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We all know that Vice Presidnet Cheney shot an old man on a farm while trying to shoot pen-raised slow moving birds with a 28-guage shotgun.  

But what about the gun?  

Cheney was using a Perazzi shotgun.  Perazzi 28-guages are custom made shotguns that sell for over $20,000.  Some of them go for as high as $41,000.00!!

So if you are keeping score at home.  Our vice president shoots at slow moving pen-raised birds with a 28-guage shotgun costing over $20,000.00.....and misses, hitting a 78 year old man.

The perfect metaphor only gets better.

They shoot $40,000 guns at the wrong people. We couldn't have written a better metaphor if we tried.

Originally posted to The Bulldog Manifesto on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 12:26 AM PST.

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  •  The rich aren't like you and I; (4.00)
    they shoot each other with museum pieces.
  •  Man, he doesn't deserve... (4.00)
    ... a shotgun that nice.

    </gun nerd>

    Every revolution carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.

    by Page van der Linden on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 12:34:51 AM PST

    •  armed, dangerous (none)
      Predictable. Dick is such a dipshit. This really is the perfect metaphor, more and more.

      The shotgun I got after moving to my quaint New Mexican village is a Remington 870 Express Magnum. It's a little smaller than the typical shotgun, and often used by younger, smaller people getting into shooting and guns; or so they told me at Oshman's.  

      My husband is a Vietnam Vet and he knows alot about weapons and munitions. He's gonna think this Perazzi story is another classic from our dear old dipshits.

  •  $41,000 approaches (4.00)
    the 75th percentile in annual wages for a male in our society...

    I barely made over $20k last year...thanks to Bu$hco's wonderful economy...

    What the hell is wrong with this picture?

    Parties divide, movements unite.

    by Gegner on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 12:51:36 AM PST

  •  Freeper Kerry Gun Thread. (4.00)
    Absolutely hilarious

    Wilhelm Tell:  Part of the problem is that you assume good will on the part of the far-left politicians. They are not really concerned about "gun safety" (however you define it). They are socialists who want to ban all privately-owned firearms just like communists want to ban private property. It is central to their ideology of control. There may be many moderate and leftist voters who care about "gun safety," but the leaders of the Progressive movement are the ones who drive the left and they want the peasants to be disarmed (they might allow Kerry to own his $10,000 "sporting" shotgun). Thus, "gun safety" is politicized until it means little more than banning more and more guns.

    punster:  Kerry never met a gun ban that he did not like.

    He may show up toting a $5000 Perazzi shotgun. But, that is not the shotgun that ordinary people use. Kerry considers himself too good, to use arms that the little people would use. He believes the little people to be of little use, other than conning them into voting for him.

    Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.

    by gavodotcom on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 12:52:42 AM PST

  •  Elitist Hunting (none)
    I grew up in Western Pennsylvania where the first day of buck season is a school holiday.  People sat in trees for a few days in the cold and maybe 30% of them got off a shot let alone tagged a buck.

    These canned hunts with engraved Italian rifles bears about as much similarity to the hunting that 95% of America knows as Dom Perignon does to Miller HighLife.

    There has been some discussion of this recently in the news.

    Christian Larson wrote an article in Washington Monthly on why hunting is declining and becoming a preserve of the rich.

    Nick Schulz wrote an article on a sport which is the fishing equivalent of the canned hunt, the $1,500-a-day guided sports-fishing trip.

  •  Captain Champagne & the Designer Commando (none)
    The GOP ticket in '00 and '04.

    ... we now know a lot of things, most of which, we already knew... (-dash888)

    by Tirge Caps on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 01:14:46 AM PST

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