.


    We're working on many levels here. Ken Kesey

    by BenGoshi on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:03:59 PM PST

  •  hillary's numbers go up when attacked (none)
    Well it's clear there is an orchestrated campaign from the White House to basically fuck with Hillary.  But that's ok.  There is no one tougher than Hillary and there really isn't anything they can say about her that hasn't been already said.  This is an effort to draw down her numbers in new york and make that race more competitive so she will spend more money.  i wouldn't have know laura said this had it not been posted...soo...who cares.
  •  If I were a cartoonist I would show (none)
    that every time anybody makes a comment in this administration they should be doing it with a mirror in front of them.  Politics indeed!  The Bush admin including weird Laura eat breath and sleep with politics.  I haven't seen anything resembling real emotion or real thoughts coming out of any of them.  Have you?
  •  Gotta say it.... (4.00)
    We should expect a statement at any time from Joe Lieberman defending Laura.

    You've been warned. Keep you meds handy.

    Freedom does not march. I saw an invasion. I see an occupation. I don't see a war. "Constant war is not a family value." Cindy Sheehan 8/22/05

    by ex republican on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:14:52 PM PST

  •  I used to like Laura, (none)
    especially since she was a librarian.  I love librarians.  But look at the tough stance librarians have taken re snooping around.  Would Laura have taken such a stance?  Well, we don't know how she would have evolved as a person, do we - had she not married ____.  She really doesn't have much of a persona other than ______'s wife...oh, and that she stopped American gangs in their tracks.  Well, she must have since we don't hear anything about her strong leadership there....

    The beneficiaries are likely to be...large corporations and development firms. (O'Connor, J. dissenting in Kelo). God bless you, J. O'Connor.

    by xanthe on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:14:54 PM PST

  •  Lets Make Some Predictions (none)
    Assuming George Bush leaves office before his term expires, but even if he doesn't, lets predict that the things he has done while President will continue to follow him for a very long time. The investigations which are dragging on so very slowly will continue long after he is no longer President. Secondly there will be efforts to pursue civil action against him, for his illegal activities, including the misappropriation of funds.
    The Clintons were fully investigated while they were in office. They both remain active in politics. The Bushes will probably retire from public view, which was never something they enjoyed. That reclusiveness will draw comparisons to Nixon after Watergate. The policies of Bush will have far reaching effects, raising the call that we should go after him and his family fortune. (this is what happens to CEO's who bankrupt their corporations, and Bush likes to compare his presidency to that of the CEO of America).
    Let's also predict that Bush will have 7/24 Secret Service agents for the rest of his life, although that seems to be a personal choice of his, especially here in the United States. No President has ever been less available to the public. His bubble image, and the secrecy of his administration will guarantee that lawyers and subpeona servers will be knocking on his door for a long time.  

    " the future everything is chrome. Sponge Bob Square Pants

    by agent double o soul on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:15:54 PM PST

  •  under Clinton (4.00)
    The bashing and mockery of poor Chelsea was sickening. I was a Republican back then, and I was appalled at the things being said and written about an innocent child.
  •  You're either for the American people or against (none)
    And Bush is against the American people.

    He is the biggest threat we have.

    I don't really care what Laura Bush thinks anyway...damned vehicular killing Stepford wife.

    And I mean that in the most respectful way.

    "It's better to realize you're a swan than to live life as a disgruntled duck."

    by Mumon on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:18:01 PM PST

  •  Alito's wife, all over again... (none)
    ...these cons are sick, and will stoop to new stunning lows on a daily basis, just to advance their agenda...with lies, force, fear and now melodrama.
  •  She's just breakin my heart! NOT!! (none)
    How should I put it? Oh ok FUCK U LAURA! Your married to one of the most evil MFer's this nation has ever had as it's dear leader and you have the fucking gall to say shit about a REAL women Hillary Clinton? Get a life Bitch.

    "It's better to die on your feet then live on your knees"

    by Blutodog on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:19:20 PM PST

  •  She was in bitch mode at Coretta Scott King's (none)
    Memorial.  Crossed arms and legs with that evil glare while Junior was slouched in his chair.  Poor little Laura and Bushie can't take any criticism.
  •  "Politics" WTF??? (none)
    That really pisses me off.  

    It's like Kobe saying that those guys on the court are just playing "basketball".  OF COURSE THEY ARE THEY ARE BASKEBALL PLAYERS.

    Or saying a Pastor is just "playing church" or "playing preaching" (well, that's Pat Roberts for you)...

    I EXPECT my politicans to be political, diplomatic, and to seek compromise on niggley issues to the betterment of the majority of the country (that's why it's a Democratic Republic).

    Senator Clinton is spot on in her duty as a member of the legislative branch in calling BS on the President.

    I know the whole RW "playing politics" is just a neuro-linguistic thing, but it can still piss me off, and it should do the same for you.  

    Proud member of the Social Security google-bomb project.
    Be proud. YOU'RE A LIBERAL.

    by changingamerica on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:25:21 PM PST

  •  laura's the same only worse... (none)
    because she's faking like she's not political.

    It's absurd...

    "out of bounds..."


    after what these guys pulled on bill, i don't think merely criticizing the bushies is out of bounds.

    laura couldn't be a more fake stepford wife if she were actually were robotic.

    so laura, get real you murdering drunk-ass bitch. you've already got one homicide on your rap sheet... and no matter how many time you make up this bullshit about getting "reborn,"  st. peter doesn't forget your drunk ass and how you murdered your boyfriend.

    so i don't think Laura's got any room to talk about "out of bounds."

  •  Status games (none)
    Are so unbecoming of powerful people. :)

    It's not that they don't know Jack. It's that they don't know him on a first-name basis. :)

    by cskendrick on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:27:57 PM PST

  •  what if.. (none)
    If her present boyfriend was an ex years ago ...
  •  Just wait... (none)

    ...til the next White House Correspondents' Dinner.  Grrr.

    On Bush: "He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire." --(borrowed from) Churchill

    by joanneleon on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:39:11 PM PST

    •  That look... (4.00)
      just curdled the entire milk supply of the entire Lower 48...Yikes!

      Both of those asshats should have stayed far and I mean faaaaaar away from CSK's memorial...they knew who was on the slate to speak and rest assured all of the ones that truly mattered spoke truth to power.

      Babs Sr. probably went completely off her rocker watching the proceedings. Her poor, poor sonny boy!

      People in Eurasia on the brink of oppression: I hope it's gonna be alright... Pet Shop Boys: Introspective

      by rgilly on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 08:12:29 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  sympathetic comments about Hillary HERE? at dKos? (none)
    only an attack by Laura Bush could elicite such warmth from the people who  (almost) hate her most!


  •  A calculated plan (4.00)
    Sorry i haven'thad time to read the comments so i'm sure this has been addressed, but it is clear that whenever Hillary Clinton makes an outspoken critical statement of the Bush administration, the Rove team has decided that the most effective weapon is to use the First Lady to respond, to remind people that HRC really isn't a politician, that she is a "president-wannabe" and not to be taken seriously.  And the subliminal suggestion that she is attempting to be above her status, so in comes Laura to remind us, oh yeah, its really 1st lady against 1st lady.  Clearly it would give her too much importance if a REAL Bush operative responded to her.  

    I haven't checked this out, but does she ever come out and make statments in response to Harry Reid, Dean etc., if she has, it certainly hasn't been played up in the press.   You have to hand it to Rove and his ilk, when it comes to strategy, they really know how to play.

    So the question is, how should Hillary or her team respond to this tactic?  What can she do to force a response from someone important?

    •  How to Play It? (none)
      I don't believe Laura Bush is beloved by Americans.  Attack her and dissolve her credibility--then feel free to put her in her place next time she makes a political statement.

      But when attacking, the smart way is with surrogates.  Have a retiring congressman or one in a safe position do the attacking.  Coordinate the attack with the media.  And make the sure the attack attacks the attacker, not some vague issue.  Make it about Laura's unseemly behavior, about her trying to muzzle criticism, etc.   Most of all, have a man do the attacking.  This shows a man who will stand up for Clinton, who is willing to work for her.  This shows that Clinton is the boss here, not some man (Bush and Rove) pulling Laura's strings.

      ...that may not be God talking to you, George

      by daxie on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:08:19 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Laura: Act 2, Scene 3 (none)
    Some people think that Bush got "elected" in 2000 because he was the anti-Clinton: a guy who was happily married to the anti-Hillary.  

    It's all about image: Laura, the dutiful wife who "stands by her man" and George, the man who is where he is because of a "good woman."  Of course, anyone in any marriage knows that it's never quite as simple as that.

    And after five years of being the first couple, the public has not been "shown" much more than the above generality.  Everything seems very secretive and scripted.  Hmmmmm. (If you want privacy, why run for president?  I always thought there was a huge disconnect with that, but anyway...)

    As far as the question of whether Laura is genuine, or a political asset used to deflect criticism or push forth aspects of an agenda, who knows: perhaps both.  But, the worse things have gotten for Bush, the more she seems scripted, which is not a coincidence, I bet.  

  •  First Crony (none)
    New Yorkers think Bush is an asshole, and don't mind saying so. Senator Clinton represents us in the Senate, so it's her job to say so.

    Laura Bush represents no one but George and herself (and maybe a couple daughters, on a calm day). She can say whatever she wants, but of course anyone who "follows" her is just cackling in the henhouse. Of course, any private citizen has the right to cackle. But the media has no professional obligation to do anything else but compare the cacklers to the senator who was elected by millions of New Yorkers.

  •  The Game (4.00)
    Republicans have been playing this game forever and Laura Bush is as phony as any of the players:

    Smear, then accuse your opponents of smearing.
    Attack viciously, then accuse your opponents of attacking.
    Be an unprincipled partisan, then accuse your opponents of putting partisanship ahead of principle.
    Lie, then accuse your opponents of being liars.
    Be corrupt, then accuse your opponents of corruption.
    Crucify (D) Presidents, then claim the 'office should be respected' for (R) administrations.

    The handicap to the game now:

    The Republican party is in lockstep, but the Democratic party has losing consultants, shifty so-called 'liberal' pundits, and handwringing backbenchers who parrot the smears of the other side.

    Let's see how things would go if Democrats were Republicans in responding to the First Lady:

    To the best of my knowlege... Hillary Clinton never got behind the wheel of a car and slaughtered somebody. Bill Clinton was never a falling-down drunk with a white powder-caked nose who serially drove companies into decline or bankruptcy and started a war of choice that has killed thousands on lies. Al Gore didn't sit around in the Vice President's office ordering national security to be violated for petty political paybackery.

    But hey, that's... that's... just out of bounds. Completely outrageous. It's unfair and offensive to say aloud or put into print and it's partisanship taken way over the line. So, very, Republican.

    Pssst. Did you happen to read any of the Vince Foster books in the 1990's, Laura? Did you see any of the 'Clinton body count' websites back then? You good 'christian' people invented the gutter and mastered the art of slinging feces for cheap mastery of the 24 hour news cycle. If you want to know how this became the norm of American politics... ask Turd Blossom.

    Better yet, ask go ask his mentor, Lee Atwater.

    If you want... I'll get you a shovel and a fire-proof suit for the journey to his current address.


    The Washington Post takes the gold for most dishonorable partisan hack as an ombusperson

    by LeftHandedMan on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:53:06 PM PST

  •  Classic SusanG... (none)
    Many wives in Mrs. Clinton's circumstances would have dumped their philandering spouses and slunk off to a corner of Montana to float the rest of their lives away in a lake of chardonnay.

    I, for one, happen to think Hillary has the stuff to take on these clowns and win...even though she ain't the progressive I would like, she is FAR better than what we got.

    Political Cortex Original home of Front Page Posters.

    by NYBri on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:56:31 PM PST

  •  Laura my dear .... (4.00)
    You are no Hillary Clinton!  
  •  the report-tron (none)
    Susan G left out one of the best parts. Where I saw this at a right-wing gossip site that shall remain nameless, he included the report-tron, a unit named "Robin" from ABC, who thanked Mrs Bush by saying: "As always very gracious and well-spoken; thank you Mrs Bush." Those Bushies, always gracious and well-spoken, with their beautiful minds expressing what a stroke of good luck that Hurricaine was for those lower class people...

    (and no, I'm not confusing Mommy Bar with Mommy Laura; the one thing I learned from Mrs King's funeral, when Pickles was giving everybody a skunk-eye that would have' done Condi proud, was that the little fella really did marry his momma after all.

  •  She can (none)
    jam her faux indignation right up her gaping poohole.

    ... are we living in an alternate universe right now, or...?  WTF?

    Trying To Maintain Rationality
    econatheist's bloggity blog blog

    by EconAtheist on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:02:40 PM PST

  •  I'm Super Pissed (none)
    Your crowd and you can dish it out but you sure can't take it, bitch!
  •  My favorite quote from Laura (none)
    George didn't know much about ranches when we bought the place. Andover and Yale don't have a real strong ranching program. But I'm proud of George. He's learned a lot about ranching since that first year when he tried to milk the horse. What's worse, it was a male horse.


  •  I'm about to read a book by Terry Reed and.... (none)

    John Cummings....empathy indeed.
  •  The Mighty Wurlitzer in action (none)
    Talking with my mother tonight, she brought up this very subject. She was very upset with Hillary - this was not a thing to do at a funeral-it was rude!

    Oh the gulf........

    "No special skill, no standard attitude, no technology, and no organization - no matter how valuable - can safely replace thought itself."

    by xaxnar on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:26:48 PM PST

    •  Um...did she actually hear Hillary's eulogy? (none)
      Hillary gave tribute to a woman who was the leader of a movement who did not shirk when called to her greatness.  She talked about how rare it is that someone says "yes" when they are called.

      She did not insult the President once in her speech.

  •  Laura's entitled to her own opinion, (4.00)
    but not to her own facts.

    If you're unqualified coming into office, and,

    you fail to grow while in office,

    then it's very possible that you may be called "one of the worst..." etc. etc.

    Just the facts, ma'am...

    If a thousand men were not to pay their tax bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State...

    by HenryDavid on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:28:57 PM PST

  •  Mr. Spock Mindmeld (none)
         George Bush does not care about criticism  from a politician or the American people. He just cares about getting his agenda done by hook or by crook. This is just game playing. my judgment is a Mr. Spock mindmeld with George Bush would not be pretty, and I don't think Mr. Spock's findings would make Hillary Clinton feel guilty.  
  •  Could it be possible... (none)
    that the First Lady is dumber than a box of hammers? Or has she confused the Inaugeration with a Coronation?

    "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    by Santa Monica on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 06:58:42 PM PST

  •  Wait a second ... (none)
    Mrs. Bush, while at the Olympics (basically, a vacation in Europe), is criticizing Mrs. Clinton, who is working in the Senate?  On what grounds, again?
  •  Out of Bounds? Lookat what she thinks is InBounds (none)
    Gee Her husband trashes the constitution that we all live under and find sacred, he trashes the national reputation by invading foreign nations based upon lies, members of his administration attack the WIFE of someone who calls them on their lies (not even the mobs attack their enemies wives), they torture innocent people then lie to the world that they don't even though the world has photographs to prove it, even though the constitution forbids it, they trash programs to help the poor in order to give more kick backs to the rich, they attempt to undermine Social Security, the UN Nato and every institution they never created, they inheret a treasurey surpluss and loot it for their cohorts, they have a $450 billion defense budget and yet still allow the nation to be invaded by an army of over a million unarmed alliens, they allow our enemies to get away with the murder of 3000 innocent Americans, they have not solved one single solitary problem germain to this country and have spawned numerous new ones,  I mean just who are these craven people and what are they made of.

    Hillary Clinton looks at this track record and says gee, this is the worst Presendency ever. And Laura Bush has the audacity to say that's out of bounds?  Where was she when all the above was happeninga?  Is all that some how "in bounds"  

  •  laura (none)
    considering the fact that there is just about zero access to the msm for anyone claiming to have dem affiliation, why should anyone be surprised that the msm continues to fawn all over laura.
     until and unless the dems decide to  aggressively go on the offensive and challenge the gopers with a fact based attack, there will continue to be a steady dismanteling of this country and the results will be horrifying to all who hold this country dear!
     What a bloody shame!
  •  This from the woman (4.00)
    Who happily laid the smackdown on Nancy Reagan when she dared call for the White House to change its policy on stem cell research FOLLOWING HER HUSBAND'S DEATH.  Yeah, she's all about peace, love, and understanding of those former First Ladies.
  •  Too bad (none)
    we won't see truth like this in the --ahem--"liberal" media.

    Al Qeada is a faith-based initiative.

    by drewfromct on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 07:08:57 PM PST

  •  LOL WHAT (4.00)
    Oh please. Laura, save the semantics for someone on the fascist wing who cares.

    Your (and/or your husband's) cronies (not just the fanbase) levelled far worse at Hillary and Bill while they were in the White House than anything that has been thrown at you by other politicians. Additionally, they've been subjected to far worse since Bill left the White House (By the way, you guys haven't found the big honkin' SURPLUS and GOOD INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS  he left there yet, have you? A lot of us are worried) back in 2000.

    I mean, seriously. The mildness of what people like Hillary, Bill, and every other Democratic politician have said about your and George shouldn't even be ruled "fair play" when compared to the outright dirty lies your side has thrown around.

    Out of Bounds my ass. You Republicans are like the 800-lb gorilla with a severe case of PMS and an even more serious case of Megalomania. Oh, you're all hardcore and badass and talking the trash when the backs are turned, but as soon as the eyes are on YOU and the mud starts getting sent back, you all run and cower and claim things like "character assassination" and "dirty politics." Like the wife with PMS, she's belligerent until someone has enough of it. Stop cowering in the shadows, shielded by the corrupt aegis of your press corps, your (for now) total control of government, and your complete subjugation of the airwaves. You're not being persecuted, there's not "ganging up" going on against you. In fact, it's the other way around.

    Your minions malign liberalism as if it raped babies for breakfast and ate them for lunch.
    Daily in the media there's some form of insipid poke at Democrats and liberals at large. You've even managed to infiltrate such institutions as the Associated Press, trying to drill the lie about Abramoff being bi-partisan into the heads of America. You see, there is no "liberal" media. There is a dream of a free and independent media, there's the underground media, valiantly bringing us the stories you and your legions of hate try to bury, but there is no wide-spread, ever-conspiring "liberal media." That's yet another lie forged in the deepest, darkest hellholes of the minds of your professional slimecannons. Every one of your horde dutifully repeats those lies, as if America were stupid enough to simply gobble them up like children flocking to a pinata's freshly slipped payload. That's a slight to America, and there are many who take that kind of insult personally.

    You see, you and the rest of the fascist legion, in it's entirety, has taken over 20 years to construct a carefully woven web of lies, liars, and cronyism so that the American people will even take a serious look at you. It paid off, I will admit. You and your husband do currently occupy the White House. But, you failed to take into account the interminable spirit of America. The pirit inside each and every American that is born anew with every beat of the heart. This spirit knows freedom. It can be beaten, downtrodden, pushed down, and shaken. But it cannot be broken. The spirit of America will return to haunt you, Laura Bush. It will return to ring clear to every fascist in power. It will drive all of you out in time because, like the only honest words your husband has ever stumbled across, Freedom Will Prevail. It will prevail, and when it does, you will know. How? Because it will be directly opposite your devices. You want to "protect" our freedoms by destroying them? Perhaps you're saving them for later? Nobody in their right mind knows, because nobody who believes America can fall to fascism is in their right mind.

    Your days are numbered, and not for long. America will be America again.

  •  Can someone just shut her up? (none)
    Now, I'm not a fan of Hillary, but to be blunt, Librarian Laura should just STFU. I guess she forgot to take her Risperdal again.

    "By Grabthar's Hammer...what a savings." - Dr. Lazarus

    by Ari Mistral on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 07:33:55 PM PST

  •  Out of bounds? (4.00)
    OK here is where I might loose control! May I remind you and your dick-tator husband of the deaths that my people have suffered at the hand of your rotten and disgraceful husband? The audacity and pomp shown by you and your torture prone better half, that has murdered people, not only in another country, but right here where I live. So excuse me if I don't care to give a damn about you and yours!! Go To Hell, and Kiss My ASS!! I watched my people die, and your jackass husband just sat and let it happen. So Laura...STFU!!!! Feel free to comment-LOL!!!

    Katrina Blew--Bush sucks!!

    by Louisiana Fury on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 07:37:34 PM PST

  •  Incredibly stupid move on Bushco's part (none)
    Rove must really be rattled. Laura is popular but having her criticize Bush's critics will make her less likable and make Bush look like he's a little boy dependent on his mommy and wifey poo to beat up the big bad bullies.

    Laura was effectively used to soften Bush's image but having her complain about Hilary will backfire I think.

    Bushco, putting the mock in democracy.

    by Southern Bell on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 07:40:54 PM PST

  •  Good God!!! (none)
    I will be oh so happy to see the end of the Bush presidency, first because it will mean that Bush can retire to his ranch, where he can hopefully remain, quietly, so we don't ever have to deal with his idiotic brand of "leadership" ever again, and secondly so Laura Bush doesn't have an excuse to speak.  Frankly, for a supposedly educated woman, she is a nit-wit, and is incredibly fake.
  •  since Clinton believes (none)
    Bush is one of the worst presidents ever(drop the "one of" from the phraSE AND i'm on board), I wonder how she'd rate her own senatorial performance.  After all, she was pretty gung ho for the invasion of Iraq (and still maintains some enthusiasm) and had no problem with the Patriot Act, the cornerstones of this administration.    
  •  Yea - es (none)
    Hillary - make 'em suffer !  

    "Time to clean out the crap in Congress" - Jesus (D) Nazarath

    by llbear on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 08:25:14 PM PST

  •  Yeah, but (none)
    Seems like a good time to revisit that wonderful DailyKos quote:

    "Laura Bush isn't qualified to run a McDonalds."

  •  THE Worst In History (none)
    As usual, the problem is not that Hillary is too extreme, but that she's too conservative.

    AWOL's administration is not "one of the worst" in history.  It is the worst, hands down.

    Who else saw an attack on the US mainland, resulting in 3000 civilian deaths, on their watch?  And did ABSOLUTELY nothing about it?

    Who else ignored a Category 5 hurricane barrelling down on one of America's oldest and most famous cities, and still had no discernible plan to rebuild it 5 months later?

    Who else turned record surpluses into record deficits in record time?

    Who else turned the goodwill of the whole world (post 9/11) into almost universal fear, distrust and hatred (today).

    Let's remember what Nobel Economist George Akerlof told Der Spiegel:

    The government is not really telling the truth to the American people. Past administrations from the time of Alexander Hamilton have on the average run responsible budgetary policies. What we have here is a form of looting.
    Indeed, Hilary should apologize--to the descendents of Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover, and James Buchanan.  Any implication that their forbearer was as bad as AWOL is scurrilous and indefensible.
  •  The First Lady needs to wake up (none)
    and smell the coffee. Not in the residential quarters of the White House, mind you, but at some coffee houses in an around the capital. Then and there she can chat with people from all walks of life and get a clear perspective of what is really concerning people about the state of affairs in the good old U.S.A.
  •  Laura should show empathy for troops (none)
    She and hubby continue to visit US air force/navy bases rather than the army bases whose former occupants have carried the brunt of Bush's godforsaken invasions.

    Vicenza, where the 1ID is stationed, is a hop, skip and jump from Aviano AB, Laura, and those troops are deployed.  Let's see some of that empathy you demand of others bestowed on military families who are enduring multiple year-long deployments.  Even the Cheney's visited Vicenza, with Lynn touting her "Patriotism" book to the military's children.  Of course, that visit was six months after the "success" of the Iraq invasion and "Mission Accomplished," and was designed only to rally the forces and draw reenlistments.  They haven't been back since.

    "Whether ours shall be a government of laws and not of men is now for Congress and ultimately the American people."--Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox

    by lebkuchen on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 11:32:33 PM PST

  •  Laura should be happy that Eleanor Roosevelt (none)
    is dead.

    Because she would, indeed, spend every waking moment (and sleeping moment, thanks to 24 hour media) criticizing this President.

    Now THAT would be a gentle First Lady's nightmare.

    And Laura should be happy that Rosalyn Carter's too damn busy doing important work all over the world to spend five minutes talking about this Administration.

    No, Laura.  If Ted Kennedy, who's brother was President and gave his life for his nation, can criticize your husband without your admonitions, than any US Senator can do the same.  Even one who is married to a former President.

  •  What kind of girly man can't stand on his own feet (none)
    First his daddy cries about how he was treated at the Coretta Scott King funeral.  Now Karl Rove instructs his wife to cry about how he's being treated by an opposition senator.

    But bear in mind that Bush can't run for office again, so this is less about him and more about demonizing Hillary Clinton.

    Carolyn Kay

  •  Worst First Lady ever (none)
    to go with Worst President Ever. Can we impeach both?
  •  "out of bounds"... (none)
    1. Is domestic surveillance of dissenters?
    2. Is lying to judges to get search warrants for a United States Person's home.
    3. Is the masking of government IP addresses for facilities engaged in wholesale warrantless wiretapping and sniffing out first amendment protected content on the web and in email.

    Get real

    BushCo Policy... If you aren't outraged, you haven't been paying attention. -3.25 -2.26

    by Habanero on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 05:32:43 AM PST

  •  Is it 2008 YET????? (none)
    Laura drives me nuts...
    Sorry Laura...but Sen. Clinton has EVERY right to criticize your husband...And I agree totally with Sen Clinton's remarks...
    Bush is the WORST president...
    Just the facts........
    Whatever happened to Laura's initiative to help young men?
    And what has Laura done as First Lady???????
  •  Unless I've missed something (none)
    Laura's comments are doubly outrageous.  

    People are criticizing her husband's politics.  He's fair game, he ran for office. And this is a democracy, last time I looked.

    But I have never heard one public word of criticism about Laura Bush--even though she's taken stands on public issues, including who should be a Supreme Court nominee, including calling people, be still my heart, sexist.

    But people didn't only criticize Bill Clinton.  People in her party criticized Hillary, mercilessly, for eight years.

    That's one thing she can never empathize with.

  •  Quick, someone call a Wahhhmbulance for her! (none)
    I must have read the title of this diary six times before it dawned on me: Shut the fuck up, Laura!  If I have to tolerate being called "traitor" and worse by sycophantic cronies of your husband's regime, you may have to sit still for some measured critiques of his governance.  Boo-frickety-hoo.

    Iraq has seen more corners than a two-hundred year old hooker made out of Rubik's Cubes. -- David Rees, GYWO

    by slippytoad on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 07:00:53 AM PST

  •  Stating the obvious (none)
    Can someone please point out to the enabling Miz Laura that her baby boy drunken husband has gotten love pats when compared to the filth thrown at the Clintons by the Rethuglicant scummers.

    "I will to God sing aloud, for He so well to me hath done." The 13th Psalm/Franz Liszt

    by grada3784 on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 09:53:32 AM PST

  •  Also tell kids not to play around parked cars (none)
    I was driving to the grocery store recently, and saw two pre-schoolers in my neighborhood playing in between two cars parked on the street.  Fortunately, I was driving slowly, because these two little kids ran right out in front of my car.  I was able to stop in time, and I looked for any adults around--and of course, there was no one watching them.

    Please, everybody, do writeups in your neighborhood newsletters about keeping kids away from parked cars and watching them while they're playing outside!  Get your city council representative & police department involved, too, if that helps get the message across!

  •  Laura, would you debate HRC (none)
    on national television?

    'My husband made/makes a better President than your husband' could be a handy proposition. It would nicely sweep in a whole bunch of issues, the least of them being The Unstated Code to which First Ladies must cleave.

    The rest would be political. Yes, Laura, I know you and your husband are trying to turn 'politics' into a dirty word (e.g. decisions on troop reduction in Iraq should not be made by politicians in Washington).

    However, the fact is that 'politics' does not mean intrigue and deception and violations of oaths of office - though that's how your husband plays it. Nor does it have to mean power-grabs,  Beltway deal-making, and lobbyist-related shady business.

    'Politics' is to do with matters of state and government and public affairs and the human polity. Your husband is a politician - in fact, the First Politican of the USA. Pretending that he's only Commander-in-Chief doesn't make him any less a politician. Get used to it.

    When we speak of matters of profound concern to people at any level - state, nation, planet - and if those matters can be addressed through the institutions of government, then we're being political.

    So how about it? Put the rest of your mouth where a bit of your mouth is.

  •  Painted Lady (none)
    Ah, I smell a Rove! The Republican smear tactic finally surfaces. What better way to fight Hillary than to have Laura Bush attack her, thus subtly (they hope) reminding the public that a woman is fit to be a First Lady, but not a President.

    Though Hillary is at the bottom of my list as a nominee for 2008 (since she isn't a liberal), I still think this is foul.

    And poor Laura. She's been sandbagged. They probably told her that they were sending her out to shore up her husband's sagging numbers.

    We need to be smart enough to ignore what Laura Bush says. Even discussing it gives it the patina of political discourse.

    Liberal Thinking

    Think, liberally.

    by Liberal Thinking on Mon Feb 13, 2006 at 05:33:14 PM PST

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