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From MyDD:

Curt Weldon is in for a tough re-election campaign this cycle. U.S. Navy Vice Admiral and Fighting Democrat Joe Sestak announced today that he has raised $420,000 in the 60 days since his campaign kicked off. By contrast, Weldon's last four opponents raised a total of $65,703 combined. As of the last reporting period, the Republican incumbent had $266,102 cash on hand. Game on!

Those are incredible numbers, and it means that all three Republicans in the Philly market are now officially in trouble. All three (the others being Jim Gerlach's PA-06 and Mike Fitzpatrick's PA-08) are trending Blue and feature well-funded challengers. And, all three will benefit a great deal from Gov. Ed Rendell's machine as he goes into overdrive to fight back his very strong opponent.  

You Philly-area Dems have an embarrassment of riches for your volunteer efforts, and you will be in the front lines of the battle to retake the House.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 12:52 PM PDT.

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  •  PA-06 is a must-win (9+ / 0-)

    PA-07 and PA-08 would be icing on the cake, but we need to win PA-06 if we're going to make any gains this year. Lois Murphy lost just 51-49 last time.

    •  Agree. (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Luam, Newsie8200, daaawi, AnthonySF, joanneleon

      Indeed, I expect to win 06 and 08.  We will only win 07 if it is a 94-style landslide.  

      •  then again (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Christopher Walker

        weldon has more seniority but this is the most blue of the three districts and sestak by the end will have the most amount of money

        •  Most Blue? (3+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Erin, daaawi, Los Diablo

          7 covers the Main Line, and Republican Delaware County.  

          It is the most red of the three districts.  

          •  Both wrong (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            Christopher Walker

            08 is the bluest and 06 is the reddest. Here are the results from 2000:

                           Gore  Bush  Nader
            6 630,730 49.1% 48.6% 2.2%
            7 630,730 50.5% 47.3% 2.2%
            8 630,730 51.4% 46.3% 2.4%

            So you were both wrong... 07 is in between the two. 06 and 08 are must-takes, seeing as how Lois Murphy is strong while Gerlach is a weak newer incumbent (2002 I believe). Curt Weldon is extremely entranched, so he should be harder to take on than Gerlach despite his district being 1.4% more Democratic. Fitzpatrick's should seemingly be the easiest as he's much more conservative than Gerlach while in a bluer district than Gerlach.

          •  K here it goes Alamnac of American politics time. (6+ / 0-)

            6th District:
            51-48 Kerry

            7th District:
            53-47 Kerry

            8th District

            51-48 Kerry

            So yes the 7th is the most Blue of the three.

            The establishment killed my candidate in Ohio. Let's not have a repeat in Montana. Support Tester in 06!

            by dieharddemocrat on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:18:50 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

          •  7th is a real mixed bag (7+ / 0-)

            Much of the district is in Delaware County, which IIRC gave Kerry his biggest margin in the Philly burbs. However, many of the bluest areas have been gerrymandered out of the 7th and into Philly-based districts. Also, even though Delaware County has been trending blue in presidential elections since 1992, the county is controlled by a Republican machine, and I don't think there's a single Dem in a county office.

            Given what's been happening with presidential elections, we may eventually see a Dem takeover at the county level similar to Nassau County, NY, which has similar demographics. But that's probably at least 10-20 years down the road unless there's a serious mismanagement problem such as what happened in Nassau.

            OTOH, the 7th now includes the college town of West Chester in Chester County (also world headquarters of the QVC Shopping Channel and MTV's "Viva La Bam"), where I suspect a strong challenger to Weldon might do very well.

            •  actually... (0+ / 0-)

              I think that's in the 16th (Joe Pitts)...its the little arm that extends up from southern Chester County over to Lancaster. The 7th does include the townships directly to the north/east, West and East Goshen.

              Cardin and O'Malley/Brown

              by jeff06dem on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 02:26:47 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

          •  If Sestak (3+ / 0-)

            Can effectively tie Weldon to Bush and/or the GOP culture of corruption, Weldon goes down.  I live in PA-07 and have lived there my entire life, save for going to college and law school.  The GOP machine ain't what it used to be.  Plus, in 1992, Delaware County booted its corrupt, out-of-touch, machine-driven GOP State House member out in favor of Greg Vitali, a Democrat who promised to keep in contact with his constituents and fight corruption in Harrisburg.  He was the only Dem to win an election in PA-07 in a long, long time and he's been re-elected every year since.  When I worked the polls for him in 1994, all the GOPers coming to vote would stop by and tell me that, while they might be voting straight GOP otherwise, they were going to vote for Vitali, too.  

            The point?  Aside from trending blue, Delaware County (and PA-07 more broadly) have come to dislike and be highly suspicious of machine politics.  An honest, straightforward candidate can cut through years of reactionary GOP lever-pulling if he runs his campaign effectively.  Vitali won in '92 because he personally visited every voter in the area.  Sestak may not have the time or inclination to do that, but he's got a real opening.  And yes, I'll be volunteering for him and donating to him to make sure I do my part to get Weldon the hell out of Congress.

            The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. --George Bernard Shaw

            by Categorically Imperative on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:40:35 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

            •  If nothing else ... (1+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              Christopher Walker

              expect Sestak to outwork -- potentially -- any other candidate you've ever seen.  For his entire Navy career, a 60-hour week was a short one. Hopefully he has gotten together with Vitali and, if it makes sense, Vitali has advocated that Sestak knock on every door.  Joe just might knock on 400,000 doors ...

              9/11/05, Day 1469, A count worth keeping? Or, Osama Bin Forgotten?

              by besieged by bush on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 09:08:25 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

            •  Vitali should run (0+ / 0-)

              I also live in Pa-7 (not a lifer, though) and I've been marveling at Vitali's political skills for some time now. HE should be running for Weldon's seat. Sestak may be a great guy (I don't know much about him) but politically Delaware County is kind of a closed little world, and I don't know if someone who's spent  most of his career in the Pentagon is going to be able to connect with the locals enough to break the GOP machine's grip. I know it ain't what it used to be, but it's still seems to be pretty damned strong at the county level. And media is always a problem here -- to reach the county with TV or radio, you have to buy the the entire Philly metro area. Very expensive. Sestak's going to need every penny of that $420,000, and then some.

              I do hope he can make it work, though. I've been saying for years that Pa-7 is exactly the kind of district the Dems MUST have if they're going to take back the House and hold it for awhile.    

      •  I sure wish Loebsack in Iowa (0+ / 0-)

        which is my district, would start running a real campaign.  If not, I am giving my cash and resources to the more red area challengers outside my district and folks in other states.

        You Keystone State people have great news for Pennsylvania.

        •  Don't bother giving money to Loebsack. (0+ / 0-)

          He failed to get on the ballot, and Jim Leach has been drifting farther and farther to the left of the Republican caucus each year (unlike most other moderate Republicans). Focus your time and money on making sure Jim Nussle doesn't become Governor and gets replaced by a Democrat in the House, and on ensuring Boswell gets re-elected. Or you could always donate to Tom Harkin's leadership PAC.

          Don't take my bluntness and attitude personally-the best weapon for the Democrats is the unvarnished truth, and the truth usually hurts.

          by DemocraticLuntz on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:32:51 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  I will work against Nussle and (0+ / 0-)

            I will provide Harkin a substantial share of cash that I give, but I will also donate to the people running against King and Latham and whoever wins the Dem nod for Nussles spot for House.  I will let Boswell get his money somewhere else...not from me.

            I don't like Leach because he still votes with his Culture of Corruption brethren far too often and he supported the Bankruptcy Bill and he would love do get rid of Social Security.

      •  I'd love to Gerlach (06) go down. (3+ / 0-)

        This is the guy that switched votes at the last second on the energy bill.

        The Hill:

        Republicans eventually prevailed upon three of their colleagues,  Reps. Bill Young (Fla.), Jim Gerlach (Pa.) and Wayne Gilchrest (Md.) to change their votes from no to yes, narrowly passing the measure.
        A series of high-ranking Democrats came to the microphone to protest the GOP's now common practice of holding tough votes open beyond the allotted time, but the chair of the proceedings, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), refused to hear their complaints.

        The bill was going down 210 to 212. After the vote switches, it passed 212 to 210. The vote was finally gaveled closed as Dems chanted, "Shame, shame shame..."

        •  Gerlach : a vote Big Oil can count on (0+ / 0-)

          And that vote had nothing, nothing to do with the $30,000 Exxon/Mobil's political PAC had pumped into Jim Gerlach's campaign warchest over the last three cycles:

          Why, the very idea is shocking. Shocking.

          "Congressmen are like diapers, they need to be changed from time to time.  And usually for the same reason." former GOP Congressman Pete McCloskey

      •  So hard to choose (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Which campaign(s) to get involved in.  I signed up to help Lentz in the 7th since I am in West Philly and that one looked closest, then he dropped out and I haven't talked to the Weldon campaign yet.  I've met Patrick Murphys at Drinking Liberally and he seems like the kind of guy I can be proud to support.

        This was an exciting year politically to move to Philly we have a Governor to elect, a Senator to replace, and three suburban districts to turn Blue. the name of a totalitarian ideology that hates freedom, rejects tolerance, and despises all dissent
        -G.W. Bush
        -7.00 -7.74

        by Luam on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:40:17 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Meet Joe Sestak (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          Admiral Sestak will be attending the Philly for Change Meet-Up tomorrow night at 247 Market Street in Old City.

          "Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted." A. Phillip Randolph

          by Savage on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:42:38 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

        •  Bryan Lentz: reassigned to a fresh challenge (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          I liked Lentz, too.
          I was pleased when he recognized that Admiral Sestak was a coup for the Party's chances against an incumbent, and re-focussed on retiring an unusually obnoxious GOP incumbent in the state legislature (D-161).

          If you've got contacts in the Lentz campaign, urge them to finish re-organizing his web site for the new target, so we can boost him in that race. He deserves support.

      •  FREEP THIS POLL (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        joanneleon, HellofaSandwich

        Sorry, I was just looking at FP and found this poll that they are freeping.  

        Kos this poll:

  •  You betcha. (4+ / 0-)

    As with all things, Philly leads the nation.

  •  Wow (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    besieged by bush, joanneleon

    Every time one of these stories appear, I'm just amazed at the fundraising numbers. People really ARE pissed. It's not just ether. If the Dems don't make hay, I can't imagine another time when the stars will be so aligned. God, please let this be our equivalent of 1994.

    "It's the Supreme Court, Stupid!"

    by Kestrel on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 12:56:15 PM PDT

  •  great news (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    The GOP is weak. And with numbers like those, very very scared.

  •  I'm not terribly surprised. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    besieged by bush, joanneleon

    When Kerry raised $65k for him, I knew that Sestak was going to be a donation magnet.  This is good news.  Sestak has a hellofaresume; CQ lists this one was "Republican Favored", but I think "Leans Republican" is more appropriate given these incredible numbers.

  •  coat tail choices (0+ / 0-)

    Would I want the coat tails of Bush Cheney Man-on-Dog and Delay or would I want the coat tails of Rendell and Casey.  Rendell's machine will be very powerful this year.  He is VP material and that scares the Religious nutjobs.

    Blue is the most popular color

    by jalapeno on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 12:59:20 PM PDT

  •  Would love (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    georgia10, jj32, joanneleon

    to see my congressman defeated.  Great news for Sestak.  A neighbor of mine is planning a fundraiser for him.

    Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper - Martin Espada

    by demkat620 on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 12:59:26 PM PDT

  •  Heard Sestak speak not too long ago (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    JDPITALIA, jj32

    Great news.  He is a heavy weight. A very serious man. Enormous credibility and stature.  Weldon looks even more like a kookey crackpot compared to him.  

    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. Bertrand Russell

    by accumbens on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:02:18 PM PDT

  •  Woo-Hoo!! (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Free Donuts + Beer Tax Repeal = Landslide Victory '08!

    by PhillyGal on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:05:30 PM PDT

  •  Philly paper article on the race (6+ / 0-)

    Today's Inquirer had a good article on the financial situation between those two. Its not quite as rosy for Sestak as the MyDD quote makes it seem since Weldon now has $649,000 on hand, where that 266,000 was just what he had started with.

    The article can be found here.

    I donated $50 to Sestak last Friday before the deadline and am planning to help out more actively starting in mid May once my schedule frees up a lot more.

    I was talking to my parents on Sunday who are Democrats who have voted pretty consistently for Weldon in the past based on his apparent support for local business. But they won't be this year. I also helped to re-educate them on the non-moderation of the new John McCain. Never hurts to start early, just incase it becomes an important issue come '08...

    •  Footnote (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Adam B

      Also mentioned in that Inky article: former  congressman Ron Klink - who amazingly was being courted earlier this year to run in either PA-4 or PA-18, despite his '04 endorsement of Arlen Specter - will join a "Democrats for Weldon" group.  D's who give his consulting firm any business should have their heads examined.

      "We're going to raise the level of public debate in this country. And let that be our legacy."

      by looking italian on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:20:15 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  This is great to hear! (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    georgia10, JDPITALIA, ybruti

    I grew up in the 7th and Weldon is an embarrassment. I'm half-tempted to move back to my old hometown just so I could vote against Weldon and Santorum.

    If Weldon loses, my late dad -- who was Delaware County's most proudly disloyal Republican -- will be smiling down from heaven.

  •  great news (0+ / 0-)

    PA-07 (my home area) is Republican Machine country. Raising money just isn't going to be enough--------that machine's been running since the Civil War. I could probably count all the local and county offices held in Democratic hands on one hand, maybe one and a half.

    it'd be so sweet to turn it fully blue though.

    •  PA-07 used to be Democratic (0+ / 0-)

      Wasn't the Rep from PA-07 before Weldon a Democrat?

      The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. Bertrand Russell

      by accumbens on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:18:05 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Yep (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Adam B

        Bob Edgar

        "Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted." A. Phillip Randolph

        by Savage on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:25:51 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  Yes, a very popular Dem in fact (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        besieged by bush

        Bob Edgar, a liberal Protestant minister, was first elected from the 7th in 1974, partly as a result of a post-Watergate sweep by Dems nationally, and partly because of a corruption-related implosion of the local Republican Party. Despite Republican efforts to regain the seat, Edgar was re-elected five times, usually by wide margins, including once against Weldon. Edgar was popular partly because his office was well-known for its excellent attention to constituent services, something to which the Republicans never paid much attention.

        In 1986, Edgar ran for the Senate against Arlen Specter and lost badly. He never ran for office again.

  •  Just wondering... (0+ / 0-)

    How much trouble is Rendell really in?

    More or less than Blagojevich?

    Here in Chicago, despite the punditocracy's claims to the contrary, I'm all but certain Blago's gonna cruise (too much money, too many deep ideological fissures in the IL GOP).

    I guess everyone's got their own blog now.

    by zonk on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:13:34 PM PDT

    •  Less. (4+ / 0-)

      Rendell will win.  His numbers are split evenly between favorable / unfavorable.  But Rendall is a once in a generation politician, like Clinton and Reagan were.  

      He will win.
      •  Agree (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        He's an East Coast Clinton.  And right now, Swann is all name and his lack of substance and experience will wear badly with time.

        The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. Bertrand Russell

        by accumbens on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:19:40 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  Too strong in the Southeast (0+ / 0-)

        Having competitive candidates in PA-6, 7, and 8 will also be a big boost.  Plenty of R's in the Philly metro area will vote for Rendell, but Gerlach, Weldon, and Fitzpatrick can't afford to let those ticket-splitters stay home.

        "We're going to raise the level of public debate in this country. And let that be our legacy."

        by looking italian on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:33:22 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Yes (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          In my personal experience, many R's did vote for Rendell. They also strongly supported Bush and Gerlach.

          Gerlach is from my town (very republican) and nobody ever sees him or talks about him . Let me add that everybody in town talks politics all the time, mostly local.

    •  Their current finances (3+ / 0-)

      From a article just posted today:

      HARRISBURG - In the first three months of 2006, Gov. Rendell raised $3.45 million, giving another boost to his already cash-flush campaign warchest in preparation for his November showdown with Republican Lynn Swann.

      With his latest fundraising, Rendell now has about $14.5 million in the bank, according to campaign finance reports filed with the state today.

      Swann, a former Pittsburgh Steeler, raised just under $1.7 million so far this year, leaving him with just over $2.5 million on hand.

      The disparity in fundraising, campaign analysts say, puts Swann in the politically undesirable position of having to play catch up to Rendell, well-known as a prolific and aggressive fundraiser.

      Although few are predicting that this year's race will generate the kind of eye-popping figures it did in 2002 - when Rendell and his opponents raised almost $70 million combined in the primary and general elections - the expectation is that it will be an expensive and tough race.

      Polls have consistently shown the two men locked in a virtual dead heat for the state's top job.

      So if nothing else, Rendell's financial edge should help a lot. The Casey vs Santorum race will also place a part in Rendell's chances and vice versa. A very interesting political year in PA all around. Hopefully a good one (from our perspective).

  •  DFA here in the Phlly Burbs (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    It helps to have good candidates..And they are...

    Our DFA group is helping all the candidates and the  local Dems are starting to take notice. We are starting to "Crash the Gate" here...

  •  And don't forget to look for... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Delaware Dem, jj32

    ...Fightin' Dem Bryan Lentz's name on the ballot.  He's running for the State House.

  •  Fundraiser & Endorsement (6+ / 1-)

    I'm hosting a beef-n-beer fundraiser for the Admiral on April 15th.  Contact me if interested.

    My (for-what-it's-worth) endorsement letter:

    Jim Savage, Grievance and Negotiation Chair

    March 18, 2006

    Leo Gerard, President
    United Steelworkers
    5 Gateway Center
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222

    President Gerard:

    I am writing to inform you that I have endorsed Admiral Joe Sestak for Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.  I met with Mr. Sestak for several Hours on March 15th.  His incumbent opponent is Republican Congressman Curt Weldon.  Mr. Weldon has (mis)represented my district for far too long now and I believe that we finally have a credible opponent in Mr. Sestak.  Mr. Sestak is running unopposed in the primary and will be the Democratic candidate.

    Mr. Sestak is a retired Admiral in the United States Navy who served our country for 31 years.  He was Commander of an aircraft carrier battle group that conducted combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He also served as the Director of Defense Policy in the White House during the Clinton Administration.  He refers to our current engagement in Iraq as a “tragic misadventure” and believes in a prompt end to our military engagement there.

    Mr. Sestak, who prefers to be called Joe, also supports universal health care and has a nine step vision to get us there.  When I questioned Mr. Sestak about healthcare, which is my single most important political issue, his sincerity was clear and unmistakable.  As the father of a soon-to-be five-year old daughter with a malignant brain tumor, Mr. Sestak’s sincerity is hard-earned and rock solid.  As one of this country’s leading healthcare advocates yourself, I’m sure you will appreciate Mr. Sestak’s position on the issue.

    Mr. Sestak is also a strong supporter of organized labor and worker’s rights.  He has pledged to co-sponsor the Employee Free Choice Act, once elected, because he firmly believes in card-check recognition.  Mr. Weldon is a “Johnny-come-lately” co-sponsor to the Act and has never supported worker’s causes in any meaningful way.  

    After meeting with Mr. Sestak, it was obvious who I would endorse in this election.  It is my sincere hope that you will have a chance to meet Joe in the near future.  I am certain that when you look Mr. Sestak in the eye, you will see exactly why I’ve made this decision.  Mr. Weldon has been a “Bush Rubber Stamp” for five long years now and it is time for him to go.  

    In closing, I would like to thank you for your time and I would also like to thank you in advance for your anticipated support of my next Congressman – Joe Sestak.

    In Solidarity,

    Jim Savage
    Grievance & Negotiation Chair
    USW Local 10-1

    "Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted." A. Phillip Randolph

    by Savage on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:23:56 PM PDT

  •  Focus on these Races (4+ / 0-)

    I'm very pleased to see these races highlighted on this blog.  If you just read this blog over the past couple of months, you'd think the key to the democrats taking back the house and Senate is ousting Duckworth and Lieberman.  Ousting democrats is way down on my priority list.  Let's focus on ousting republicans and regaining the majority.  I want to see more posts like this, that feature democrats who are in competitive races against republicans, like McCaskill in Missouri.

  •  God bless Joe Sestak! (0+ / 0-)
    He has fought for America abroad, now he will fight for his country in Washington.
  •  Strong opponent for Rendell? (0+ / 0-)

    Since when is Lynn Swann considered a strong opponent? I know, he is polling neck and neck with Rendell, but that is only because he is a former Steelers star. But being a former NFL star in no way qualifies you to be governor. It's pathetic that Pennsylvania republicans couldn't find someone someone with a lick of public service experience to take on Rendell.

    -6.00, -4.41 "The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions" - poet James Russell Lowell

    by Deano963 on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 01:40:56 PM PDT

    •  Don't worry about it (0+ / 0-)

      Swann will falter, and Rendell is the man in SE Pa.  I'm from SE Pa and currently at law school near Harrisburg.  A good buddy of mine interns at the GC office and swears up and down that Rendell is more afraid of Scranton than Swanny.  In the Philly area there will be a significant 'negative steeler vote' that will offset the positive vote from the pittsburgh area.

      •  Wash Post Article - 'Common Sense' (0+ / 0-)

        The Wash Post did an article on Swann this week - front page of the Style section.  I read the whole thing out of curiousity - wanted to know what Swann had done since his football days to qualify for running for office.  Turns out about what you'd expect - figurehead roll for Boys & Girls clubs, and nothing else.  Mentioned poor performance on Stephanopoulis' show, and a part I found amusing.  He said he thought people should have some "common sense".  Because he hadn't voted in 20 of the last 36 elections it was "common sense" that he might not catch a plane or a car might break down (20 times?!?!).  And a few other places he mentions "common sense".  His weak comeback for everything.

        Should be interesting debates for Rendell and Swann.

  •  It is heartening (0+ / 0-)

    To know that my state and region are going to be on the frontlines this year with competitive challengers to our sitting Republican reps.  Philly is the bluest heart of a down to earth blue state.  Bring on November.

    You can't see me but I can you.

    by itstherealevan on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 02:54:50 PM PDT

  •  SE PA Baby, that's where the show is at. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    The bad news: Delco Repubs are dug in real good. In the last municipal election Dems had some nice wins in some areas, but not at the county level and not in some of the more populated areas (Upper Darby and Ridley are what I'm thinking of).

    Let me tell you what happens in DelCo on Election Day.
    Every single county and muncipal employee has the day off and they spend the day at the polls. Either inside on the election board or outside handing out ballots. Spouses are outand so are the kids.

    Every precinct captiain knows who their republican voters are makes sure they vote, or there is hell to pay.

    Sidewalk money is handed out for the volunteers as well as lunch being bought for the pollworkers (wrong I know, go ahead and try to prosecute, the judges are Republican too).

    After the polls close they have a huge party at the local banquet hall for all the county Republicans, this is where they watch the vote come in. We Dems are running from polling place to polling place collecting the votes.

    OK, here is the good news:
    Delco is what is electing Rendell and Clinton and Gore and Kerry. These guys win PA because the win in Delco.

    If Sestak and the state Reps win here (and it will be close, the Repubs aren't laying down at all) Then the local Republicans days are numbered. This is great for the people of all of Pennsylvania, not just Se PA. One less area of support for the Republicans.

    This is the great thing about a Sestak win, it will lead to more wins all over the area.

    •  Same deal in Chester Co n/t (0+ / 0-)

      It's a party at the polls on election day.

    •  Republican organizing in Del Co. (0+ / 0-)

      I agree . . . "every precinct captain knows who their republican voters are . . ." .

      We helped out on last election at one of the precints in the 7th where there were no local dem reps to hand out literature.  The Republicans knew everyone by name, asked about their kids, etc.  That's the kind of organization the Democrats need . . . local leaders from the neighborhoods.

  •  Personal Perspective From a pa 7 constituent (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    pollyusa, besieged by bush

    Weldon is my Rep and is beloved by the citizens in my Township.  I never did like the guy since he blew off speaking engagements at my High School twice (wow, that was a long time ago).  Weldon has some serious clout in Washington (evidenced by a new post office in my town, Broomall) -- he's like the congress' fire safety expert or something or other.  And to refresh your memory he is also the Congressman pushing 'Able Danger' (imo a threat to our liberties).

    As of a couple years ago, the Democratic party had no organization to speak of.  The only pseudo-democrats elected to local offices have done so by winning the republican primaries.  Things are so out of control in the local government, that the Marple Newtown School district has the second lowest municipal taxes in all of PA (remember 2/3 of PA is considered Pennsyltucky -- this includes some of the poorest places in the country -- Perry Country, Potter County, Fayette County ect).  

    As a Philly suburb with a wealthy consituency, the local government is in dereliction of duty.  A final fact to sum up the problems in my township is that almost 50% of the school aged children attend private schools for two reasons:  First the very wealthy move to my town for the tax benefits.  Second the taxes are so low that my alma mader, Marple Newtown SHS is a joke compared to the fabulous public schools in the area. (back in the late 70's to the mid 80's Marple was ranked in the top 25 public schools in the nation, now it barely cracks 300)

    The rest of the 7th is composed of 'the main line', Villanova, Haverford, Devon, Media, Wayne, and Radnor, far an away the wealthiest areas of PA.  These voters could be poached by a socially progress fiscal conservative.  I hope that Stestak will talk up the costs of the war in Iraq just as much as its mismanagement.

    However, based on Weldon's tenure in office and his ability to bring cash back to the district it is difficult for me to be optimistic.  I intend to do my share by talking up Stestak to my aquaintances, making sure all my liberal pals put signs in their years, and finally trying to convince my conservative buddies to stay home on election day.  Sorry if I rained on the parade ... I truly hope this turns into a competitive race.

  •  Sestak Can Blow Weldon Out of the Water (2+ / 0-)

    Weldon's time is way passed. Sestak is the perfect match for the 7th. It's the kind of moderate suburban district that deserted the Republicans en masse both in Virginia and New Jersey last year (and, come on, what is Pennsylvania if not a cross between VA and NJ?). Sestak is brilliant, charasmatic and accomplished. Weldon is a hack and a Moonie tool. Except for some dead-enders, Delaware County is over this kind of nut-case. I look forward to seeing Joe Sestak take his seat in the House the same day as Lois Murphy.

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