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When Lawyers Lie:

Here is your background on how I came to be indicted on felony extortion charges as former NAACP legal director in Nashua, NH for writing a Demand Letter and "threatening" a press conference about police abuse.

And here is a link to your background on the Police Chief who caused the Indictment to happen, who the town can't stand and has made two attempts to pay $25,000.00 to leave.

The NAACP lied about me throughout the past year, and as I sued them for Defamation, their lawyer, Orr & Reno's Maria Proulx, Esq. -- working for New Hampshire's biggest media law firm has joined the fray. SCOTUS Justice Souter worked at Orr & Reno if that helps you place it. Anyway, the indisputable evidence follows on jump page (A2).

First she and Attorney Bauer got dusted up nicely in a courtroom camera First Amendment skirmish noted in yesterday's diary in the Defamation case, meaning soon we all can watch what really goes on in the Courtroom when I'm around, and witness my true demeanor and competence.  Watch for the fire alarm sequence that flows from the precise moment I told the Court, "that issue is a red herring, Your Honor." You can't stage it any better than that.

Watch NAACP President Timmons waddle off and hide from our cameras behind this tall guy on the street, and then I come up to the guy and tell him what's going on and he laughs hysterically. Simply amazing. Remember: They started this whole thing by having Orr & Reno's client WMUR boost my film maker's copyrighted materials from my website to use on their own station to portray me as a felon. Watch the clip; that's former Jaffrey Police Chief's Gary Phillips' daughter-in-law and my housemate who comes to my defense after WMUR ambushed her; she didn't even understand I had been indicted when they started taping the segment.

No wonder these "professionals" won't shake my hand. This will all be part of KingCast, a dynamic new website coming any minute now; finalizing hosting details.
First she lied or cannot read a court file in getting a massive extension of time in which to respond to discovery responses by stating that she read the court file on 29 August 2005 but "could not determine" when Defendant Timmons received my Discovery Demands. Bullshit. Look at the goddamn Return of Service on them filed a whole month earlier on 27 July 2005, noting service perfected on 15 July, 2005 here and below.  I filed for sanctions to no avail. I know I would have been pasted for that.
Next she allowed Gloria Timmons to lie under Oath regarding statements she made to the original abuse victim, Willie Toney, while trying to woo him to her side. Read her Depo testimony and listen to the CD of that little session we finally (after 6 months of asking) made the State provide us in this audioblawg post.

Here's the actual testimony:

4 Q. Okay. Let's move to 17. And
5 didn't you tell Willie Toney that real
6 lawyers don't just sue for 65,000, real
7 lawyers sue for millions?
8 A. No.
9 Q. Really?
10 A. I have the tape.
11 Q. So do I.
12 A. No. You don't.
13 Q. Yes, I do.
14 MS. PROULX: Did you say we're going
15 to an exhibit?

Here's why Proulx catches the ethics complaint: per Rule 3.3 Candor toward the Tribunal and 3.4 Fairness to opposing Party and Counsel: Timmons says she had the tape. That means Proulx listened to the tape. And Proulx heard and read the Deposition Testimony yet still did nothing to correct Timmons but instead "orchestrated, assisted, counseled and tolerated the formulation of [an] inaccurate" discovery response, per In re Feld's case, 149 N.H. 19, 815 A.2d 383 (2002) -- which carried with it a one-year suspension from practice - the same as what I got in Ohio.

Except Proulx deserves it and I didn't: I quoted Columbus Bar Association Fellow Charles Kurtz, Esq. during my disciplinary hearing as he noted that surreptitious telephone taping was indeed not unethical in 1996 when I did it. That was allegedly the sole issue before the tribunal, according to Julia Davis, Esq., that we have her on video saying that because Columbus Historian James Whitaker followed me around for free back in the day in disbelief at the shit I went through.  Thank goodness for Final Cut Pro, which did not yet exist. Viva technology =^.)

My story is metaphoric representation of what happens to folks who fight the legal system in this country without the requisite clout or resources.  It's scary; almost as scary as my media crew is to them, operation payback. I can't wait for you to see their ridiculous statements at the podium in contrast to my measured earnestness.  

This is precisely what they hate because the courtroom sequences lend so much credence to my friend and mentor Professor Lou Jacobs, Esq.'s letter that "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics" led to my suspension in Ohio, and to my friend and former boss and Sam Sheppard estate's lawyer Terry Gilbert, Esq. quote:

Lawyers must be on the frontline of that struggle to give meaning and dimension to the First Amendment to generate ideas regardless of their implications. To silence opposition seems to be the modus operandi of the state in order to consolidate its power over its citizens, particularly after 9/11......

I know Christopher King embodies the spirit of those who came before us who have sacrificed greatly for this cause. He has experienced all kinds of injustice in his young career, and his message needs illuminated to people as example of what can happen for speaking out in today's society, even as a lawyer."

The State's case against me is a house of cards coming tumbling down - at the hand of a defrocked nigger lawyer and his funky media crew. Many people have said "you've got big balls, King." Maybe so, but really what I've got is good facts. These haters are so pissed at me they can't even breathe correctly.  Perhaps I should pass them some breathe-right strips and a pass to a good yoga/meditation class.  I think that sufficiently explains the point of this diary.  If not, I've got plenty of other people who want to hear it. Meanwhile, see if you guys can see past the chicken-wing stains to determine when Defendant Timmons might have been served:

Originally posted to Christopher King on Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 07:34 AM PDT.


Proulx is lying.

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  •  Congratulations (0+ / 0-)

    It sounds like a very good day.  You should be proud of yourself.

    •  Thanks! I really don't know what else... (0+ / 0-)

      They can do to me:

      7 Attempts to arrest and/or shut down the blawg and these demonstrable lies, to boot.

      I just hung up with one of my investors (they have decided earmark all funds for the First Amendment only - no depositions and court stuff) who is now calling my film maker:

      KingCast should be up tonight, then we will need to gather funds to actually show me in court juxtaposed to them.  They always try to keep a tight rein (noose) on me in court, but I managed to articulate enough yesterday to make it interesting.

      Peace and Cranberries.

      It really doesn't matter where you put your vote - someone else will come along and move it...And it's always been the same It's just a complicated game...

      by Christopher King on Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 08:51:03 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I think you will win this. (0+ / 0-)

        I've followed your story now for about two months, I guess.  I really think you may win this case.  You are very, very good.

        •  Thank you. (0+ / 0-)

          It is so frustrating to be gifted and driven to expose inequities in a system designed to maintain S.Q. at all costs.

          You really have to hit them over the head with incontrovertible evidence to get anywhere, and even then often you have a judge craft some bullshit jury instructions, as what happened in Ohio to Margaret Belcher. Click on "it shouldn't"

          I expect to prevail in my civil case as well as the criminal, but the real fun comes with the next video we're about to launch podcast-style.

          Stay tuned.

          It really doesn't matter where you put your vote - someone else will come along and move it...And it's always been the same It's just a complicated game...

          by Christopher King on Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 09:17:42 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

  •  For not certain: (0+ / 0-)

    What is there more that I could provide, other than Timmons statements on CD versus her statement in Court? Or is it that you think that Attorney Proulx did not listen to the CD/tape for herself?  That would of course be poor representation, and that's not a hallmark of effective advocacy that made Orr & Reno famous.

    Or what more could I provide other than the links to Attorney Proulx stating she reviewed the court file, then producing a copy of a document within the court file directly contradicting her statement?

    Please advise.


    It really doesn't matter where you put your vote - someone else will come along and move it...And it's always been the same It's just a complicated game...

    by Christopher King on Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 10:13:07 AM PDT

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