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I live in Wise County, Texas and, as you know, I write letters.  At first, I only submitted letters to the larger papers because I gave up on Wise County politics a while back.  Then I thought, "Why not?  What have I got to loose?"  So, I started sending every letter I wrote to the Wise County Messenger and I started keeping a log of all the letters that were published.  It has been quite entertaining and today I learned that we are all Kook-O-Crats!

The first letter The Wise County Messenger published Truth supports our troops went unnoticed by the man I fondly call Jimbo.  Then there were a series of letters on abortion that prompted several heated exchanges with a Mr. Mooney.

Things started heating up on the Opinion page of the Messenger after I wrote Bush ignores Constitution.  In Jimbo's response I was called delusional and a kook.  He also said I was a "poster child."

My Trickle Down Fails People gave Jimbo a headache.  But I was vindicated when other readers wrote All reader sees is `trickle up' and Administration is a pimp

My response to Jimbo, Public not buying Bush's numbers was published and his reply President Bush not all bad followed.  He didn't call me any names this time.

My next letter American Dream' a nightmare only earned a brief mention from Jimbo because he presented a brilliant and lucid watermelon business model in response to All reader sees is `trickle up'.  (Seriously, you should read this letter in case you ever want to have your own business.)

Last Thursday, my Bush ignores the law letter was printed and that's the one that sent Jimbo right to the edge.  Next week I'm afraid he may topple right over or have an aneurism.

Without further delay, I present Jimbo's letter that is in the Wise County Messenger today.  

My father was a Democrat.  My grandfather was a Democrat.  I supported John F. Kennedy but wasn't old enough to vote.  I did vote for Lyndon B. Johnson.  I voted for and actually liked Jimmy Carter before he was elected.  However, when Ronald Reagan came along, I left the Democrat party and never looked back.  Since the election of Ronald Reagan, The Democratic party has been progressively invaded and devoured by left-wing radicals of every sort.  Should they continue to label themselves as Democrats, or should they adopt a name that better suits their current behavior?  Personally, I like the term Kook-O-Crat.

That would be us.  You and I.  We are the Kook-O-Cratic Party.  T-shirts will be available tomorrow morning at Café Press.

Kook-O-Crat behavior demonstrates an inability to deal with any subject on a rational basis if a Republican is involved.  If the matter involves George W. Bush, directly of indirectly, the Kook-O-Crat response escalates to near frothing paranoia and unbridled schizophrenia.

I swear I have not been frothing.  That was only some foam from GMT's beer.  

Certified, Bush-bashing Kook-O-Crats function on the basis of personal attacks and a conspiracy theory.  A real Kook-O-Crat will never allow themselves to be deterred by facts.

The weary, out-of-context statistics quoted by the Kook-O-Crats here each week demonstrate their disdain for the truth when it comes to the President.  These people truly believe President Bush lied to start a war in Iraq and the fact that every leader in the world held the same views on the existence of Iraqi Weapons of Mass destruction has no meaning for them.  The Kook-O-Crats have no positive agenda, which is actually a traditional requirement for success on election day in the United States.  A mere 25 years ago, the Democratic party routinely captured every major elected office in the state of Texas.  The creeping and escalating influence of the national Kook-O-Crats since 1980 has effectively snuffed the Democrat party in Texas.  In Wise County they have almost become extinct at the elected level.  If real Democrats fail to purge their party of these Kooks, they will never win another election of significance.

I guess he hasn't seen the latest poll numbers that show 5 in every 7 Republicans have decided to vote Democratic.  Oops!  There I go again with the statistics.

Oh!  AND, don't forget Poland--every leader in the worldAND POLAND.  They have a leader too.  Don't forget Poland!

If Bill Clinton was still President and had done everything that George W. Bush has done in the past six years, would there be a peep of criticism out of the Kook-O-Crats or their media partners?  In our hearts we know the answer to that question is clearly no.  Kook-O-Crats always fail at the level of principle and truth.  That is why they can't be trusted to run our country, our state or our county.

Do these people actually have hearts to look into?  

And, just to show you what a Kook-O-Crat I am and how I use those darned statistics, here is my letter that was printed right beside Jimbo's.

Four years after 9/11 only a tiny fraction (5%) of the 11 million cargo containers entering our ports annually are screened for WMDs.  On a recent party line vote, Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee rejected an amendment that would require all in-coming containers to be screened by radiation and X-ray monitors and have tamper proof seals.

Home Depot, who contributed $367,500 to the Republican Party during the 2004 presidential campaign and $250,000 to Bush's obscene 2004 inauguration party, lobbied to get this amendment rejected because it might be inconvenient for them.

This is why we need REAL campaign finance reform.  This is why we need REAL lobbying reform instead of the sham that was passed on Wednesday.   This is why we need separation of corporation and state.

Our senators are not likely to vote for any meaningful campaign finance reform.  Senator Hutchinson's top contributors are connected to oil companies ($1,205,232), lending institutions and other mega corporations.  Go to and to see who contributes to our representatives.  Then ask yourself if these people can represent your best interest.

I will remember this when I vote in November

I guess I'm the Kook-O-cratiest because I even give references for where I get my weary, out-of-context statistics.

Originally posted to TXsharon on Sat May 06, 2006 at 06:16 PM PDT.

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