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Below the Fold:

  • The Sunday Lineup: Dean vs Rice

    In the Comment Section:

  • A story that could save your life: Pregnancy and Labor

  • Sunday Funnies - monitor warning: no drinking while viewing this segment

  • A compilation of Coretta Scott King's Service - Best of the Best

  • Carville on Traitor Cheney and Brownie

  • New Orleans' residents Flip Out on Bush

  • True Love: a wounded vet and her dog;

  • Letters to the Editor: ranging from drop dead funny to heartbreaking anger

  • Fun and Sexy Interviews: Isabella Rossellini and Jon Stewart

  • This, A special Valentine's Day Treat, and much more inside.


  • Face the Nation: The worst failure in US history, Condo-Liar Rice vs Governor Howard Dean.  They'll dine on her Mid-East recipes for disaster: Iraq, Hamas, and Iran.  Then in a just and ironic turn, Dean will state, "no one could have ever envisioned her failures in office."

  • 60 Minutes: Steve Koft's looks into the $8.8 Billion Bush, Cheney, and Dumbsfeld "lost" in Iraq.  Mike Wallace talks with wounded Irai Veterans.   And Leslie Stahl on fertility clinics and surplus embryos ["who will save the frozen embryos?!"].

  • This Week: Joe Biden attempts to clean up the B.S. dropped by prior guest,  Secretary of Deceit Rice.

  • CNN: Chuck Hagel and Joe Lieberman; Iyad Allawi, Nabil Fahmy (Egypt's Amb.), Afif Safieh (Palestinian Rep.), Danny Ayalon (Israeli Amb.), and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Danish Prime Minister on this week's violence.

  • Air America's Politically Direct: David Strathairn, nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Edward R. Murrow. And Chastity Bono discusses recent gay-themed movies ("Brokeback Mountain," Transamerica," "Capote") .

  • Meet the Press: Gooper stooge, Pat Roberts  with Peter Hoekstra vs  Tom Daschle and Jane Harman.  They'll recall how Traitor Cheney "briefed" them about his unconstitutional wire-tap scheme.

  • The F Word: The Effers will try to badger Reverend Joseph Lowery.  Afterwards, Ron Christie (the RNC's spokesperson,  regarding American Americans) will feign outrage [Sharpton wacked this guy good, a few weeks ago]. Finally, empty suit George Allen vs Jack Reed

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