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As an unabashed Howard Dean fan, I reveled in this. Crooks and Liars has the video.  You have to suffer through Tom Delay first, but it is worth it. Some quoteables below the fold.

On the Tom Delay's charges of Democrats being corrupt too-
Dean: One name, he left off the list- his own. Look I am not going to get into an argument with a guy on his way out of congress.

Dean went on to spell out the need for change and what Democratic party stands for, including open and honest government and health care for all.

Dean: Stop beating up on the professionals from the CIA. The fact is they did their job, they gave thier intelligece to the White House,  The White House did not want to use the intelligence. The intelligence failures that got us into Iraq were not by and large by the CIA, they were in the White House they wouldn't listen to what they were told by the CIA.

Dean: Unlike the Republicans, our leader, Nancy Pelosi asked for an investigation of Congressmen Jefferson.

Dean named a long list of Republicans and their rap sheets for comparison to the two names Stephanopoulos brought up. Drawing a line of GOP corruption from the office of the President to the office of the Vice President to the leadership of the senate to the leadership of the house as well as in the executive department agencies "corruption has become a way of life" and it has to end.  Promising that Democrats will vote on ethics reform within 100 days and will end sneaking breaks into big budget bills for big oil and HMOS.  

Would Dean call for Jefferson to resign his seat if indicted as he called for Delay to resign?

Dean: Yes.  

Stephanopoulos: No question?
Dean: Yes.

This was the perfect answer to the question. Short, to the point, get it over with. No flinching no hedging. The rest of the Democrats in congress should follow Howard's lead and show no pity. Its harsh, but necessary.

Dean: They wouldn't know a balanced budget if they saw one.

Dean: They just make that stuff up over there I think at the RNC

Dean: I think George, the day has come and gone long before any body's gong to believe anything the Republican party says about anything. This President has misled the nation, not just about political stuff, Medicare part D rammed through in the middle of the night totally, and by the way Tom Delay has mentioned that we are trying to dissuade our people from signing up for medicare.

Dean: The Republicans are not credible anymore as a governmental force.

As far as I am concerned this was just about right. On message: Republicans are corrupt and cannot govern. Republicans enthralled by Big Oil and HMOS. Howard chopped Delay off by the knees with his opening response, undercutting Delay by reminding everyone Delay has been indicted.He seized the iniative when George slipped up and called Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi by smiling, laughing saying he liked the sound of it and he showed confidence in the Democrats position.  And I want to emphasize, Howard did more than call out the Repubicans, he talked positively about what the Democrats would do if given the chance.

George called Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi in front of Delay as well. You know that gave Delay heartburn. I lived in Atlanta in 1994. and I saw those Speaker Newt bumper stickers everywhere, so I know just how he felt.  Also note that Delay conceded the Repbulicans were in trouble. Its small, but Dean's confidence and Delay's pessimissm underscored each other and perhaps will play a small part in changing the media's story line on 2006.

Originally posted to molly bloom on Sun May 07, 2006 at 12:46 PM PDT.

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