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Donald Rumsfeld today announced we are woefully behind our "dead-ender" counterparts in Iraq and Al Qaeda (you know, the guys living in caves) in terms of being tech savvy.

All I can muster is ... huh?

I feel like a movie reel has been switched and I'm watching the second half of a completely different movie than the one I walked into. Kinda like starting out in the Last of the Mohicans and ending up in The Matrix.

Here's Rumsfeld today:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States lags dangerously behind al Qaeda and other enemies in getting out information in the digital media age and must update its old-fashioned methods, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Friday.
The Pentagon chief said today's weapons of war included e-mail, Blackberries, instant messaging, digital cameras and Web logs, or blogs.

"Our enemies have skillfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but ... our country has not adapted," Rumsfeld said.

So let me see if I have this straight. These same "dead-enders," "remnants of defeated regimes," "small number of terrorists, a small number of militias, coupled with some demonstrations and some lawlessness," these are the same losers who now are suddenly relegated to some category of Blackberry-wielding, VOIP-using, IM'ing wizzes, operating in a country with a few hours of electricity per day? Is that the scenario? Or am I missing an episode in a trilogy?

You know, every time Rumsfeld speaks, I feel a little stupider. Here we are, arguably the most industrialized nation in the world, the home of Silicon Valley and Bill Gates and NASA, and our defense secretary is trying to sell us on the idea that we're getting our asses whupped by people he'd previously designated as unaffiliated, dying-gasp, disgruntled losers who are reluctant to enter the 21st century and partake of the fruits of democracy and capitalism with us.

If I missed a transitional phase, forgive me. Still, I have some advice for Mr. Rumsfeld. Check with your defense department's propaganda sub-contractors, because something's seriously amiss here. You can start with The Lincoln Group, which garnered a sweet $20 million for a two-month contract (that's $10 million a month for those too busy to do the math) that was supposed to propagandize the Iraqis into handing over their hearts and minds to the U.S. I'll await your email notification of the investigative result, Mr. Rumsfeld.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:20 PM PST.

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  •  These would be the tech-savvy folks (none)
    Who hijacked airplanes with box cutters and live in caves, right?

    Yeah, that's what I thought.

  •  NSA defense (4.00)
    He's just preparing a defense as to why we need military assets to monitor digital communication. 'cause that's where the enemy is. Warrants are for law enforcement, not military engagement
    •  Exactly (4.00)
      Just when you thought "wiretapping" meant phone conversations.  I bet the news is going to break that the NSA has been monitoring all forms of communication, including internet traffic.

      Rumsfeld is just setting up the groundwork for the justification and defense of NSA's program to eavesdrop on all communication.

      "Cake or death?" - Eddie Izzard

      by s0ck on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:26:06 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Not to mention... (none)
        Possible disconnecting access in America to certain information.  All of the shut-downs in China may just be a warm up.  Not only that, they could say that dKos is sending the 'Terrist' messages to harm troops, or any other blog for that matter, and just shut it down in the interest of national security.

        Maybe my tinfoil is on just a little to tight - but it seems that everything in this admin happens for a reason.  They seem to put up outrages trial balloons which have everyone scratching their heads and saying 'whaaa' and then in a few months we see the results of that.  It is sort of a market trial to see if anybody pays attention.

        "[A] 'Sharecropper's Society' [is] precisely where our trade policies, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, are taking us." - Warren Buffet

        by RichM on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:31:02 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  That's exactly what I read into this statement: (none)
          "The terrorists aren't just militant muslims rioting at Muhammed cartoons--They are also liberal bloggers.   And it's time we get them.

          I carried water for the elephant; Back and forth to the well I went; My arms got sore and my back got bent; But I couldn't fill up that elephant

          by Sylvester McMonkey Mcbean on Sat Feb 18, 2006 at 06:56:05 AM PST

          [ Parent ]

      •  Oh I'm sure they are (none)
        Monitoring general internet traffic is much easier and is considered more "public" than listening to a phone call. I'm just curious/suspicious that they are using that as a triggering factor in OKing further wire-taps. As in, Al-Jazeera shows Al-Qaida videos, therefore people who visit their website are "people who have been in communication known Al-Qaida affiliates"
      •  But What Is Funny About This (4.00)
        is that it just came out in the Katrina investigation that neither Rumsfeld or Chertoff even use email! That is one of the reasons Chertoff did not get in a timley fashion what was coming out of New Orleans.

        So Rummy wants more technology while he himself is still operating with a "Pre-911 Mindset".

        "You Have The Power!" - Howard Dean

        by talex on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:05:48 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  So Obvious (none)
      This is so obvious I was wondering why Kos was asking the question.  He's just prepping us for not only the Administration's defense for the NSA wiretapping, but I would suggest even further erosions of our rights to communicate in private.

      It suggests that investigating private-key encryption techniques would be a wise move these days.

    •  This is one of the lead stories on NBC (none)
      News, right behind the mudslide in the Phillipines.

      Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

      by litigatormom on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:29:57 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Rummy says (none)
        "There has never been a war fought in this environment."  Rummy complains Arab extremists have become expert at putting out disinformation through 24 hour Arabic news outlets and the internet.  Rummy also blasts the US press for focusing too much on negative news, like the abuses at Abu Ghraib.  As for Gitmo, Rummy started YELLING that "there's no abuse, things are being handled honorably there."  SO THERE.

        Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

        by litigatormom on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:37:29 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  That's a very good point (none)
          Your reference to Abu Ghraib. I suspect that when concrete abuses of the NSA scandal comes out, we'll hear about "bad apples" abusing their power. I suspect a similar ambigious-in-writing set of guidelines exists allowing them to cut loose and prosecute anyone caught doing exactly what they were told to do. I'd be pretty scared to be one of those shift supervisors about now.
        •  losing info war (none)
          Earlier today I was listening to BBC radio and they had a top of the hour headline story about Rummy crying about losing the propoganda war. The next story had Rummy crying about Kofi Anan releasing a report calling for closing Gitmo. "There are bad people there", said Rummy. I don't remember him saying what country they were from, though.  No wonder we are losing the "propoganda war". Hmmm, I wonder if the editor planned to have those two stories back to back?

          The tragedy of science, a beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact. T. H. Huxley -7.38,-6.67

          by realalaskan on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 07:32:05 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  Rumsfeld...... (none)
          is a war criminal who belongs in prison. The entre Bush Cabal belong in prison.

          Arrest the lying bastard!

    •  That was exactly my first thought (none)
      That we're somehow lagging behind the terrorists is a trojan horse to rally people behind the idea of allowing the government to snoop in on Internet activities. Thw wingnuts will be lining up to voluntarily give Gonzales their browser histories and all chat logs. And without thinking for one moment, we'll all be asked to do the same or else we'll get attacked again...somewhere down the road.

      BTW, did anyone else see Fred Barnes last night on Bill Maher admit that he would be okay with President HRC having the same broad executive authority?


      by PanzerMensch on Sat Feb 18, 2006 at 09:54:05 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  These are (none)
    the last throes we heard about.

    I don't like country music, but I don't mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means 'put down.'- Bob Newhart

    by condoleaser on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:22:38 PM PST

  •  You Got That Almost Right (4.00)
    Everytime Rumsfailed speaks, he seems a little stupider. Those of us in the reality-based world feel completely disoriented when we try to enter the wingnut universe, where stupidity masqerades as solemn public pronouncements that the Emperor has a regal set of clothes.
  •  You mean Bush & friends spent over a billion (4.00)
    on PR and they're lagging behind a bunch of guys who send videotapes to Al-Jazeera?

    "Our country right or wrong. When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be put right" - Carl Schurz

    by RBH on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:23:47 PM PST

  •  Sorry, Rummy, but... (4.00) go to war with the PDA you have, not the PDA you wish you had.

    You have reached the point where you must choose
    Between what you lost and what you stand to lose - Michael Penn

    by GreenCA on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:23:59 PM PST

    •  This is the same guy who doesn't know (4.00)
      what tech is:

      The House committee established to investigate Katrina was "informed that neither Secretary Chertoff nor Secretary Rumsfeld use e-mail," reported Reps. Charlie Melancon and William Jefferson.

      Newsweek via TP

      "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die." - Senator Edward M. Kennedy

      by Phil S 33 on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:29:10 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  You beat me to it. (4.00)
        I was going to say, if Susan was waiting for an email from Rummy, she'd be waiting a long time, since he doesn't use email.

        Which brings me to the point of a man who doesn't avail himself of the latest technology, lecturing the country on how we are falling behind.  Hey, Rummy, ya' got a bit of a credibility problem there, don't ya'?

        Just because a person has faith doesn't mean that he isn't full of crap.-- Pastordan

        by Maggie Mae on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:35:02 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  That's (4.00)
          exactly where I was going Maggie. Here's  guy that hasn't joined the 21st Century but is complaining about our ability to fight the enemy on a 21st Century technology footing that he knows nothing about. Rummy is a real piece of work. I think others are right that this is a prelude to more eaves dropping and monitoring of liberal sites. They know this is the new media and they daon't have control of it and need to nip this in the bud. Especially when it comes to grass roots fubd raising.
          •  Sorry (none)
            My fingers were moving faster than I can actually type without mistakes. The misspelled words are "don't" and "fund".
          •  Trolls aren't always abusive. (none)
            I think others are right that this is a prelude to more eaves dropping and monitoring of liberal sites.

            I think they do and have be doing this for a very long time.  They are the uber-lurkers.

            With all the secret spying going on, I feel like I should just tatoo my ISP address on my forehead.

            I truly hate these people.

            Just because a person has faith doesn't mean that he isn't full of crap.-- Pastordan

            by Maggie Mae on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:50:07 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

      •  of course they don't use email (none)
        emails leave a paper trail.  

        "To lead an uninstructed people to war, is to throw them away." Confucius, K'ung-fu-tzu

        by Zwoof on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 08:03:37 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  Breaking: Rummy Discovers E-Mail! (none)
      Tune in next week, when Rummy discovers the I-Pod and orders 24/7 surveillance of I-Tune downloads to see if the terraists are sending each other secret messages through music.

      Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

      by litigatormom on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:09:05 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  We're really fighting...., (4.00)
    thousands of Arabic MacGyvers.

    "Knowledge is good" Emil Faber(Founder of Faber college)

    by irate on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:24:08 PM PST

    •  That would explain (4.00)
      the infamous 'stockpile duct tape' advice. It was actually an attempt to corner the global supply of duct tape. Combined with a planned export embargo of Swiss Army knives, it will bring the terrorists to their knees!


      Revised dKos FAQ: comments and suggestions welcome

      by dmsilev on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:37:52 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Rumsfeld also said (none)
    that we are losing the war in Iraq because we don't have good PR capabilities.  I just put up a diary on it here

    One does have to wonder where we are headed when reality and actions don't matter but words are the best way to protect our nation.

    •  Who do you think the PR is meant for? (4.00)
      Us at home. Counteract all the bad fallout from new torture photo's and Iraqi death squads. Future generations will hold all of us culpable for the crimes these guys are committing.

      "Knowledge is good" Emil Faber(Founder of Faber college)

      by irate on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:02:52 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  I agree. He is rather cryptic (none)
    Maybe he decided their "superior messaging skills" was the least ego-threatening rationale for why we're losing. If you're going to lose, and you can't blame it on someone else, and you don't know how to lose with dignity, choose the least damaging explanation? That's all I can come up with, except, of course, that the man never made sense. Why expect him to start now?
  •  Let us just ask Microsoft (4.00)
    to stop the terrorists from using the internets, like they do in China.
  •  Ineptitude at its finest. (none)
    If Jesus floated down from the sky and landed on the White House lawn, waved his hands and screamed, "I'm Jesus", they'd fuck up the PR on that one, too.

    Rumsfeld is not just a fool (that's Richard Perle) but completely demented and probably suffering from early stage Alzheimer's Disease. Either that or he's one of the Nazgul. As a matter of fact, I think he's the one that stabbed Frodo.

    It's the beat generation, it's be-at, it's the beat to keep, it's the beat of the heart, it's being beat and down in the world and like all time low-down

    by Splicer on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:25:32 PM PST

    •  Rummy is Saruman (none)
      Creating human-animal hybrids to become Uruk-Hai, thus dealing with the Army's recruitment problems once and for all.

      Sometimes you cover your ass with the lame excuses you have, instead of the lame excuses you wish you had. (-3.00, -5.49)

      by litigatormom on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:12:52 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Who's behind the times?? (none)
    Am I wrong, or did I just read in a posting (possibly here) that Rumsfeld doesn't use email?  The implication seemed to be that he chooses not to use email ...
  •  but Donald-duck (none)
    doesn't do email ... neither does Chertoff ... remember, that's why he didn't know the dikes had broken open until after he got up on tuesday back in august/sept
  •  Maybe That's Because He Doesn't Use Email (none)

    Read it and weep, folks.

    Miss the Scotty Show on dKos? Catch it on The KE Report!
    Laying a Smackdown on the Ass Clowns

    by karateexplosions on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:26:14 PM PST

  •  Rumsfeld is just being Freudian (none)
    because he is an ignorant boob he thinks everyone else is.  What a jerk.

    Dean speaks for me!

    by dkmich on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:26:46 PM PST

  •  Anybody but me see this (4.00)
    ... as a rather transparent preemptive defense of future online astroturf/propaganda efforts in the United States, using online sources?

    It's not like electronic propaganda stays in one place, after all. I think that may be one of those other inconvenient United States laws that the administration is just too, too busy to be constrained by. It really can't be helped: governing according to the Constitution is too difficult, when you're dealing with a group of people currently one blond mullet away from being on an episode of Cops.

    •  It might be a future excuse for Internet rules (none)
      Sorry. We're taking control of the Internet to prevent it from being used by terrorists to get their message out.
    •  And (4.00)
      Rumsfeld specifically mentioned blogs. Um, is it chilly in here or is it just me?

      The sleep of reason produces monsters. Francisco Goya

      by Dire Radiant on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:39:41 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  We are winning the PR war on the Internet (none)
      In a way Rummy's complaint is an admission that liberal blogs and on-line pundits are winning the PR war. That's good because the traditional media isn't doing jack when it comes to reporting what is really important. The bad news is it probably means that the administration is looking into ways to stop the free flow of information on the Internet. Rummy talks about competition, but these guys will not get into a fight that is not stacked in their favor. Look for legislation to start putting retraints on the Internet.
  •  Correct me if I'm wrong (4.00)
    Al Quaida gets it meesages out on home video delivered by goat to al-Jazeera. And we can't compete with that?
  •  Korea (none)
    I'm reminded of a little-known aspect of the Korean War: That when we faced Red Chinese in battle we were taken to school by them. I don't want to overstate that but that's what I took away from reading "Chosin."

    Reason: The Chinese ideology led them to decentralize their armed forces. Each soldier had a very good idea of what was trying to be achieved in the conflict and the room in which to maneuver toward that end, without requiring a chain of command be jerked constantly.

    Food for thought.

    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:32:06 PM PST

  •  Who's on First? (none)
    If only Rummy knew.

    Who's on first

    Power and greed and corruptible seed seem to be all that there is. -- Bob Dylan

    by Delia on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:33:46 PM PST

  •  DailyKos is the enemy (none)
    ..isn't this also an attempt to color sites like DailyKos as belonging to "the enemy"? And hence we need legislation to control the blogs....
  •  Forgot a few friends? (none)
     Could it be that some corporate friends were overlooked? It's nothing that some new appropriations wont't fix. Spending on those gizmos is considered an investment also when they tally up their wonderfully fraudulent GDP numbers. It's this governments policy to manipulate economic data as much as anything else. This sounds like an excuse to juice the numbers again in an election year.
  •  Oh And The Other Thing To Consider (none)
    Is that this is a propaganda front being opened in the US to precipitate a crackdown on electronic discussions such as we are enjoying at this particular moment.

    While there is no doubt some truth in this, there is also the ulterior motive to consider. Remember Bush talking about blogs as a source of terrorist mayhem....

    So lets just take everything at face value, and just wait for the jackboot to drop. Oh and allowing Democrats who just want to facilitate or take over BushCo's war on free expression to be our leaders, won't help.


    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:36:39 PM PST

  •  I'm sorry to have to say it... (none)
    ...but Rumsfeld just snarked you!

    The hugest grandiose fuckup of all time, so big we can't even grasp it and so are left to react to the Spin. it works on me with most Pols,etc. sometimes. But With the zen poet and fighting master i have learned.

    I've never to fall into a Rumsfeldian Moebius Logic Field again!

    Free Rex! This message brought to you by the Rex Liberation Front

    by buhdydharma on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:38:00 PM PST

  •  Blackberry (none)
    Didn't it just come out last week the Rumsfeld -- along with Chertoff -- doesn't use e-mail? So, isn't he part of the problem that they may be technically ahead of us?

    Isn't Blackberry a subscription service? Hey, how about if we subpoena the records and get OBL's billing address?? Or, offer him a free upgrade that he has to pick up in person.

  •  See, Susan, (none)
    in The Two Towers, the Fellowship has disbanded, and Frodo and Don are left on their own to destroy the ring.  Sheez.  It's in the book.  Just read the damned book.

    Kossacks: a large population of Medieval exegetes who each day grapple with the fabulistic opportunities of the early third milennium.

    by DCDemocrat on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:39:28 PM PST

  •  uhhh (none)
    The Pentagon chief said today's weapons of war included e-mail, Blackberries, instant messaging, digital cameras and Web logs, or blogs.

    "Our enemies have skillfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but ... our country has not adapted," Rumsfeld said.

    If I didn't know any better, I'd think that was a comment about progressive vs. conservative netroots. The enemy is us.

  •  Cutbacks at the Defense Language Institute... (none)
    ...have prevented us from being able to interpret the "emoticons" being used in Al Qaeda IMs.

    You have reached the point where you must choose
    Between what you lost and what you stand to lose - Michael Penn

    by GreenCA on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:42:46 PM PST

  •  It's bizarro time (none)
    . . . when Rumsfeld channels a Dean stump speech.

    I think Rumsfeld is feeling his age, and feeling the specter of Robert MacNamara breathing down his neck.

    Like MacBeth, he can see the forst moving toward him, and knows the game is over.

    We are not "compassionate conservatives." We are "fighting liberals." And we'll kick your ass.

    by Pachacutec on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:42:59 PM PST

  •  Rummy is really complaining about bad PR (none)
    Bad news travels fast.

    Rumsfeld also cited the methodical U.S. response to a Newsweek magazine report that interrogators at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, had placed the Koran, Islam's holy book, on toilets and flushed one down.

    After riots around the world killed 16 people, Newsweek retracted the story.

    "It was posted on Web sites, sent in e-mails, repeated on satellite television, radio stations for days, before the facts could be discovered," Rumsfeld said.

    If this administration would clean up its act, it wouldn't have to fight a PR war.

    •  The thing that pisses me off (none)
      about that incident is that the Koran flushing was TRUE! Newsweek just botched up its sourcing. The retraction was not because the story was false (it was not) but because Newsweek couldn't confirm from the source it identified (who had gotten the story from a third person, as I recall).
      •  Truth doesn't matter (none)
        The administration just doesn't want to look bad. They've been able to muzzle the traditional media. Look at all the information that has been scrubbed on the Cheney hunting incident alone from MSM sites. But those pesky bloggers keep it in circulation. This must be very frustrating to Rummy. I suspect that the Abu Ghraib pictures being released triggered this response because that is within Rummy's particular sphere of control. He is going to have to deal with torture charges directly. He's probably steaming that the pictures made it to the web.  
  •  He Has Met the Enemy (none)
    and the enemy is us, fellow emailers and  bloggers. Watch your backs.
  •  Say Whaaaaaaat?? (none)
    We have every technological advantage known to mankind, and some advantages only known to a few of mankind. If we can't beat them, maybe it is because we are not fighting the war(s) correctly.

    The Pentagon has got to get over it's reliance on tech and go for human intelligence, and boots on the ground. Knobs, buttons, and dials only go so far, then you have to go make the diplomatic compacts, have the spies on the ground, and in general do the messy side of fighting. I thought that was what the development of Pentagon Black ops was about (from Sy Herch, New Yorker, don't have the link at my finger tips).

    Somebody needs to suggest that Rumsfeld has suffered shell shock or something and gentley retire him.

    “A nation may lose its liberties in a day and not miss them in a century.” Montesquieu

    by sailmaker on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:46:16 PM PST

  •  It's times like these (4.00)
    where you know that there isn't a single member of the Republican party with a shred of common sense right now. Someone who will put reason and straight talk ahead of pandering to, or cowering in the face of, the cult of Bush and the War on Terror and say why our efforts aren't working.

    Here's a hint Donald: It ain't becuase Osama has a Blackberry that telling people our shit don't stink isn't washing to people covered with our shit.

    A war that is heading on costing a half-trillion dollars in wasted taxpayer money, an administration that has paid 1.5 billion with a 'b' dollars for propaganda to private public relations firms, is arguing with a straight face that people in the radical Islamic world using pirated ancient copies of Adobe Pagemill, crappy taiwanese digital cameras, knock-off pirated Blackberries from god-knows-where, and free Yahoo email accounts are outhustling the US in the propaganda war because we are behind the times???.

    First, the problem with this is not that the enemy is gifted with magic technology and magic propaganda... and somebody on their conservative side of the American ideological fence who knows this (Colin Powell is due for a special place in hell for sitting on his hands and keeping his mouth shut over this post-job) needs to say this out loud and face the wingnutosphere heat... its that the Islamic people our message is aimed at aren't swallowing it because we have, oh, the history of having things like being for Saddam before we were against him, Abu Ghraib, and civilians killed in bombing runs to live with and down.

    Second, the money that Paul Bremer's corrupt CPA lost, almost 9 billion dollars, would have paid for a heck of a job Brownie upgrade in propaganda technology... and that still wouldn't change why the Islamic world is listening to the nutjobs and suicide bombers more closely than to us.

    It's always somebody, or something, else's fault that the Bush Administration can't get it's shit straight. Always.


    The Washington Post takes the gold for most dishonorable partisan hack as an ombusperson

    by LeftHandedMan on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:46:38 PM PST

    •  Jeez, I wish ... (none)
      ...John Kerry had used this line the history of having things like being for Saddam before we were against him once or twice during the campaign.
      •  So do I, Meteor Blades, so do I (4.00)
        it is a fundamental cornerstone of my 'theory of communicating liberalism effectively' that every 'Atwaterism', 'Luntzspeak', or 'Roveline' can be immediately thrown right back at a rightwinger.

        The deep dark secret of the Republican right is that this built-in flaw is completely by design.

        Rightwing smearpoints are, I believe, almost always subconscious projections of the wingnut's own fears. Particularly of being publically exposed and revealed in a way that taints a long established embedded image of his party. Karl Rove attacks people's strengths because he knows full well that not only is a percieved strength an abstraction that cannot defend itself, but that this cuts both ways and would work on him and his agenda. The Republican party has a lot of perceived 'strengths' that have never been coldly dissected in a vicious and streetfight-like way... to do so would expose them.

        So Rove strikes first. Always. Because he has to.

        The Washington Post takes the gold for most dishonorable partisan hack as an ombusperson

        by LeftHandedMan on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:36:26 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  wonder what he thinks of this video... No Bravery (none)
    It is an Anti-Iraq-War piece i put together after hearing this amazing song by a former UK solider, James Blunt... (1.9 mb)
    (warning GRAPHIC images)

    xBM3 bpilgrim

  •  sounds to me like (none)
    He's not happy with Americans who can instant message, set up a blog, use search engines, document with cell phones and txt msg.

    Seems to be saying the White house propaganda machine needs to deal with the blogosphere.


    by BobOak on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:53:28 PM PST

  •  "Our enemies have skillfully adapted"? (none)
    I don't think it's a matter of our enemies being more 'tech savy' than Americans, it's a matter of our enemies having better leadership.
    •  They also have a real reason to fight (none)
      They're fighting for their homes and to defend their country and their loved ones from invaders who torture, kill and destroy, and, not incidentally, desecrate their religion.

      On the other hand, we remind me again. Just why are we occupying Iraq? Oh, um, we're bringing God's gift of democracy to the world. Oh, right.

  •  poll (none)

    "Face it, we're as dead as corduroy" - Cat

    by TalkieToaster on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:55:03 PM PST

  •  eRumsfeld (none)
    Rumsfeld is just promoting the canned results of last week's CyberStorm, the online terror wargame that spent a lot of money, and made us no more safe.

    Bloggers, beware!

  •  DO my eyes deceive me... (none)
    ...or did Rummy just tell the terrorists how to beat us?

    Because it sure sounded like he was telling the terrorists to start using blackberries to topple the united states of America.

    WTF?  The hypocracy is stunning.  I'm absolutely gobsmacked.

  •  If al Qaeda is out spinning the repubs, (none)
    then the Democrats are being out spun by both the Republicans and al Qaeda. Just when exactly do the meek inherit the earth?
  •  I get it (none)
    You know, every time Rumsfeld speaks, I feel a little stupider.

    But are you implying that you were stupid to begin with?  What was your "stupid" baseline?

  •  Abu Ghraib pictures probably triggered this (none)
    When Rumsfeld complains about negative images of the West being spread across the Muslim world, he does not see the administration as the culprit. He blames bloggers and on-line pundits for spreading bad PR about the Bush administration. They have the regular media channels in thrall, but they haven't figured out a way to control what gets out through the Internet. Consider Rumsfeld's complaint as evidence that we are doing some good here.
    •  Abu Ghraib pictures (none)
      It still amazes me that no person in charge has ever been held accountable for that mess... and probably the ongoing mess in "dentention centers" around the world. I saw those pictures posted on Sullivan's site the other day and was honestly ashamed to be associated with America. It makes me sick to think that our leadership has let this happen and has even encouraged and defended it.
  •  Disappointing... (none)
    ....Rumsfeld thinks the US is behind in getting the message out, yet obviously the GOP is light years ahead of the Democratic Party. What does that say about us????

    Every good Christian should line up and kick Jerry Falwell's ass. - Barry Goldwater, 1981

    by Doug in SF on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 02:59:05 PM PST

  •  Aaaauugh! HELP! Call 911! (4.00)
    Dick Cheney just Blackberried me in the face! Aaaiiiiieeee!
  •  Did Rummy get a few pellets in his brain? (none)
    You have to love the old fart: from a pill pusher to a war monger.

    2006, the defenestration of the Republican Congress.

    by galliano on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:04:44 PM PST

    •  That's quite the stellar resume there (none)
      Nixon cabinet member

      Ford Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense who pushed the cold war rhetoric up to new dizzying heights arguably against the intelligence community's position on the USSR (what a shocker) thus giving way for billions more going to Defense contractors.

      CEO of a major BigPharma corp

      Reagan advisor on arms "control"

      Iraq warmonger

      That's one helluva resume you got there, Rummy!

  •  I'm no techie...... (none)
    but my ability to use the "internets" is as precious to me as a gun is to some NRA nut.  So to Rummy I say (holding onto my mouse):  "From my cold dead hand".

    "He that sees but does not bear witness, be accursed" Book of Jubilees

    by Lying eyes on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:07:30 PM PST

  •  Look (none)
    While I am as game for kicking around silliness about some of the adminstration hacks as anyone, I wouldn't toss out a serious charge like the one below offhandedly....

    But as Atrios pondered a few months back, is Donald Rumsfeld in complete possession of his faculties?

    It's a serious question.

    Over the past year or so - I think we've seen a wide assortment of episodes and pronouncements from Rumsfeld that are a bit.... odd.

    Take the press conference a few months back when he was basically arguing with a General (Pace?) on troop responsibilities when they witness illegal handling of prisoners.

    I'm not trying to start some ugly smear campaign - but seriously... Rumsfeld is what, 75?

    I'm also not trying to callously use the onset of dementia, early stages of senility, etc - we're dealing with the same in my own family.

    But the fact remains - if we're at war, then I think it's a valid question to ask about our Sec of Defense.

    It might be considered impolite or below the belt to ask the question -- but I think it's one we deserve an answer to.

    Apologies in advance in folks think I'm the one being crazy -- but it's undeniable that Rumsfeld has exhibited increasingly bizarre and sometimes confusing behavior.

    I guess everyone's got their own blog now.

    by zonk on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:10:39 PM PST

  •  This has nothing to do with the insurgents.... (none)
    and everything to do with Rummy's obsession with the new military and such things as data fusion, vast investment in IT technology at all levels, "network warfare" and the like. This is his way of saying, "Give me more goddam money, NOW!"

    "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." Seneca

    by Ralfast on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:11:10 PM PST

  •  Defeating who? (none)
    The only enemy they really seem interested in beating is all of us here that oppose their neo-fascist takeover of America. In that conflict it seems with all the power in their grasp plus a gutless opposition and compliant media they still are losing ground in almost every poll and are stuck at around 40%. Not that they care. The Nazis came to power in germany in 33' with less then 33% of the vote but rapidly turned Germany into a Nazi 1 party state. Of course anyone who questioned that result simply vanished. Is that kind of thing possible here, maybe? We'll see soon enough is my guess.

    "It's better to die on your feet then live on your knees"

    by Blutodog on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:12:37 PM PST

  •  What goes around comes around (4.00)
    OBL watched how we bankrupted the Soviets as they fought a decade long unpopular war as we built up our arsenals and supplied OBL weapons. Now slip OBL into the Soviet slot and the Saudis into the direct weapons and money and you have the same scenario.

    I'd say we have a about a 1500/1 dollar to kill ratio. To put it in proper perspective, we spend a billion and half for every  million (probably much less maybe 15,000/1) they spend to kill HVTs which are quickly replaced on their side and not so quickly replaced on our side.

    They use cheap off the shelf hacked technology very effectively, while we spend gazillions only to end up with highly expensive custom made non-working technology originally designed for set battlefield conditions that no longer exist.

    69 Million dollar tanks for back alley knife fights with no replacement parts in sight and supply lines 20,000 miles long. The only thing we can hope for at this stage is that OBL dies laughing.

    Diebold, the hand of God
    Oversize Rants Available Overnight at
    The Image Factory

    by Dburn on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:17:03 PM PST

    •  They're doing a heckuva job... (none)
      We spend more on the military than the entire rest of the world combined, we have a monstrous debt, a monstrous trade deficit, we're shipping our entire manufacturing base overseas, the people are paranoid about terrorists lurking under every bed...

      Not bad for a few years' work.

  •  Sorry (none)
    Slip OBL into the USA slot.

    Diebold, the hand of God
    Oversize Rants Available Overnight at
    The Image Factory

    by Dburn on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:17:51 PM PST

  •  It's probably about the big bucks they (none)
    want to launch propaganda in Iran. Also, it is probably another justification for domestic spying, albeit a roundabout one.

    1. I assume they are already releasing propaganda in Iran, but maybe they think they can get us to pay for it;

    2. Nonetheless, they are idiots to think that their propaganda is going to have any effect on Iranians. I have noticed that people who live under repressive regimes tend to be savvy consumers of official information and they distrust until they verify.

    Cheney lied--you can see it in his eyes.

    by lecsmith on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:20:15 PM PST

  •  Yeah, that's why we're getting our asses kicked! (none)
    Bin Laden has a page on "My Space!"

    "I'm surprised Dick Cheney loves to hunt so much. The five times the government tried to give him a gun, he got a deferment." --Jay Leno

    by jazzmaniac on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 03:24:50 PM PST

  •  Arrrrrrrrgh! "Stupider" (none)
    More and more I see this kind of misuse of the english.


    Proper english would be more stupid, not stupider.

  •  'Baghdad Burning' Blogger had a Blackberry??! (none)
    This is explains why they raided Riverbend/'Baghdad Burning' Blogger's home...

    Do you now or have you ever had a Blackberry?  so surreal.

    better raid her home, just in case!

  •  Excuses. (none)
    Rumsfeld thinks peace activists are the terrorists, not Bin Laden. Why should we trust a defense secretary to protect our country who makes excuses, blames people exercising their 1st Amendment rights, and who can't even get the enemy correct?

    This is why we need to elect Democrats. When we come into power, we will have a defense secretary who concentrates on protecting this country and who is capable of making rational decisions. When you get a defense secretary who is capable of getting hysterical at the slightest sign of dissent, then how can you trust them to make rational decisions to protect our country?

  •  Rumsfeld (none)
    I found his comments today actually very interesting (in a creapy, pound my head on desk sort of way).

    I think it is finally dawning on Rumsfeld that he can not cut off the head of a stateless enemy.  That is the whole problem with fighting terrorists movements versus states.  They have nothing to loose, no be all end all base to protect and therefore can always scurry away to a new hiding place.  And in todays day and age, unless you have worldwide support, you can not isolate the enemy and cut off there communications.

    They had a brief moment to seriously weeken Al Queda.  That was the invasion of Afghanistan.  The world was united on this, and Al Queda was mostly within its borders.  Also, the Taliban were politically in charge of the country.  They could be targeted because they had something to loose, power in Afghanistan.

    Instead of finishing the job, BushCo went galivanting into Iraq, left the remnants of Al Queda to regroup, and pissed off much of the Islamic world.

    I think from these statements Rumsfeld thought once we were in Iraq, we could control communications and message, and disrupt communications between the terrorsts/insurgents.

    He is the dinasaur here.  Its not a matter of them being better at it, its a matter of no way of stopping the communications from getting out.

    •  onto something here (none)
      that's why calling it a "war" (and deriding their domestic political opposition for being pussies for trying to call it a law enforcement issue) and then loading up tanks and choppers and such is totally wrong. Law enforcement is more about information. War is more about using force to take territory. Which one seems more useful now, eh, rummy?

      All extremists are irrational and should be exposed

      by SeanF on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 05:57:09 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Maybe if guys like Bush and Cheney... (none)
    ..knew how to use email and other white-man magic, stuff like this wouldn't happen.
  •  What next? (none)
    In an effort to safeguard America, the GOP will now advocate dismantling the entire telecommunications infrastructure and replace it with tin cans and string.

    Freedom is on the march!

    The future's here, we are it, we are on our own.

    by Frank Roberts on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:04:07 PM PST

  •  I'm not surprised (none)
    The enemy is swift, adaptable, and rapidly changing. We aren't.

    Something tells me Al Qaeda doesn't have bids or contracts, they just send their cousin Musef down to the computer store in Abu Dhabi to buy a big box of Blackberrys.

    Actually, I think this would make a hilarious comedy skit "commercial" for SNL or Mad TV.

    The DoD is just now getting used to the idea that it's a 3GW military fighting a 4-5GW enemy.

    Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

    by jabbausaf on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:32:18 PM PST

  •  The Imminent Blogging Threat (none)
    My fear is that any critical stance, against either the government or the corporate cronies of the government, will be framed as "enemies".

    My own case already proved that State agencies are allowed to ignore their jurisdiction and make false public accusations against any citizen they can paint as possibly "dangerous". No congressional representative will protect the citizen, and no public outrage will arise. The chosen target can simply be painted an "enemy" in the press ($1.6 billion PR dollars will buy a few papers, and the initial stories will just be picked up by other papers), and wham the government has a blank check to circumvent the Consitution and do anything they darn well please.

    A stronger effort must be made to defend free speech on the Internet. Bloggers are not The Enemy.

  •  media savvy opponents.... (none)
    Maybe it's just that bombing, invading, conquering and occupying a country that was an innocent by-stander with respect to 9/11, is  a hard sell, even if you're great and key-boarding and PR and and applied semiotics.  And maybe Abu Graib just can't be made attractive no matter how hard you flog it (if you'll pardon the expression.)

    He seems to be inordinately fond of beetles.jbs haldane on being asked what his study of biology had taught him about the Creator.

    by bodiddley on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 05:02:13 PM PST

  •  Idiot (none)
    He and Chertoff are among the Republican department heads who DON'T RECEIVE EMAIL!!!! So Dick, if I may call you Dick, you Dick, when you sat "our country" hasn't adapted, you may want to start by singling out the miserable old fucks who can't be bothered to learn how to use the "internets."
  •  Don't want to give Rummy any credit (none)
    But the enemy in Iraq is as smart or if not smarter than us. Can't reveal any classified info though.
  •  Netwar (none)
    c 2000 RAND published several papers on 'netwar.'

    (1) People adopt techniques that work, whether high-tech, low-tech, or mixed. People can use couriers when reliability and secrecy are important, or use radios, cell-phones, etc. when speed and distance are important. (2) Groups may need both 'vertical' communications (with headquarters) and 'horizontal' ones (with units on either flank or in support). The German army figured this out by 1918. (3) Groups may want general radio channels for emergencies, alerts, etc. while using 'private' channels for planning. The Seattle cops used cell phones for planning by 1999. (4) The pre-war planning exercises involved these techniques.

    How could Rummy possibly miss this???

  •  I think about this paragraph every day. (none)
    There was, of course, no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. . . . But at any rate they would plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live--did live, from habit that became instinct--in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and except in darkness, every movement scrutinized. George Orwell--1984
  •  they've been winning the (none)
    domestic media war. They only create content for a domestic audience as they are only concerned with their political fortunes. If they actually had a strategy and their collectives heads not up their dicks, they would've understood that the "enemy" is not the American people or their opposition, but those who would fly planes into buildings.

    The content they do put out there (for our consumption) plays 100% INTO THE HANDS OF OUR ENEMIES. Al Qaeda loves Bushco. It's their biggest wetdream.

    fucking incompetents. now they cry about it. boo fucking hoo.

    All extremists are irrational and should be exposed

    by SeanF on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 05:50:46 PM PST

  •  Plan for a yellow ribbon? (none)
    Rummy, et. al., seem to think that what we really need to win the "war" is better image in the middle east.  If he'll agree to bring the troops home or at least put them out of immediate harm's way then I say we let him spend a couple billion to hire a good PR firm.  At the rate we're burning money in Iraq this'll be a bargain though there's probably not enough money in the world to convince the middle easterners that we're actually their buddies.

    With a new PR firm and a few simple changes we could finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel---what's that odd rumbling sound?  We could announce a "kinder, gentler" torture program: maybe tighten the definition of "severe pain" from the threshold of "organ failure" to the threshold of "organ malfunction".  We could studiously avoid European airspace when "disappearing" folks; no sense offending the civilized world.  The DOD could send bereavement cards signed by Rummy's autopen to the families of the collaterally killed; enclosed could be a coupon good for a few extra hours of electricity per day.

    With this plan it'll be yime to tie a yellow ribbon round the tree because the troops will be back home in no time.

  •  I never (none)
    thought we would be on the wrong side of the digital divide. I wonder what Al Gore will say to that.

    “A nation may lose its liberties in a day and not miss them in a century.” Montesquieu

    by sailmaker on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 07:31:30 PM PST

  •  Freep the CNN Poll!!!! (none)
    Just checked's poll on AQ PR and 28K (70%)agree with Rummy.
  •  Kill for gain or shoot to maim (none)
    But we don't need a reason
    The Golden Goose is on the loose
    And never out of season.
    Blackened pride still burns inside
    This shell of bloody treason
    Here's my gun for a barrel of fun
    For the love of living death.

    The killer's breed or the Demon's seed.
    The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
    Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain,
    Don't you pray for my soul anymore.

    2 minutes to midnight
    The hands that threaten doom.
    2 minutes to midnight
    To kill the unborn in the womb.

    The bland men shout led the creatures out
    We'll show the unbelievers,
    The Napalm screams of human flames
    Of a prime time Belsen feast...YEAH!
    As the reasons for the carnage cut their meat and lick the gravy,
    We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies.

    The killer's breed or the Demon's seed.
    The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
    Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain,
    Don't you pray for my soul anymore.

    2 minutes to midnight
    The hands that threaten doom.
    2 minutes to midnight
    To kill the unborn in the womb.

    The body bags and little rags of children torn in two,
    And the jellied brans of those who remain to put the finger right on you
    As the madmen play on words and make us all dance to their song,
    To the tune of starving millions to make a better kind of gun.

    The killer's breed or the Demon's seed.
    The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
    Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain,
    Don't you pray for my soul anymore.

    2 minutes to midnight
    The hands that threaten doom.
    2 minutes to midnight
    To kill the unborn in the womb

    Midnight... all night...
    Midnight... all night...

    When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.

    by CO Democrat on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 09:00:03 PM PST

  •  The Insurgents (none)
    An ad on this site for a PBS documentary on the Iraqi "insurgents".  Already wrote PBS and asked them how much they got paid by the pentagon to produce this "special".
    Bush did 911.  Belief in that is the simple antidote for KoolAide.
  •  Rumsfeld Means U.S. Sites, Labeled The Enemy (none)
    He's not only talking about Iraqi or Al Qaeda sites.  In fact, he is probably not talking about those sites at all.  Rumsfeld means that the Pentagon needs military propagandists to"manage" American blogs and web sites, winning the public relations war.  I can imagine that means covert sites, funding, covert efforts to influence online communities, infiltration, etc.  To some degree, he has no idea what he is talking about, and at another level, Rumsfeld is being over broad - but he does mean, it seems to me, to infiltrate and manage the online world of blogs and commentary.  From his perspective, and as someone who clearly doesn't value contemporary American democracy, or what vestiges that there are left of it, it's an inevitable development.  Don't expect any warnings or disclosure, this is the only warning that will be issued.  They intend to influence public opinion and create propaganda through blogs and alternative media outlets - and obviously that doesn't mean creating their own - but influencing or managing the existing ones to dominate the information spectrum in its entirety.  If they have wanted to totally dominate all information "spectrums" - then it was inevitable, wasn't it?

    The real question is, what will anyone do about it?  Will Congress or the MSM say anything if what I'm saying is accurate?  Will anyone even discover such a program if it is created, or will it be covertly funded through pr firms and political operatives who have no incentive to let it come out?  It will be interesting to see what they mean, but expect more Pentagon "influence" - likely covert - in the blogging world and alternative media.

    One indication, if you haven't heard about the recent war games the Pentagon ran, "Cyber Storm", involving attacks by "evil bloggers" (one article I read referred to bloggers as "evil", though I haven't found that again) - then the battle for preserving American liberties may already be in the process of being lost.  I would guess that "evil bloggers" only meant that the bloggers put out information that questioned the government message.  (See, Business Week, C.S. Monitor, Australia's The Age, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.)

    From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

    U.S. concludes 'Cyber Storm' mock attacks


    WASHINGTON -- The government concluded its "Cyber Storm" wargame Friday, its biggest-ever exercise to test how it would respond to devastating attacks over the Internet from anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers.


    Participants confirmed parts of the worldwide simulation challenged government officials and industry executives to respond to deliberate misinformation campaigns and activist calls by Internet bloggers, online diarists whose "Web logs" include political rantings and musings about current events. (read the rest here)

    Focusing on Blogs and alternative media as the primary means by which propaganda will likely be channeled by "the enemy" in the games got a key message out and created a situation in which "industry partners" were included in the effort.  Don't you wonder which "industry executives"?  Will they be hacking and attacking weblogs, setting up DOS attacks?  Will theys shut down services in consort with ISP's?  So, this is already in process.  Here is one article about that, which goes further than I am in suggesting, but it does ring true:

    The Pentagon's war on the Internet
    By Mike Whitney
    Online Journal Contributing Writer

    Feb 15, 2006, 16:27

    The Pentagon has developed a comprehensive strategy for taking over the Internet and controlling the free flow of information. The plan appears in a recently declassified document, "The Information Operations Roadmap," which was provided under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and revealed in an article by the BBC.

    The Pentagon sees the Internet in terms of a military adversary that poses a vital threat to its stated mission of global domination. This explains the confrontational language in the document which speaks of "fighting the net"; implying that the Internet is the equivalent of "an enemy weapons system."

    The Defense Dept. places a high value on controlling information. The new program illustrates their determination to establish the parameters of free speech.

    The Pentagon sees information as essential in manipulating public perceptions and, thus, a crucial tool in eliciting support for unpopular policies. The recent revelations of the military placing propaganda in the foreign press demonstrate the importance that is given to co-opting public opinion.

    Information-warfare is used to create an impenetrable cloud around the activities of government so that decisions can be made without dissent. The smokescreen of deception that encompasses the Bush administration has less to do with prevaricating politicians than it does with a clearly articulated policy of obfuscation. "The Information Operations Roadmap" is solely intended to undermine the principle of an informed citizenry.

    The Pentagon's focus on the Internet tells us a great deal about the mainstream media (MSM) and its connection to the political establishment.

    Why, for example, would the Pentagon see the Internet as a greater threat than the mainstream media, where an estimated 75 percent of Americans get their news?

    The reason is clear; because the MSM is already a fully-integrated part of the corporate-system providing a 24-hour per day streaming of business-friendly news. Today's MSM operates as a de facto franchise of the Pentagon, a reliable and sophisticated propagandist for Washington's wars of aggression and political subterfuge.

    The Internet, on the other hand, is the last bastion of American democracy; a virtual world where reliable information moves instantly from person to person without passing through the corporate filter. Online visitors can get a clear picture of their governments' depredations with a click of the mouse. This is the liberalization of the news, an open source of mind-expanding information that elevates citizen awareness of complex issues and threatens the status quo.

    The Pentagon program is just one facet of a broader culture of deception; a pervasive ethos of dishonesty that envelopes all aspects of the Bush White House. The "Strategic Intelligence" Dept is a division of the Defense establishment that is entirely devoted to concealing, distorting, omitting and manipulating the truth.  . . . read the rest at this site.

  •  Jesus (none)
    What the fuck are we spending a gazillion dollars on?!  Even putting aside the 100s of billions we've spent on Iraw we've had the biggest defense industry by far in this world for years.  All those TRILLIONS of dollars spent and aparently our troops are communicating with smoke signals.  Sometimes I think the military industrial complex is one tenth actual protection and nine tenths money making scheme for Beoing, , etc.
  •  Rummy's foot in the door (none)
    Not only are suspected terrorist organizations legitimate subjects for surveillance according to counter-intelligence agencies, included also are "extremist" groups.  Here are some synonyms for "extreme...drastic, extraordinary, extravagant, outrageous, radical, undue..." Antonyms include conventional, normal, conservative, moderate.  Do you think kos fits the definition of an extremist group?  I'm pretty sure Rummy does.  And I'm pretty sure his "dead-enders" statement is his foot in the door.

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