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Every time I go to this site, I am frustrated because I know that the change that is being affected by people all over the country is not happening within my district.  I live in Midland, MI in Michigan's 4th Congressional District.  My frustration on the flip.

This is a district where President Bush won 59% of the vote, yet Dave Camp outperformed his with 66%.  Though a conservative district, it should not be impossible.  Camp voted for CAFTA despite being in one of the biggest sugarbeat growing areas in the country and had a starring role on the House Ethics Committee when he voted to allow DeLay to continue as majority leader despite being indicted.

Yet, it is almost shameful what is marshalled against him.  Mike Huckleberry, the same candidate who marshalled 34% against him in 2004 is running against him again.  But, the most I have seen from him is a letter to the editor into the Midland Daily News.  This lack of enthusiasm spreads to the attention this race gets overall.  On ActBlue, Huck has received 9 donations for $45.03 and I have made 8 of them for $40.03.  There is a blog in the district(, but it has barely been updated for months and isn't really active enough to cause something real to happen.

Individually, I don't really know what I can do.  I am only 17 years old and will be leaving for college before the election.  The total lack of effort from his campaign is causing people like my parents, strong liberals, to vote for Camp simply because they don't see his opposition as credible.  

In conclusion, I just see this as an extension of the 435 seat strategy outlined on MyDD.  What is the point of challenging everywhere if we are not going to do anything about it?

Thus a plea:

Thank you very much.

Originally posted to Tom Duvall on Wed Mar 01, 2006 at 06:56 PM PST.

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  •  From a fellow Midlander (none)
    Oh my God, I never thought I would see Dave Camp's name on dailykos.  I was born and raised in Midland and have since moved away.  I still have many ties there.  I don't know who your candidate is - does he have any pizzazz, any charm, is he a good speaker - is there anything of that special spark that makes a good candidate?  If not, is there anyone else in the district who might run in the primary?  I thought Midland had a bit of a progressive community because from time to time I would hear signs of it.  But sometimes just out of curiosity I'll enter the Midland zipcode for some event (like DNC houseparties, or a DFA chapter) and come up with no activity.  How about Moveon?  Is the Democratic party functional there these days?  Isn't there a progressive religious community?

    Does the Abramoff scandal and the connection to the Chippewa (was it Chippewas?) tribe and the Republican taint have any traction up there?  

    I understand your frustration with the "challenge every district" idea when the candidates might not be very inspiring.  Have you met Mr. Huckleberry?  Maybe he is better than you give him credit for.  Does he know how to run a good grassroots campaign?  I don't know where to start, it's such a huge question of how to get started.

    If you haven't already, find out what the Dem. party is doing in town.  There might be some like-minded individuals you could hook up with.  You could start a Democratic club at the high school (Dow or MHS??).  At age 17, you are at a disadvantage in having influence with others.  But maybe you can light a fire under some people.  I live in a very liberal district, but I often think I'd relish the challenge of being a liberal in a really conservative area - you could really make a difference over time.  But you do have to find some people who feel as you do, have some energy, have some ideas.

    •  I feel your pain (none)
      I grew up in Dave Camp's district as well, though not in Midland. He actually spoke at my high school graduation.  I got out of there, went to school in Ann Arbor, and then got out to the East Coast. Where I live now is so Democratic that there aren't even any local Republicans to fight against.

      The best that can be said about him is that he's not a screaming firebreather. He'll vote for the worst radical right-wing policies, but at least he's not on "Hardball" in your face and screaming about it.  I don't think the guy is smart enough to make it in the spotlight.  But he's also so mild-mannered that he's not going to do much to polarize people in Midland, Mt. Pleasant or Big Rapids.

      I'd like to say that ayone with a few brain cells and a little charisma could have a shot, but that district always seemed so right-wing that it might be a lost cause.

    •  And incidentally (none)
      You rock for being this involved.  All I did when I lived there was complain.  Keep up the fight.
  •  One more thought (none)
    The anti-Camp blog does look pretty dead.  Maybe you could e-mail the owners and ask if they'd add you as a poster, or else you could hop on Blogger and start one of your own.  I don't know how far that can take things, but unless things have changed, that part of the country is short on dissenting voices.  It would at least give you an outlet and a chance to throw some arguments into the mix.
  •  Camp (none)
    I tried emailing Huckleberry's campaign yesterday to volunteer but did not have a response yet.

    Camp was involved with the Chippewas and did receive massive contributions from them, but that's gone away as an issue.  It was the tribe within his own district and gave massive amounts to both Levin and Stabenow also, so there's a hint of corruption but not much.

    I will take your advice about emailing the blog's authors.

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